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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1533-1536 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The history of the Resseguie family is unknown prior to the settlement of the American progenitor at Norwalk, Connecticut, but it is believed they descend from the De Resseguie family, of the province of Languedoc, in southern France, and of Toulouse, capital city of the department of Haute Garonne.

(I) Alexander Resseguie settled in Norwalk, Connecticut, in 1709. Tradition says he was the younger son of Alexander Resseguie, a Huguenot refugee from France, who brought with him a small hair trunk containing title deeds to property in France. Hoping to return and establish his claims, Alexander educated his eldest son to the law, but his death at the age of twenty years so disheartened the father that he gave up his intention and passed the trunk and papers into the possession of a younger son. Later they were destroyed by fire. Another theory is that the family fled to England before coming to America, and that Alexander Resseguie, a silk manufacturer of London, 1696, was the father of Alexander of Norwalk. As there is no previous record of a male Resseguie in America, Alexander must be considered the ancestor. He purchased land in Norwalk, April 1, 1709, and frequently thereafter. There is little record of his life save that of his possessions. He died in October, 1772; his place of burial is unknown. He married, October 19, 1709, Sara, daughter of Pierre and Marguerite (Collinot) Bontecou, of New York. She was born in France and came to New York with her parents in 1689, and died in May, 1757. The estate of Alexander inventoried 10,500 pounds, an immense sum in that day. One-half the estate was left to his widow, Sara, during her widowhood. Children:

  1. Alexander (2), of whom further.
  2. Peter, born December 19, 1711, died young.
  3. James, born November 6, 1713, died in the French and Indian war.
  4. Abraham, born July 27, 1715, died July 31, 1797; married, and had six children.
  5. Isaac, born May 24, 1717: settled across the border in New York state.
  6. Jacob, born August 14, 1719; married Mary Center; five children.
  7. Sarah, born July 12, 1721, died May 25, 1753.

(II) Alexander (2), eldest son of Alexander (1) and Sara (Bontecou) Resseguie, was born August 27, 1710, and was living in 1793. He was a large landowner and farmer, much of his land being inherited from his father. His will, written in a beautiful script, is dated July 27, 1793. It is a relic from the hair trunk previously mentioned, and has the lower half of the sheet burned away. He married, in Wilton, Connecticut, February 16, 1738, Thankful Belden, who was living in 1793. Children:

  1. Sarah, died in childhood.
  2. Margaret, born February 20, 1741, died in Ballston, Saratoga county, New York, October 10, 1842, aged 101 years; she married, September 18, 1764, Joseph Riggs (second wife). She made the journey from Groton, Tompkins county, New York, to Ballston, during the last year of her life, driving the first forty miles to Syracuse; six children.
  3. Alexander, died in infancy.
  4. Alexander, born December 10, 1745, died May 5, 1777; married Eunice Blackman, in Weston, Connecticut; three children.
  5. William, married Susannah Patrick; removed to Fishkill, New York, where he purchased four hundred acres of land; he had seven children.
  6. Timothy, born December 28, 1754, died at Verona, Oneida county, New York, January 19, 1838; served in the revolutionary war; removed to New York state after his marriage, and after several locations finally settled in Verona; married, June 5, 1785, Abigail Lee; eleven children.
  7. Mary, born 1764; married, November 28, 1779, Thomas Cole, a soldier of the revolution. He was taken sick while the army of Washington occupied New York City and the British were at White Plains. She rode to headquarters from her home in Wilton, Connecticut, on horseback, passing through both British and American lines and brought her husband safely home. She drew a widow's pension until her death; seven children.
  8. Daniel, of whom further.

(III) Daniel, son of Alexander (2) and Thankful (Belden) Resseguie, was born in Ridgefield, Connecticut, May 1, 1769, died in the town of Northampton, Fulton county, New York, February 2, 1825. He resided for a time on Long Island, removed to Charlton, Saratoga county, and in 1790 to the town of Northampton (then Broadalbin, Montgomery county), where he settled on and cultivated a farm until his death. He married Mary Monroe, born 1763, died October 2, 1828, daughter of Captain David Monroe. Children:

  1. David, of whom further.
  2. Mary, born January 29, 1787, died in Houndsfield, New York, January 18, 1845; married, 1804, Joshua Crouch; children: Esther, died in infancy; Daniel Resseguie; Cynthia, Hannah Field, William Harrison, Samuel, John, and Emily Samantha.
  3. Esther, born March 31, 1788, died August 6, 1844; married Charles Scott, deceased; no issue.
  4. Hannah Maria, born 1790, died in Houndsfield, December 25, 1815; married, 1810, Spafford Field, of Watertown, New York. During the war of 1812 he was employed by the government in building the naval vessel, "New Orleans," at Sackett's Harbor, and at the battle here served as a "minute man." For his services he received a grant of one hundred and sixty acres of land. He had one child, who married Nathaniel Warren Green.
  5. Daniel, born March 9, 1792, died 1867; he was a farmer of Northampton, where he was born, lived and died; married, in Benson, New York, about 1818, Eunice Crane, born September 8, 1794, died June 9, 1870; children: Orville and Mary.
  6. Alexander, died at age of seventeen years.
  7. Charles, born in Northampton, September 9, 1797, died in Edinburg, Saratoga county, New York, April 18, 1881. At the beginning of the war of 1812 he walked, with his brother David, to Sackett's Harbor, where the latter enlisted, but Charles, being too young, was employed to draw wood to the barracks. During the construction of the Erie canal he had the superintendence of a portion of the work. Later he settled down to the life of a farmer. He was an official of the Methodist Episcopal church, and highly respected by all who knew him. He married, January 20, 1830, Lucy, daughter of Joseph and Anna (Runnells) Corey. She died December 13, 1889. Children: Charles, Edwin, Samuel, Daniel, Lucy Ann, and James Birney.
  8. Samuel, born November 28, 1800, died in Houndsfield, March 24, 1853; married, 1822, Lydia, daughter of John and Lydia (Sprague) Brown, of Ballston, New York. After their marriage they made their way with a yoke of cattle through the forest to Houndsfield, spending days on the journey, the road being indicated by "blazed" trees. Children: Daniel, Esther, Belden, Samuel, Cordelia, David, Mary Emily, Minerva and John Brown.
  9. Jacob, born October 21, 1803 died in Chili, New York, December 11, 1875. He was born and lived in Northampton a number of years, then removed to Chili. He was a railroad and canal contractor. He married, in Edinburg, New York, 1826, Elizabeth Cole; children: Jerome, Fidelia and Charles Lester.
  10. Belden, born May 2, 1806, died in Rock county, Wisconsin, February 9, 1874. He was foreman during the construction of the Erie canal, and also helped to build the Black river canal. He purchased a farm in Wilna, Jefferson county, and during the winter months taught school, later removing to Wisconsin. He married, at Northville, New York, December 10, 1831, Polly Maria Carpenter, born in Reading, Vermont, November 2, 1812. Children: Alexander, Elizabeth, Belden, Stephen Hubbard Wakeman, Samuel and Marion.
  11. Gaylord, died unmarried.
  12. Minerva, born February 9, 1809; married, in Northampton, January 11, 1832, Hiram, son of Joseph Lewis, of Northville. He was born in that village January 22, 1804, died December 26, 1858. He was a farmer and tanner; filled the offices of assessor, highway and poor commissioner. Children: Mary Maria, Celestia Ann and Hannah Minerva.

(IV) David, son of Daniel and Mary (Monroe) Resseguie, was born May 19, 1784, died in Northampton, New York, March 21, 1882. He removed, with his parents, to Charlton, Saratoga county, New York, and from there to Northampton (Broadalbin), reaching the latter place at the age of three years. He served through the war of 1812, and during the last twenty years of his life drew a good pension. He was a member of the Methodist church, and very hospitable in his entertainment of the ministry and brethren. He died at the great age of ninety-seven years and ten months, ninety-four of these years having been spent in Northampton. He married, March 5, 1805, Mary Case, born in Massachusetts, died Northville, July 14, 1871, daughter of Aaron and Patience (Simmons) Case, of Northampton. Children:

  1. Mirailda, born August 2, 1806; married, November 15, 1826, Isaac Grosbeck. She married (second) February 10, 1845, Joshua Wells.
  2. Maria, died at age of eighteen years.
  3. John, of whom further.
  4. Alexander, born September 13, 1809; married, February 24, 1839, Jerusha Norton, born June 10, 1816; the family removed to Janesville, Wisconsin.
  5. Rufus, born February 23, 1811; married (first) August 28, 1845, Lydia Ann Bennem, who died December 17, 1851; (second) June 22, 1853, Phoebe Amelia Blachly. This family resides in Brooklyn, New York.
  6. Mary, born February 17, 1813; married, November 23, 1830, Ebenezer Gifford, born February 26, 1804; this family resides in Hunter, Illinois.
  7. Hiram, born June 13, 1815; married, January 8, 1840, Mary M. Rogers, born June 1, 1818; this family reside in Northville, Dakota.
  8. Hannah, born July 3, 1821; married, May 17, 1842, Joseph McCuern, of Northville, New York.

(V) John, son of David and Mary (Case) Resseguie, was born in Broadalbin, Fulton county, New York, February 8, 1808, died May 27, 1898. He was educated in the public school and grew up a farmer. He owned: a tannery at Hope Falls, where he produced heavy sole leather in partnership with William A. Smith. He was the contractor for building the railroad from Gloversville to Northville, and also had large lumber interests. He removed to the town of Hope, Hamilton county, New York, a few miles from Northville. He was a trustee of the village and supervisor of the town. In all his enterprises he was fairly successful. He held high rank in his town, where he was always influential and useful. He married, January 20, 1830, Velitta Palmer, who died March 31, 1878. Six children:

  1. Emily, born July 2, 1831; married, November 29, 1849, Joseph Brooker, born October 6, 1823, died August 27, 1881; children:
    1. Amay, born November 24, 1850, died May 13, 1907; married, December 27, 1868, William B. Abrams, and had four children:
      1. Delos, born January 25, 1870, married, June 27, 1894, Minnie Knight, and has
        1. Ruth, born June 7, 1895, and
        2. William, born November 8, 1897.
      2. Rupert J., born June 27, 1872, married, July 17, 1895, Edna Cole, and has
        1. Carrie, born June 27, 1896;
        2. Delos B., June 23, 1900; and
        3. Lewis E., August 28, 1902.
      3. Mae, born May 11, 1878, married February 1, 1897, Charles R. Fowler, and has
        1. Charles, born November 8, 1897, died August 24, 1898;
        2. Kenneth, born October 8, 1900; and
        3. Marion C., born September 30, 1907.
      4. Charles B., born November 8, 1883, married, June 19, 1907, Jean W. Bearcroft, and has
        1. Dorothy, born October 9, 1909.
    2. Lydia, born July 31, 1853, married Fred Benton; children:
      1. Edwin, married Alice Keller, and has Mina and Raymond.
    3. Hiram, born July 29, 1855, married Mary Gould; children:
      1. Catherine, married Alfred Noyes, and has Genevieve and Mildred.
    4. Augusta, born March 14, 1873, married Grant Holley; children: Grant (2), Milton, Eleanor May, Mabel, Sterling R., and Ruth.
  2. Hiram, born in Northampton, Fulton county, New York, September 5, 1833, died February 22, 1903. He was a most energetic and influential man. Though deeply interested in business he was ever mindful of his duty as a citizen. He served as president and again as treasurer of the village; was treasurer of the school board, and helpful in every way. He was a trustee of the Methodist church and a most useful member. He married, August 4, 1861, Charlotte M. Stoddard, born April 11, 1836; children:
    1. Alma C., born April 21, 1864, married Thomas N. Parker;
    2. Charles H., born March 9, 1866, married Louise Balcomb, and has
      1. Ruth B., born March 24, 1890, and
      2. Raymon, December 1, 1893;
    3. Harriet R., born April 28, 1868, married A. J. Cooper, and has
      1. Mabel R., born March 21, 1900.
  3. Alexander P., born in Northville, Fulton county, New York, April 25, 1835. He was engaged in the lumber business in Brooklyn, New York, for several years, then returned home and was superintendent for his father in grading and building the Northville railroad. He then began the manufacture of shoe lasts, in which he continued twenty-five years, building up a very large business. He is now living retired, after a life of activity and success. He is a Republican in politics, and a trustee of the Methodist church. He has been a Mason for many years, and has always taken an active interest in that order. He married, January 8, 1857, Mary A. Lawton, born May 15, 1835, daughter of Squire and Zarnis (Finch) Lawton. Her father served in the war of 1812, and her maternal great-grandfather Pixley served in the revolution. Children:
    1. Estella A., born November 16, 1857;
    2. Fred;
    3. Louise D., born February 17, 1863, married, October 6, 1892, J. B. Anible, born October 29, 1859.
  4. John M., born September 11, 1838. He was engaged in tanning with his father until the outbreak of the civil war, when he enlisted in the Thirty-second Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, and served four years. He returned home and soon after died from the effects of exposure. He married Augusta Partridge.
  5. Minerva F., born May 4, 1842; married, March 5, 1860, Dr. John F. Blake (second wife), born in Greenwich, Washington county, New York, June 8, 1821, died May 2, 1896. He practiced in Saratoga county, then took special courses in New York City,, and located in Sacramento, California. In 1852 he returned to Northville, where he practiced until his death. His grandparents Blake were born in Scotland. He was a son of Andrew and Electa (Wood) Blake. Children of Dr. and Minerva F. Blake;
    1. Clarence R., graduated from Burlington University, of Vermont, M.D.; in practice with father until the death of the latter; married, May 27, 1886, Hattie A. Brownell, born November 25, 1867, and has son,
      1. John Harry, born March 4, 1887;
    2. Louise, born March 25, 1864, married, November 4, 1896, James R. Willard, born July 23, 1855, and has
      1. James R. (2), born January 6, 1900, and
      2. Gladys, born July 13, 1901;
    3. Margaret, born March 6, 1874.
  6. Charles B., of whom further.

(VI) Charles B., youngest son of John and Velitta (Palmer) Resseguie, was born in Northville, New York, November 9, 1847. He was educated in the public schools and grew up in the tannery business. He became interested with his father in his various enterprises while a young man; then became a clerk for George A. Streeter & Brother, later Streeter & Son, finally purchasing their grain business. He next bought an interest in the hardware business of James B. Wilson, later becoming sole owner. He admitted Scott Partridge, and as Resseguie & Partridge they continued the hardware business and added glove manufacture. Mr. Resseguie has been a successful business man, and worthily carries his family name. He has been president of the village of Northville, and treasurer of the village school board. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, the Improved Order of Red Men, and is a Republican in politics. He married, September 14, 1870, Robertina Hubbell, born August 23, 1847. Children:

  1. Ray, born November 9, 1871, died May 5, 1902; married, June 17, 1893, Elizabeth Scribner, and had son,
    1. Clarence L., born April 9, 1894.
  2. Fred, born August 12, 1874; a physician of Saratoga Springs; married, October 27, 1905, Helen Hanson.
  3. Edwin W., born July 3, 1880; married, June 27, 1906, Mae Carpenter, and has
    1. Helen, born February 16, 1908, and
    2. Margaret, January 5, 1910.

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