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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 984-987 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

While there is no direct authority for the statement, it is believed by the present generation that the American ancestor of this branch of the Husteds came from England. The name is variously spelled in the early New England records and is, even to this day, when we find descendants of Robert, of Connecticut, under the names Husted, Heusted, Huested and Hustead. Robert wrote his name Husted, a form retained by the Albany, New York, branch. Many of the name served in the pa- [Editorial note: there is apparently at least one line omitted from this page] Connecticut and New York, including Thaddeus, the grandfather of Dr. Albert N. Husted, himself a veteran of the civil war.

(I) Robert Husted was born about 1600. His will made July 8, 1652, is recorded in vol. A., p. 30, Greenwich, Connecticut, records. He names wife Elizabeth, son Robert, lands in Stamford, Connecticut, son Angel, lands in Greenwich, Connecticut, daughter Ann. The will of Elizabeth Husted, his widow, is dated 1654, names son Angel, of Greenwich, Connecticut, son Robert of Stamford, Connecticut, daughter Ann. (Vide Savage's Genealogical Dictionary [James Savage, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England]; Huntington's History of Stamford, Connecticut [probably Elijah Baldwin Huntington, History of Stamford, Connecticut, from its settlement in 1641, to the present time, including Darien, which was one of its parishes until 1820]; Bolton's History of Westchester County, New York, vol. 2. [probably Robert Bolton Jr., A History of the County of Westchester, from its first settlement to the present time]) Children:

  1. Angel, of further mention.
  2. Robert (2), born 1635; his will was made November 19, 1701, proved March 20, 1705; he settled in Westchester, New York; married, January 9, 1655, in Stamford, Elizabeth Buxton; had five sons and four daughters.
  3. Ann, married, 1657, Richard Hardy, of Stamford.

(II) Angel, eldest son of Robert and Elizabeth Husted, was born 1634, died 1706; made his will April 5, 1706, naming wife Rebecca and children, probably all born in Greenwich:

  1. Jonathan, born about 1658; married Mary Lockwood, no issue;
  2. Joseph,
  3. David,
  4. Angel (2), see forward;
  5. Moses,
  6. John,
  7. Samuel, had six children;
  8. Elizabeth.

(III) Angel (2), son of Angel (1) and Rebecca Husted, died before 1728; married, 1680, Mary ————. Children:

  1. Jonathan, born 1683; see forward.
  2. Ebenezer, settled in Duchess county, New York; four children.
  3. Mary, born 1698; married Jonathan Knapp.
  4. Hannah, 1700; married Benjamin Smith; eight children.
  5. Benjamin, married Sarah Newman about 1724; eight children.
  6. Moses, married, September 5, 1726, Susanna Mead; seven children.

[Errata from Vol. IV, p. xlviii lists for corrected ancestry of Thaddeus Husted (V):]

(III) Samuel Husted, born about 1670, probably in Greenwich, Connecticut; record not found; died 1741, in Stamford, Connecticut; married, about 1696, Sarah, daughter of Moses and Abigail (Wescoat) Knapp; she died November 20, 1717, in Stamford, Connecticut. Children:

  1. Nathaniel, born 1698, died April 9, 1658, in Greenwich, Connecticut, unmarried.
  2. Joseph, maried, December 2, 1731, in Stamford, Connecticut, Deborah Ferris, who bore him nine children.
  3. Zebulon, see forward.
  4. Elizabeth, died 1730; married, 1715, in Stamford, Connecticut, John Adams, of Greenwich; five children.
  5. Sarah.
  6. Deborah, married Samuel Adams, of Fairfield, Connecticut.

(IV) Jonathan, son of Angel (2) and Mary Husted, was born 1683, died 1733. Inventory of his estate names widow Abigail and two sons, Jonathan and Peter, date August 20, 1733. (See probate records, vol. I, p. 54, Stamford, Connecticut). Abigail survived her husband and married (second) ———— Gregory. Children of Jonathan and Abigail Husted:

  1. Jonathan, married, December, 1744, in New Canaan Congregational Church, Mary Carter; no issue. (See Hall's Norwalk, Connecticut, under Carter). [Probably Edwin Hall, The ancient historical records of Norwalk, Conn; with a plan of the ancient settlement, and of the town in 1847.]
  2. Peter, see forward.

[Errata from Vol. IV, p. xlviii lists for corrected ancestry of Thaddeus Husted (V):]

(IV) Zebulon Husted, married Abigail ————; children, born in Stamford, Connecticut:

  1. Samuel, born February 22, 1733, died young.
  2. Sarah, born November 22, 1736, married, November 22, 1759, Josiah Waterbury.
  3. Samuel, born October 7, 1738.
  4. Abigail, born, Decmber 30, 1740, married, January 7, 1762, Peter Weed.
  5. Hannah, born March 14, 1742-43.
  6. Nathaniel, born May 19, 1746, married, April 14, 1768, Hannah Webb.
  7. James, born August 11, 1748.
  8. Thaddeus, see forward.
  9. Mary (twin), baptized August 5, 1755, in Congregational church, Stamford, unmarried in 1791.
  10. Martha (twin), same as Mary.

(V) Peter, second son of Jonathan and Abigail Husted, married, October 23, 1746, in New Canaan Congregational church, Anne Seymour, born 1729, died 1784. (See Bailey's Early Connecticut Marriages [i.e., Frederic W. Bailey, Early Connecticut marriages as found on ancient church records prior to 1800]), died September, 1783, in New Canaan. (See church records.) Children, all baptized in New Canaan Congregational Church:

  1. Jonathan, May 31, 1747; married Hannah ————; six children.
  2. Samuel, July 15, 1750.
  3. Hannah, October 22, 1752.
  4. Andrew, July 1, 1755; married Sarah ————.
  5. Thaddeus, March 26, 1758, died young.
  6. Thaddeus, see forward.
  7. Nathan, April 11, 1762.
  8. Betsey, April 23, 1769; married, September, 1790, in New Canaan, Moses Hanford.

[Errata from Vol. IV, p. xlviii lists for corrected ancestry of Thaddeus Husted (V):]

(V) Thaddeus Husted, born August 31, 1750; married (first) May 25, 1775, in Stamford, Connecticut, Rhoda Davenport; children: Shadrach, Deborah, Catharine. For second marriage and children of second wife see p. 985.

(VI) Thaddeus, sixth child of Peter and Anne (Seymour) Husted, was baptized in New Canaan, Connecticut, July 26, 1759. From a deed found in Norwalk town records, 1785, it is shown that he lived in Fredericksburg, Dutchess county, now Putnam county, New York. He was of Clinton and Pleasant Valley, Dutchess county, New York. He died in that county 1820. He served in the revolution as follows: "Thaddeus Husted (1748-1820), private, Captain Joseph Hoit's Company, Stamford, Connecticut, Militia, Lexington Alarm; second lieutenant Third Regiment; Light Horse Connecticut Militia, Major Starr commanding. Private, Fourth Regiment, Westchester County, New York, Militia, Colonel Marenus Willet's Regiment." (See Record Connecticut Men in Revolution [probably Henry P. Johnston, The Record of Connecticut Men in the Military and Naval Service during the War of the Revolution, 1775-1783]; New York Colonial History, and New York in the Revolution.) He was a revolutionary pensioner, drawing on account of more than two years' service in that war. He married, 1788, Demeus Mead, born April 24, 1761, died 1830, in Dutchess county, New York; children:

  1. Thaddeus, born in New Canaan, Connecticut.
  2. Debby, married, July 26, 1804, Henry Baremore, son of James and Elizabeth (De La Vergne) Baremore. Elizabeth De La Vergne was a daughter of a Mary Husted, a descendant of Robert, the immigrant.
  3. Catherine, married, December 23, 1820, Squire Wedge, later of Lucerne county, Pennsylvania.
  4. Henry, born 1790, died 1810.
  5. Samuel, born 1793, died 1848.
  6. Leander, born 1795, died 1798.
  7. Nathaniel, see forward.
  8. Eliza, born May 4, 1801, died March 31, 1872.
  9. Lyman, born June, 1804, died April, 1858.

(VII) Nathaniel, son of Thaddeus and Demeus (Mead) Husted, was born in Westchester county, New York, November 1, 1798, died in Pleasant Valley, Dutchess county, New York (where he is buried), December 13, 1878. He was a farmer, member of the Presbyterian church and a Democrat. He married, February 4, 1830, Elmira Burhans, born in Dutchess county, March 12, 1810, died August 5, 1890, at Pleasant Valley, New York (see Burhans VI). Children:

  1. Eliza Ann, died at age of twelve years.
  2. Albert Nathaniel, mentioned below.
  3. Calvin, born March 11, 1836, died May 21, 1885; farmer of Dutchess county; married Amelia Ganse.
  4. Luther Bradish, December 27, 1838; farmer, now living at Poughkeepsie, New York; married December 8, 1858, Emily Wilbur.
  5. George Peter, October 17, 1840, died March 8, 1887; farmer; married, January 9, 1867, Phoebe Holmes.
  6. Edwin Brown, August 26, 1843; banker; living in Pleasant Valley; married, June 7, 1882, Emily Conover.
  7. Judson, June 21, 1846, died April 9, 1897; a farmer; married, April 6, 1887, Maud Haight.

(VIII) Dr. Albert Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel and Elmira (Burhans) Husted, was born in the town of Washington, Dutchess county, New York, October 19, 1833. He was educated in the public schools, Yates Academy, Orleans county, New York, and State Normal College, Albany, where he was graduated, class of 1855. This was an important year in the young man's life. Immediately after his graduation he was appointed instructor in mathematics at his alma mater, and taught until 1862, when he assisted in enlisting and organizing a company largely composed of normal school students, which was mustered into the United States service as Company E, Forty-fourth Regiment, New York Volunteers. He enlisted in September, 1862, as did his colleague at college, Professor Rodney G. Kimball. Mr. Husted was chosen second lieutenant of Company E and later promoted first lieutenant, and in July, 1863, was commissioned captain of same company and regiment. He saw hard and constant service, sharing the fortunes of the Army of the Potomac, that hard-fought, often-defeated, never-discouraged and finally-victorious army. He was engaged at the historic battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Siege of Petersburg and honorably discharged at expiration of term of service, October 14, 1864. His military career was as remarkable as it was unusual. He was wounded at Chancellorsville, was knocked over, had his clothing pierced with bullets, and was in many fights not recorded here, yet never went to the hospital nor had a sick day, returning in even better health than he went away. A history of the regiment is now in course of preparation, and to which Mr. Husted has contributed valuable material.

On his return from the war he resumed his position at the college, and in 1869 was appointed Professor of Mathematics, and head of the department, and in 1874 became senior professor, a chair he has most worthily filled ever since (1910). During his teaching experience more than six thousand students sat under his instructions. He is highly regarded in his profession, and has received some very flattering, though deserved, testimonials of appreciation. Mr. Husted taught fifty-five years and is now (1910) teaching his fifty-sixth year in the college, and on the anniversary of his fiftieth year as instructor, he was tendered a reception by the faculty of the institution, and on his seventy-fifth birthday the faculty presented to him a handsome loving cup. Hamilton College, in 1866, conferred upon him the degree of A.M., and Illinois Wesleyan University, in 1896, bestowed Ph.D. He is a member of Madison Avenue Reformed Church, Albany, and was for many years an elder. He was a trustee of the Albany Institute and Historical and Art Society, past commander of George S. Dawson Post, Grand Army of the Republic, member, and for three years historian, of Philip Livingston Chapter, Sons of the Revolution. Politically he is a Republican. Voted for Fremont and every Republican president since.

He married (first) February 5, 1867, Jane E. Ingersoll, born August 27, 1847, died December 11, 1891. Children:

  1. Anna Eliza, graduate of State Normal College, class of 1895, degree of Ph.B.; married, July 2, 1903, William B. Strong, A.B., a teacher of Brooklyn, New York. Children:
    1. William Husted, born July 15, 1905;
    2. Albert Husted, January 19, 1910.
  2. Mabel Almira, graduate of Albany high school; married, September 14, 1897, Edwin Wilson, who died April 1, 1907. He married (second), June 17, 1903, Mrs. Elizabeth Gladding, born October 10, 1843, died April 22, 1909, daughter of Joseph Neemes.

(The Burhans Line)

Jacob Burhans, probably of Holland birth, was the first of his name in America. The first record of him appears March 28, 1660, as a soldier or a sailor on the "Esopus" in the company of his "Noble Honor, the Directoro General." On December 7, 1660, his name appears third on the list of church members at Wiltwyck (Kingston), New York. In 1661 he appears on the muster roll, was appointed collector of church, and excise of consumption of wine and beer. In 1662 he had two houses burned in the second Esopus war, in the "New Village," outside the stockade. In 1666 he was elected and confirmed schepen of the court at Wiltwyck for one year. In 1667 was commissioner of the court until April 28, 1668. He appears hereafter on the records, but not after 1668. His wife's name is not known.

(II) Jan, son of Jacob Burhans, arrived in America, April 16, 1663, in the ship "Bonte Koe" (Spotted Cow). He was a man of prominence, was magistrate, elder of the church, and often mentioned in the Kingston records. He married Helena, daughter of William Jansen Traphagen, who settled at Bushwick, Long Island, 1660, son of "Johannes Traphagen, M.D., officer of the house of Hemelyck in the bishopic of Minner." Jan Burhans died about 1708, Helena between 1728-1732. They had twelve children.

(III) Barent, eldest son of Jan and Helena (Traphagen) Burhans to reach majority, was baptized at Kingston, New York, April 24, 1681. He was a shoemaker in early life, and at the time of his death a miller. He was constable and collector. He married, in Kingston, Margriet Jans, daughter of Jan and Magdalena (Blanchan) Matthyssen. They were the parents of ten children.

(IV) Johannes, eldest son of Barent and Margriet Jans (Matthyssen) Burhans, was baptized at Kingston, New York, February 18, 1711. His will is dated March 18, 1758, and proved February 15, 1790. He married, at Kingston, December 12, 1735, Sara, baptized at Kingston, March 3, 1717, daughter of Pieter Jans and Heyltje (Schut) Oosterhout, who were married in Kingston, December 26, 1696. Pieter was a son of Jan Jansen and Annetjen (Jellis) Oosterhout, who were married in Kingston, February 18, 1663. Jan Jansen was from Oosterhout, a market town in North Brabant, Holland. Annetjen, his wife, was from Bommel, on the island of Bommelwaard, Gelderland, Holland. Jan Jansen Oosterhout had a first wife, Anneken Hendricks. Sara (Oosterhout) Burhans survived her husband, and married (second) Paulus Peele, at Saugerties, Ulster county, New York. There were eight children mentioned in the will.

(V) Petrus (Peter), eldest son and third child of Johannes and Sara (Oosterhout) Burhans, was born May 22, 1742, died at Fishkill, New York, March, 1811. He married, at Poughkeepsie, New York, January 16, 1766, Annetje Cypher, "both residing in Beekmans precinct," daughter of William and Nellie (Storm) Cypher. Peter Burhans joined the Poughkeepsie church, November 16, 1769, his widow February 27, 1820. They had seven children.

(VI) William, youngest child of Peter and Annetje (Cypher) Burhans, was born at New Hackensack, Dutchess county, New York, June 30, 1783, died at Pleasant Valley, same county, June 22, 1857. He married, in 1807, at La Grange, Dutchess county, Mary, daughter of Joshua and Letty (Conklin) Smith, who died at Pleasant Valley, August 29, 1849, aged sixty-four years. Children:

  1. Henry, married Elizabeth, daughter of Philip Cramer.
  2. William J., died in childhood.
  3. Elmira, born March 12, 1810, died August 5, 1890; married, at Hyde Park, New York, February 4, 1830, Nathaniel, son of Thaddeus and Demeus (Mead) Husted (see Husted VII).
  4. Peter, born January 2, 1812; married (first) Joanna Smith; (second) Eliza Pinckney.
  5. William, January 5, 1814; married (first) Sophia Krum; (second) Margaret Flansburgh, of Coeymans, New York.
  6. Edwin S., March 10, 1817; married Jane Ver Valen.
  7. Charles, July 8, 1820; married Delia Blooner.
  8. John, June 26, 1832; married Elizabeth Walker.
  9. Willet Stringham, July 15, 1825; married Mary E. Bailey.
  10. George H., August 2, 1829, married Susan Stone.

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