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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 593-596 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

During the earlier generations of the family in America, this family retained the original spelling Roosa. The latter day family, or at least some of them, spell it Rosa, which is the orthography used by the family in Schenectady herein recorded. It is one of the old Dutch families of the Hudson-Mohawk that settled first in Esopus, then in Albany and Schenectady. The sons of the emigrant all founded families, and many of them still may be found in the same localities settled by their earliest ancestors. Gelderland in Holland was the home of the emigrant ancestor.

(I) Albert Heymanse (Albert, son of Heyman) Roosa was a farmer, of Gelderland, Holland, where he married Wyntje Allard, and had eight children, born in the "faderland." He came with his entire family to America in the ship "Spotted Cow," arriving at New Amsterdam, April 15, 1660. He made permanent settlement at Esopus, New York, shortly afterward. He was a person of more than usual importance, for on May 16, 1661, he was appointed by Governor Stuyvesant one of the three "schepens" or magistrates, his associates being Evert Pels and Cornelis Barentse Slecht. He brought with him from Holland considerable property and soon "occupied an influential position in the new settlement." In 1661, he was appointed one of the three commissioners to enclose the new village at Esopus called Hurley. At the destruction of the village of Hurley, June 7, 1663, by the Indians, two of his children, with forty-three other women and children, were taken captive. The story of the rescue of these captives by the colonial forces under command of Captain Martin Kreiger is one of the most interesting episodes in the early history of New York. The records cite many instances of his participation in the early making of Kingston that show him to have been a leader. He rebelled against the tyrannies of Governor Nicholls, and in 1667, a commission appointed by the governor sat at Esopus, investigating the "Mutiny at Esopus." Albert Heymanse Roosa, Cornelis Barentsen Schlect and two others "were found guilty of rebellious and mutinous riot and were taken to New York for sentence. Nicholls by advice of his council on May 3, sentenced Roosa to be banished for life out of the government, and the others for shorter terms out of Esopus, Albany and New York. All these sentences were subsequently modified and the offenders returned to Esopus." Governor Lovelace restored him to favor, and in 1669 appointed him overseer of the town of Hurley, called New Dirp [Dorp?], or New Village. "In 1673, he was confirmed as one of the officers at Esopus by Governor Anthony Calve, and described as Captain Albert Heymans Roosa, who had been prominent in the riot of 1667." He served in the military forces of the colony as mustering officer, and in other capacities; was sergeant of Captain Henry Pawling's company, and in 1673 was captain of a company recruited from Hurley and Marbletown. He died at Hurley, February 27, 1679. In 1685 his widow, Wyntje Allard, secured a grant of three hundred and twenty acres at Hurley. Children, the first eight born in Holland, the last two born in Esopus, New York:

  1. Arie (or Aria), married, at Kingston, Maria, daughter of Magistrate Evert Pels.
  2. Heyman, see forward.
  3. Jan, married Hellegond Williams.
  4. Ikee, married Roeloff Kierstede.
  5. Maritje, married Albert Jansen.
  6. Neeltein, married Hendric Pauldin, 1676. Banns published November 3, 1676.
  7. Jannetje, married Matys Ten Eyck, November 16, 1679.
  8. Aert, married Wyntje Aundrum d'jong.
  9. Annatje.
  10. Guert, died June 15, 1664.

(II) Heyman, second son of Albert Hymanse and Wyntje (Allard) Roosa, was born in Holland, and came to America with the family in 1660. He lived in Esopus and Hurley. He married Margriet Rosevelt (Roosevelt), born 1645. Children:

  1. Geysbert, see forward.
  2. Albert, born March 2, 1679; in 1715 he was sergeant in Captain Johannes company, in Ulster county.
  3. Claase, April 27, 1684.
  4. Neeltje, October 13, 1689.
  5. Rachel, April 19, 1696.
  6. Leah, September, 1698.

(III) Geysbert, eldest child of Heyman and Margriet (Rosevelt) Roosa, was born October 16, 1676. He lived in Hurley, and in 1715 was a private in Captain William Nottingham's company. He married, October 13, 1695, Greetje Bond, of Schenectady, New York. Children:

  1. Hellegond, born August 9, 1696.
  2. Jan, see forward.
  3. Hendrick, August 20, 1703, died in infancy.
  4. Hendrick, March 20, 1707; in 1738 he was a private of Captain B. Brodhead's company, Ulster county militia; married, May 2, 1735, Zara Frear, of New Palz.
  5. Greetje, October 5, 1712.

(IV) Jan, eldest son of Geysbert and Greetje (Bond) Roosa, was born May 28, 1699. He married (first) August 27, 1725, Machteldt (Myeltje) Van Kampan. He married (second) Eva Klearwater. Children:

  1. Guert, born June 9, 1727.
  2. Johannes, November 22, 1728.
  3. Abraham, April 29, 1733; a soldier of the revolution.
  4. Elizabeth, September 7, 1735.
  5. Isaac, see forward.
  6. Jacobus (James), August 10, 1740; a soldier of the revolution; married Sarah Ennis.
  7. Maria, December 13, 1741.
  8. Helena, August 21, 1743.
  9. Guysbut, March 11, 1745; a soldier of the revolution.
  10. Margaret.
  11. Henrikje. June 14, 1749.
  12. Teunis Klaaerwater, June 23, 1751.
  13. Greetje, March 28, 1756.

(V) Isaac, son of Jan and Myeltje (Van Kampan) Roosa, was born February 5, 1739. He married, in Albany, November 22, 1763, Maria. daughter of Ryckert Van Vranken. Children:

  1. Johannes, born August 13, 1764.
  2. Annatie, August 18, 1766; married, December 12, 1788, Joseph Yates.
  3. Ryckert (Richard), December 11, 1769; married, July 21, 1793, Annatje, born June 1, 1772, daughter of Nicholas Peek.
  4. Machteldt, April 20, 1772; married Nicholas Marselis.
  5. James (Jacobus), see forward.
  6. Maas Van Vranken, September 20, 1780.

(VI) James, son of Isaac and Maria (Van Vranken) Rosa, was born April 30, 1778, died at his country home, now the suburbs of the city of Schenectady, in 1861. He was a prominent landowner of Schenectady county, their lands lying near the present city and within the limits. The beautiful street and drive, Rosa road, is almost entirely within the limits of the old estate, and descendants yet own a great deal of land of the original farm. The house James Rosa built on his large and unusually well improved estate is now the home of the present owners, direct descendants, and is a part of an undivided Rosa estate. He was the superintendent for many years of the first railroad that was built between Albany and Schenectady in 1831. He was interested in development and improvement along all lines and contributed his full share to the public good. He was a member of the Dutch Reformed church, and a liberal supporter; in politics he was a Democrat. He was a lieutenant in the American army, second artillery, during the war of 1812. He married (first) Sarah, died July 24, 1804, daughter of Claas Van der Bogart. He married (second) Deborah Hall, who died July 26, 1853, aged sixty-seven years. Children, first three by first wife:

  1. William.
  2. Isaac, born July 13, 1802.
  3. Nicholas Van de Bogart, January 16, 1804.
  4. Isaac Swits, October 16, 1805, died August, 1867; married Sally Finch; children:
    1. Deborah, married George Cornell;
    2. Lewis, married Maggie Warren;
    3. Richard;
    4. Gertrude, married Frank Cornell;
    5. Lizzie, married George Warren.
  5. John, May 10, 1807, died April 8, 1841; married, September 12, 1827, Mary Eliza Yates; children:
    1. Deborah, married D. T. Yedder [Vedder?];
    2. Harriet, married Robert Stevenson;
    3. Andrew;
    4. Edward.
  6. Nicholas, March 10, 1811, died March 5, 1847; married, March 7, 1839, Gazench Vedder; children:
    1. Anna, married M. B. Sanford;
    2. Catherine, married John Hyde;
    3. James.
  7. Maria, April 21, 1813; married, April 15, 1833, Cornelius Vrooman; children: Joseph and Henry.
  8. James J., March 19, 1815, died December 1, 1837.
  9. Catherine G., July 14, 1817; married, March 16, 1842, George W. Moon; children: Anna, Libbie, George.
  10. Richard, see forward.
  11. Henry, see forward.
  12. Edward, March 20, 1825, deceased; married, July 20, 1853, Catherine E. Swart; children: George Anderson and Edward (2).
  13. William, February 11, 1826, died April 27, 1826.
  14. Anna, March 6, 1827; married, March 25, 1851, Andrew Matthews; children: Deborah, Henry Rosa, Grace.

(VII) Richard, son of James and Deborah (Hall) Rosa, was born on the Rosa homestead estate in Schenectady county, New York, November 27, 1819, died November 7, 1894. He was well educated in the public schools, and was a successful farmer. He managed the extensive Rosa farm which he brought to a high state of cultivation, and otherwise greatly improved it, making it one of the best properties in the immediate neighborhood or county. He was an active Democrat and stood high in local party councils. As the growth of the city brought the Rosa farm within the city limits, he became eligible and was elected alderman of the eleventh ward. He served for several years and was successful in his efforts to secure favorable legislation for the ward. He had previously served as supervisor on the county board. He was an attendant of the Reformed church. He married, October 6, 1857, Jane Esther, born in Brunswick, Rensselaer county, New York, December 8, 1833, daughter of Mordecai and Frances (Yates) Lottridge. Mordecai Lottridge was born in Rensselaer county, 1801, died 1882. He married Frances Yates, born in Pittstown, Rensselaer county, New York, died April 14, 1885, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Richard Rosa, in Schenectady, where she had been a cherished inmate for several years. Mordecai was a son of Robert Lottridge, born of English ancestry, died at Hoosick Falls, New York. He married Esther Bull, of the old Albany family of that name. She survived her husband and died in Ohio. The Lottridges of the three generations named were members of the Baptist church. Children of Richard and Jane Esther (Lottridge) Rosa:

  1. Frances, born June 11, 1859; was well educated and resides at home with her mother and brothers who are devoted to her.
  2. Mordecai James, September 26, 1861, engaged in farming with his brother. He is an active Democrat and politician, a member of the county committee for many years and a delegate to the state and national conventions of his party. He married Margaret Walsh of Utica.
  3. Richard, see forward.

(VIII) Richard (2), youngest son of Richard (1) and Jane Esther (Lottridge) Rosa, was born on the estate of which he is now the acknowledged manager and head of the family, December 8, 1863. He was educated in the public schools, and early succeeded to the management of his father's estate. He is up-to-date in his methods, and with the assistance of his brother has maintained the high standard set by his father. The three children of Richard (1) with their widowed mother reside in the old homestead and are a devoted family. They all are members of the Presbyterian church. Richard Rosa (2) married Jane, daughter of James R. and Sarah (Taylor) Kellock, of Scotland. James R. Kellock emigrated to the United States and located in Brooklyn, New York, where he is chief of the fire department. Children of Richard and Jane (Kellock) Rosa:

  1. Richard Kellock, born October 14, 1899.
  2. Esther Taylor, September 4, 1901.
  3. Francis Yates, December 9, 1906.

(VII) Henry, son of James and Deborah (Hall) Rosa, was born on the Rosa estate in Schenectady county, New York, October 28, 1821, died November 7, 1900. He received a good education, attending Union College, class of 1844, and lived his entire life in and near Schenectady. He established the first coal yard in Schenectady in 1845. He was alderman and recorder. He was a Democrat, and in religious belief was a member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married in 1855, Harriet Louise Hinckley, born December, 1829. Children:

  1. Sophie, married Clark Whitbeck.
  2. Alfred.
  3. Louise Hinckley, married P. P. S. Crane, and has one child, Edith Louise.
  4. Nelson W., see forward.
  5. Blanche.

(VIII) Nelson W., son of Henry and Harriet Louise (Hinckley) Rosa, was born in Schenectady, Schenectady county, New York. He was educated in Schenectady Union School. In 1900 he engaged in the retail coal business in Schenectady, which he has since successfully conducted. He is a member of St. George's Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, St. George's Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, St. George's Commandery, Knights Templar, Albany Consistory, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, thirty-second degree, Oriental Temple, Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; a director of Chatiemac Lake Club, Antlers Golf Club, staff officer of Albany Burgess Corps, life member of Society of Colonial Wars, Society of 1812, and Society Sons of American Revolution, life member of S. B. C., of Schenectady, N. Y. He married, in Schenectady, Isabelle Dunbar, born and educated in that city, daughter of Frederick Dunbar, for many years an engineer on the New York Central railroad. She is a granddaughter of James Dunbar, a native of Schenectady, and a great-granddaughter of George Dunbar, born in Scotland, who came to the United States about 1815.

(The Hinckley Line)

Samuel Hinckley, ancestor of Mrs. Henry Rosa, was born in Kent county, England. He came to America about 1634, settling at Scituate, Massachusetts, and in 1639 was of Barnstable, where he died October 31, 1632. His will was dated October 8, 1632. He was prominent in public affairs, as shown by town records. His first wife Sarah died August 18, 1656. He married (second) December 15, 1657, Bridget Bodfish.

(II) Governor Thomas Hinckley, son of Samuel and Sarah Hinckley, was born in England about 1618, died April 25, 1706. He came to America with his parents, settling in Barnstable in 1639, where he rose to prominence in town and colony. He was deputy in 1645, magistrate and assistant to the governor of Plymouth colony from 1658 to 1680, and governor from 1681 until 1692. He married (first) December 7, 1641, Mary, died June 6, 1659, daughter of Thomas Richards. He married (second) Sarah, widow of Nathaniel Glove. She was born in Lancaster, England, daughter of Quartermaster John Smith. She died July 29, 1703.

(III) Ebenezer, son of Governor Thomas and Sarah Hinckley, was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts, September 23, 1673, died October 17, 1721. He married, in Sudbury, November, 1706, Mary Stone.

(IV) Ebenezer (2), only son of Ebenezer (1) and Mary (Stone) Hinckley, was born in Braintree, Massachusetts, March 14, 1713. He had an only sister Rachel. He was a shipmaster and sailed for the West Indies and was never heard from again. He married, July 11, 1732, Harriet Nightingale.

(V) Ebenezer (3), son of Ebenezer (2) and Harriet (Nightingale) Hinckley, married Annie, daughter of Joseph Morton.

(VI) John, son of Ebenezer (3) and Annie (Morton) Hinckley, was born February 19, 1768, died at Albany, New York, where he had been a resident several years. He married Eunice Warren, born August 11, 1779.

(VII) Joseph, son of John and Eunice (Warren) Hinckley, was born in 1800, died in 1880. He was a wholesale dealer in paints. and was burned out in 1842. He was one of the organizers of the Albany Burgess Corps. He married, in 1829, Sophia Leister, born 1806, died 1895.

(VIII) Harriet Louise, daughter of Joseph and Sophia (Leister) Hinckley, married, in 1855, Henry Rosa.

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