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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 775-777 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

There is no definite information as to when or in what vessels the ancestors of the Piersons of America came to this country. They were from Yorkshire, England, but whether they sailed direct from England, or, after taking refuge in Holland, took ship from there, is not known. There is a well-believed tradition that the first Pierson came over in the "Mayflower" as ship's carpenter, not as a passenger. Two John Piersons came in 1637-1640 and settled in Massachusetts; Rev. Abraham came in 1639; Henry, 1640, was on Long Island. The spelling of the name varies, but the best authority sanctions Pierson, derived from the French Pierre, from the original Danish Peterson. The family tradition is that they were established in an honorable, independent condition in the East Riding of the County of York, England, from a very early period. Rev. Abraham Pierson had a son, Rev. Abraham (2), who was first president of Yale College, of whom Trumbull says, "He had the character of a hard student, a good scholar and a great divine." A fine monument to him stands on the ground of Yale University at New Haven, and another in Old Killingworth, where he was pastor many years. The history of the Johnstown branch of the family in New York state begins with Eli Pierson, of the sixth generation.

(I) Henry Pierson, progenitor of the Pierson family of Johnstown and Fulton counties, New York, is first recorded at Southampton, Long Island. He was one of the first and leading settlers of that town in 1640. As the town was settled by a colony of some forty families from Lynn, Massachusetts, and as he married Mary Cooper, of Lynn, it is evident that he came to Long Island from that town. In the same colony and as its pastor came also Rev. Abraham Pierson, born in Yorkshire, England, came to America in 1639. He was first minister to the Southampton colony; founder and first minister of the town of Branford, Connecticut, where he remained twenty years as pastor. In 1666, with most of his Branford congregation, he settled on the banks of the Passaic river, New Jersey, and laid the foundations of the present city of Newark, and organized the First Church of Newark. It is probable that Rev. Abraham and Henry Pierson were brothers or other near kinsmen, and men of the same mould of character. They lived and labored together in Southampton until 1647, when Rev. Abraham joined the New Haven colony at Branford, Connecticut. Henry remained at Southampton and became the progenitor of a large family whose descendants are yet found in that vicinity. In 1669 he was elected clerk of Suffold county, holding that position until 1680. He died in 1680-81. He married Mary Cooper, of Lynn, Massachusetts, daughter of John. Children:

  1. Joseph, see forward;
  2. Henry (2), born 1652;
  3. Benjamin;
  4. Theodore, born 1659;
  5. Sarah, 1660.

(II) Lieutenant Joseph, son of Henry and Mary (Cooper) Pierson, was born at Southampton, Long Island, where he was an active citizen of the town. He was known as "Lieutenant" Joseph. He married, November 17, 1675, Amy Barnes, died 1692. Children:

  1. Amy, born 1676;
  2. Henry, see forward;
  3. Mary, 1680, married Jeremiah Culver, 1700;
  4. Joseph (2), 1682;
  5. Ephrahim, 1687;
  6. Samuel, 1690.

(III) Henry, son of Lieutenant Joseph and Amy (Barnes) Pierson, was born at Southampton, Long Island, in 1678. He married Abigail Ludlow. Children:

  1. Henry, born 1704;
  2. William, 1706;
  3. Azel, 1708;
  4. John, 1710;
  5. Eli, 1712;
  6. Abigail, 1714;
  7. Amy, 1716;
  8. Samuel, see forward.

(IV) Samuel, son of Henry and Abigail (Ludlow) Pierson, was born in 1721. The name of his wife is not recorded in family records. He had two sons, Timothy and Samuel.

(V) Timothy, son of Samuel Pierson, married Mollie Culier; children: Timothy; Charles; Eli, see forward; James; Ruth; Mary; Deborah; Betsey and Phebe.

(VI) Eli, son of Timothy and Mollie (Culier) Pierson, was the first of the family to settle in Johnstown, New York. He married Mary Veghte (see Veghte); children:

  1. James;
  2. Mary, married William Richardson;
  3. Polly, married Conrad Becker;
  4. Eli (2), see forward;
  5. Nellie, married Philip Argersinger (see Argersinger);
  6. Timothy, see forward;
  7. Eliza, married Lewis Dorn;
  8. William, died young.

(VII) Timothy, sixth child of Eli and Mary (Veghte) Pierson, married Eleanor V. Dake; children:

  1. John McArthur, died young;
  2. Philetus, died in infancy;
  3. Jennie;
  4. Julia B., married Stephen Wemple;
  5. Kate M.;
  6. Benjamin, died in infancy;
  7. Amanda W., married ———— Sutliff;
  8. Hattie B.;
  9. Winfield Scott, see forward.

(VIII) Winfield Scott, youngest child of Timothy and Eleanor (Dake) Pierson, was born in Fulton county, New York. He is a farmer of Fulton county. He married Maggie Cornell. Children:

  1. Eleanor, deceased;
  2. John Fremont, deceased;
  3. Earl Winfield;
  4. Paul Revere;
  5. Mildred Wicks, deceased;
  6. Theodore Roosevelt.

(VII) Eli (2), son of Eli and Mary (Veghte) Pierson, was born in Fulton county, New York. He was a farmer and a tanner, continuing actively in the tannery until 1870, when he retired. He married Amanda Mason; children:

  1. Caroline;
  2. William;
  3. Alice;
  4. Abraham Veghte, see forward;
  5. John M.;
  6. Emily A., married Daniel Yost of Fonda;
  7. Charles and
  8. Marcus.

(VIII) Abraham Veghte, son of Eli and Amanda (Mason) Pierson, was born August 10, 1835, died in Johnstown, January 26, 1892. He was educated in the public schools, and after completing his studies worked with his father in the tannery until 1870, in which year Eli Pierson retired from business. In 1871 he joined with his brothers Charles and John M. Pierson in the business of glovemaking, and carried this on for some time when they dissolved. He then associated with James Dunn, who had been engaged in glove manufacturing in Johnstown since 1860. The firm of Dunn & Pierson continued a successful business career until 1888, when Mr. Pierson withdrew and retired from active business. The plant continued in operation until Mr. Dunn's death in 1889, and since that date by James D. Pierson. Abraham V. Pierson was a member of the Presbyterian church, and a Democrat. He married, October 26, 1858, Jane Dunn, born December 30, 1837, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Cuyler) Dunn, who were the parents of nine children: John (2); Daniel; James; Johnson; Jane; Margaret; Catherine; Elizabeth; and Mary, married Andrew Crowell, and had Sanford, Marian and Emma. Children of Abraham V. and Jane (Dunn) Pierson:

  1. Elizabeth, married David Ireland (see Ireland).
  2. James D., see forward.
  3. Amanda, born July 31, 1868; married, October, 1893, John R. Russell; children:
    1. Elizabeth, born May 29, 1895;
    2. Catherine, December 2, 1898.
  4. Charles, born July 21, 1871.
  5. Eli, born October 28, 1872; partner of firm of Pierson Brothers, glove makers, Johnstown; member of the Odd Fellows, and the Colonial Club; is a Democrat in politics; married, September 5, 1898, Nora E. Dement, born September 5, 1871, and has a son James A., born November 7, 1901.

(IX) James D., eldest son of Abraham (Veghte) and Jane (Dunn) Pierson, was born in Johnstown, New York, March 16, 1864. He was educated in the public school and at Johnstown Academy. On reaching a suitable age he was taken in with his father and taught the business of glove making. He was associated with Mr. Dunn after the death of his father. In 1889 Mr. Dunn died, and he has since continued business with Eli Pierson as a partner, they forming the firm of Pierson Brothers. Their line of manufacture is a medium grade of ladies' and childrens' gloves and mittens. Mr. Pierson is a director of the Johnstown Bank, and is an active, alert business man. He is a Democrat in politics, and a member of the Automobile and Colonial clubs of Johnstown.

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