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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. I, pp. 148-150 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

(VI) Francis C. Pruyn, fourth child of Lieutenant Casparus (q. v.), and Catherine (Groesbeck) Pruyn, was born in Albany, New York, July 19, 1769, died there June 14, 1837. He married, August 30, 1791, Cornelia Dunbar, born January 11, 1770, died July 12, 1844, daughter of Levinus and Margaret (Hansen) Dunbar, of Albany. Hendrick Hansen, a great-uncle of Cornelia Dunbar, was mayor of Albany in 1698-99. Johannes Hansen, probably a son of Hendrick, was mayor in 1731-32, and in 1754-56. Their ancestor was Captain Hans Hendrickson, whose male descendants took the name of Hansen. Francis C. and Cornelia (Dunbar) Pruyn were the parents of ten children.

  1. Casparus F., see forward;
  2. Catherine, married Adrian Van Santvoord;
  3. Levinus, a merchant of Albany; married Brachie or Bridget Oblenis;
  4. David, died young;
  5. Margaret, twin to David, married a kinsman, William I. Pruyn;
  6. David (2), born November 20, 1801, died at sea;
  7. Gertrude, married Samuel Randall, an architect and manufacturer;
  8. Alida, married William Boardman;
  9. Maria, married David Bensen;
  10. Cornelia, married Dr. Owen Munson, a physician and one time partner of Dr. Frank Hamilton of New York. Dr. Munson served in the civil war as assistant surgeon of the Fifth New York Zouaves and was taken prisoner at Saratoga Station. Later he was promoted to surgeon of the One Hundred and Ninth Regiment, New York Volunteers. Army hardships destroyed his health and compelled his return to private life.

Of the daughters of Francis C. Pruyn all reared large families and many distinguished men and women are numbered among his descendants.

(VII) Casparus F., eldest child and son of Francis C. and Cornelia (Dunbar) Pruyn, was born in Albany, New York, May 26, 1792, died February 11, 1846. At the age of thirteen he entered the office of the Van Rensselaer Estate, his uncle, General Robert Dunbar, being at that time (1805) the agent. In 1835 General Dunbar resigned and Mr. Pruyn was appointed agent for the manor. This position called for a man of more than ordinary business ability and he filled it with satisfaction to all concerned. In January, 1839, "the old patroon," General Stephen Van Rensselaer, died, and the estate was divided, that portion on the east shore of the Hudson going to William Paterson Van Rensselaer. Mr. Pruyn removed to Bath, Rensselaer county, and became agent for the "East Manor," so continuing until the autumn of 1844, when he resigned. His death occurred two years later. He married, April 19, 1814, Anne, born January 27, 1794, died February 12, 1841, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Fryer) Hewson, of Albany. Children:

  1. Robert Hewson, A.M., LL.D., born in Albany, February 14, 1815, died February 26, 1882.
  2. Francis, born November 2, 1816, died April 1, 1897, at Brigham, Province of Quebec, Canada. He was commissioned captain of the One Hundred and Thirteenth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, September 8, 1862. This regiment became the Seventh New York Heavy Artillery, and on January 23, 1864, he was commissioned major. He married Isabella, daughter of Andres Kirk, and had issue.
  3. Elizabeth, died unmarried at the age of twenty-four.
  4. Cornelia, married Charles Van Zandt, agent of the Van Rensselaer estate, and a leading member of the North Dutch Church.
  5. Mary, died young.
  6. Alida, married James Bell, and had issue.
  7. William Fryer, married Gertrude Dunbar Visscher and had issue.
  8. Edward Roggen, born July 12, 1829.
  9. Augustus, see forward.
  10. Mary Hewson, married Montgomery Rochester, whose ancestors laid out and founded the city of Rochester, New York. They removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, and had issue.

(VIII) Augustus, ninth child of Casparus F. and Anne (Hewson) Pruyn, was born in Albany, New York, October 23, 1831, died February 7, 1908. He was a civil engineer by profession. During the civil war he served as adjutant of the Eleventh Regiment "Scotts 900," New York Cavalry. He was appointed September, 1861. In March, 1862, he was made captain of Company H, same regiment, and in April, appointed major. Commissions were not issued to any officers in his regiment until 1863, as the colonel in command would not accept state commissions, claiming that the regiment was United States Troops. In the autumn of 1862, Major Pruyn resigned from the Eleventh to accept a commission as major in the Fourth Regiment, New York Calvary, and was so commissioned January 30, 1863. On May 25, 1863, he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel, ranking as such from April 23. His commission did not reach him until the morning of June 9th, on which date he was in command of the regiment, in battle at Beverly Ford or Brandy Station. In the calvary battles of June 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, he was in command of the regiment, the colonel having previously been taken prisoner. He was also in command of the regiment at Gettysburg and in all the eighteen engagements including that of Mine Run, after which he resigned in December, 1863. After his army career was ended Mr. Pruyn returned to the practice of his profession. He was engaged principally by the great railway corporation in construction work which called him away from home a great deal. For several years he was located in Newark, New Jersey, where his four youngest children were born. He was engaged in construction work of importance in all parts of the country and stood high in his profession. He later in life returned to Albany, where he died. He was a member of the Dutch Church of Albany (Second Reformed) and in politics a Republican. He was a member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, an honor that descended to his son, Foster. He was married, September 19, 1866, in the North Dutch Church, Albany, by the Rev. Rufus W. Clark, D.D., to Catalina Ten Eyck, born January 24, 1840, daughter of Herman and Eliza (Bogart) Ten Eyck, granddaughter of Harmanus and Margaret (Bleecker) Ten Eyck, and great-granddaughter of Hendrick Bleecker, Jr., and his wife Catalyntje Cuyler, this marriage again bringing together many families of the best old Dutch stock of the Mohawk Valley. The children of this marriage are:

  1. Margaret Ten Eyck, born in Albany, January 2, 1868;
  2. Augustus (2), born in Newark, New Jersey, April 22, 1869, died July 1, 1870;
  3. Eliza Ten Eyck, born in Newark, July 27, 1870; married April 8, 1896, Charles Mulford Robinson, of Rochester, New York, where they reside;
  4. Montgomery Rochester, born in Newark, July 29, 1873, died July 16, 1874;
  5. Foster, see forward.

(IX) Foster, youngest child of Augustus and Catalina (Ten Eyck) Pruyn, was born in Newark, New Jersey, October 5, 1875. His early education was in a private school in Albany, and he then entered Albany Academy, graduating therefrom with the class of 1893. He then matriculated at Yale University, from which he was graduated in class of 1897. Choosing the profession of law he entered Albany Law School, Union University, taking the full course, graduating in 1899. In July of the same year he was admitted to practice in the courts of New York state. He is now (1910) engaged in the general practice of law in Albany, New York. His profession does not absorb all his time nor energy, but numerous outside interests claim his attention; among them the Newton Fire Brick Company of Albany, of which he is secretary and treasurer. His political preference is for the men and measures of the Republican party, but he keeps aloof from all personal connection beyond that of a good citizen's duty. He is a member and a deacon of the Second Reformed (Dutch) Church of Albany. He has a lively interest in the citizen soldiery of his state and for many years has been a member of Troop B, National Guard of New York, of which he is sergeant. He is a member of the "old guard" of Troop B, to which only those who have served five years in the troop are eligible. He wears the insignia of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, of which he is a member, inheriting that proud distinction through his father, Lieutenant-Colonel Pruyn. He is a member of the Patriotic Order Sons of the Revolution, Albany Chapter, the Phi Beta Kappa of Yale, the Yale, Albany Academy, and Albany Law School Alumni associations. His social and professional clubs are the Albany Country Club, the Fort Orange, the University and Camera of Albany, and the Yale Club of New York City. Mr. Pruyn is unmarried.

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