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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1764-1766 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The earliest Lyon emigrant of whom we have positive knowledge was William Lyon, who came to Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1635 on the ship, "Hopewell." He founded a numerous family, of whom a distinguished member was Nathaniel Lyon, a general in the Union army, killed at the battle of Balls Bluff. The next immigrants were two brothers, Peter and George, of Dorchester, Massachusetts. In 1644 Richard Lyon was sent from England to Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Sir Henry Mildmay as a tutor for his son William. He, however, soon returned to England. About 1648 there appeared in Fairfield county, Connecticut, at about the same time, three settlers bearing the name Lyon. One of these, Thomas, was the founder of the family herein recorded, whose principal seat in the early days was Westchester county, New York.

(I) Thomas Lyon, "of Rye," was born in England about 1621, died at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Fairfield county, Connecticut, in 1690, and was buried in the old Lyon burying ground at that place. It is supposed that he first settled in Massachusetts and from there removed to the western part of Fairfield county, where about the same time Richard and Henry appeared, presumably his brothers or cousins. In 1652 Thomas Lyon bought a house and lot in Stamford of William Potter. In 1654 he purchased a house and lot in Fairfield. Between these dates his first wife Martha Johanna (Winthrop) Lyon, died. In 1676, in company with John Banks, of "Fayrefield," he acquired title to a "Sartaine parsell of land in Greenwich, lying by Byram River and by estimation three score ackers." In the records of Rye under date of March 5, 1676, is this entry: "The towne of Rye (New York) adopted the following: Thomas Lyon and Thomas Brown are appointed to choose a house or place to be fortified for safety of the towne." Winthrop says that it is believed that it was this Thomas Lyon who served as a colonial soldier from Connecticut, although this supposition would make him either very young at time of service, or quite old at the date of his first marriage. His will was dated December 6, 1689, and probated at Fairfield, September 7, 1690. During the latter years of his life, although probably living in Greenwich at Byram Neck, Thomas Lyon was spoken of as "of Rye," this place being in New York just across Byram river, now called Port Chester. The name Lyon's Point, written also, Lion's Point, applied to the point at the mouth of Byram river, was in common use as early as 1683. Thomas was a member of the Society of Friends and suffered some persecution for his belief. He married (first) Martha Johanna Winthrop, a granddaughter of Governor John Winthrop, of Salem, Massachusetts, and daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Fones) Winthrop. Her father was drowned in Boston harbor, July 2, 1630, the day after his arrival. His wife remained in England when her husband came to America, coming with her infant daughter in 1631. Martha was born in Groton Manor, England, May 9, 1630, died in Stamford, Connecticut, about 1653. Thomas Lyon married (second) about 1654, Mary, daughter of Simon Hoyt, of Stamford, Connecticut. Children by first marriage:

  1. ————, died in infancy.
  2. Mary (Marie), born August, 1649; married John Willson.

Children by second marriage:

  1. Abigail, married John Banks.
  2. John, died in Greenwich, 1736, deputy to the general court of Connecticut, 1725-30; married and had issue.
  3. Thomas, of further mention.
  4. Samuel, unmarried.
  5. Joseph, born 1677, died February 21, 1761; married Sarah ————.
  6. Elizabeth, married John Marshall.
  7. Deborah, married a Mr. Cone.
  8. Sarah, married a Mr. Merritt.

(II) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1) and Mary (Hoyt) Lyon, was born at Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1673, died 1739. He built the house near Byram bridge which is still standing, having been occupied continuously until the present time by his descendants. He was a member of Colonel Robert Hunter's company of Fusileers, mustered in New York and Westchester counties, February 24, 1711, for sixty-one days' service on the Canadian frontier. His will, dated April 2, 1739, was proved at Stamford, Connecticut, May 1, 1739. He married Abigail, daughter of John Ogden, of Stamford, Connecticut. John Ogden came to Stamford from Long Island in 1641. In 1642 he agreed with Governor Kieft to build a stone church for twenty-five hundred guilders. He returned to Hempstead in 1644 and was one of the patentees of that town. In 1651 he removed to Southampton, Long Island, where he was chosen assistant and named in the Royal Charter. Later he went to New Jersey with Governor Carteret and was representative from Elizabethtown in the first general assembly, 1689. He married Jane, daughter of Robert Bond, of Southampton. Children of Thomas (2) and Abigail Lyon:

  1. Abigail, married (first) William Anderson, (second) Jeremiah Anderson.
  2. Thomas, married (first) Phebe Vowles, (second) Martha Travis.
  3. Samuel, married (second) Hannah Miller.
  4. Jonathan, of further mention.
  5. Mary, married Israel Knapp.
  6. David, married Martha Stedwell.
  7. Joseph, married (first) Mary Disbrow, (second) Ann ————.
  8. Jemima, married Charles Theall, in 1760 was residing in Rye, New York.
  9. Deborah, married Jonathan Hobby, of Greenwich.
  10. Elizabeth, married John Fowler, of Westchester, New York.
  11. Gilbert, married Jane Kniffen.

(III) Jonathan, son of Thomas (2) and Abigail (Ogden) Lyon, was born at Greenwich, June 1, 1706, died, at North Castle, New York, 1786. His will is on file and recorded in the office of the court of appeals at Albany, New York, dated April 2, 1783, proved January 24, 1787. He bequeaths "to Elizabeth, my dearly beloved wife, one third of all my lands in North Castle during her natural life," also devises to sons and grandsons, money and property including a "negro boy Abram" and a "negro man Isaac." He married Elizabeth, born April 5, 1709, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Mead. Children:

  1. Jonathan, born November 14, 1728, died in Bedford, New York, 1787; he owned a stone house in Bedford during the revolutionary war and a farm outside the village; the first winter General Lafayette was in America,he was stationed with his troops in Westchester county; the paymaster had his headquarters in the Lyon Stone House; after Lafayette and his troops went away, a company of British Light Horse from New York burned the house and all it contained, considering Lyon an enemy to the King; he is described as having been distinguished for his luxuriant hair which he wore in a queue, so long that when sitting it could be tied in a knot underneath his chair; he married Anna Miller.
  2. Elizabeth, born June 28, 1730.
  3. Elnathan, died at Clinton, Dutchess county, New York; he married (first) Susanna ————, (second) Mary Ann Bush.
  4. Israel, of further mention.
  5. Phebe, marriel a kinsman, Roger Lyon.
  6. Captain David, died at North Castle, New York; he served in the revolution with the rank of captain in 1775 under Colonel Alexander McDougall, First Regiment, New York Troops; he served later in the Second Westchester County Regiment, Colonel Thomas Thomas; married Freelove Forman.
  7. Peter, died at No. 37 Pump street, New York City, July 4, 1824; he was a farmer and for many years justice of the peace in North Castle, New York, and it is said that Major Andre was brought before him after his capture. (Christian Advocate, July 18, 1895).
  8. Naomi Thatcher, born January 31, 1747; died before 1783.

(IV) Israel, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Mead) Lyon, was born at Greenwich, Connecticut, December 20, 1724, died in Bedford, New York, December 28, 1816, and is buried in Hill cemetery, Bedford. He was a farmer, as were his ancestors. In 1779 his home was burned by the British under Tarleton. He was a devoted patriot, serving on the Westchester county committee of safety. He married Abigail Husted, born in Greenwich, June 1, 1734, died January 14, 1815, and is buried in Hill cemetery with her husband. Children, all born in Bedford, New York:

  1. Israel (2), born February 12, 1755; married Hannah Merritt.
  2. Moses, born 1718; married Diadamia Banks and settled at Bloomfield county, New Jersey.
  3. Charity, born September 28, 1760; married Samuel Banks, of Bainbridge, New York.
  4. Elizabeth, married Joseph Park.
  5. Spardon, of further mention.
  6. Ann, married (first) Thomas Park, (second) Lot Searles.
  7. Susanna, born 1768; married Enoch Raymond.
  8. Abigail, born August 11, 1770: married Josiah Woolsey.
  9. Sarah, married Ellie Sealey.
  10. Jerusha, born 1775, died April 27, 1863; married William Woolsey.
  11. Mary, married Daniel Varian.

(V) Spardon, son of Israel and Abigail (Husted) Lyon, was born in Bedford, New York, October 26, 1764, died there May 3, 1845, and is buried in the Presbyterian burying ground. He was a farmer, and in 1822 connected with the Presbyterian church of Bedford; previous generations seemingly having adhered to the Quaker faith of the founder, Thomas Lyon. He married, April 16, 1788, Phebe Scofield (Presbyterian records) born February 10, 1767, died February 27, 1848, buried in Bedford. Children:

  1. Seth, of further mention.
  2. Alvah, born June 6, 1797, died September 11, 1878; married, February 27, 1824, Sarah Carpenter.

(VI) Seth, eldest son of Spardon and Phebe (Scofield) Lyon, was born in Bedford, New York, August 31, 1794, died January 31, 1878, and is buried in the Union cemetery at Bedford. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church in Bedford, ordained March 19, 1815. He married (first) Clarissa Rundle, born March 9, 1793, died in Bedford, August 14, 1836. He married (second) Mary Woolsey, born March, 1805, died April 1, 1894, daughter of William and Jerusha (Lyon) Woolsey. Jerusha Lyon was a daughter of Israel, son of Jonathan, son of Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1) Lyon, the founder. Children by first wife:

  1. Solomon R., of further mention.
  2. Charlotte Rundle, born February 19, 1814, died April 8, 1850; married Phineas Lounsberry, a merchant of New York City.
  3. Mary E., born April 23, 1816, died March 28, 1837.
  4. Clarissa. born May 10, 1820, died February 28, 1837.
  5. Seth Jay, born about 1822, died December 8, 1883; married at Bedford, October 12, 1849, Frances Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah and Emmeline (Smith) Clark.

(VII) Solomon Rundle, eldest son of Seth and Clarissa (Rundle) Lyon, was born in Bedford, New York, January 31, 1812, died there March 19, 1868, and is buried in Union cemetery. He was a farmer, owning and operating the farm owned by his father and grandfather and later by his son Phillip. In 1865 he was ordained an elder of the Bedford Presbyterian Church. He married, September 12, 1837, Hannah Rundle, born September 12, 1818, died April 18, 1883, buried in Union cemetery, daughter of Solomon and Hannah (Phillips) Rundle. Children:

  1. Phillips Rundle, born July, 1838; married Susie ————; in 1906 was living in Bedford, New York.
  2. Irving Whitall, of further mention.
  3. Anna, born August 10, 1842, died October 22, 1863.
  4. DeWitt (1), born March 30, 1844, died August 27, 1844.
  5. Mary E., born July 27, 1845, died August 28, 1867; married Stephen Terry.
  6. Emma Constant, born April 15, 1847, died October 26, 1871; married, April, 1871, Henry D. Jennings.
  7. Josephine C., born August 19, 1848; married Edward P. Holley, of Cos Cob, Connecticut.
  8. Hannah Rundle, born June 8, 1850; married, December 19, 1883, Edward A. Raymond, of Bedford, New York.
  9. DeWitt (2), born April 15, 1853, died November 23, 1854.
  10. Isabel G., born November 18, 1855, died September 4, 1866.
  11. Clarissa Rundle, born March 19, 1859; married Clifford R. Weld, of Boston.

(VIII) Irving Whitall Lyon, M. D., son of Solomon R. and Hannah (Rundle) Lyon, was born in Bedford, Westchester county, New York, in 1840, died in Hartford, Connecticut, March 4, 1896. He received a good education and chose medicine as his profession. He entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, where he received his degree of M.D. He established in practice at Hartford, Connecticut, continuing until his death. Although a learned and skillful physician he is perhaps better known and remembered as an authority on American antiques. His work on "Colonial Furniture," published in 1891, was the pioneer work of its kind, and although two decades have passed since it was published, it is an unquestioned authority, and subsequent writers have not changed a date nor controverted any statement of fact in the work. It is a classic and an infallible guide. Another work of Dr. Lyon's on which he was engaged at the time of his death was, "Colonial Architecture of America," being uncompleted; this was never published. Wherever his name is known and spoken, he is referred to always as "the father of American antiques." He was president of the Hartford Medical Society, member of the State Medical Society, and a member of the Connecticut Historical Society. He was a Christian without a creed and of so pure and blameless a life that death brought him no fear. He was just to all men, kind and unfailingly courteous, a man of the highest ideals, which he did not fail to attain in his daily life. As a physician he was beloved and trusted. Dr. Lyon married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Frederick Darrow and Louise (Jacobs) Tucker, of New York state. Children:

  1. Mary Phillips, married Chester B. Albree, of Pittsburg, North Side, Pennsylvania.
  2. Irving Phillips, a well-established, skillful physician of Buffalo, New York.
  3. Charles W., of further mention.

(IX) Charles Woolsey, youngest son of Dr. Irving W. and Mary E. (Tucker) Lyon, was born in Hartford, Connecticut, December 10, 1862, at No. 27 Buckingham street. He was educated in the common schools of Hartford, then entered Hartford high school, where he prepared for college. He entered Sheffield Scientific School (Yale University) in the second year, but before graduation received so flattering and tempting a business offer that he did not stay to finish the full course. He had inherited his father's love of the antique, and had sat under his teaching so effectively that although a young man he had an established reputation among collectors. His ability to distinguish the rare, beautiful and valuable attracted the attention of the famous collector of American antiques, Charles H. Taylor, of Boston, who engaged him to travel and buy for his private collection, one of the most valuable in the United States if not in the world. For four years he traveled for Mr. Taylor in New England and through the Hudson-Mohawk valleys, finding the latter especially rich in the rare and valuable of a long ago period. In 1903 he began collecting for the public and opened a store at No. 47 Washington avenue, later removing to the corner of South Hawk street and Washington avenue, Albany, where his store has become the mecca of American collectors of the antique. He is a member of the Chi Phi (Yale Chapter) and the University Club, of Albany.

Charles Woolsey Lyon married, August 6, 1898, Kathlyn Thatcher, daughter of Sanford Thatcher, of Cobleskill, New York, a descendant of four of the "Mayflower" passengers (1620), and of a long line of New England ancestors. Children:

  1. Irving Whitall (2), born October 2, 1899.
  2. Charles Woolsey (2), born October 2, 1905.

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