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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 866-867 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This name is quite common in England both in modern times and on old records. It occurs quite frequently on wills in Doctors Commons, London, as Hyat, Hyett and Hiat. The earliest representative of the family whose name is seen on the records in America is Thomas Hyatt, who is named in the will of John Russell, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, as "brother," August 26, 1633. "Thomas Hyet, twenty-two years old," is on a list of passengers from England to Virginia in 1635. Thomas Hyatt was of Stamford, Connecticut, December 7, 1741, when he was granted land. He had issue. Sons, Caleb, John and Thomas. It is from his son John that the Hyatts of Troy probably descend. He removed to Westchester county, New York. "John and Ruth Hiat" were married in 1690.

(I) Nathaniel Hyatt was born in New York, died in Pennsylvania. He was a cooper by trade, also a farmer. He removed to Pennsylvania, where he purchased and cultivated a farm, and coal was afterward found to underlie the whole tract. He disposed of his lands at a price that enabled him to retire from active labor. He married and had issue: Betsey, John Sherwood, see forward, Edna.

(II) John Sherwood, son of Nathaniel Hyatt, was born at Heilderburg, Albany county, died in Verona, Oneida county, New York, in 1891, aged eighty-four years. He learned the carpenter's trade and after his removal to Fulton did a great deal of contracting and building. He was a man of high character, and lived a very successful life. He was the architect of his own fortunes and raised himself above the common level by his own endeavor. He married Lucretia Warner, who died in 1857 at Stratford, New York. Children:

  1. Eugene, see forward, and
  2. Julia B., married Louis Ransom, an artist.

(III) Eugene, only son of John Sherwood and Lucretia (Warner) Hyatt, was born in Stratford, Fulton county, New York, in May, 1829, died in Troy, New York, September 23, 1895. His early education was obtained in the district schools. He prepared for the practice of law in the offices of Mr. Johnson, of Little Falls. He passed the law board at Albany about 1850, and opened a law office in Lansingburg (Troy). He later removed to New York City, where he passed two years. Returning to Troy, he again engaged in the practice of his profession, continuing until ill health compelled his retirement, five years previous to his death. For twenty-four years he had as his law partner, Albert C. Comstock, whose law preceptor he had been. As preceptor, student and partners they were associated for nearly thirty years in the city of Troy. Mr. Hyatt was a Republican, and was a member of the New York assembly one session. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity of Troy, belonging to the lodge, chapter and commandery. He married, October 25, 1859, Esther Amelia Ferris, born at Whitestone, Long Island, May 12, 1838 (see Ferris). Children:

  1. Louis Eugene, born January 17, 1862, in Troy; a salesman; married Anna Van Kirk; children: Thelma and Kenneth.
  2. Nathaniel, April 23, 1865; professor of piano, organ, composition and theory in Bishop Doane's School, Albany; married Ethel Embury; children: Esther and Allen.
  3. John Sherwood, January 26, 1867; engaged in the insurance business in New York City; married Grace Bowman; children: Sherwood, Elise, Eugene.

Mrs. Eugene Hyatt resides in Troy, New York.

(The Ferris Line)

The Ferris family was originally from Leicestershire, England, the first member of which (in England) was Henry de Feriers, whose father, Master of the house of the Duke of Normandy, obtained from the Conqueror large grants of land in England. Jeffrey Ferries or Ferris is the American ancestor. He is first heard of in Watertown, Massachusetts, where he was admitted a freeman May 6, 1635. He was later of Wethersfield and Stamford, Connecticut. His first wife, Susannah, widow of Robert Lockwood, died December 23, 1660, at Greenwich, Connecticut. His second wife, Judy Burns, receipted for her widow's portion of his estate, March 6, 1667. Jeffrey Ferries or Ferris died May 31, 1666. Children: John, Peter, Joseph and James.

(II) John, son of Jeffrey Ferris, was born in Leicestershire, England, in 1649, died in 1753. He emigrated to Fairfield, Connecticut (N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reports, vol. 42, p. 331 [NEHGR Record?]). He removed to Westchester, New York, in 1654, and was one of the first patentees of the town. Bolton says he was "one of the ten proprietors of Throckmorton's Neck in 1667." This name has been attenuated from Throckmorton to Throgg's Neck. He lived to be a great age. His first wife was Mary ————, his second Grace ————. He was a member of the Society of Friends, and is so mentioned in the records. Children:

  1. Peter,
  2. Mary,
  3. Samuel,
  4. James, see forward;
  5. Jonathan,
  6. John,
  7. Phebe,
  8. Martha,
  9. Sarah,
  10. Hannah, married William Mott and they were the parents of the distinguished surgeon, Dr. Valentine Mott.

(III) James, son of John Ferris, married Anna Sands, of Sands Point, Long Island. He died in 1746, proprietor of "The Homestead" at Throgg's Neck. Children: Alexander, Dr. Lyne, Judge Valentine, Helen, Jonathan, Mortimer, Edwin, Martha and Elvira.

(IV) Jonathan, son of James and Anna (Sands) Ferris, was of New York City. He was a man of wealth and education. He had large estates in Westchester and much city property. He married Irsula Catlin. Child, John M., see forward.

(V) John M., son of Jonathan and Irsula (Catlin) Ferris, was born at Throgg's Neck, Westchester county, New York, died at Stratford, New York, in 1858, aged seventy. He was educated in New York City. Being the son of wealthy parents, he received a good patrimony and never engaged in business. He married Elizabeth Powell, born at Whitestone, Long Island, died at Stratford, New York. Children: Ann Augusta, William, George P., John T., Valentine S., Esther Amelia (Mrs. Eugene Hyatt). Both Mr. and Mrs. Ferris were members of the Society of Friends. Mrs. Eugene Hyatt resides in Troy, New York.

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