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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1155-1158 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Peckham family dates to a remote period in English history and to the earlier New England days in America. A Peckham was archbishop of Canterbury and one of the family was a war crusader who fell in battle before the Holy City. His deeds of bravery are extolled in the history of the crusades, which state that his body rests in Rome while his heart was returned to England for burial. In America the name is an honored one, but not found in military or political records. The family were Quakers for many generations, and while their names enrich the annals of jurisprudence and the learned professions, they held to the peaceful tenets of their religious faith. The father of the present generation married outside the faith and thus lost his birthright. His children followed the Methodist faith of their mother. The maternal lines, Sanford and Gifford, are prominent in Massachusetts, and a Sanford was governor of Rhode Island. They descended from the Howlands, Cookes and Wrights of the "Mayflower."

(I) John Peckham, emigrant ancestor of William Mackey Peckham, of Troy, New York, came to America from England and settled at Newport, Rhode Island, in 1638. It is supposed that he came with the Hutchinson party on the ship "Griffin," but his name is not found in any passenger list. He was a zealous Baptist, but his name does not appear on the list of those disarmed at Boston, nor among the followers of Wheelwright, nor was he one of the signers of the Portsmouth Covenant. He was associated with the Clarkes and others who were among the active supporters of Anne Hutchinson. He was a brother-in-law of John Clarke, and had lands allotted him as one of the first settlers of the island of Aquidneck in 1638. His name is on the Newport lists, May 20, 1638. In 1640 the bounds of the lands were established, and March 16, 1641, he was admitted a freeman. In 1646 he was one of the ten male members of the First Baptist Church of Newport, in full communion. In the same year his second wife, Eleanor Peckham, was baptized. He lived in that part of Newport that later became Middletown, and a stone marked J. P. is supposed to mark his grave. John Peckham and his sons prior to 1700 became large land owners. They were among the proprietors of the Petaquamscot purchase in 1660; the westerly purchase in 1661 and the East Greenwich purchase in 1677. Their purchases also included Connanicut Island and Dutch Island in the bay, beside large tracts on the island of Rhode Island, where the original settlement was made. Soon after the first settlement of Rhode Island, the Peckhams bought a tract of land one mile square in Little Compton on which they built a house in 1640, which stood two hundred years and in which six generations of Peckhams were born. His great-grandchildren were among the early settlers of Stonington and eastern Connecticut; all of the principal towns of Rhode Island and several in Massachusetts. The next generation migrated to Dutchess county, New York, and central New York. His first wife was Mary Clarke, born 1607. The date of his second marriage is unknown, as is the surname of his second wife, Eleanor. Children of first wife:

  1. John, see forward.
  2. Thomas, lived in Newport, Rhode Island, a weaver by trade; was deputy, 1708; married (second) Hannah Weeden, widow of William Clarke.
  3. Rev. William, born 1647, lived in Newport, and was deputy, 1696-98; was ordained pastor of the First Baptist Church of Newport, November 15, 1711, and is supposed to have been the first Baptist minister ordained in America; married (first) a daughter of Joseph Clark, either Susannah or Elizabeth; married (second) Phoebe, daughter of William Weeden.

Children of second wife of John Peckham:

  1. Rebecca, married John Spooner.
  2. Stephen, married Mary ————.
  3. James, died February 26, 1712, unmarried.
  4. Clement, married Lydia ————.
  5. Deborah, married Robert Taylor.
  6. Phoebe, born 1666, died 1746; married Thomas Gray, of Little Compton.
  7. Elizabeth, married Peter Taylor.
  8. Susannah, married Peter Barker.
  9. Sarah, married William Weeden.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) and Mary (Clarke) Peckham, was born about 1645; died before 1712. He lived on the Peckham estate in Little Compton, Rhode Island, and was one of the original purchasers of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, in 1677. He married, 1667, Sarah Newport. Children:

  1. Elizabeth, born 1668.
  2. John, born June 9, 1673, see forward.
  3. Mary, born September 30, 1674.
  4. Reuben, February 3, 1676.
  5. Peleg, born December 11, 1677, died 1715; married Ann Holmes.
  6. Joseph, born March 8, 1679, died March 14, 1726; married (first) Mary Evans; (second) Wait Gould.
  7. Sarah died young.
  8. Timothy, born August 5, 1681, died November 6, 1757; married (first) Rachel ————; (second) Dinah ————; (third) Content Drake.
  9. Benjamin, born June 9, 1684, died 1769; married Mary Carr.
  10. Isaac, born April 11, 1688, died February 10, 1765; married (first) Barbara Phillips; (second) Jane Sisson.
  11. Sarah, born June 26, 1690; married John Underwood.

(III) John (3), son of John (2) and Sarah (Newport) Peckham, was born June 9, 1673. He lived on the acres in Little Compton that he inherited from his father. He married, in 1695, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Bennett, of Newport. She died 1756, surviving her husband, who died December 4, 1722. Children:

  1. John (4), born July 27, 1696; was a member of the Society of Friends; married Mary Hart; lived in Little Compton.
  2. Lydia, born May 8, 1698; married, February 12, 1728, John, son of William and Susan James.
  3. Joseph, see forward.
  4. Mary, born October 3, 1704, died young.
  5. Margaret, born June 3, 1707; married, February 4, 1729, Benjamin, son of Paul and Edith Chanders.
  6. Ruth, born 1710.
  7. Reuben, married Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Susanah Hicks.

(IV) Joseph, second son of John (3) and Margaret (Bennett) Peckham, was born February 18, 1701, died October 8, 1780. He was a farmer of the paternal acres in Little Compton, Rhode Island, and a member of the Society of Friends. He married (first) November 5, 1723, Elizabeth, born December 23, 1702, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Potter) Wilbur. He married (second) December 7, 1752, Anne, widow of Jacob Gould, and daughter of John and Barbara Slocum. Children:

  1. Mary, born November 28, 1724; married John Irish.
  2. Elizabeth, born August 28, 1726; married Samuel Coe.
  3. Hannah, born October 13, 1728.
  4. Martha, born May 28, 1730; married Joshua Brownell.
  5. John, born September 30, 1733; married Mary Wood.
  6. Samuel, see forward.
  7. Ruth, born 1737, died October, 1815; married Thomas Brown.
  8. Sarah, born 1739.
  9. Rhoda, born 1741; married James Mitchell.
  10. Reuben, born 1743, died July, 177—.

(V) Samuel, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wilbur) Peckham, was born in Little Compton, Rhode Island, November 20, 1735, died June 15, 1812, at Little Nine Partners, Dutchess county, New York, where he had settled many years prior to his death. He kept a hotel on neutral ground between the states. He was a Quaker by right of birth; could not join in the actual fighting, but was understood to be loyal to the colonies during the revolution. He married Avis, daughter of John and Mary (Burgess) Wood, sister of Mary Wood, wife of his brother, John. Children:

  1. Joseph, born June 20, 1762, died June 6, 1769.
  2. Seth, born December, 17, 1763, died July 30, 1864.
  3. Jerusha, born April 27, 1765, died February 28, 1845.
  4. Benjamin, born April 17, 1766, died October 10, 1796.
  5. Hannah, born January 11, 1768, died May 10, 1819.
  6. Reuben, born January 20, 1769, died October, 1804.
  7. Samuel (2), see forward.
  8. Nathan, born April 4, 1772, died June 29, 1836.
  9. John, born September 9, 1775, died February 20, 1838.
  10. Job or Jude, born March, 1777, died March 17, 1843.
  11. Avis, born October 10, 1782, died May 22, 1849.

(VI) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) and Avis (Wood) Peckham, was born at Little Compton, Rhode Island, February 28, 1770, died September 20, 1828. He lived at Little Nine Partners, Dutchess county, New York, and Rensselaer county, New York. He was a member of the Society of Friends, and belonged to the Troy Preparatory Meeting connected with the Easton Monthly Meeting and New York City Yearly Meeting. He married (first) 1797, Desire Osborne; (second) December 20, 1810, Mary, daughter of Claudius and Abigail (Norton) Lamb. She was born February 23, 1789, died December 2, 1828. Children by second wife:

  1. Reuben, see forward.
  2. Merritt, born January 20, 1813; married Adelia M. Russ; lived in Utica, New York, where his daughter Delia married William Walker, now resides (1910), and Merritt Peckham (2), employed for several years in the state engineers' office at Albany; born September 7, 1849; married, October 15, 1879, Anna Taylor.
  3. Anna, born March 22, 1814, died March 31, 1840.
  4. Benjamin, born May 26, 1815.
  5. Isaac, born April 27, 1817, died April 30, 1852.
  6. Mary, born August, 1818.
  7. Avis, born August 5, 1819.

(VII) Reuben, son of Samuel (2) and Mary (Lamb) Peckham, was born in Pittstown, Rensselaer county, New York, February 25, 1812, died January 14, 1887, in Troy, New York. About the year 1787 his parents removed from Dutchess to Rensselaer county, New York, where they settled in Pittstown. In 1819 they settled in Troy. Samuel Peckham (2) had a tract of one hundred and nine acres of land leased from the Van Rensselaers for an annual rental of one bushel of wheat, one cord of wood and some fowls. He later became the owner by purchase. Reuben Peckham engaged in several business enterprises, and at the time of his death, 1887, was engaged in the manufacture of paper. He was a member of the early association formed for the purpose of demonstrating the feasibility of using steam apparatus for extinguishing fires in Troy, and having had an engine built gave it a public trial, November 7, 1859. This was the first fire engine ever used in Troy. The Arba Read Steam Engine Company, No. 1, received its engine from the Amoskeag Works, March 28, 1860. Reuben Peckham married, September 21, 1836, in Troy, New York, Mary, born December 23, 1817, died April 16, 1901, daughter of John W. and Sophia (Gifford) Mackey. John W. Mackey, born 1793, died June, 1874, son of Alexander (died at Newburg, New York) and Rebecca (Woodruff) Mackey. Sophia (Gifford) Mackey, born June 29, 1794, died December 14, 1867. Children of Reuben and Mary Peckham:

  1. John M., born July 26, 1838, died October, 1839.
  2. Harriet E., born August 26, 1840; married, August 17, 1859, James H. Myers, children:
    1. Edward M. and
    2. Marie M., married Dr. Charles G. Myers (not a relative), and has Marion and Charles.
  3. Phoebe L., born November 11, 1842, died July, 1843.
  4. Adelia M., born December 11, 1844, died April 16, 1853.
  5. Evaline W., born October 10, 1848, died November 10, 1848.
  6. William Mackey, see forward.
  7. Ella S., married John A. Sleichen, owner of Leslies' Weekly; children,
    1. Mary E.;
    2. John T., born 1877, died in infancy;
    3. Leo I., born November, 1879;
    4. Harriet, born January 24, 1882, deceased;
    5. Reuben P.;
    6. Paul.

(VIII) William Mackey, only son of Reuben and Mary (Mackey) Peckham to survive childhood, was born in Troy, New York, February 15, 1852. He was educated in the Troy public schools, graduating from the high school, 1869. He was first employed as a clerk in the store of J. M. Warren & Company, later engaging with his father in the paper manufacturing business. He continued in the paper making business until 1870, when he became a partner in the dry goods firm of Converse, Peckham & Company, continuing there until 1883. In the latter year he became junior partner of Manning & Peckham, paper manufacturers, and mill owners. In 1900 the business was incorporated as the "John A. Manning Company," with Mr. Peckham, director and secretary. In 1907 "Manning & Peckham Company" was incorporated, of which company he is also director and secretary. Both companies have their plants and general offices in Troy. He is also director and secretary of Poestenkill Hydraulic Power Company, of Troy, and is connected in a lesser way with other Troy industries and is a capable, energetic man of affairs. He is independent in politics; was county supervisor three years, representing the fifth ward of Troy; represented the same ward for two years in the board of aldermen of the city, and served as fire commissioner for nine years. His independent ideas and freedom from party bias made him a valuable public official, what was best for the city being his sole consideration. He is a member of the State Street Methodist Episcopal Church, which he served as trustee for twenty years (1910). He is prominent in the Masonic order, belonging to the various bodies of the York Rite. He is past master of King Solomon's Primitive Lodge, No. 91, Free and Accepted Masons; past thrice illustrious master of Bloss Council, No. 14, Royal and Select Masons; past eminent commander and trustee of Apollo Commandery, No. 15, Knights Templar. He is a member of the Rhode Island Historical Society, Shenandoah Yacht Club, Trojan Wheelman of Troy, and the Waterford County Club of Waterford, New York. He married, August 19, 1874, Emily A., eldest daughter of Joel C. and Mary (Lynd) Peck (see Peck VIII). Children:

  1. Phoebe Lamb, graduate of Albany Female Academy, class of 1896.
  2. Reuben, born December 2, 1879; prepared for college at the Troy Academy, entered Dartmouth, where he was graduated A.B., 1902; he then entered the law department of Columbia University, whence he was graduated LL.B., class of 1905; he is a practicing lawyer of New York City, associated with the law firm of Osborn & Lamb; he is a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, the Alpha Delta Phi and Dartmouth clubs of New York City.
  3. William Lynd, born December 2, 1881, died March 28, 1887.
  4. William Mackey (2), born January 9, 1894.

(The Peck Line)

Joseph Peck, emigrant ancestor of the Massachusetts Pecks, was baptized in Beckles, Suffolk county, England, April 30, 1587. He was the son of Robert Peck, and a descendant in the twenty-first generation from John Peck, of Belton, Yorkshire, England. Joseph Peck, in 1638, with other Puritans and his brother and Rev. Robert Peck, their pastor, came to America in the ship "Diligent" of Ipswich, England. He settled in Hingham, Massachusetts, remaining there seven years, when he removed to Seekonk, now known as Rehoboth. In both towns he seems to have been one of the principal men as well as one of the wealthiest. He was deputy to the general court, 1639-40-41-42. He was selectman, justice of the peace, assessor and was appointed by the court to grant summons and attachments to see people joined in marriage, to keep the records. In 1650 the court appointed him to administer marriage; in 1651 to determine all controversies, administer oaths, issue warrants, etc. He died December 23, 1663, in the seventy-seventh year of his age. He married (first) at Hingham, England, May 21, 1617, Rebecca Clark, who died and was buried in Hingham, October 24, 1637. The name of his second wife has not been found, nor record of all his children.

(II) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) and Rebecca (Clark) Peck, was born in England and baptized there, August 23, 1623. Came to America with his father in 1638; settled near his father at Seekonk Plain, where the name frequently appears on the records of that town. He became a large land owner and was one of those who advanced money for the prosecution of King Philip's war. His wife's name is not mentioned in his will, which would indicate that her death preceded his own. Eight children.

(III) Jathniel, son of Joseph (2) Peck, was born at Seekonk (Rehoboth), July 24, 1660. He settled near his father and became a man of wealth and influence. He was deputy to the general court in 1721-22-23-26-27-29-30-31. He was also active in the affairs of the church at Parmers River, which was built upon land donated by Jathniel and Captain Samuel Peck. He married, Sarah ————, who died June 4, 1717, in her forty-seventh year. He died April 5, 1742. Fourteen children.

(IV) Ichabod, son of Jathniel and Sarah Peck, was born March 9, 1691. He settled in that part of Attleboro, Massachusetts, now Cumberland, where he owned large tracts of land. He held different offices at various times and was a man of influence. He married Judith, daughter of Samuel Paine. She died November 26, 1778. He died July 8, 1773. Nine children.

(V) Ichabod (2), son of Ichabod (1) and Judith (Paine) Peck, was born February 4, 1722. He enlisted in the war of the revolution, was promoted to lieutenant-colonel, received wounds in battle from which he died. He married, February 28, 1750, Lydia Wolcott, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, where they resided and where their seven children were born.

(VI) Daniel, son of Ichabod (2) and Lydia (Wolcott) Peck, was born May 4, 1754. He enlisted and served in the war of the revolution. After its close he settled in Marlboro, New Hampshire, from there he removed to Sand Lake, Saratoga county, New York, where he died May 30, 1840. He married, in 1780, Mehitable Harvey, of Marlboro, who died November 12, 1826. Seven children.

(VII) Joel, son of Daniel and Mehitable (Harvey) Peck, was born November 6, 1782. He settled in Green Bush, Rensselaer county, New York, where he died August 8, 1855. He married, in 1811, Hannah Baldwin. Seven children.

(VIII) Joel C., fourth child of Joel and Hannah (Baldwin) Peck, was born August 28, 1820. He was superintendent of the mechanical department of the knitting and cotton mills and machine shops of the Marshall estate. He married, Mary Lynd, and resided in Troy. Children:

  1. Emily A., married William Mackey Peckham (see Peckham VIII).
  2. Ella F.,
  3. Catherine L.,
  4. Harriet E.

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