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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1688-1689 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This family descends from Thomas Powell, of Wales, Great Britain, who was one of the purchasers and patentees of Huntington, Long Island, in 1664. He was a man of means and of prominence. He purchased, August 18, 1695, from "Mawmee, alias Serewanus, William Chepy and all ye rest of ye Indian proprietors" for and in consideration of one hundred and forty pounds, the tract land on which the village of Bethpage is now situated. Patents were issued for these purchases by Governor Dongan to Thomas Powell in 1664 and in 1695. The latter purchase became the family seat, Thomas (2) settling thereon the same year.

(I) Thomas Powell was born in Wales, Great Britain, August, 1641, died at Westbury, Long Island, December 28, 1721. Huntington records show that he was frequently elected to fill important positions in the township, the first of which appears to have been in 1663, when at the age of twenty-two he was made recorder, which office he held for about twenty years; in 1667 he was constable. "Every constable shall have a staff six feet long with the king's arms on it, as a badge of his authority." He was appointed surveyor, in 1679, to lay out land in the East Riding, and overseer in 1672. He was again chosen constable in 1682, but refused to serve, being "scrupulous of swearing as the law directs." The constable had to swear to levy and collect the church rates. After the year 1688, at which time he was surveyor, he was more engaged with appointments in Friends Meetings than public business. He attended the monthly meetings which were held alternately at Jericho and Westbury. The last mention of his name on the records was in this wise: "28-12mo. 1721 died Thomas Powell Senr., being well respected as a worthy Friend, and died in Unity with Friends." His first wife was unknown. Children:

  1. Thomas, of further mention.
  2. Abigail, born April 18, 1668; married Richard Willits, March 15, 1690, at Huntington, Long Island; she died February 9, 1757.
  3. Elizabeth, married Samuel Titus, June 9, 1691, at Bethpage; she died September 2, 1704.
  4. John, married Margaret Hallock, October, 1704; he died 1738.
  5. Jonas, married Anna ————.
  6. Caleb, married Sarah ————; he died 1741.
  7. Wait, died 1750.
  8. Elisha, married Rebecca ————; he died 1734.

Thomas Powell married (second) Elizabeth Phillips, of Jericho, Long Island, February 9, 1690 (at Edmund Titus' in Westbury). Children:

  1. Hannah, born May 28, 1691; married William Willis, 1712, at Bethpage.
  2. Phoebe, born October 6, 1693; married Henry Willis, 1712, at Bethpage; she died 1751.
  3. Rachel, married Thomas Willets in 1719.
  4. Mercy, born 1702; married Jacob Seaman, 1726; she died March 13, 1759.
  5. Solomon, married Ruth Carman, 1730; he died February 23, 1736.
  6. Sarah, married Nathaniel Seaman, 1722.
  7. Amy.

Elizabeth Phillips, second wife of Thomas Powell, was daughter of John Townsend and widow of Theophilus Phillips, of Flushing; she was his third wife.

(II) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1) Powell, was born in Wales, Great Britain, died at Bethpage, Long Island, September 27, 1731. His home was the first white man's house built in that vicinity, although there were many Indian wigwams in the neighborhood. In 1727 Friends Meetings were held once a month, in first days, at his house, and in 1744 a meeting house was built. In his will he left his son Thomas four acres of land and the house that stands upon it "My father's homestead," more than any other of the sons. He married Mary, daughter of Thomas Willets, of Jericho, Long Island, and Dinah Townsend, his wife. Children:

  1. Samuel Prior, born 1692, died May 21, 1776.
  2. Thomas, born May 30, 1693; married, December, 1724, Abigail Hallock; he died March 1, 1757.
  3. Mary, born November 4, 1694, died February, 1695.
  4. Abigail, born December 13, 1695; married, 1733, Peter Hallock.
  5. Mary, born March 16, 1697; married, ————, August 16, 1728.
  6. Wait, born September 29, 1698; married, January 15, 1723, Mary Mudge; he died in 1782.
  7. Amos, of Islip, born May 9, 1700, died January 14, 1749; in the year 1747 he accompanied John Woolman through Connecticut, when Woolman was on a religious visit to New England.
  8. Moses, of further mention.
  9. Richard, born April 17, 1704; married (first) Freelove Weeks; married (second) July 28, 1748, Jerusha Weeks; he died March 7, 1774.
  10. Elizabeth, born October 11, 1705.
  11. Hannah, born July 18, 1707; married Henry Whitson; born 1705; she died 1790.
  12. Joshua, born May 18, 1709; married Phoebe, daughter of Richard Post.
  13. Isaac, born April, 1711, died 1794; married, January 2, 1733, Marthe Whitman.
  14. Martha, born June 29, 1713; married Francis Keen; she died March 24, 1773.
  15. Deborah, born October 28, 1715; married, 1744, John Whitson.

(III) Moses, son of Thomas (2) and Mary (Willets) Powell, was born May 4, 1702, died 1774. In 1754 he sold his home and lands at Bethpage, Long Island, to Joseph Prior, and removed to Westchester county, New York, where he made his will dated 1774 at North Castle. He married, 1732, Catherine, daughter of John and Hannah Hallock, of Brookhaven. Children:

  1. Moses, born January 26, 1733, died 1737.
  2. John, of further mention.
  3. Anna. born October 26, 1727; married, March 17, 1757, Samuel Quimby and had Catherine and Jane.
  4. Nathaniel, born 1739; married, 1767, Anna Sutton, born January 11, 1751, daughter of Joseph and Deborah Sutton.
  5. Moses, born November 5, 1741; married Hannah Wheeler.
  6. Hannah, born November 5, 1742; married, December 17, 1761, Benedict Carpenter.
  7. Obadiah, born May 16, 1744.
  8. Catherine, born March 30, 1746;, married a Mr. Haut and had Mary Ann and Rebecca.
  9. Edward, born March 5, 1748; married, had issue.
  10. James, born December 25, 1750; married (first) ————; (second) Martha Townsend, April 1, 1804.
  11. Samuel, born November 30, 1752.
  12. Elizabeth, born January 25, 1755; married Zebediah Dickinson and had Daniel, Isaac and Jacob.
  13. Mary, born May 23, 1757; married a Mr. Gleason.
  14. Isaac, born August 8, 1759 married, 1788, Phoebe Fowler.

(IV) John, son of Moses and Catherine (Hallock) Powell, was born November 10, 1734-35. He married, November 11, 1754-56, Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Kipp, born October 4, 1738. Children: Jacob, Daniel, Ann, Sarah, Abigail, Nathaniel and Benjamin.

(V) Jacob, son of John and Elizabeth (Kipp) Powell, married ————. Children:

  1. James, deceased.
  2. Henry J., of further mention.
  3. James, married and had five children.
  4. Ammon, married and had five children.
  5. Ruth, married (first) ———— Booth; (second) Benjamin Shelden.

(VI) Henry J., son of Jacob Powell, married Judith Rider. Children:

  1. Jonathan R., of farther mention.
  2. Wilson M., married Sarah, daughter of Samuel Browne.
  3. Albert G., married Eva ————.
  4. Maria, married Edwin Blackburn.
  5. Mary.
  6. Louisa, died November 27, 1884.

(VII) Jonathan R., son of Henry J. and Judith (Rider) Powell, was born in Old Chatham, February 2, 1828. He was educated in the public schools of Chatham and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His occupation is farming, his property being one of the well-cultivated, attractive farms of "Old Chatham." He is a member of the Society of Friends, inheriting the faith of his early ancestor, Thomas Powell. He served his town several terms as supervisor. He married (first) Elizabeth Stark; (second) Anna, daughter of John and Ida Morrell. Children of second wife:

  1. Lefferts M., born February 15, 1862; married Martha Carbee.
  2. Jonathan R. (2), born May 11, 1864; married (first) Mary Betts, child, Jonathan R. (3); married (second) Lallia Bent; children: Wilson Randolph and Beverly.
  3. Anna L., born, October 18, 1866.

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