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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1753-1755 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Thomas Laing, the first of the line here under consideration, was born in Langholm, Scotland, about the year 1723, died in Salem, New York, August 27, 1825, aged one hundred and two years. He came to this country when about forty years of age. The supposition is that he came with the company of Scotch under Campbell who came to Saratoga county, New York, under promises of grants which were not kept. On the voyage he met and became enamored with Agnes Miller, born in Scotland, 1747, whom he subsequently married. They settled in Saratoga county, New York. Some time later, according to tradition, they walked over to Cambridge, Washington county, a distance of eighteen miles, in order to be married by a Scotch preacher, located at that place in the wilderness. They later removed to Hebron, Washington county, where he purchased land and became a farmer. They later settled in Saratoga county, where they reared a family of eight children.

  1. John, moved into the wilds of Canada after the last war with England and was not heard from again.
  2. Thomas, accompanied his brother to Canada, was not heard from again.
  3. Jennette, born about 1777, died in Salem, New York, June 20, 1839; married, about 1798, Ephraim Edic, born 1775, died July 6, 1838, son of James and Jane (Miller) Edic, of Glen Ross, Scotland.
  4. Mary, born about 1779, died at Rouse's Point, 1870; married, 1802, Robert Irvin, born in Scotland, died in Salem, New York, 1835; they were the parents of nine children.
  5. Adam, born May 15, 1780, see forward.
  6. Nancy, born 1782, died in Harwich, Ontario, 1874; married, February 23, 1809, Niel McQuasie, reared a large family.
  7. Margaret, born 1784, died February 23, 1864, unmarried.
  8. Eleanor, born 1791, died July 10, 1877, at Edinburg, New York; married, 1808, Israel Stiles; children: Thomas and Margaret, who have left descendants.

(II) Adam, son of Thomas and Agnes (Miller) Laing, was born in Stillwater, Saratoga county, New York, May 15, 1780, died in Hebron, New York, September 8, 1859. He was a farmer, owning land in Hebron, Washington county, New York. His homestead is still in the possession of his descendants. While a resident of Wilton, Saratoga county, he owned a timber lot and sawmill; he manufactured and dealt in pine lumber, rafting it down the river to Albany where he found a market for it. At the time of the non-intercourse with England there was a period of dull times, and Mr. Laing tied up his raft at Albany, still continuing to manufacture and log and raft, thinking that in the near future times would improve. When the embargo was laid and the last war with England was concluded, his debts became so pressing that he was obliged to sell his stock of lumber, mill and lot at a sacrifice, only realizing a few hundred dollars in money and a negro boy whom he later sold to Archibald Woodard, of Hebron; he was known as Jack Woodard and died after his emancipation. Mr. Laing was a member of the state militia and was called out with a company of militia at the time of the battles on Lake Chaimplain and the capture of the British fleet at Ticonderoga; they were instructed to support the gunboats, but they really took no active part in the fight. He was a Presbyterian in religion, but joined the Baptist church of which his wife was a member. He married, December 26, 1805, Azuba Durham, born in Saratoga county, New York, 1785, died in Hebron, New York, January 11, 1870, daughter of Uzziel and Mary (Northup) Durham; she was a woman of unusual character and mental ability. Children:

  1. Eliza, born in Wilton, Saratoga county, New York, September 8, 1806.
  2. Thomas, Wilton, March 10, 1808; married Elizabeth Gould; children; Mary, Hepsibah, Azuba, George, Henry, Fayette.
  3. Adam, Wilton, December 24, 1809; married Mary Jessie ————; children: Alfred, Ella, Josephine; Alfred was a volunteer in civil war, holding rank of first lieutenant; after the war was a Universalist minister of Joliet, Illinois.
  4. John, Hebron, February 6, 1812; married Minerva Pierce; children: Solon, Emma, Annie, Frank, De Witt.
  5. Uzziel D., Hebron, March 24, 1814, see forward.
  6. Mary D., Hebron, April 20, 1816; married William Sweet; children: Amanda, Josephine, Agnes.
  7. Stephen D., Hebron, April 5, 1818; married Arvilla Pratt; children: Owen, Fremont, Dora, Grace, Philip, Mary, Stephen.
  8. Joseph, Hebron, March 17, 1820.
  9. Chauncey D., Hebron, April 3, 1822.
  10. Azuba Ruhama, Hebron, December 10, 1823.
  11. Josephine W., Pawlet, Vermont, January 10, 1826; married William Dennison; children: Stephen C., Elizabeth, Eliza, twin of Elizabeth, Amos Franklin.

(III) Uzziel Durham, son of Adam and Azuba (Durham) Laing, was born in North Hebron, New York, March 24, 1814; died March 20, 1895, at Granville, New York. He was educated in the schools of his home town. He owned a farm near North Hebron and was a prosperous farmer, following that line of work throughout his active years. He was a Democrat in politics, but held no office, and was noted for his integrity and mental capabilities. He married, at Granville, January 15, 1841, Jane, born March 1, 1818, died April 11, 1908, at Granville, daughter of William and Susannah (Rice) Reynolds; their ancestors came from Rhode Island and were early settlers in Hebron and Granville. William Reynolds was son of Stephen Reynolds, who came from Providence, Rhode Island, and who married Sally Wightman. Susannah (Rice) Reynolds was a daughter of Allen and Waitie (Briggs) Rice. Children:

  1. William Franklin, born June 25, 1844; see forward.
  2. Azuba Delia, born March 13, 1846; educated at Ripley College, Poultney, Vermont; married Abram Temple; children:
    1. Edith, born November 23, 1870, educated at Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, Vermont, and at Art Students League, New York City, married Charles M. Bowen, of Brooklyn, New York; children:
      1. Dorothy Temple, born October 6, 1894,
      2. Abram Temple, August 16, 1897,
      3. Edith Marian, October 16, 1906;
    2. Truman, born July 17, 1874, educated at Columbia College, New York City, married, June 22, 1905, Georgia Dyer Hulett; children:
      1. Priscilla Gray, born November 20, 1906,
      2. Abrah Richard, July 10, 1907;
    3. Jennie, died young;
    4. Delia, died young;
    5. Elizabeth Case, born May 10, 1885, educated at Miss Wheelock's Private School, Boston, Massachusetts, married Daniel Harvey Braymer, December 26, 1908; child,
      1. Daniel Temple, born October 31, 1910.
  3. Emma Louisa, born June 29, 1848; married Theodore Stevens.
  4. Susannah Eliza, born September 17, 1850; married, December 27, 1870, George L. Ayres, son of Samuel and Elmira (Hatch) Ayres; he was born September 12, 1847, died March 23, 1902; children:
    1. Frank Laing, born January 5, 1874; married Hattie Sheldon; children: Charles, Helen, Fraser, Lillian, George Lewis, Sheldon, Edson W., Francis R., Walter Laing, Lawrence Sweet;
    2. Georgianna, born December 10, 1876, married Charles Seaver; children:
      1. Azuba Ruth, born September 3, 1904;
      2. Charles William, October 20, 1908;
      3. Beatrice Louisa, December 30, 1909;
    3. Azuba Mary, born November 7, 1880, married, July 3, 1906, Neal Dow Hulett; child:
      1. Merritt Lee, born June 22, 1907;
    4. Uzziel Samuel, born March 12, 1889.
  5. Mary Elizabeth, born September 15, 1853; educated at Oswego Normal School, Oswego, New York, afterward studying two years in German universities; late a post-graduate of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, and University of Chicago in Psychology and Pedagogy; author of Manual for Teachers and other educational publications.
  6. Minerva Abigail, born March 13, 1856; educated at Oswego Normal School, Oswego, New York, and Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts; teacher of science in Hyannis Normal School.
  7. Patience Jane, born July 8, 1858, died May 8, 1874.
  8. Infant son, born January 15, 1862, died January 17, 1862.

(IV) William Franklin, son of Uzziel Durham and Jane (Reynolds) Laing, was born in North Hebron, New York, June 25, 1844. He attended the district schools and the North Hebron Academy, and then followed farming in North Hebron up to 1880, and in November of that year moved to Waterloo, Nebraska, where he became a dealer in real estate and a negotiator of farm loans. In December, 1896, he removed to Granville, New York, and in July, 1900, to Rochester, New York, where he is engaged in fruit culture. He and his wife are members of the Park Avenue Baptist Church of Rochester, and a Democrat in politics, but has never held public office. He married, November 24, 1886, at Granville, New York, Mary Grace Whiting, born in Hebron, New York, May 13, 1849, daughter of Edward C. and Charlotte M. (Decker) Whiting, who are the parents of six other children, namely: Gertrude, Adele H., George A., Louise B., Ernest and Jay Edward Whiting.

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