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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1323-1325 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

LaGrange (De LaGrange) "Seigneur De LaGrange was among those sent, 27, August, 1565, to Florida by Coligny" (Baird's Huguenots, vol. 1, p. 9.) [probably Henry Martyn Baird, Rise of the Huguenots]. One of the first settlers of Albany was Jost de LaGrange (see Documentary History of New York).

(I) John De LaGrange was born in 1630, in France. He was a Protestant and fled from religious persecution to Amsterdam, Holland, and from there came to America in 1656. He brought with him a gold ring engraved with the family arms, and the initial J. L. G. He settled in New Amsterdam and left four sons.

  1. John (2), born in New York, May 6, 1658, died at Bergen, New Jersey, May 6, 1742, aged eighty-four years to a day; he married Annie Vail and had a son John (3), born in Beaver street, New York, 1706, married Martha Van Buskirk, and left a son, John (4), born in New York, 1733, married Elizabeth Meisereau, removed to Broome county, New York, where he died at Vestal, that county, September 19, 1798, leaving many descendants.
  2. Omy in the old records, but usually written Omie, see forward.
  3. Isaac, settled in New Scotland.
  4. Jacobus (James), settled in New Jersey, but descendants settled in the Mohawk Valley.

(II) Omie, second son of John De LaGrange, the settler, born about 1660, came to Albany, New York, 1665. He was a trader and land owner in Albany. In 1700 LaGranges settled along Norman's Kill, in what is now the town of New Scotland, Albany county. This territory (New Scotland) was a part of the manor of Van Rensselaer and a portion of it was included in the Jan Hendrickse Van Baal purchase of the Mohawk Indians. Van Baal made his purchase in 1660, and soon afterwards sold half of his tract of sixty-nine thousand acres to Jan Hendrickse Vroman, who in 1686 sold the same to Omie de LaGrange for one hundred beaver skins. In 1716 Omie de LaGrange and Johannes Simonse Vedder purchased the remainder of the patent from the heirs for two hundred and fifty pounds in English money. In 1716 Omie de La Grange and his brother Isaac settled on the tract, selecting for his own farm a large tract along Norman's Kill, near or perhaps the same yet held in the family. Certainly a part of his original farm is now known as the "Jacobson Estate." Several other families settled at the same time, taking lease from de La Grange, and Vedder Van Rensselaer, the Patroon, claiming the land under the original grant to the first Patroon, Killiaen Van Rensselaer, now began suit against the settlers to invalidate their title held from de LaGrange, who claimed by purchase from the Indians. The litigation was tedious and prolonged, but was ultimately on July 6, 1776, decided in favor of the Patroon. By this decision, the Vedder, Veeder and de LaGrange families, with sixty-three others, were dispossessed and found themselves without estate or home after having been in possession, they and their parents, ninety years. Omie de LaGrange married and reared a family. He was a true pioneer, a man of strength and courage, farmer, hunter, trapper; he founded a family, which holds prominent place in the county as men of affairs and large land owners. Omie de LaGrange married Annetie, daughter of Adriain Derckse De Vries, who owned a lot in Beverwyck in 1654. "Antje La Grange from Albany died on her way to Raritans (N. J.) to visit her daughter, 1735" (records of Lutheran Church, New York). Children:

  1. Johannes, lived on the Norman's Kill, and had a family.
  2. Omie (2), lived on the Norman's Kill; married Elsie Van Loon, and having no children left his property to his nephews.
  3. Christian, admitted a freeman in New York, 1734, afterward of Bergen, New Jersey; married and had sons, one of whom, Jellis, was of Albany, New York.
  4. Isaac, baptized April 28, 1686; married Maria ————, and had sons and daughters.
  5. Christina, baptized October 10, 1688.
  6. Jacobus (James), see forward.

(III) Jacobus (James), youngest child of Omie and Annetie (De Vries) de LaGrange, was baptized April 23, 1692. He lived on a vast estate bought from Van Baal by his father, on Norman's Kill, town of New Scotland, Albany county, New York. He married, in Schenectady, October 24, 1717, Engeltie, daughter of Johannes Veeder; children baptized:

  1. Susanna, September 25, 1719, died young.
  2. Barnardus, May 11, 1721, a lawyer, settled in New Brunswick, New Jersey, married ———— Warrington, moved with his family to England, died December 10, 1797, leaving issue.
  3. Susanna (2), September 15, 1723, married Jacob Jacobson.
  4. Antje Debora, 1729, married Philip Teunise.
  5. Johannes, see forward.
  6. Omie Arie, born November 12, 1738.
  7. Myndert, lived on the patent at the Swarte Kill, married Helena A. Swits, March 5, 1769, had issue.
  8. Christina, married Johannes Bloementhal.
  9. Jacob.

(IV) Johannes (known as John C.), son of Jacobus (James) and Engletie (Veeder) LaGrange, was born on the estate settled by his ancestor on the banks of Norman's Kill, in the town of New Scotland, Albany county, New York, in 1751, died December 8, 1838, and is buried in Guilderland cemetery, where a stone marks [his] resting place, aged eighty-seven years, five months. He was a farmer all his long and busy life. He married, in New Scotland, Anna Maria Mordecia, daughter of a Jewish rabbi. She died September 21, 1841, aged eighty-two years three months. They were the parents of eight children, including Christopher I., of later mention, and James.

(V) Christopher I., son of John C. and Anna Maria (Mordecia) LaGrange, was born on the home farm in New Scotland, New York, August 27, 1779, died there July 24, 1848. He was a farmer all his life and owned the homestead farm, where he is buried. He was a member of the Dutch Reformed church, and supported the Whig party. He married a kinswoman, Jemima LaGrange, born April 9, 1796, died December 2, 1828, and is buried with her husband. She was a daughter of Jacob LaGrange, brother of John C. She worshipped with her husband in the Reformed church. Children:

  1. Annie, born September 22, 1816, died September, 1891; married Garrett Van Denburgh and had five children.
  2. John C. (2), of later mention.
  3. Jacob C., born a deaf mute, March 19, 1819, died at age of seventy years.
  4. Susanna, a deaf mute, born June 26, 1820, died in youthful womanhood while attending a school for mutes in New York City.
  5. Abraham C., born March 10, 1822, died July 16, 1859; unmarried; a man well known, an extensive cattle and sheep grower and dealer, who amassed a fortune.
  6. Christianna, born January 24, 1824, married Lansing Van Derburgh, both died in old age, leaving a son LaGrange, now of Rockford, Illinois.
  7. Christian, died at Watervliet, New York, at age of twenty-five, December 7, 1851, unmarried, a deaf mute.
  8. Edith, born August 27, 1827, killed by a train at Crescent, New York, at age of thirty years, unmarried.

(VI) John C. (2), son of Christopher I. and Jemima (LaGrange) LaGrange, was born on the homestead in New Scotland, Albany county, New York, died August 29, 1882, on an adjoining farm, which he owned on the line between Bethlehem and New Scotland, the dwelling being on the Bethlehem side. He was a large land owner, successful in worldly affairs, a man of influence and high standing in the community. He was upright and honorable in all his dealings, open-handed and most companionable. He was a lifelong Republican, but never an office holder or seeker. He married, October 17, 1844, Susan Jacobson, born July 2, 1818, in Bethlehem, New York, died September 23, 1891, at the home farm now known as the "Keenholts" farm, buried by her husband's side in the New Scotland cemetery. Of the present children:

  1. Christopher C., (see forward).
  2. Annie M., born September 26, 1849, died January 17, 1876; married James McClaskey; child,
    1. John C., born November 7, 1873, now of Red Lands and Los Angeles, California, married Mary Stevens, of Guilderland, New York, no issue.
  3. Jemima, born February 26, 1858, died in Bethlehem, May 29, 1880; married Henry Mallary, a farmer of Bethlehem; children: John, Edward, Harrison, Susan and Anna.

(VII) Christopher C. Lagrange (as he forms the name), son of John C. (2) and Susan (Jacobson) LaGrange, was born July 16, 1847, on the farm which he now owns and which for four generations was settled by his great-great-grandfather in the family name. He was educated in the public schools, and was reared a farmer. He inherited a fine estate of two hundred and sixty-eight acres, the finest and most fertile land in the town, all under cultivation except forty acres of valuable timber. The farm is in the southwestern part of the town of New Scotland, watered by Norman's Kill which bounds it. The buildings are modern, filled with all the aids to successful farming which American ingenuity and invention has supplied the farm. The large orchards are in full bearing and a source of profit. For many years he has given especial attention to fine stock breeding, Percheron horses of pure breed being his specialty. His forbears all were specialists in the same line, and in France the LaGranges are celebrated to the present day as owners and breeders of the finest horses.

He is well known in New York state, and highly regarded as an honorable and substantial citizen. In political faith he is a Republican. He married, June 11, 1870, in Guilderland, Mary C., born in Guilderland, New York, April 22, 1849, daughter of Milo and Helen (Duntz) Vosburg, and granddaughter of Abraham R. and Catherine (Thompson) Vosburg, of Columbia county. Milo Vosburg, born January 11, 1812, in Columbia county, died in Guilderland, Albany county, March 18, 1895, farmer, married Helen, daughter of Christian and Maria (McDarby) Duntz, of Columbia county. Helen Duntz was born May 10, 1818, died at the home of her daughter, Mary C. (Vosburg) LaGrange, May 28, 1910. She was of Scotch and Dutch ancestry. Milo Vosburg and wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal church and consistent Christians. Children of Milo and Helen (Duntz) Vosburg:

  1. Egbert, of Voorheesville, married Roseltha Young, has a son William.
  2. Henry, farmer of Guilderland, married Adelaide Rerrick; children: Harmon, Harry, George, Mary.
  3. Horace, died in 1906, married Jerusha Main and has son, Lloyd.
  4. Harmon, died 1869, aged twenty-five, unmarried.
  5. Mary C., married Christopher C. Lagrange.

Children of Mr. and Mrs. Lagrange:

  1. Ella V., born September 7, 1875, unmarried.
  2. Martha J., born October 1, 1883, unmarried.
  3. Mary, born October 12, 1885, died December 7, 1893.

Mother and daughters are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.

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