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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1543-1546 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Murray family settled in Massachusetts and Connecticut prior to the revolution. One branch settled at Torrington, Connecticut, and it is from this family that Daniel Murray, grandfather of Dr. William H. Murray, of Albany, descends. Through the marriage of Francis M. Murray to Sarah Lockwood, descent is obtained from Robert Lockwood, "the emigrant," 1630, from England. Burke's "General Armory" gives the arms of Lockwood — Argent, a fesse between three martlets sable. Crest: On the stump of an oak tree erased proper a martlet, sable. Motto: Tutus in undus (Secure against the waves).

(I) Robert Lockwood came from England about 1630 and settled in Watertown, Massachusetts, where six of his children were born. He was made a freeman, March 9, 1636. About 1646 he removed to Fairfield, Connecticut, where he died 1658. He was made a freeman of Connecticut, May 20, 1652. He was appointed sergeant of the train band, May, 1657. He died intestate, and the court ordered the division of his property; one-third to the widow, the ten children dividing the remainder. His widow, Susannah, married (second) Jeffery Ferris, and died at "Grinwich," December 23, 1663. Children:

  1. Jonathan, of whom further.
  2. Deborah, born October 12, 1636.
  3. Joseph, born August 6, 1638; "Sergeant Joseph Lockwood departed this life, April 14, 1717, aged seventy-eight years, eight months and eight days."
  4. Daniel, born March 21, 1640, died 1691.
  5. Ephraim, born December 1, 1641; married Mercy Sention (St. John).
  6. Gershom, born September 6, 1643, died March 12, 1718. "Lieutenant Gershom Lockwood was the principal carpenter and builder in the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, and filled many offices of trust and importance." He married Lady Ann Millington. (This lady's romantic story has often been told, together with that of the chest containing a half bushel of guineas, and fine silk dresses.) The chest is yet in evidence in Greenwich.
  7. John.
  8. Abigail, married John Barlow.
  9. Sarah.
  10. Mary, married Jonathan Huested.

(II) Lieutenant Jonathan, eldest son of Robert and Susannah Lockwood, was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, September 10, 1634, died in Greenwich, Connecticut, May 12, 1688. He signed a paper January 1, 1657, at "Easttowne" in the New Netherlands, promising allegiance to the Dutch governor, "so long as we live in his jurisdiction." He was of Stamford, Connecticut, October 16, 1660, resided there until 1665, when he sold his estate there and removed to Greenwich. He became a freeman there in 1670, was assistant in May, 1671, and in 1672 "one of the twenty-seven proprietors." He became a leading citizen, and represented the town in the legislature four years. He died in 1688, the people met in town meeting and passed resolutions deploring the loss of so good a man and valuable a citizen. He married Mary, daughter of Jeffery Ferris, his stepfather, by a former marriage. Mary survived him and married (second) Sergeant Thomas Merritt, of Rye. Children of Lieutenant Jonathan Lockwood:

  1. Jonathan (2), died November 9, 1689;
  2. Robert, died prior to January 23, 1732;
  3. Gershom, deputy to colonial assembly, married Hannah ————, and had nine children;
  4. Joseph, of whom further;
  5. Still John, an important wealthy man; married, and had thirteen children;
  6. Sarah, married Michael Lounsbery;
  7. Abigail.

(III) Joseph, son of Lieutenant Jonathan and Mary (Ferris) Lockwood, was born at Stamford, Connecticut, 1675, died 1759, at Poundridge, Westchester county, New York, where he removed in 1743. He married (first), May 19, 1698, Elizabeth Ayres, who died December 16, 1715. Married (second), August 10, 1716, Margery Webb, born October 4, 1683, died January 2, 1736, daughter of James and Hannah (Scofield) Webb. Children by first wife:

  1. Joseph, of whom further.
  2. Hannah, born March 24, 1701, married David Ham.
  3. John, born September 18, 1703, died 1776; married (first) Sarah Scofield (second) Abigail ————.
  4. Nathaniel, died young.
  5. Elizabeth, married Job Hoyt, and had twelve children.
  6. Israel, born June 14, 1710; married Susannah Smith.
  7. Mary, married James Jump.
  8. Reuben, born December 15, 1715, captain of Westchester county militia (see N. Y. Col. Mas. 85, for muster roll of Captain Reuben Lockwood's company, April 22, 1758). He married (first) Sarah Cramp; (second) Elizabeth Stevens.

Children by second wife:

  1. Nathaniel, born May 20, 1717; married Mary Palchin, and had twelve children.
  2. Nathan, born March 25, 1719.
  3. Lieutenant-Colonel James, born July 15, 1722. From Colonial records, vol. 10, page 42, October 2, 1751: "This Assembly do appoint Major Lockwood to be Lieutenant-Colonel of the 9th Regiment of the colony." He married May Norton, and had eight children.

(IV) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) and Elizabeth (Ayres) Lockwood, was born at Stamford, Connecticut, March 15, 1699, died at Poundridge, Westchester county, New York, June 15, 1757. He removed with his father to Poundridge in 1743. He was a farmer. He married Sarah, born April 1, 1706, died 1790, daughter of Joshua and Mary (Pickett) Hoyt. Her father was one of the proprietors of the Stamford patent, granted 1685. Children:

  1. Eliakim, died in childhood.
  2. Joseph, of whom further.
  3. Elizabeth, born March 7, 1733; married Nathaniel Waring.
  4. Gilbert, died young.
  5. Major Ebenezer, born March 31, 1737; justice of the peace under the king until the revolution; major of Westchester county militia, and was in active service during the revolution; the British burned his house, drove off his stock, then stripped him of his home and property; after the war he was judge of the county court, frequently elected to the legislature, entrusted with loaning of the state money in his county. He married (first), February 16, 1761, Hannah Smithy; (second) Sarah ————; ten children. Major Lockwood died, aged eighty-four years, at Poundridge, New York.
  6. Rachel, born January 19, 1739; married Ebenezer Wood.
  7. Mercy, married David Dan.
  8. Hezekiah, died aged seven years.
  9. Prudence, married Elijah Weed.

(V) Joseph (3), son of Joseph (2) and Sarah (Hoyt) Lockwood, was born at Stamford, Connecticut, June 30, 1731, died at Poundridge, Westchester county, New York, March 17, 1792. He continued on the farm with his father until his death, when the estate of five hundred acres was divided between his brother, Major Ebenezer Lockwood and himself, being the only surviving sons. The farm is located on a beautiful ridge of land on which a pound being located gave it the name, Poundridge. (This property is yet in the family name.) He was elected town clerk in 1760, was commissioned captain of a military company, September 13, 1775. He was at Ticonderoga in 1775 in command of his company. He married Hannah, daughter of Solomon Close, of North Salem, New York. She survived and became the third wife of Captain James Richards, of New Canaan, Connecticut. She died December 22, 1806. Children:

  1. Hannah, married Captain Philo Lewis;
  2. Sarah, married Thaddeus Hoyt;
  3. Joseph (4), married Mary Drake;
  4. Solomon, of whom further;
  5. Prudence, married John Smith;
  6. Mindwell;
  7. Matilda, died young;
  8. Mercy, married Jonathan Waring;
  9. Matilda (2), married Seth Kellogg;
  10. Nancy, married Henry Jones.

(VI) Solomon, son of Joseph (3) and Hannah (Close) Lockwood, was born at Poundridge, New York, August 28, 1766, died March 9, 1841. He married Mary, born April 16, 1770, died May 6, 1848, daughter of Odle Close, of Greenwich, Connecticut. Children:

  1. Bethia, born June 21, 1791; married Hon. Horatio Lockwood.
  2. Odle, born May 4, 1793, died August 15, 1873; married Maria Barnum.
  3. Leander, born November 21, 1794, died March 22, 1795.
  4. Joseph, born September 23, 1796, accidentally drowned in the Alleghany river, February 28, 1830.
  5. Hannah, born March 9, 1798, died February 21, 1868.
  6. William, born September 14, 1800, died November 15, 1880, at Bedford, New York. He married (first) Maria J., daughter of Rev. Daniel and Anna (Austin) Crocker; married (second) Jane, daughter of Joshua and Reuhuma Raymond; married (third) Rebecca, daughter of Uriah and Sarah Raymond. Four children, two by the first and two by the second wife.
  7. Catherine Mary, born October 13, 1802; married John L. Silliman; died April 17, 1879.
  8. Sarah Elizabeth, born September 10, 1805, died June 30, 1884, married Francis N. Murray (see Murray II).
  9. Nancy, born and died November, 1807.
  10. Solomon (2), born September 5, 1810, died September 22, 1811.

(The Murray Line)

Daniel Murray was of Scotch ancestry and may have been a descendant of William Murray, of Amherst, Massachusetts, who was born in Scotland, 1690, came to America in 1720, married Hannah Dickinson, descendant of Nathaniel Dickinson, who came in 1635, one of the founders of Hadley, Massachusetts. Daniel Murray died in Connecticut, at the age of eighty years. He married and had a large family, including

  1. Edgar, married Lucinda Lodes, went to California in 1848, and was never again heard from;
  2. Hannah, married Samuel Whitlock, of Norwalk, Connecticut, and had daughter, Sarah;
  3. Francis N., see forward.

(II) Francis N., son of Daniel Murray, was born in 1810, in Westport, Connecticut. He was educated and grew to manhood in that state. In 1849 he caught the gold-seeker's fever and joined a company going to California. He left his family in Connecticut and traveled westward by way of the Isthmus. Taking ship from there he sailed for San Francisco and died just before reaching that port. He was buried at sea and it was many months before his family learned his fate. He married Sarah Elizabeth Lockwood, born at Poundridge, Westchester county, New York, daughter of Solomon and Mary (Close) Lockwood (see Lockwood VI).

(III) William H., son of Francis N. and Sarah Elizabeth (Lockwood) Murray, was born at Poundridge, Westchester county, New York, December 2, 1845. He was five years of age when his father left home on his fatal California trip, and his early training and education depended upon his widowed mother. He was educated under a private tutor and at Bett's Military Academy, Stamford, Connecticut, where he was graduated in 1863. He entered Union College the following autumn and, pursuing a full course, was graduated A.B., class of 1867. He taught a private school at Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, with much success. At this time a young man in town was striving to secure an education. Dr. Murray, to help him both in his study and slender purse, allowed him to share his room and tutored him in Latin and Greek branches, in which he was unusually proficient and well qualified to teach. This young man was, later, Governor Hastings, of Pennsylvania. He never forgot the assistance rendered him, but always gave Mr. Murray great credit for his success in life. With the capital secured while an instructor he took a course at Albany Medical College, where he was graduated M.D., 1869. In 1870 he began the practice of medicine in Albany, where he yet continues. He is a popular and skilled physician and surgeon, standing high among his professional brethren and highly regarded everywhere. It was said at one time he could call every man in the city by name. He has been much in public life, and is identified with the leading social and fraternal organizations. He is a member of the State and County Medical societies, and was president of the latter. He was an organizer of the Hospital for Incurables, and since its inception has been president of the board of trustees. His desire to be of service to his city and fellowmen had induced him to accept numerous public trusts. He served as supervisor of his ward for five years; president of the board of alderman for one year; district physician; police surgeon; county physician; coroner's physician; penitentiary physician and city physician. During his incumbency of the office, president of the board of aldermen of Albany, the contest occurred between Dr. Swinburne and Nolan over the mayoralty. While this contest was passing the courts, Dr. Murray, by virtue of his office, was acting mayor of Albany. He is a prominent member of the Masonic order, holding all degrees of the York Rite, and is a thirty-second degree member of the Scottish Rite; and a member of the Shrine. He has passed all the chairs in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, and the Red Men. His clubs are the University and Albany. He is a Democrat and retains his active influential position in the party he has served so well.

He married, in Schenectady, in 1868 (Rev. Dr. Payne, Episcopal minister, officiating), Martha B., daughter of James M. Bouck, and granddaughter of William C. Bouck, governor of New York, elected in 1842. James M. Bouck was a prominent lawyer of Schenectady, New York, and postmaster of that city. His brother, Colonel Gabriel Bouck, served in the civil war in 1861-65, removed to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where he became attorney-general and one of the most prominent and wealthy men of the state; was grand master of the Free and Accepted Masons, and a man of sterling character. James M. Bouck married Charlotte Van Vorst, of Burnt Hills, Saratoga county, New York, sister of ex-Mayor Van Vorst, of Schenectady. Dr. and Martha B. Murray have one son,

  1. Frank N., born April 19, 1870, educated in the Albany high school, Boys' Academy and Business College, now (1910) private and confidential secretary to Vice-President Rice, of the General Electric Company, who trusts to him in all matters affecting private and business affairs. He married Anna Bridges, and has Dorothy Bouck Murray.

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