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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1570-1571 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Kenyon family is of record in Rhode Island as early as 1687, when John Kenyon's name appears on the tax list of Kingstown. The family was numerous in the state of Rhode Island, and marriage of the sons and daughters of the various branches are of frequent note in the records.

John Kenyon, born 1657, died 1732, was the son of John, the emigrant, of whom nothing can be told. John (2) married and had a son John (3), born January, 1682, married July, 1704, Elizabeth Remington.

(V) William Kenyon, born about 1755, was of the fifth generation including the emigrant. Who he was the son of does not appear in the records. He was evidently a grandson of John (3) and Elizabeth (Remington) Kenyon, of Kingstown, Rhode Island. He married Nancy Greene, born August 17, 1761, died 1824, daughter of Amos and Amy (Knowles) Greene. They lived in Richmond. Amos Greene was a great-grandson of John Greene, the emigrant ancestor of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, 1639. Children of William and Nancy (Greene) Kenyon: Sally, William, Catherine, Jeremiah and Joseph.

(VI) William (2), son of William (1) and Nancy (Greene) Kenyon, was born about the. year 1785. He removed from Rhode Island and settled in what is now the town of Luzerne, Warren county, New York, then Washington county. He was a farmer and operated a small saw mill, most likely using the logs cut from his own lands. He married ———— and had issue.

(VII) Hiram, son of William (2) Kenyon, was born in Luzerne, Warren county, New York, February 10, 1811, died 1884. He grew to manhood in his native town, and was educated in the public schools. He early became engaged in the lumber business, leaving home at the age of twenty years, paying his father one hundred dollars to release him from the remaining year of his minority. He first located in the town of Moreau, where he owned and operated a saw mill located just across the Hudson river opposite Sandy Hill. The manufactured lumber from his mill was floated across the river to the Glens Falls feeder of the Champlain canal, where it was carried away by boat to distant points. In 1846 he removed his plant, and residence to Sandy Hill, which was his home ever afterward. He was a successful business man and conducted operations that brought added prosperity to his village. His lumber yards and mills at Sandy Hill were extensive and up to the year of his retirement (1872) he was the most important lumber merchant of the town. He dealt largely in timber lands as well as in manufacturing, and owned large tracts in Northern New York. He was a faithful member of the Presbyterian church of Sandy Hill, and was a Democrat in politics. He served as supervisor for two or three terms, but he was primarily a business man, public office having no attractions for him. He was well regarded in his community and his genial nature brought him a host of friends. He married Hannah A. Griffin, born in Queensbury, Warren county, New York, January 3, 1813, died at Sandy Hill, January 6, 1900, daughter of Jonathan Griffin, born in Rhode Island, moved to the town of Queensbury at an early day and engaged in farming and milling of lumber. She was a devoted member of the Presbyterian church until death. Children:

  1. Sylvanus Hill, see forward;
  2. Hiram, born March 16, 1838, died August 5, 1839;
  3. Norman Schuyler, August 17, 1840, married Jean Miller; children: Enid, Helena, J. Miller, Jean;
  4. Hiram S., July 23, 1842, married Jane Underhill; children: Minnie, Norma;
  5. James R., June 20, 1845, married Jane Fennell; one son, Edward, deceased;
  6. Frederick F., May 29, 1848, married Jane O'Connor; children: Betsey, Hiram, Catherine;
  7. Caroline Elizabeth, February 10, 1852, married Charles Skinner.

(VIII) Sylvanus Hill, son of Hiram and Hannah A. (Griffin) Kenyon, was born in Chester, Warren county, New York, November 14, 1834, died at Sandy Hill, Washington county, New York, May 13, 1906. When a lad of twelve his parents removed to Sandy Hill, where he was educated in the public schools, later attending Glens Falls Academy, completing his studies at the Poultney, Vermont, Academy. He early engaged in the lumber business with his father, who in 1855, the year of his majority, admitted him as a partner to the lumber firm of Kenyon, Robinson & Company. This firm continued in active and successful operations until 1872. In that year Mr. Robinson died and the firm was dissolved. The entire plant and property was purchased by Sylvanus H. Kenyon and William B. Baldwin, trading as Kenyon & Baldwin, who continued its operation until January 1, 1894, when the Kenyon Lumber Company was incorporated as their successor. Mr. Kenyon became general manager of the corporation. The business was enlarged to include lumber yards, steam saw planing and molding mills, sash, blind and door factory and grist mill. They transacted a very large business and prospered accordingly. Mr. Kenyon had other business interests in Sandy Hill and elsewhere. He was vice-president and manager of the Sandy Hill Power Company, engaged in the manufacture of dry pulp used by the paper makers. During his active business life he did not neglect his duty as a citizen but gave freely of his time and ripe business experience to the concerns of his village. He took an unusual interest in the welfare of the Union school and served as treasurer of the school for thirty-one years. He was always a loyal Democrat and was twice elected supervisor from a Republican district. He was well known, popular, and commanded the respect of his community. He was a liberal supporter of the Presbyterian church. He married, September 4, 1860, Josephine, daughter of Joseph McFarland, of Sandy Hill, who was a native of Warren county, New York, born April 27, 1813, removed to Sandy Hill in 1848; active in town affairs and for thirty years an official of the Union school; prominent in the Democratic party, and for many years superintendent of the Champlain canal. He married Lydia Ann Bull, and died in December, 1871, aged fifty-seven years, leaving two children: Josephine (Mrs. Kenyon) Livonia, born December 1, 1842, married, in 1861, Henry E. Baker. Children of Sylvanus Hill and Josephine Kenyon:

  1. Anna A., born June 12, 1861;
  2. William Marsh, married, October 7, 1890, Estella L. Shute, daughter of H. L. and Clara (Brown) Shute, of Minneapolis, Minnesota; child,
    1. Dorothy Louise, born January 27, 1892.

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