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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 500-502 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

(III) John Marvin, eldest son of Lieutenant Reinold (q. v.) and Sarah (Clark) Marvin, was born in 1664 or '65 in Lyme, Connecticut, where he died December 11, 1711. A list of his property taxed under Governor Andros's administration shows him to have been an exceeding prosperous young man. Much of his property was located at "Grassy Hill," a portion of which is yet in possession of his descendants. In 1693 he was constable of the town, a very important position at that date, almost equaling that of sheriff of today. He married, May 7, 1691, Sarah, born about 1670, died December 14, 1760, daughter of Henry and Mary Graham, of Hartford, Connecticut. Their children were:

  1. A daughter, who died in infancy.
  2. Sarah, who married (first) John Lay and (second) her cousin, Deacon Reinold Marvin.
  3. Mary, married Samuel Smith.
  4. John, married Mehitable Champion.
  5. Elizabeth, married John Tinker.
  6. Joseph, married Jane Lay.
  7. Benjamin; see forward.
  8. Mehitable, unmarried.
  9. Jemima, married William Peck.

(IV) Benjamin, seventh child of John and Sarah (Graham) Marvin, was born in Lyme, Connecticut, March 14, 1705, or '06. He was admitted a freeman April 27, 1736. He arried, in Lyme, November 11, 1712, Deborah, born January 15, 1718, and died January 21, 1775, daughter of Dr. Samuel and Deborah (Wade) Mather. Their children, all born in Lyme, were:

  1. Benjamin (2), see forward.
  2. Mehitable, married Uriah Hyde.
  3. Azubah.

(V) Benjamin (2), son of Benjamin (1) and Deborah (Mather) Marvin, was born November 7, 1743, in Lyme, Connecticut, where he died June 14, 1823. While a young man he held several of the offices of the town. November 24, 1777, he took the "Oath of fidelity" to the state, and April 13, 1778, the "oath prescribed by law for freemen." He and his wife Phoebe joined the Lyme church on the same day, October, 1771. He married (first), October 29, 1767, Phoebe Rowland of Lyme, born in 1745, and died December 27, 1812. He married (second), May 20, 1818, Abigail Smith of Lyme, born in 1767, and died September 28, 1840. His children, all born in Lyme, were:

  1. Abigail, died in childhood.
  2. Uriah; see forward.
  3. John, married (first) Amy Stevens, (second) Lucia Mather. He removed to Albany, New York, where he was an enterprising, successful merchant.
  4. William, married Julia Ann Tabor; settled in Albany, New York, about 1800, where he acquired a large property with his brothers John and Alexander, who were among the leading merchants of the city.
  5. Abigail (2), married Captain Ichabod Smith, Jr.
  6. Phoebe, married Uriah Benedict, Jr.
  7. Lois, died in infancy.
  8. Lois, married David E. Gregory.
  9. Alexander, married Mary Elizabeth Papoon; removed to Albany, where he was a prosperous merchant. He was one of the incorporators of the Canal Bank of Albany.
  10. Richard, settled in Albany, where he was a director of the Commercial Bank. He was a well-known writer.
  11. Edward Lee, died in Lyme; unmarried.

(VI) Uriah, eldest son of Benjamin (2) and Phoebe (Rowland) Marvin, was born in Lyme, Connecticut, August 8, 1770, and died in Albany, New York, November 24, 1848. He removed to Albany when a young man and engaged in mercantile business with his brother Richard. He became one of Albany's prominent business men and leading citizens. He was an earnest friend of the cause of education and ruling elder of the Presbyterian church. He married, January 19, 1794, Olive, born September 6, 1774, and died April 7, 1849, daughter of Francis and Lucretia (Tunker) Ingraham of Lyme, Connecticut. Their children, all born in Albany except the eldest, were:

  1. Francis Ingraham (2), born in Lyme, Connecticut, October 11, 1795, died May 1, 1864. He married, August 4, 1823, Mary Hill.
  2. Henry, November 24, 1797, died July 7, 1849; married December 8, 1824, Harriet Day.
  3. George, September 26, 1800, died October 5, 1892; married, February 4, 1823, Maria Elizabeth Sickles.
  4. Louisa, November 7, 1802, and died October 18, 1884. She married (first), November, 1823, Gilbert Devoe; (second), 1841, ———— Swat.
  5. Charles, August 1, 1804, died July 16, 1889; married, October 1, 1826, Nana Watrous.
  6. Benjamin (3), November 7, 1806, died September 23, 1823.
  7. Edward, April 19, 1809, died September 14, 1810.
  8. Edward (2), January 12, 1811, died April 16, 1813.
  9. Phoebe Ann, August 7, 1813, died January 3, 1815.
  10. Uriah (2); see forward.
  11. Frances Ann, March 8, 1818, died April 2, 1842. She married, June 9, 1840, Rev. John M. Van Buren, of the Dutch Reformed church.

(VII) Rev. Uriah Marvin (2), son of Uriah (1) and Olive (Ingraham) Marvin, was born in Albany, New York, January 8, 1816, died in Troy, New York, November 18, 1898. He was graduated from Union College, class of 1835, and prepared for the ministry at Princeton, New Jersey, Theological Seminary. He was licensed to preach in 1846, and April 18, 1848, was ordained a minister of the Gospel by the Reformed Dutch Classis. He at once entered upon his ministerial career. From 1848 to 1855 he was pastor of the Reformed Church at Greenwich, New York, from 1855 to 1858 of the Bleecker Street Church in New York city, and from 1860 to 1870 was in charge of the church at Nyack, New York. His latter days were spent at his residence in Troy, New York. He was an earnest, faithful minister of the Gospel, and served his various charges with fidelity and zeal. He was highly esteemed among his brethren of the church. Rev. Mr. Marvin married, in Troy, October 31, 1844, Margaret Jane, daughter of Dr. Samuel and Lorenda (De Long) Stevens, of Troy, born April 5, 1821, and died in Troy, February 29, 1908. Their children are:

  1. Samuel Stevens, born August 19, 1845, in Albany, where he died August 13, 1847.
  2. Frederic Rowland; see forward.
  3. Margaret Lorenda, June 18, 1849, in Troy, New York; married, November 3, 1880, Charles Russell Ingalls, son of Judge Charles Frye and Mary (Rogers) Ingalls, born September 14, 1819. He was a member of the state legislature, justice of the supreme court of New York for twenty-seven years, and trustee and president of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy. He died May 28, 1908, in Troy. She was the third wife. They have a daughter, Margaret Marvin Ingalls, born September 21, 1885, married, June 8, 1909, Kenneth Ogilbic Chisholn, at Brownsville, New York. They reside in Paris, France.
  4. Rev. Dwight Edwards, February 22, 1851, in Greenwich, Washington county, New York. He graduated at the Theological Seminary, Auburn, New York, and took a post-graduate course at Union Theological Seminary, city of New York. He was a regularly ordained minister of the Congregational church, and has served the churches at East Albany and Utica, New York; Germantown, Pennsylvania; Asbury Park, New Jersey; and Brooklyn, New York. He married, September 17, 1874, Ida Norton, daughter of William W. and Caroline K. (Perkins) Whitman of Troy, and has Charles Ingalls, Caroline Whitman, Dwight Willison, and Rowland Whitman.
  5. Allison Bowen, March 3, 1853, in Greenwich, and died January 17, 1854.
  6. Uriah Willison, January 3, 1856, in New York city, and died August 6, 1876, in Troy.

(VIII) Frederic Rowland, second son of Rev. Uriah (2) and Margaret Jane (Stevens) Marvin, was born in Troy, New York, September 23, 1847. After a preparatory education he entered Union College with the class of 1869. Later he was a student at Lafayette. Deciding on medicine as his profession he entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York city, where he was graduated in 1870, Doctor of Medicine. From 1872 to 1875 he was professor in the New York Free Medical College for Women. His whole career was now changed; abandoning the medical profession he began the study of theology. He entered the Dutch Reformed Seminary at New Brunswick and in 1877 was licensed to preach. He was later ordained a minister of the Gospel under the authority of the Dutch Reformed church. He began his work at once and has been pastor of churches of his faith at Middletown, New York (1878-82), Portland, Oregon, (1882-85), and Great Barrington, Massachusetts, (1887-95). In addition to his work in the ministry Rev. Dr. Martin is author of a number of published books, poems and sermons. He stands high among men of letters, and is much esteemed among the clergy of his church. Rev. Dr. Marvin married, in New York city, May 28, 1874, Persis Anne, daughter of Samuel and Caroline E. (Page) Rowell, of Lancaster, New Hampshire. She was born in Concord, New Hampshire, March 22, 1840. During their residence in Middletown, New York, Mrs. Marvin was elected a member of the school board, the first instance in New York of a woman's being chosen for that position. They have no children.

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