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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 917-918 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The various spellings of this name, Robb, McRob, Robbe, Robie, make several different family lines of the present day, yet all sprung from a common ancestor. The Robbe family of New Hampshire are from William of Ireland, and another branch in the same state date from John of Scotland. The Robbs of Amsterdam, New York, descend from Scotch Covenanters of the Cameronian division. The ancestors of this branch came from Whithorn, between Edinburgh and Glasgow. They used the Mc Farlayn plaid; possible they did not belong to the clan closely, but in times of trouble fought with the Mc Farlayns.

(I) Alexander Robb was born in Scotland, where he was a weaver of fine linen. He emigrated to the American colonies, which were safely reached after a long and tedious voyage, bringing with him his weaving materials. He ascended the Hudson and settled first in either Steuben or Otsego counties, from whence he removed to Scotch Bush, town of Florida, Montgomery county, New York, a section largely settled by Scotch farmers. There Alexander Robb died and was buried on the farm which he cleared and cultivated. There is no record of his wife's death; she may have died in Scotland, which is believed to be the fact. He married, December 25, 1755, Hiling Hirion. Children:

  1. Jean, born November 14, 1756.
  2. Alexander, March 12, 1759, died March 25, 1759.
  3. James, March 28, 1760, died August 12, 1760.
  4. George, May 8, 1761, see forward.
  5. Hiling, November 1, 1763.
  6. Saraie, November 7, 1769, died November 4, 1771.

(II) George, son of Alexander and Hiling (Hirion) Robb, was born May 8, 1761, in Scotland, died in Florida, New York, buried at Scotch Church graveyard, where a marble slab marks the spot. He was brought to America when he was a small boy. He was reared on a farm in Florida, New York, attended the district schools and secured a good education. He possessed a large library of well-selected books, which he read and studied, until his mind was a storehouse of useful, valuable knowledge. All his life he was a student, and a good farmer. He fought for his adopted country during the revolution, serving as a private in Colonel Marinus Willett's regiment of militia. The musket carried by George Robb is now in possession of Louis Robb, son of Alexander Robb. George Robb married, 1795, Jeanette (McMillan) Baxter, a widow; they came to America in the same vessel, both children. Their children were:

  1. Jean, born September 2, 1796.
  2. Alexander, June 5, 1798, died March 11, 1847.
  3. James McMillan, July 4, 1800, see forward.
  4. Margaret, July 10, 1803.

(III) James McMillan, son of George and Jeanette (McMillan) (Baxter) Robb, was born on the old Robb homestead in Florida, Montgomery county, New York, July 4, 1800, died September 27, 1858. He was a farmer all his days. He married, September 18, 1820, Cathaline, born February 2, 1802, died March 16, 1860, daughter of Joseph Crawford. Children:

  1. Jeanette McMillan, born March 2, 1822, died November 16, 1892.
  2. John, May 2, 1824, died May 15, 1825.
  3. Alexander, July 1, 1827; a retired teacher; resident of Oswego, New York; married Etta Lispenard.
  4. Helen, May 25, 1830; married William Murray; both deceased.
  5. George J., June 15, 1832, died 1907; was a farmer in Rotterdam, Schenectady county; married, October 15, 1873, Sarah Barber.
  6. Joseph, October 20, 1834; deceased; removed to Wisconsin; married Anna Young.
  7. Mary Isabelle, April 26, 1837, died July 22, 1837.
  8. Francis Gailey, August 27, 1839, died 1907; was a farmer of Amsterdam; married Elizabeth ————.
  9. James Renwick, January 13, 1841; a farmer of Florida; married Elizabeth Peek.
  10. William Hanna, see forward.

The history of the families of Alexander, George and James McMillan Robb were found in old Bibles in possession of George J. Robb, September 1, 1905.

(IV) William Hanna, youngest child of James McMillan and Cathaline (Crawford) Robb, was born on the old Robb farm, July 1, 1843, died January 12, 1898. He grew to manhood in Florida, New York. He was determined from a very young boy to have an education, and a profession. He absorbed all the learning of the district school, attended Fergusonville Academy, Middletown Seminary, Saratoga high school, completing his studies at Amsterdam Academy in 1862. He taught for a year in the school on "Yankee Hill," and at the age of twenty, April 14, 1863, began reading and studying medicine in the office of Dr. Jacob G. Snell, of Amsterdam. He entered Albany Medical College and immediately after graduation entered into partnership with his former preceptor, Dr. Snell, who was a well known and capable physician. They practiced together in Amsterdam until 1873, when they separated. Until 1880 Dr. Robb practiced alone; from 1880 to 1883 he had Dr. Charles Stover associated with him in practice. From 1883 until his death he was alone. He was a skillful physician, devoted to his profession, and gave his services freely to the needy sick. During his long and busy professional life he secured a competence, and by his public spirit, kindliness of heart and love of his fellows, placed himself among the foremost citizens of Amsterdam. He was a leader, and when measures were under consideration affecting the morals or health of the city, he used his influence freely, either for or against, as he thought best for the public good. His most enduring monument is the Free Public Library in Amsterdam, to which he gave all his energy in establishing, and most generously of his wealth. The library was later endowed by Andrew Carnegie. The present system of works and water supply was advocated strongly by him and he aided materially in their establishment, and all public matters received his earnest attention and influence when needed. He was a member of the congregation of the Presbyterian church, and mindful of his obligations as a Christian. He was secretary of the County Medical Association, president of a branch of the State and member of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Robb married, November 14, 1872, in Amsterdam, Margaret Jane Moody, born there August 6, 1850; educated at Amsterdam Seminary, and thoroughly in sympathy with her husband in his professional and philanthropic work. She is the daughter of William and Margaret (McRoy) Moody, of Londonderry, and county Antrim, North Ireland, born there of Scotch ancestors. The families came to America, settled in Connecticut, where William and Margaret were married at Tariffville, settling in Amsterdam in 1847, where he died in 1889, aged seventy-nine. She died while on a visit to Connecticut, 1873, aged fifty-three. They were members of the Presbyterian church. Children:

  1. John A. Moody, now of Chicago; married and has Cleve and Ethel.
  2. Mary, married W. T. Pettingill, deceased; resides in Amsterdam; has daughter Marjorie, married Malcolm Rix.
  3. Margaret J. (Mrs. Dr. Robb).
  4. Susan, a successful practising physician in the city of Teheran, Persia, where she has an office and established business.
  5. Emma, married C. W. Striker, of Amsterdam.

Children of Dr. William H. and Margaret Jane (Moody) Robb:

  1. William M., born October 3, 1874; graduated from Princeton University, class of 1898, now in the employ of the state of Virginia on the good roads commission.
  2. Elizabeth C., April 10, 1881; educated at Greenville, South Carolina; married Clinton N. Quinby, graduate of Yale and Albany Law School: an attorney of Rochester, New York; has one son, Robb Quinby, born July 5, 1906.
  3. Ethel, teacher in the Kindergarten schools of Amsterdam.
  4. Henry Warnick, student in the Biltmore School of Forestry.

The family are all members of the Presbyterian church.

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