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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 892-893 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Heckeler family of Glenville, Schenectady county, New York, descend from a German ancestor, Thomas Heckeler, born in a village of Würtemberg, Germany, in 1795. He was a son of an old established agricultural family of the province, and was a tailor as well as a farmer. In 1840 Thomas, with his wife and four children, sailed from Bremen for the United States, where they arrived in New York harbor ninety days later. He continued westward from that point and finally settled on government land in Pleasant township, Allen county, Indiana. The tract which he took up was heavily timbered, but with the aid of his sons a log house was built, a small clearing effected and their first crop gathered. He continued his labors, and in a few years had a well-improved farm, for which he received a patent from the United States land department, which bears the signature of Martin Van Buren Buchanan, later president. Much of the fine timber that grew on the farm had to be burned to get it out of the way. Thomas lived to see his farm one of the best improved in the neighborhood, and his children settled on farms of their own. He died aged fifty-five years. His wife Barbara survived him, and died on the Allen county homestead at the great age of ninety-seven years. Of their six children, Dora and Thomas yet survive, and are residents of Indiana. His children all married and reared families.

(II) Christopher, son of Thomas and Barbara Heckeler, was born in Würtemberg, Germany, in 1824. He was sixteen years of age when he came with his parents to the United States. He was one of the factors in erecting the home in the Indiana wilderness, and after arriving at legal age married and founded a home in the same township. In 1868, with his wife and young children, he came to New York state and settled in the town of Charlton, Saratoga county, where he purchased a farm and lived until his death in 1900. His wife died in 1903. They were members of the Lutheran church, and Mr. Heckeler voted with the Democratic party. He was a man of great energy, and stood well in the estimation of his neighbors. He married, in Allen county, Indiana, Mary Bender, born in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, in 1836. She came to the United States while a very young child, her parents settling in Pleasant township, Allen county, Indiana, where they died. Of their five children, three are deceased. Christina married and lives at Fort Wayne, Indiana; Frederick lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. Children of Christopher and Mary (Bender) Heckeler:

  1. Mary, married John Olenhouse, a farmer, of Chillicothe, Missouri.
  2. Elizabeth, married Christopher Wittmayer, of Schenectady.
  3. Dora, married Edward Hutchinson, a farmer, of Glenville.
  4. Catherine, married John Wittmayer, of Schenectady.
  5. Gustave, see forward.
  6. Gottlieb Cutler, a farmer, of Charlton, Saratoga county; married Hattie Conde.
  7. George, a farmer, of Glenville; married Hattie Smith.
  8. Charles, farmer, owns and cultivates the Charlton homestead farm; married Alice Smith.
  9. Christopher, farmer of Ballston, Saratoga county; married Harriet Van Voast.
  10. Reuben, farmer, of Glenville; married Maud Van Voast.
  11. Samuel T., farmer, of Glenville; married Carrie Dietz.

It is a noteworthy fact that these eleven children are all living, are married, all have families, and all are prosperous agriculturists. Their maternal grandmother died about 1895, aged ninety-seven years, their mother died in 1903, aged sixty-seven years, their father at age of seventy-six. With the exception of Mary, the eldest, they all reside in the counties of Schenectady and Saratoga, New York.

(III) Gustave, fifth child of Christopher and Mary (Bender) Heckeler, was born in Pleasant township, Allen county, Indiana, March 26, 1862. He was six years old when his parents moved to Saratoga county, where he was educated and grew to manhood in the town of Charlton. With his brothers, he formed a co-partnership in the milling business, and they owned and operated the High mills in Glenville, also mills at Visscher's Ferry. This was not a legal incorporation, but rather a co-operation which existed seven years, when it was dissolved by mutual consent, and the assets equitably divided. The brothers all became farmers, and settled on farms of their own. Gustave, with his share, purchased one hundred and ten acres of land in the town of Glenville on which he settled and has since resided. He is a successful farmer, and has a well-improved and productive farm. He is a Democrat in politics, has always taken an active part in town affairs and has twice been the candidate of his party for town offices. In 1897 he married, in the town of Glenville, Alida Vedder, born there in 1877, daughter of Albert F. and Jemima (Van Benthuysen) Vedder, both born in Schenectady county, and now residents of Glenville. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Vedder:

  1. Emma, married George Campbell; she is a resident of Schenectady, and has a daughter Alberta, who married Robert Juno, of that city.
  2. Fanny, married John Campbell, resides in Schenectady, and has a daughter Jemima, who married Lewis Brewster, of Schenectady.
  3. Alida, married Gustave Heckeler.
  4. Sadie, wife of Leroy Terwilliger, of Glenville, and has two children, Lawrence and Clyde.

Children of Gustave and Alida Heckeler:

  1. Roy, born October 2, 1899.
  2. Rachel, 1902, died at the age of six months.
  3. Hilda, May 22, 1905.

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