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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. I, pp. 281-284 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Little family so strongly represented in the present generation at Johnstown, New York, descend from Lawrence Little, a Montgomery county farmer, located in the town of Charleston, Montgomery county, New York.

(I) Lawrence Little died 1832; married Eliza Fellows, who died 1829. Children, born in Charleston, New York:

  1. Mary, born 1819, died January 31, 1885; married Hiram Campbell, a soldier of the civil war, killed at the battle of the Wilderness. They had eight children:
    1. Eliza, married Hezekiah Carey and had four children,
      1. Eva, married John Lincoln and had Elizabeth and Willis;
      2. Kate, married Charles Shafer and had one child, Allison;
      3. Mack, married Elsie Young and had five children;
      4. Albert, married Phoebe Wagner and had six children.
    2. Hiram, married Jane Orr and had three children: Irving, Estelle and Vernon.
    3. R. Elmira, born November 15, 1840, married, May 1, 1870, Ebenezer Eckerson, born October 25, 1839, and had one child,
      1. Ford Blaine, born September 11, 1880, married, June 25, 1909, Ruth Calkin.
    4. Hamilton H., married Isabelle Warner, and had one son, Louis.
    5. Amanda, married John R. Van Patten and had four children:
      1. Milo, married Dora Ten Eyck and had Anna, married Herbert Van Wie, Cora and Otto;
      2. Mark, married a Miss Young and had five children;
      3. Renilo, married Maurice Stanton;
      4. Bessie, married Chauncy King and had Mabel and Everett.
    6. Robie, married Munro Shaffer and had four children:
      1. John;
      2. Stanton, married Josie Scrum;
      3. George, married Lizzie Smith;
      4. Durward, married Irene Scrum and had Orville, Marion, Dudley, married Fanny MacDougal, and Blanche.
    7. William, married Estelle Tratts and had Harry and Nellie.
    8. Elmore, married Maria Brown and had
      1. Donella, married J. Frank Martin.
  2. Hiram, married Mary Jane Mickel.
  3. Betsey, married Rev. Jacob Drake and had four or five children.
  4. John Calvin, of whom further.
  5. James, married Eliza Talmadge.
  6. Nathaniel.

(II) John Calvin, son of Lawrence Little, was born in Charleston, Montgomery county, New York, December 19, 1823, died at Carlisle, New York, August 25, 1874. He was left an orphan at five years of age and was brought up by a neighbor, Charles Gordon, and grew up to the occupation of a farmer. After his marriage he removed to Carlisle, where he engaged in farming on his own account. He was a quiet, industrious, energetic man and devoted his entire life to his business and family. He was a member of the Dutch Reformed church and in politics he was a Democrat.

He married at Cherry Valley, New York, February 22, 1849, Elizabeth Van Valkenberg, born July 14, 1831, at Springfield, New York, died October 7, 1898, at Johnstown, daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Wood) Van Valkenberg, who were the parents of five children:

  1. Elizabeth, married John Calvin Little.
  2. Abbie, married Nicholas Brouthers.
  3. Isaac, died in infancy.
  4. Henry, married Georgiana Platner.
  5. Sarah, married Samuel Hancock.

Children of John Calvin and Elizabeth Little:

  1. Jacob Henry, born March 19, 1850, died January 5, 1853.
  2. George Francis, born April 21, 1851; married (first) February 24, 1875, Clarisa Shaffer, who died December 31, 1884; married (second) January 5, 1886, Anna Kiem; children: Arthur, born December 13, 1887; Elizabeth, April 11, 1889. George Francis Little resides in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where he is a carpenter and builder.
  3. Sarah Eliza, born September 21, 1852, married, November 2, 1871, Edwin Hillsinger, a farmer of Carlisle, Schoharie county, New York; children:
    1. Oliin [sic], born April 19, 1873, married, December 31, 1904, Charles Niles, and has a son Charles (2), born February, 1907;
    2. Grace, born September 19, 1875, married, October 25, 1894, Willard Kilts, and their daughter Ruth, born September 4, 1896, died January 2, 1900.
  4. Naaman, born May 25, 1854; educated in the public schools, and until 1892 owned and cultivated a farm of one hundred and twenty acres at Cobleskill; in the year mentioned he removed to Johnstown, New York, where he is employed as a cutter with the Johnstown Knitting Mills Company; he is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and an Independent in politics; he is a member of the Dutch Reformed church and clerk of the board of trustees; he married, November 8, 1876, Sarah Elizabeth Mickel, born March 27, 1853; children:
    1. Bertha Elizabeth, born August 29, 1877, married, November 25, 1897, Abraham Graff; children:
      1. Edith B., born August 6, 1904;
      2. Sylvia M., born August 16, 1907, died March 6, 1910;
      3. Esther Ruth, born October 8, 1910;
    2. Martha, born February 13, 1880, married, February 6, 1901, Arthur Underwood, and has Arthur Francis, born September 19, 1904; Raymond, born February 7, 1907;
    3. Sylvia, born May 28, 1881;
    4. Henrietta, born November 3, 1883, died February 23, 1894.

    Sarah Elizabeth Mickel, wife of Naaman Little, is a daughter of Henry Mickel, born May 12, 1804, died July 9, 1895; he married Henrietta Springer, born December 18, 1809, died April 2, 1850, a daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Howe) Springer. Sarah Elizabeth was the youngest of five children.

  5. Abbie Jane, born February 9, 1856, died May 4, 1902; married Llewellyn D. Cyphers, both deceased, had no children.
  6. John, born May 26, 1857; connected with the glove business at Johnstown in the Northup Glove Company; he married Martha Jane, born November 24, 1857, daughter of Peter Snook, born April 20, 1827, died March 5, 1905; he married, October 8, 1851, Alida Van Nest, born May 20, 1831. They had five children. Children of John Little:
    1. Frank, born February 11, 1886;
    2. Earnest, June 19, 1888.
  7. David W., born June 15, 1858; engaged in the sewing machine business at Gloversville; he married, December 17, 1879, Maggie Van Nest; children:
    1. Elinore (Ella), born October 19, 1880;
    2. Elizabeth, born January 23, 1882, married Emerson Van Duesen.
  8. Seth, of whom further.
  9. Henry, of whom further.
  10. Charles, born November 13, 1863; a farmer of Johnstown; married, December 1, 1886, Mary Dorn; children:
    1. Grace M., born September 19, 1887, died April 10, 1907;
    2. Olive, born April 14, 1894, died May 27, 1894;
    3. Charles Warren, born July 31, 1899.
  11. Mary, born May 25, 1865; married, April 16, 1891, Clarence Hoyt; children:
    1. Marshall, born May 15, 1892;
    2. Clayton, December 16, 1894;
    3. Ruth, June 11, 1903.
  12. Martha, born January 25, 1867; resides in Troy.
  13. Elmer, of whom further.
  14. Elvie E., born February 18, 1873; married, August 9, 1900, Fred Hollis, of Troy, New York; children:
    1. Edith Mae, born August 22, 1901;
    2. Florence, born December 31, 1903;
    3. Frederick, born May 7, 1905;
    4. James Walter, born November 20, 1910.

(III) Seth, eighth child and sixth son of John Calvin and Elizabeth (Van Valkenberg) Little, was born February 7, 1860. He was educated in the public school and became an accountant.He is now associated with his brothers in glove manufacture in Johnstown. He is prominent in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, is past noble grand of Johnstown Lodge and present district deputy. He is also a Knight of Pythias. In the years 1900-05 he was a member of the board of education. He is a Republican in politics. He married, June 11, 1885, Ella, born March 6, 1864, daughter, of Levi S. and Elizabeth (Vosburg) Dygert, and granddaughter of George Dygert. Elizabeth Vosburg was a daughter of Victor and Mary (Putnam) Vosburg. Levi S. Dygert married (first) ———— Hotaling; child, Phoebe, married John Van Nostrand and had one child, Clarence; he married (second) Elizabeth Vosburg; children:

  1. Emma, born November 24, 1856, married Berry Van Deusen and had four children: Nellie; Edward, married Lulu Lair; William; Clarence.
  2. Arvilla, born April 20, 1858, married Charles Putnam; children: Levi, Earl, Jay and Floyd.
  3. George, born September 10, 1860, married Matie Foote; children: Lewis, Frank, Francis, George Jr.
  4. Ella, married Seth Little.
  5. Anna, born May 2, 1866, married William Grimes and had one child, George, married Grace Lottridge.
  6. William, born April 3, 1868, married Augusta Henry.
  7. Elizabeth, born December 24, 1870, married Brayton Grinnell.

Children of Seth and Ella Little:

  1. Blanche Elizabeth, born March 28, 1886; married, November 4, 1906, Archibald A. Graff.
  2. Edna M., born October 16, 1888.
  3. Nina B., born June 7, 1893.

(III) Henry, son of John Calvin and Elizabeth (Van Valkenberg) Little, was born in Carlisle, New York, February 13, 1862. He was educated in the public school and is now engaged with his brother in glove manufacture. He is a member of Johnstown Lodge, No. 808, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and is past noble grand and past district deputy. Is an attendant of the Dutch Reformed church. He resides in the city of Johnstown. He married, September 30, 1886, Ada, born June 23, 1862, daughter of Peter and Alida (Van Nest) Snook. Peter Snook was born April 20, 1827, died March 5, 1905; married, October 8, 1851, Alida Van Nest, born May 20, 1831. Alida was the daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Vosburgh) Van Nest. Andrew Van Nest was the son of Henry Van Nest, born 1793, died 1864. Catherine Vosburgh, wife of Andrew Van Nest, born 1800, died 1866; children: Myndert, Maria, Henry, Joseph, Jane Ann, Barney, Alida, married Peter Snook; Catherine, Sarah, Harriet, Michael, John. Children of Peter and Alida Snook:

  1. Catherine, born September 8, 1853, married, February 24, 1874, Charles Argersinger, born March 22, 1852; children:
    1. Laura, born June 12, 1876, died February 20, 1901, married, November 14, 1896, George De Witt; left Florence, born August 8, 1899;
    2. Bertha, born July 30, 1878, married, October, 1907, Fred Seism;
    3. Earl D., born June 19, 1880, died July 18, 1903;
    4. Evertt [sic], born March 15, 1882;
    5. Floyd, born June 17, 1884.
  2. An infant, born and died August, 1856.
  3. Martha Jane, married John Little.
  4. Ada, married Henry Little.
  5. John D., married Matie Schoenfelt, December 26, 1889; children:
    1. Carl Delbert, born June 9, 1891;
    2. Clayton P., born September 27, 1895.
  6. Jay, born June 2, 1868.

Children of Henry and Ada Little:

  1. Jessie A., born December 25, 1887.
  2. Iona H., April 27, 1894.
  3. Ruth, born April 20, 1899.

(III) Elmer, son of John Calvin and Elizabeth (Van Valkenberg) Little, was born November 1, 1868, in Carlisle, Schoharie county, New York. He was educated in the public school, and in 1876 went to live in Johnstown. He entered business life with Mason, Campbell & Company, continuing until 1893. In that year, in company with George S. Pitman, and as Pitman & Little, he began the manufacture of gloves. They made a fine grade of men and women's gloves and continued in successful operation together until the death of Mr. Pitman, since which time Mr. Little has continued the business. He is now serving his third term on the board of water commissioners; he is past grand of Johnstown Lodge, No. 808, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, a charter member of the Improved Order of Red Men and a member of the Colonial Club. He is interested in the work of the Young Men's Christian Association, which he supports by membership, and attends the Dutch Reformed church. He married, June 12, 1889, Clara M., born April 8, 1869, daughter of Benjamin Ellis, born September 13, 1832, died April 4, 1903, son of Arnold and Polly (Lathrop) Ellis. Benjamin Ellis married, October 30, 1854, Mary C. Argersinger, born August 15, 1836, died May 21, 1903, daughter of Baltus and Clarissa (Mason) Argersinger. Benjamin and Mary C. Ellis had six children:

  1. David B., born October 10, 1859; married, December 11, 1883, Annie Bulger; children:
    1. John, born May 30, 1885, died May 19, 1909;
    2. Bessie, born May 31, 1887, married Veeder Scott, September 28, 1910.
  2. Alida C., born September 15, 1861; married Jacob S. Warren; children:
    1. Leona May, married William W. Stone and had Clara and Franklin;
    2. George B.;
    3. Clara, died in childhood.

Children of Elmer and Clara M. Little:

  1. Alida M., born March 29, 1893, and
  2. Elmer E., January 23, 1895.

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