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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1584-1586 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Lampmans of Coxsackie, Greene county, New York, descend from German ancestors, long seated in the Palatinate, Germany. The emigrant ancestor settled in Greene county at the south end of Kings Hill in the town of Coxsackie.

(I) Stephen Lampman, with whom the history begins, was born in Greene county, about the year 1730. He married and had issue.

(II) Peter, son of Stephen Lampman, was born about 1760. He married and had issue.

(III) John Peter, son of Peter Lampman, was born September 17, 1792, died January 2, 1855. He married Abigail King, born November 11, 1795, died January 2, 1882. They removed from Kings Hill some three miles to the eastward where they settled on a farm.

(IV) Obadiah, son of John Peter and Abigail (King) Lampman, was born on the Greene county homestead upon which his parents settled prior to his birth, May 25, 1818, died at Coxsackie, New York, 1901. He was first a farmer, but the greater part of his life was spent in the general mercantile business. He married Elizabeth Vandenberg, born November 22, 1817, died October 31, 1890, daughter of Peter R. Vandenberg. They were the parents of five children, two of whom survive, Catherine Elizabeth Burroughs, of Brooklyn, New York, and Rev. Lewis, of further mention.

(V) Rev. Lewis Lampman, son of Obadiah and Elizabeth (Vandenberg) Lampman, was born in the town of Coxsackie, Greene county, New York, February 5, 1843. He was educated at Claverack Institute on the Hudson, where he prepared for college. He entered Yale University, where he was graduated in the class of 1866 with the degree of B.A. The following year he entered Union Theological Seminary, then spent one year in Europe, and on his return re-entered the Union Theological Seminary, where he was graduated, class of 1870. He was ordained a minister of the Presbyterian church and at once entered upon active work. He was first stationed as pastor in charge of the First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica, where he remained until 1888. In that year he accepted a call from the High Street Presbyterian Church in Newark, New Jersey, where he continued until December, 1906, when he retired from active work in the ministry. During his thirty-six years of active pastoral labor he served only these two churches, serving each eighteen years. He married, December 5, 1871, Adelaide Ely, daughter of Leonard (2) Bronck, a descendant of Jonas Bronck (see Bronck VII). Children: Leonard Bronck and Maria Bronck Lampman.

(The Bronck Line)

The founder of the Bronck family in America was Jonas Bronck, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, died at Bronxland, Westchester county, New York. He married Antonia Slagboom. He came to America in 1639 from Amsterdam where he had married. He came in his own ship "Fire of Troy," a private armed vessel manned by himself, accompanied by his friend and officer in the Danish army, Captain Jochiem Pietersen Kuyter. He brought a cargo of cattle and each was attended by his family and a number of farmers or herdsmen. He was a man of means, and loaned money in large sums to his friends. He was of a family long distinguished in Sweden, though probably himself from Copenhagen. He located his land north of the Great Kill and built a "stone house covered with tiles, a barn, tobacco house, two barracks, etc." He later purchased from the Indians five hundred acres on the now Bronx river, later included in the Manor of Morrisania. He had cattle, servants, landed possessions, a substantial home, and his vrouw pronounced "a good housekeeper." He was a devoted Lutheran, and brought with him Luther's Catechism and a folio Danish Bible. From it he drew a name for his home "Emaus." It was here that Director Kieft send delegates to meet the Indian chiefs and made a treaty. This treaty was followed by the unproved murder of the Indians for which they exacted frightful vengeance upon the Dutch settlers. It was at this time that Jonas Bronck met his death, perhaps at the hands of the savages, but as his property was spared, they may have been guiltless. "Seignor" Bronck, as he was styled, must be rated above the ordinary colonist. His Danish and Latin library, stored with law, history, and books of divinity, indicate taste, culture and piety. His widow, Antonia Slagboom, daughter of Juriaen Slagboom, whom he married in Amsterdam, Holland, married (second) Arent Van Curler, of Rensselaerwyck, whom she also survived. She died at Schenectady, New York, December 19, 1676.

(II) Pieter Jonasen, son of Jonas Bronck, was born in Holland, died in Coxsackie, New York, 1669. He was a brewer of Beverwyck as early as 1645, owned houses and lots which he sold in 1662, and purchased land in Coxsackie, which was the colonial grant known as the Bronck patent, upon which he settled. His wife was Hilletje Tyssinck. Of their children there were two sons, Pieter, Jan.

(III) Jan, son of Pieter Jonasen and Hilletje (Tyssinck) Bronck, was born in Albany, New York, 1650, died at Coxsackie, New York, 1742. He built a saw and grist mill. He married Commertje Leendertse Conyn. His will speaks of the following five sons only: Pieter, Jonas, Philip, Casper, and Leendert Janse. Daughters, Antje and Helena.

(IV) Leendert Janse (Leonard Janse), son of Jan and Commertje Leendertse (Conyn) Bronck, was born about 1699. He married, February 26, 1717, Anna de Wandalaer. Children: Jan Leendertse, Sara, Commertje and Catharina.

(V) Jan Leendertse, son of Leendert Janse (Leonard Janse) and Anna (de Wandalaer) Bronck, was baptized July 14, 1723, died 1794. He married (first) June 17, 1747, Elsje Van Buren; (second) Susanna Hotaling (Hooghteeling). Elsje Van Buren was a descendant of Cornelis Maase and Catalina Martense Van Buren, who came to America on the ship "Rensselaerwyck;" Cornelis M., died 1643, his wife, 1648. Their son, Martin Cornelis Van Buren, was born in Houten, province of Utrecht. He married Maritje ————. Their son, Pieter Martinse Van Buren, of Kinderhook (1720), married Arientje Barentse, January 15, 1693. Their son, Barent Van Buren, married (first) December 29, 1719, Maria Winne, daughter of Livinus Winne and Willempje (Viele) Winne, widow of Simon Schermerhorn, and granddaughter of Peter Winne, from Ghent in Flanders, and Jannetje (Adams) Winne, of Friesland. Their daughter, Elsje Van Buren, married Jan Leendertse Bronck. They had an only son Leonard.

(VI) Leonard, only child of Jan Leendertse and Elsje (Van Buren) Bronck, was born May 11, 1751, died April 22, 1828. He was a member of the New York state assembly, 1786-98; of the state senate, 1800. Was first judge of the court of appeals of Greene county; was an officer in the revolutionary army, first as a lieutenant, later as captain, and was discharged with rank of lieutenant-colonel; was supervisor of Albany county. He was an intimate friend of General Schuyler and General Gansevoort. He married (first) January 11, 1779, Tryntje, daughter of Robert Van Denbergh; (second) Albertje Van Buren. Tryntje (Catherine) Van Denbergh was a daughter of Robert and granddaughter of Richard Janse Van Denbergh and Catherine (Tryntje) Houghtaling (Hotaling), who were married November 13, 1699. Catherine was a sister of Matthys Houghtaling, born 1644, died 1796 [sic]. Robert Van Denbergh married ———— Brandow. Their daughter Tryntje (Catherine) married Hon. Leonard Bronck. Children of Leonard and Tryntje (Catherine) Bronck:

  1. Elsie, born December 23, 1782, married, November 27, 1799, in Kinderhook, Rev. Jacob Sickles (see Sickles VI), and
  2. Leonard, see forward.

(VII) Leonard (2), son of Leonard (1) and Tryntje (Catherine) (Van Denbergh) Bronck, was born June 29, 1797, married Maria, daughter of Dr. John Ely. Their daughter, Adelaide Ely Bronck, married Rev. Lewis Lampman (see Lampman V). Children: Leonard Bronck, and Maria Bronck Lampman.

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