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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1501-1503 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Peter and Charity Hull came from England and settled in Nova Scotia a short time; from there they went to the town of Kent, in Connecticut. In England he was a merchant, and kept books and stationery. Peter and Charity Hull had one son, Daniel.

(II) Daniel, son of Peter and Charity Hull, married Ruth Barnum. They went to the town of Queensbury, New York, where he took tip a large tract of land; here he lived and died. He was a member of the Society of Friends. Their children were: Daniel Nehemiah; Benjamin; Joseph; of whom further; David; Ruth; Sarah; Phoebe.

(III) Joseph, son of Daniel and Ruth (Barnum) Hull, was born in Queensbury, New York, May 28, 1795, died October 3, 1867. He was a member of the Society of Friends, and a leading farmer of his town. He married Polly Burnham, born April 25, 1795, died November 29, 1873. Children:

  1. Lorenzo, born December 12, 1819.
  2. Clorinda, born December 4, 1821, died September 6, 1859; married John Piester; children: Mary and Halsey.
  3. Nelson, of whom further.
  4. Leonard, D. D., born August 7, 1828; he inherited the Polly Burnham farm, which was granted to her patriotic ancestor in recognition of his revolutionary services as captain of a company at Bunker Hill, and Lake George; Leonard, D. D., married Melissa Sweet; children: Eber, Annie (M. D.) and Orville.
  5. Orange, born October 27, 1830.
  6. Orville, born July 30, 1833; married Sara Louisa Adams; he removed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he became an extensive owner of real estate, also having large tracts in Florida with orange groves at DeLeon, Deland, Daytona and Ormond; he died in Deland, Florida, 1889.
  7. Judson B., born March 23, 1835, died August 21, 1867; married, in 1859, Annie Foster; children: Charles, Jennie and Etta.

(IV) Nelson, son of Joseph and Polly (Burnham) Hull, was born on the Hull homestead at Glens Falls, New York, January 12, 1824, died in Hubbard, Iowa, December 29, 1899. Early in life he was in the furniture business in Granville, New York, until 1860, when he removed to Glens Falls to the farm inherited from his father, Joseph Hull. In 1884 he removed to Hubbard, Iowa, where he purchased a farm. He remained there engaged in agriculture until his death. (The Joseph Hull farm is yet (1910) in the possession of the Hull family.) Nelson Hull was a member of the Society of Friends, and always adhered closely to its most excellent tenets, and in both New York and Iowa was a recognized minister of that faith. He married, February 2, 1852, Hannah K. Dillingham (see Dillingham VIII). Children:

  1. Otis Dillingham, of whom further.
  2. Joseph, born July 4, 1854; married Josephine Staples; children: Anson and Orange.
  3. Josephine, twin of Joseph, married Amos C. Norton; children: James, Nelson, Joseph, Lena, Louisa, Otis and Elizabeth.
  4. Lydia Elizabeth, born March 22, 1859; married James E. Norton; children: Hiram, born 1884; Carrie, 1890; George, 1892.
  5. Nelson (2), born July 4, 1861, died September 8, 1862.
  6. Louisa C., born March 22, 1872, died May 4, 1887.

(V) Otis Dillingham, son of Nelson and Hannah K. (Dillingham) Hull, was born in the town of Granville, Washington county, New York, January 26, 1853, died November 19, 1908. While still a boy his parents removed to the town of Queensbury near Glens Falls, where he was educated at the Glens Falls Academy. He inherited the Otis Dillingham farm from his Grandfather Dillingham, and early in life assumed its management. Later he sold his property, that is now a part of the village of Granville. Mr. Hull then went south and engaged in orange culture at Daytona, and De Leon Springs, Florida. He remained in the south until 1900 when he returned to Granville and engaged in the manufacture of slate. He was a member of Granville Lodge, No. 55, Free and Accepted Masons, a Knight Templar and Shriner. He married, October 23, 1876, Carrie, daughter of Hiram and Hannah Norton. Children:

  1. Lulu Norton, born February 17, 1880, a resident of Granville;
  2. George Nelson, born October 8, 1882, a resident of Granville.

(The Dillingham Line)

Edward Dillingham, born in England, died in Sandwich, Massachusetts, in 1666. Of his life in America, [Anna Richmond Warner] French's "An American Ancestry," says: "One of the earliest comers to Lynn (1632) was Edward Dillingham, Gentleman, who bore arms and brought over considerable money to invest for his friends in Bitterswell, Lancastershire, England. In 1647 he became one of the ten original settlers of Sandwich. In 1647-48 we find him one of those to inventory the property of James Halloway and George Knot. In 1657 he was arrested and admonished for sympathizing with the Quakers. He left but two sons, his only daughter having died in 1650." He married Druscilla ————, born in England, died in Sandwich in 1655. Sons:

  1. John, born in England, died May 21, 1715, in Maverick, Massachusetts; married, March 24, 1650, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Feake; she died November, 1720.
  2. Henry, of whom further.

(II) Henry, son of Edward and Druscilla Dillingham, was born in August, 1672, died in Sandwich, Massachusetts, 1695. He was a resident of Sandwich and his will was probated there August 25, 1705. To his son John gave he "land from my dwelling house to Falmouth, part of which my son John now dwells on." He married, June 24, 1653, Hannah Perry. Children:

  1. John, of whom further;
  2. Deborah, born December 21, 1659, married Daniel Wing;
  3. Dorcas, married Ralph;
  4. Earl;
  5. Edward, born about 1669.

(III) John, son of Henry and Hannah (Perry) Dillingham, was born in Sandwich, Massachusetts, February 24, 1658, died 1733. He was still a resident of Sandwich in 1702. He married: ———— ————. Children:

  1. Henry, born about 1685;
  2. Edward, born about 1687;
  3. John, about 1689, married, August 11, 1715, Jael, daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth Turner;
  4. Mary;
  5. Jeremiah, born 1697;
  6. Meletiah, of whom further.

(IV) Meletiah, son of John Dillingham, was born 1699, died January 25, 1786, at Hanover, Massachusetts. He is mentioned in the settlement of his father's estate. He lived in Sandwich until after his first marriage, but removed to Hanover before his first wife died. He was a large land owner, holding: property in several adjoining towns. He married (first), in Scituate, Massachusetts, October 28, 1723, Mary Curtis, died December 17, 1727, aged twenty-four years. He married (second), in Hanover, February 18, 1730, Phebe Hatch, died January 20, 1732. He married (third), January 2, 1735, at Hanover, Maria Gifford, born October 16, 1709, died December 21, 1784. Children of first marriage:

  1. Edward, born 1724 or 1725;
  2. Lemual, married, September 23, 1756, Sarah Palmer, of Hanover, daughter of Joshua and Sarah Palmer.

Child by second marriage:

  1. Mephibosheth, born December 29, 1730, died June 9, 1731.

Children by third marriage:

  1. Lydia, born March 22, 1736, married Zacheus Gifford;
  2. Hannah, February 6, 1738;
  3. Content, June 30, 1739;
  4. Thomas, March 17, 1740;
  5. Joshua, of whom further;
  6. Meriba, November 4, 1745;
  7. William, September 16, 1747;
  8. Ann, September 9, 1749;
  9. Phebe, January 14, 1757.

(V) Joshua, son of Meletiah and his third wife, Maria (Gifford) Dillingham, was born in Hanover, Massachusetts, March 21, 1743. He married, July 6, 1773, Hannah, born October 4, 1747, daughter of Thomas and Deborah Rogers, of Marshfield. Children, born in Marshfield, Massachusetts:

  1. Stephen, of whom further;
  2. Deborah, born June 6, 1775;
  3. Otis, May 3, 1777;
  4. Joshua, December 11, 1779, died young;
  5. Lydia, twin of Joshua, died young;
  6. Joshua (2), December 7, 1782;
  7. Hannah, November 3, 1783;
  8. Sarah, December 9, 1784;
  9. Rhoda, April 9, 1787.

(VI) Stephen, eldest son of Joshua and Hannah (Rogers) Dillingham, was born in Marshfield, Massachusetts, March 6, 1774. He married Amy Tucker, born September 15, 1775, at Chappaqua, New York, died in Westchester county, New York, October 16, 1856. Children:

  1. Joseph, married Ruth Smith;
  2. Deborah, died young;
  3. Abraham, of whom further;
  4. Hannah, married David Rogers;
  5. Stephen, married Eliza Rogers;
  6. Otis, of whom further;
  7. Reuben, died young.

(VII) Abraham, son of Stephen and Amy (Tucker) Dillingham, was born March 10, 1800. He married Lydia Rogers, born June 28, 1807, at Danby, Vermont, daughter of Aaron and Dinah (Folger) Rogers. Child,

  1. Henry, born July 17, 1833. He married, August 22, 1854, Lillys, daughter of Russell and Jane (Hoag) Borden. Their daughter,
    1. Lemoyne Dillingham, born October 28, 1865, married, January 4, 1893, G. Myron Allen.

(VII) Otis, son of Stephen and Amy (Tucker) Dillingham, was born November 18, 1811, died July 12, 1878. He married (first), June 12, 1832, Elizabeth Keese, of Peru, New York, born March 3, 1810, died January 10, 1845. He married (second) March 11, 1846, Lydia, daughter of Isaac and Mary Barker, of Granville, Washington county, New York. Children, all by first marriage:

  1. John K., married Sarah Potter;
  2. Hannah K., of whom further;
  3. Deborah, married William Huntington;
  4. Edwin, died young;
  5. Eliabeth [sic], married Anson Rogers.

(VIII) Hannah K., daughter of Otis and Elizabeth (Keese) Dillingham, was born August 1, 1834, died May 4, 1900. She married, February 2, 1852, Nelson Hull (see Hull IV).

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