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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1123-1126 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Joseph Norton, who was usually called "Joseph of Salisbury," is the first known ancestor of this line. He died in Salisbury, November 6, 1721, where he lived. He married, March 10, 1662, Susanna, daughter of Samuel Getchell. Children born and recorded in Salisbury:

  1. Samuel, October 11, 1663;
  2. Joseph, August 14, 1665, married Elizabeth Brown;
  3. Priscilla, December 16, 1667, married John Ring;
  4. Solomon, January 13, 1669-70;
  5. Benjamin, November 24, 1672, died 1693;
  6. Caleb, see forward;
  7. Flower, November 21, 1677, married Jacob Satnoly;
  8. Joshua, October 13, 1680, died 1693.

(II) Caleb, son of Joseph and Susanna (Getchell) Norton, was born in Salisbury, Massachusetts, January 25, 1675. He removed to Brunswick, Maine, after 1706, and died there before September 7, 1719, when administration was granted to his widow. He married, March 6, 1699, Susanna France, of Amesbury, Massachusetts. They doubtless had several children, one of whom was Rowland, see forward.

(III) Rowland, son of Caleb and Susanna (France) Norton, was born in Salisbury, Massachusetts, October 14, 1702. He lived in Salisbury until 1847, when he removed to Dutchess county, New York. The monthly meeting records of Friends for the district of Oblong and Nine Partners, in that county, give a complete list of his children, and includes one more evidently born after this removal. It is very evident that he and his wife lived at New Milford, Connecticut, which was included in the meeting, as in 1760 in a list of the heads of families on verge of monthly meetings is given the name of Lydia Norton as the head of the family. He married, in Salisbury, Massachusetts, June 24, 1724, Lydia Fowler. Children:

  1. Susanna, born February 13, 1726;
  2. Caleb, see forward;
  3. Mary, June 3, 1730;
  4. Miriam, January 5, 1735;
  5. Robert, April 10, 1737;
  6. Judith, April 18, 1739;
  7. Lydia, March 1, 1740;
  8. Benjamin, March 10, 1742;
  9. Sarah, June 7, 1745;
  10. Jonathan, June 19, 1747;
  11. Rowland, December 19, 1751.

(IV) Caleb, son of Rowland and Lydia (Fowler) Norton, was born January 3, 1728. He and his wife went with his parents when they removed from Salisbury, and settled first in southern New York state, and after 1758 removed to Pittstown, New York. In 1760, "On Verge of Monthly Meeting," Caleb Norton is given as of Nine Partners. He married according to Friends records, Abigail ———— , at Hampton. Family tradition says his wife's name was Hoag. Children:

  1. Caleb, born February 24, 1749, married Marvelous Austin;
  2. Abigail, December 20, 1753;
  3. Winthrop, June 23, 1756;
  4. Jonathan, December 11, 1758, married Millicent Crandall;
  5. Isaac;
  6. David, see forward;
  7. Jacob.

(V) David, son of Caleb and Abigail (Hoag) Norton, was born June 12, 1762, died September 1, 1825. He married Esther Hunt, born May 11, 1768, died December 8, 1820. Children:

  1. Elizabeth, born October 6, 1788, died January 16, 1824;
  2. Abigail, June 5, 1790, died April 30, 1810;
  3. Esther, March 8, 1792, died January 20, 1869;
  4. Anna, March 12, 1794, died March 11, 1870;
  5. David, December 12, 1796, died November 24, 1867;
  6. Jonathan, December 17, 1798, died March 18, 1844;
  7. James, see forward;
  8. Caleb, December 24, 1802, died August 13, 1894;
  9. Lydia, January 19, 1805, died February 14, 1880;
  10. Phoebe, November 11, 1807, died May 6, 1812;
  11. Jacob, December 4, 1809, died February 12, 1830;
  12. Isaac, April 11, 1812, died December 7, 1880.

(VI) James, son of David and Esther (Hunt) Norton, was born January 7, 1801, at Pittstown, New York, died January 25, 1870. He removed from Pittstown to Granville, New York, where he bought land and settled as a farmer. He married (first) Phoebe Eddy; (second) Roby Eddy (sister of first wife); (third) Susan Barker, born October, 1811, died December 12, 1847, daughter of Slocum and Hannah (Barrett) Barker; (fourth) Cynthia Carpenter. Child by second wife:

  1. Hiram Eddy, see forward.

Children by third wife:

  1. Slocum Barker, born July 10, 1836, died April 11, 1894, married Eliza Mosher;
  2. Hannah Barrett, June 13, 1839, married, December 28, 1858, Marcus B. Allen;
  3. Phoebe R., January 23, 1841, died April 11, 1894, married Reuben Dillingham;
  4. George Barker, May 24, 1843, married Emma Sprague;
  5. Jane E., April 23, 1845, married Stacey K. Potter;

child of fourth wife:

  1. Amos C., married Josephine Hull.

(VII) Hiram Eddy, son of James and Roby (Eddy) Norton, was born in Granville, Washington county, New York, 1828, died April 26, 1874. He married, March 4, 1852, Hannah S., daughter of Jeremiah and Rebecca (Cook) Potter, born November, 1824, died February 17, 1872. Children:

  1. George A., born February 18, 1853, died May 4, 1878;
  2. James Eddy, October 21, 1854, married (first) Lydia Elizabeth Hull; (second) February 2 1903, Mary Harmon;
  3. Eugene R., see forward;
  4. Carrie, October 3, 1858, married Otis Dillingham Hull.

(VIII) Eugene R., son of Hiram Eddy and Hannah S. (Potter) Norton, was born in Middle Granville, Washington county, New York, September 3, 1856. He was educated in the public schools, and at the age of sixteen located in the village of Granville, where he later established a general store in connection with his brother James Eddy, which they successfully conducted until 1884. In that year in association with his brother James Eddy, he engaged in the quarrying and manufacture of slate, principally for roofing purposes. This business, which has grown to large proportions, is still continued. Mr. Norton's fine business qualities and good judgment have brought him not only wealth, but the title of "The Slate King." November 7, 1905, he was elected to the state legislature by the large majority of two thousand and nine hundred votes. In 1906 he was appointed by Speaker Wadsworth a member of the assembly committees on revision, commerce and navigation, charitable and religious societies. He has always been active in state and local politics, and has held most of the town and village offices, such as supervisor, clerk of the village, president of the village, and other minor offices. Politically he is a Republican. He belongs to the Masonic Order, and is a Knight Templar. He is an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church, having taught in the Sunday school for a number of years. He married, August 23, 1881, Georgiana Eliza, born May 7, 1861, daughter of George Washington and Caroline Calista (Austin) Warren (see Warren IV). They have one, daughter, Elsie Warren, born August 3, 1893.

(The Warren Line)

The first Warren known on English soil was William (earl) Warren, who accompanied William the Conqueror, and who having married the fourth daughter of William Gundreda is believed to have been one of his principal generals. He took an important part in the battle of Hastings (1066), and for his services received grants of land in almost every county in England.

The first Warren in America was Richard Warren, who sailed from Plymouth, England, in the historic "Mayflower." He was not of the Leyden company, but joined the Pilgrims from London. He was one of the signers of the "Compact" framed in the cabin of the "Mayflower" while in Cape Cod harbor. He was twelfth on the list of signers, and one of the nineteen of those who signed that survived the first winter. He died in 1628. The family herein recorded was founded in the state of New York shortly after the revolution by Colonel Gideon Warren, a descendant of the Massachusetts Warrens.

(I) Colonel Gideon Warren, one of the earliest settlers of eastern Vermont, was born in 1730 in the state of Massachusetts, died April 4, 1802. During the first year of the revolutionary war he was seriously wounded in the arm. He was a volunteer in the party that captured Ticonderoga under the leadership of Ethan Allen.

Arlington, Jan. 27, 1779.


Ira Allen, treasurer,

Please pay unto Colonel Gideon Warren forty pounds lawful money, it being in part pay for what the General Assembly of this state ordered to be paid Colonel Warren for his being wounded at the taking of Ticonderoga in May, 1775.

Thos. Chittenden.

Re'c Jan. 27, 1779, of Ira Allen, treasurer, forty pounds lawful money.

Gideon Warren.

(See Vermont Revolutionary rolls.)

Later one hundred and ten pounds was acknowledged as being paid on same claim. Colonel Warren was a member of the convention that met at Cambridge, New York, in 1781, for the purpose of uniting the territory east of the Hudson above Troy with Vermont, and was also a delegate from that body to the Vermont assembly, which met the same year. The latter appointed him one of the commissioners on the part of Vermont to adjust the boundaries between that state and New York and New Hampshire. Before the Organization of Hampton as a town in Washington county, New York, in 1786, he had become a settler and owner of land in that county. Being a man of prominence in the state, he exerted a great influence in the settlement of the location for the new town of Hampton. He located in the south part of the town on a farm of five hundred acres, part of which is now included in the village limits. He built a comfortable home and resided there until his death. He married and had sons: Caleb, see forward; Eben, Asa, Bishop.

(II) Caleb, eldest son of Colonel Gideon Warren, was born in the state of Vermont, and later settled with his father on the Washington county farm. He served in the revolution, and was later on the pension rolls of that war. He married Rachel Webster, who had fourteen children that grew to adult years. Four of these, Ethan, see forward; Eben, Rachel and Mary, remained in Washington county, the others settling in the west. Eben married Abigail Savage; Rachel married Jason Kellogg (2); Mary married John New.

(III) Ethan, son of Caleb and Rachel (Webster) Warren, was born at Hampton, Washington county, New York. He was a prosperous farmer of that place. He married four times, but had children only by the first wife, Eunice Owens, and his last wife, Sally Willis. Children by first wife: Benjamin, Gideon. By fourth wife: James, Sally, Square, Charlotte, Hiram, Mary Ann, George W., see forward; Ferdinand, Chauncey.

(IV) George Washington, son of Ethan and Sally (Willis) Warren, was born in the old homestead in Hampton, Washington county, New York, March 22, 1832, died August 20, 1870. He was educated in the schools of his native town, and at Poultney Academy, Vermont. In 1849 he removed to California, attracted there by the wonderful stories of the wealth of that state. He was of a wandering disposition, fond of travel, and though locating for a time in various places and engaging in business, he never remained more than a few years in each place. After some years in California he returned east, but later went south and engaged in the dry goods business in Memphis,. Tennessee. He resided there at the outbreak of the civil war, and being a staunch Union man was obliged to leave Memphis with his family in great haste. They were only allowed to take two barrels full of their possessions. He made his way north to Kingsbury, New York, where he raised a volunteer company of infantry, which became Company B, Twenty-third Regiment. He served his country with great distinction, taking part in many of the battles, among them Chancellorsville, where he was wounded. Three of his brothers, James, Chauncey and Hiram, also served in the war. After the war he went to Texas and there engaged in business, at one time running a boat on the Red river. Later he was appointed Indian agent by the government, and was serving as such at the time of his death. He married Caroline Calista, born August 17, 1833, died April 26, 1899, daughter of Potter and Eliza (Curtis) Austin. Children:

  1. Angelena Virginia Creece, born August 1, 1858, married, October 22, 1878, Orla M. Temple, child, Lillian, born October, 1880;
  2. Georgiana Eliza, May 7, 1861, married Eugene R. Norton, August 23, 1881 (see Norton VIII). They have one daughter, Elsie Warren, born August 3, 1893.

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