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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 925-926 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The head of the present generation of the Noeltner family in Glen is the second in the United States. They are of pure German descent on both sides, the maternal and paternal lines, both leading to Germany, where they have been established for many generations.

(I) Anselm Noeltner was born at Olden, near Kritzhamer, Duchy of Baden, Germany, in 1800, died 1871. He married and reared a family. One of his sons became politically prominent in Baden Baden, and was a friend of the King.

(II) Anselm (2), son of Anselm (1) Noeltner, was born in Olden, Germany, October 8, 1830, died in Montgomery county, New York, August 18, 1901. He was educated in the manner of the German youth of his day, and worked on the farm until 1853, when he resolved to emigrate to the United States. He secured passage on a sailing vessel that arrived in New York forty days later, on October 9, 1853. He remained in New York six years, during which he was married. With his wife he journeyed northward and settled in Montgomery county, New York, where he purchased a farm of one hundred acres of improved land, on which he resided until death. He was one of the well-known and highly-respected Germans of that thrifty community in Glen, whose thrift is proverbial. He was a devoted member of the German Methodist Episcopal church, and was helpful in many ways when that society erected their house of worship at Fort Hunter. He was a member for over forty years, and at the time of his death was serving on the official board as trustee, an office he had held for twenty-five years. He was well known as a most charitable and religious man. He was a staunch Republican. He married, in New York City, February 4, 1855, Marguerite Huttenlocker, born in Würtemberg, Germany, November 22, 1831, died in Glen, July 1, 1908. She came to the United States, September 12, 1853, landing in New York after a long and weary voyage. She was the daughter of a German wagon-maker who lived and died in Würtemberg, Germany. John, her brother, afterward came to the United States, and settled in Brooklyn, New York, where he follows the trade of carriage builder; he is married and has children — Frank, Lena, Herbert, Kate and Leonard Huttenlocker. A sister, Christina, also came to the United States, married John Kline, whom she survives, a resident of Salem, New Jersey. Children of Anselm and Marguerite Noeltner:

  1. Barbara, born December 1, 1855, died May 13, 1897; married Charles Young, who is now deceased; children:
    1. Carrie, married a Mr. Lenahan, of Schenectady, New York;
    2. Ella, married a Mr. Taylor, now of Helena, Montana.
  2. Caroline, born May 31, 1857; married Charles Hardies, a farmer of the town of Florida; children:
    1. George, married Mrs. Eva (Tracy) Davidson;
    2. Anselm, clerk in Amsterdam.
  3. Charles, born September 30, 1858, resides with his brother Anselm (3).
  4. Catherine, born January 11, 1860; married Peter M. Hand, farmer of Glen; children:
    1. Stewart C. Hand, married Ruby Dievendorf, and has Mabel and Donald;
    2. James Hand.
  5. Sophia, born March 21, 1861; married William V. Shutts, a farmer of Mohawk; children: Conrad and Joel, the latter deceased.
  6. Elizabeth, born September 11, 1863; married John Bowman, of Schenectady, and has a daughter Edna.
  7. John, born July 22, 1865, died September 21, 1869.
  8. William, born April 23, 1867, died October 7, 1894; married Josephine Pangborn.
  9. Anselm (3), see forward.
  10. Marguerite, born April 1, 1873; married John C. Mason, a merchant of Syracuse, New York; children: Frank, Harold and Earl Mason.

(III) Anselm (3), son of Anselm (2) and Marguerite (Huttenlocker) Noeltner, was born in the town of Glen, Montgomery county, New York, February 15, 1871. He was, educated in the public schools, and has devoted himself to the pursuit of agriculture. He is favorably known in his community and has frequently been offered political preferment, but excepting the office of assessor of taxes has always declined public office. He is a member of the German Benevolent Association, of Amsterdam. He married, November 16, 1892, Martha Haff, born in Tribes Hill, Montgomery county, February 7, 1870. Children:

  1. Margaret, December 3, 1894, died December 7, 1894.
  2. Earl Anselm, September 18, 1896.
  3. George S., December 22, 1900.

Mr. and Mrs. Noeltner are members of Glen Grange.

(The Haff Line)

John Haff, born in Fulton county, New York, September 16, 1786, died July 23, 1834. He married, June 3, 1813, Barbara West, born October 29, 1785. Children:

  1. Barbara, died unmarried;
  2. Lettie M., died unmarried;
  3. John, see forward.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) and Barbara (West) Haff, was born on the Tribes Hill homestead, May 7, 1822, died December 20, 1897. He married (first) December 30, 1846, Rhoda Wemple, who died February, 1860; children:

  1. Marion and
  2. Melissa, twins, born February 20, 1848; both became wives of Alexander Hadcock, Melissa first, and Marion the second. Children of Marion: Benjamin, Emma, John, George, Edward, Edna, Lillian Hadcock.
  3. Martha, born September 3, 1853, died April 7, 1862.

John Haff married (second) Rosa Felterly, born April 14, 1847, who survives him, resident of Fort Hunter. Children:

  1. Matilda, died in infancy.
  2. Williard, born May 31, 1866; married Jennie Rose, who died June 7, 1897, at Fort Hunter, New York, leaving —
    1. Mamie, born May 28, 1884;
    2. Warren, born October 14, 1896;
    3. Russell, born December 21, 1898.
  3. Walter, born April 20, 1868; married Carrie De Wight, resides at Fort Hunter, New York.
  4. Martha, born February 7, 1870; married Anselm (3) Noeltner.
  5. Warren, died in childhood.

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