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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1055-1058 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Hildreths were among the early settlers who came to New England from England. A petition to Governor John Endicott in 1653 bears the names of Richard Hildreth. In old colonial records is noted the admission, May 10, 1643, of Richard Hildreth as a freeman of the colony of Massachusetts. He settled first at Woburn, then called Charlestown Village, where his name appears as a petitioner of the place and of Concord for a township. He held prominent position in the colony and had a family of sons and grandsons, who were prominent in civil and military life. Sergeant Richard lost a hand, but how does not appear.

The Hildreths of Fulton county, New York, whose history is herein traced, descend from Thomas Hildreth, of Southampton, Long Island, who may have been a brother of Sergeant Richard. Thomas is first mentioned in 1643, but may have come a little earlier. In a deed of settlement between his widow Hannah in 1657 and his eldest son, Joseph, several younger children are mentioned but no names are given. He had children: Joseph, Hannah, James, of whom further, and probably Peter, besides three younger ones.

(II) James, son of Thomas and Hannah Hildreth, married and had a son James.

(III) James (2), son of James (1) Hildreth, died about 1720, leaving a widow Deborah and children: Noah, Deborah, Hannah, Sarah, David and Joshua.

(IV) Joshua, son of James (2) and Deborah Hildreth, married Ann ———— and had children: James (3), Daniel and Ann.

(V) James (3), son of Joshua and Ann Hildreth, was born September 7, 1724, in Southampton, Long Island, died in 1778. He was a wealthy farmer, held town offices in Southampton, and was a prominent man in town and church. He married (first) Martha ———— February 1, 1750. He married (second) Phoebe ————. By his first wife he had ten children, by second one son. Children:

  1. James (4), born January 18, 1752, died in 1818;
  2. Joshua, July 23, 1754, died 1772;
  3. David, August 14, 1756, died September 23, 1756;
  4. Mary, August 8, 1757, married Peter Germain;
  5. Noah, of whom further;
  6. David (2), April 7, 1761, died September, 1819;
  7. Rebecca, July 3, 1763, married ———— Jager;
  8. Theophilus, born and died August 7, 1765;
  9. Phebe, born June 10, 1769;
  10. Theophilus (2), September 18, 1775, died 1778;
  11. Levi, August 28, 1777.

(VI) Noah, son of James (3) and Martha Hildreth, was born March 16, 1759, died 1813. He removed to Dutchess county, New York, where he engaged in farming. Later he removed to Fulton county, where his brother James had preceeded him in 1796 and purchased a farm of one hundred acres, paying for it one hundred dollars. Noah secured his tract and purchased other property in the county where he continued farming operations until his death. He was a member of the Presbyterian church and well rated in the community for substance and character. He married Mary Doane, born 1756, died 1815. Children:

  1. Robert, married Beulah Tunnecliff and had daughter Almira;
  2. Survarus Gould, of whom further;
  3. Mary;
  4. George C.;
  5. John M., married Susan Wilson, and had son John Frederic.

(VII) Survarus Gould, son of Noah and Mary (Doane) Hildreth, was born in Columbia county, New York, August 4, 1790. He succeeded his father in the ownership of the Fulton county homestead and carried on a successful general business in kindred lines, freighting, teaming, etc. During the war of 1812 he was employed by the government in transporting munitions of war across the country from Albany to Sacketts Harbor, New York. He was successful in all his undertakings and acquired a considerable estate. He was also engaged in glove manufacturing and had a factory on his farm. He dealt in deer skins extensively, both buying and selling. He became a member of the Presbyterian church in middle life and for twenty-one years was a trustee. He gave liberally to its support and when the new church was built at Kingsboro he gave most generously, as he did to the cause of foreign missions and all other worthy objects. He was a man of influence and always exerted it for good. He married, April 11, 1825, Lucy Judson, born February 5, 1800. Children:

  1. Marion, born April 19, 1627, married, January 15, 1850, Sidney S. Plummer, child, Hildreth, born February 22, 1860;
  2. George W., of whom further;
  3. Louisa Jane, August 5, 1832, died April 19, 1851;
  4. Electa A., January 21, 1836, died February 1, 1878, married, March 6, 1861, George W. Fay.

(VIII) George Whitfield, only son of Survarus Gould and Lucy (Judson) Hildreth, was born on the Hildreth homestead in Fulton county, New York, November 27, 1829. He was educated in the public schools and Kingsboro Academy. He grew up a farmer, succeeded to the ownership of the homestead acres, to which he has added and has always superintended their cultivation, and was for a time engaged in the manufacture of gloves and mittens. He resides at his country home, "Hildreth Farm," near Gloversville, where he is enjoying a life retired from business cares. He has always borne his full share of public responsibilities, served as road and school commissioner and in other town offices; was trustee of the Congregational church for six years, and is the oldest living member of the Eccentric Club of Gloversville. He belongs to the Sons of the American Revolution and manifests a lively interest in all these organizations. In political faith he is a Republican. He married (first) September 15, 1852, Phoebe Washburn, born April 6, 1833, died November 23, 1867, daughter of James O. and Nancy (Baker) Washburn, and granddaughter of Darius and Jemina (Cooper) Washburn, all of Dutchess county, New York. Nancy Baker was a daughter of Benijah and Sally (Hagerman) Baker. George W. Hildreth married (second) October 8, 1884, Laura A. Marvin, born January 5, 1836, died November 1, 1901. Children by first marriage:

  1. Louise J., born December 11, 1853, married, January 6, 1875, Radcliff De La Mater, born June 14, 1850, and has three children:
    1. Hildreth, born November 28, 1875, died February 28, 1881;
    2. Claude Fay, born October 7, 1877;
    3. Ethel May, born January 20, 1881, died May 4, 1887;
  2. May, born May 7, 1861, died July 29, 1864.

(The De La Mater Line)

The name De La Mater was originally Le Maitre (the Master or Lord), also De La Matre, De Maitre, De Maistre and finally became quite extensively spelled in the family Delamater, thus anglicising it by incorporating "De Le" changed to "De La" into the surname, some branches, including the one herein considered, spell the name De La Mater. The paternal ancestors of the family were Norman or American blood — they were Huguenots from France who, like the Puritans of England, found in Holland a temporary home where the vigorous policy of the states general secured a freedom at that period more generous than could be found elsewhere in Europe. The Amsterdam Chamber of the Dutch West India Company under its charter took possession of the magnificent harbor at the mouth of the Hudson and of the country along its banks, including the site of New Amsterdam (New York), Harlem, Flatbush, Esopus (Kingston), Fort Orange (Albany), all of which country was called New Netherlands. Here the oppressed of all nations and creeds were encouraged to seek fortunes and a home; and to this haven came Claude La Maitre (De La Mater), the ancestor of all who inherit the name in the United States. He was a native of Richebourg in Artois, France, springing from an old family in Picardy, originally from Brittany. April 24, 1652, he married at Amsterdam, Holland, Hester, a daughter of Pierre Du Bois, of that city, later of Canterbury, England, where Hester was born. The young couple came to America in 1652 and made a home at Flatbush, Long Island, residing there until 1662, then removed to Harlem, ever after their home. He secured lands by allotment and purchase; aided in the defense against the Indians; held various civil and church trusts, and was one of the efficient and successful pioneers of early New York. He died about 1683, his wife, Hester, surviving him many years. Children:

  1. Jan (John), born at Flatbush, Long Island, 1653, married Ruth, daughter of Resolved Waldron, he died 1702, leaving no issue;
  2. Abraham, of whom further;
  3. Isaac, born 1658, married, about 1681, Cornelia Evarts, of Albany, New York;
  4. Susanna, born about 1660 at Flatbush, married Albert Hermans Bussing;
  5. Hester, born at Harlem, about 1662, married Moses Le Count and resided at Kingston, New York;
  6. Jacobus (James), born at Harlem, 1665; settled at Kingston, 1680; married, at Kingston, 1688, ————.

(II) Abraham, second son of Claude and Hester (Du Bois) La Maitre (De La Mater), was born at Flatbush, New York, 1656. He removed to Kingston (Esopus), New York, in early manhood, accompanied by his brother Jacobus. He was a magistrate and prominent in public affairs. He was an elder in the church at Kingston, where he died November 20, 1724.

Abraham La Maitre married (first) June 17, 1682, Celeste, daughter of Cornelius Vernoye; married (second) Elsie Tappan. Children:

  1. Cornelius, born 1683, married Margaret Van Steenburgh;
  2. Susanna, baptized December 12, 1685, at Kingston;
  3. Adrianna, baptized November 15, 1695, married Alfred Kiersted;
  4. Johannes (John), born July 4, 1697, married (first) Christian Wynekoop, (second) Maria Decker;
  5. David, baptized February 2, 1701, married Laurentia Ten Broeck;
  6. Jacobus (James), baptized April 22, 1705, married Calarine Schoonmaker;
  7. Abraham, of whom further.

(III) Abraham (2), son of Abraham (1) and Celeste (Vernoye) La Maitre (De La Mater), was born at Kingston, New York, September 28, 1707. He married (first) Elizabeth Low; they had a son Abraham, who died in infancy. He married (second), May 30, 1730, Rachel Low. Children:

  1. Rachel, born 1737;
  2. Abraham, 1739;
  3. Catharine, 1740;
  4. David, 1742.

He married (third) August 26, 1744, Sarah (Van Gasbeck) Chambers. Children:

  1. Cornelius, born 1746, married Rachel Straight;
  2. Peter, baptized June 25, 1749, died at Poughkeepsie, New York, married Lavina Dean;
  3. Sarah, baptized November 3, 1751, at Kingston, New York;
  4. John, of whom further;
  5. Margaret, born March 7, 1756.

(IV) John, son of Abraham and Sarah (Van Gasbeck) De La Mater, was born at Kingston, New York, February 3, 1753. He married Annetge, daughter of Jan and Catherine (Houghtaling) Whittaker. Children:

  1. Abraham I., of whom further;
  2. John, born at Kingston, about 1784, died May 18, 1814; served in the war of 1812, never married.

(V) Abraham I., son of John and Annetge (Whittaker) De La Mater, was born at Kingston, New York, May 1, 1782, died at Stone Ridge, Ulster county, New York, March 14, 1871. He was a hatter by trade. He married, June, 1805, Hannah, born August 21, 1786, died June 28, 1847, daughter of Cornelius Radcliffe, of Kingston, New York. Children:

  1. Jane M., born March 26, 1806, died June 23, 1840;
  2. Clarissa, July 25, 1808, died May 31, 1830;
  3. Sarah, November 11, 1810, died November 1, 1859;
  4. Caroline, January 17, 1813, died August 17, 1823;
  5. Radcliffe, of whom further;
  6. William P., July 20, 1817, died November 12, 1901;
  7. Jennet, January 8, 1821, died May 16, 1853.

(VI) Radcliffe, son of Abraham I. and Hannah (Radcliffe) De La Mater, was born May 31, 1815, died April 2, 1895. He married, January, 1837, Jane Magdalen Elting, born January 27, 1818, died May 13, 1902, daughter of Jacobus and Jane (Rosa) Elting, who were married October 10, 1808. Children:

  1. Edward B., born November 27, 1837, married, March 27, 1861, Julia Meyers;
  2. Charles K., August 12, 1839, served in the One Hundred and Twentieth Regiment, New York Volunteers, married, January 30, 1867, Lavina Keator;
  3. Julia, June 9, 1841, married, October 27, 1861, George E. Seaman;
  4. William P., November 13, 1844, was a corporal in the One Hundred and Twentieth Regiment, New York Volunteers, and died in the service about 1863;
  5. Elting, May 10, 1846, married Mary Ann Rose;
  6. Radcliffe, of whom further;
  7. Antoinette (or Jennet), May 4, 1853, married, September 30, 1905, Henry Ten Hagen;
  8. Abraham I., died in infancy.

(VII) Radcliffe (2), son of Radcliffe (1) and Jane Magdalen (Elting) De La Mater, was born in Ulster county, New York, June 14, 1850. He was educated in the public school, and began his business life in Poughkeepsie, where he settled at the age of eighteen years, and became familiar with the carriage business. In 1881 he removed to Gloversville, New York, where he continued the same business, dealing in carriages and wagons. In April, 1910, he organized the Empire State Paper Bottle Company and is president of the company. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias and of the Eccentric Club. He married, January 6, 1875, Louisa Jane Hildreth, born December 11, 1853. Children:

  1. Hildreth, born November 28, 1875, died February 28, 1881;
  2. Claude Fay, October 7, 1877;
  3. Ethel May, January 20, 1881, died May 4, 1887.

Louise J. (Hildreth) De La Mater is honorary life regent of General Richard Montgomery Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, of Gloversville, New York.

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