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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 691-694 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The American ancestor of the Heath family of Amsterdam, New York, was Bartholomew Heath, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, who settled there prior to 1645. He was of English birth and ancestry, although there is no definite record of the date of his arrival or the place from which he came. He most likely arrived in America with other members of the family and was temporarily located in some of the smallest settlements, where there were no early records kept until 1645, when he appears in Haverhill. Elder Isaac Heath, of Roxbury, came in the ship "Hopewell," 1635. His brother, William, of Roxbury, came from London in the ship "Lion," 1632, with wife Mary and five children. There is no evidence that he was related to these men, but the probability is that he was. Bartholomew had a brother, John Heath, who left bequests to the children of his brother, but named in his will no family of his own. He was also of Haverhill. This branch of the family migrated to New Hampshire, where they are of frequent mention. In the town of Hampstead, they were both numerous and prominent. The revolutionary rolls of New Hampshire bear the names of twenty-three Heaths who served in the continental army, and they are particularly noticed as being present at noted battles. (See vol xvi N. H. State papers, vol iii. Rev. Rolls Index, p. 757.)

(I) Bartholomew Heath, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, styled a "yeoman," was born about 1615, died January 14, 1681. He settled in Haverhill about 1645. He is the first of the line under consideration and the emigrant ancestor. The family remained in Haverhill until the migration to New Hampshire of John, grandson of Bartholomew, "the founder." Bartholomew Heath married Hannah, daughter of Joseph Noyce, "the emigrant." She died July 19, 1677. Children:

  1. John, see forward.
  2. Joseph, married Mary Dow.
  3. Joshua, died in infancy.
  4. Hannah, died in infancy.
  5. Josiah, married Mary Davis.
  6. Elizabeth, died in infancy.
  7. Benjamin, died in infancy.
  8. Elizabeth, died in infancy.

(II) John, son of Bartholomew and Hannah (Noyce) Heath, was born August 15, 1643, died in Hampton, Massachusetts, September 21, 1706. He married, November 14, 1666, in Haverhill, Sarah, daughter of William Partridge, American emigrant. She died July, 1718. Children:

  1. Bartholomew (2), killed by Indians, August 4, 1704; married Mary Bradley.
  2. Sarah, died in infancy.
  3. Elizabeth, died at age of thirteen.
  4. Hannah, married Joseph Bradley.
  5. John, see forward.
  6. Martha, born November 30, 1677.
  7. Nehemiah, a sea captain; married (first) Mary Grove, (second) Joanna Dow.
  8. Rachel, married Samuel Stevens.
  9. Ann, born June 30, 1684.
  10. Sarah, April 22, 1688.

(III) John (2), son of John (1) and Sarah (Partridge) Heath, was born March 4, 1674-75. Some time after his marriage he removed to New Hampshire, where he settled in Hampstead, and died. His widow survived him. He married, January 12, 1696-97, at Haverhill, Frances Hutchins, and had issue:

  1. Bartholomew, see forward.
  2. Mary, married Joseph Guile; she joined the Hampstead church in 1752, and in December, 1753, it was voted "that ye widow Mary Gile be debarred from communion for being confederate with her daughter in ye affairs of James Stickney in the eloping and carrying off of ye daughter of ye widow Mary Gile."
  3. Sarah, married and went to Dunbarton.
  4. Elijah, (commonly called Joshua) married Hannah Dearborn.

There were other children, numbering ten in all.

(IV) Bartholomew (2), son of John (2) and Frances (Hutchens) Heath, was born in 1709, in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He moved to New Hampshire, where he was one of the pioneer settlers of Hampstead, and served in the French and Indian wars. He married Hannah, born in Amesbury, Massachusetts, October 12, 1726, daughter of Richard and Hannah (Bartlett) Kelly, of "Birch Meadow." They were the parents of twelve children. One of them, Jesse, was a revolutionary soldier, as was Richard, his brother, see forward. Anne, the eighth child, married Joseph Colby, and one of their children was Anthony Colby, governor of New Hampshire. Bartholomew was a member of the "Church of Christ," Hampstead, where three of his children, Mary, Judith and Richard, were baptized. His seat in the meeting house was "east of the aisle facing the pulpit," directly back of the seats of the selectmen. Other children were: Molly, married Moses Stevens; Elizabeth, married Richard Goodwin; Nehemiah, married Abiah Kelly. There were three other children who probably died young. The order of birth cannot be given, but they seem to have all been born between the years 1745 and 1770, although there may have been earlier births. Richard Kelly, father of Hannah Kelly Heath, was an extensive farmer and shoemaker of Haverhill. During a large part of his life he made notes of "passing events" that have provided local historians with a great deal of useful information, nowhere else obtainable. His wife, Hannah Bartlett, was a woman of very strong will and wonderful powers of physical endurance. Her pastor in Haverhill made some pointed remarks concerning her treatment of a slave, Reuben, that displeased her, and she left his congregation, going to the Presbyterian church at Newburyport, where she would walk every Sunday no matter what the weather, a distance of ten miles, and if she could find a sick person would watch all the night, walk home and do the family wash Monday morning. Once her husband built a stone walk where she did not want it, and she tore it down with her own hands and rebuilt it where she thought it ought to be. But time wrought its soothing balm and she became a very genial, lovable old lady.

(V) Richard, eldest son of Bartholomew (2) and Hannah (Kelly) Heath, was born in Hampstead, New Hampshire. He was baptized in the "Church of Christ," Hampstead, November, 1754. He was then quite well grown, for November 27, 1763, he "owned the covenant" with his wife and had a son Moses baptized. He enlisted in the revolutionary army, February 7, 1777, for a term of three years, as a private of the Seventh Company, Captain McGregor, third New Hampshire regiment. He is reported on the company rolls of June 28, 1778, as "dead." Whether he was killed, died of wounds or of sickness, is not stated. His brother Jesse served in the army, as did several others of his immediate family. He married Mehitable Copp, who "owned the covenant," with him in the Hampstead church. Children:

  1. Moses, baptized November 27, 1763.
  2. Joshua, baptized November 18, 1768, see forward.

Moses Heath is credited with revolutionary service from Hampstead and from Dunbarton in 1780, when he gave his age as eighteen. He served five months and seems to have re-enlisted in 1781.

(VI) Joshua, son of Richard and Mehitable (Copp) Heath, was born in Hampstead, New Hampshire, where he was baptized November 18, 1768, died September 22, 1841, at Fairlee, Vermont. He was a major of militia, appointed by Governor Weare of New Hampshire. He married (first) January, 1794, Rachel Nettleton, of Newport, New Hampshire, born October 4, 1772, died April 6, 1813; married (second) Betsey Carr, born July 24, 1784, died at Goffstown, New York. She survived her husband and married (second) Edward Morey. Children of Joshua Heath by first wife:

  1. Daniel N., see forward.
  2. William, born March 9, 1797; married Sarah A. Yale.
  3. Mehitable, January 5, 1800; married Nathaniel Kibbey of Fairlee, Vermont.
  4. Sallie, September 5, 1801; married Lyman Ware.
  5. Rachel, March 13, 1804; married Calvin Corbin.
  6. Deborah, April 13, 1806; married Josiah Pierce.
  7. Joshua (2), December 20, 1809, died January 17, 1832, at Fairlee, Vermont, unmarried.
  8. Bethia, September 16, 1817; married Charles Ware, of Norwich, Vermont.
  9. George Warren, January 25, 1821; married Sarah Norris.

(VII) Daniel N., eldest son of Joshua and Rachel (Nettleton) Heath, was born in Hampstead, New Hampshire, February 15, 1795, died in Amsterdam, New York, April 14, 1865. He married Hannah, daughter of Solomon Pulver. Children:

  1. Joshua A., born in Florida, 1817, died 1888; married, in New York City, Glorianna P. Stevenson, of that city; had twins that died in infancy.
  2. Solomon P., see forward.
  3. William D., married Marian McQueen.

(VIII) Solomon P., second son of Daniel N. and Hannah (Pulver) Heath, was born in Florida, Montgomery county, New York, April 15, 1820, died in Amsterdam, August 10, 1883. He obtained his primary and academic education in the schools of the county, entered Union College, from which he was graduated, class of 1840. He studied law, was admitted to the bar, and became a prominent member of the Montgomery county bar. For six years he was judge of the county. He married (first) September 30, 1847, Esther Groat, born March 24, 1826, died May 22, 1868; married (second) November, 1869, Jane Groat, born February 28, 1818, sister of his first wife, daughter of John L. and Margaret (Van Valkenburg) Groat, and granddaughter of Lewis Groat, an early settler of the Mohawk Valley. She survives her husband, and notwithstanding her great age enjoys fairly good health; she resides in Amsterdam (1910) with her children. Judge Heath had by his first marriage:

  1. John, born July 9, 1848, died March 8, 1901; married, April 20, 1871, (first) Anna Stewart.
  2. Jennie, July 27, 1850; married William P. Belden, born December 28, 1855, died April 3, 1903, son of Rev. William and Eliza (Passmore) Belden, a descendant of Theodore Belden. William P. Belden was a graduate of Yale, a classmate of President Taft, and for many years was a prominent newspaper man.
  3. Mary, died in infancy.
  4. Clark C., December 21, 1855, died March 23, 1891; married Ada Johnson, and left a son Edward, born December, 1888.
  5. Edward, March 21, 1858; married Carrie F. Price and has a daughter Dorothy, born June 8, 1893; he is a resident of Chicago, Illinois.
  6. George Warren, see forward.
  7. Harmon W., died in childhood.
  8. Catherine, died in infancy.

(IX) George Warren, fourth son and sixth child of Judge Solomon P. and Esther (Groat) Heath, was born in Amsterdam, Montgomery county, New York, August 26, 1860. He was educated at Amsterdam Academy, and has always been a resident of that city. He is one of the leading Republicans of the county, and has always taken an active interest in public affairs. For three years he was sheriff of Montgomery county, proving a most efficient official. In city affairs he is also prominent. He served as city treasurer in 1889. He is equally prominent in church and social circles. He is a member of Welcome Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; Johnstown Chapter, No. 51, Royal Arch Masons; Holy Cross Commandery, No. 78, of Gloversville, New York. He is a member and (1910) president of Fort Johnson Club, and is a member of the Country Club. He married, in Amsterdam, October 15, 1884, Lillie, daughter of Benjamin and Deborah A. G. (Copenger) Sammons, and a lineal descendant of Lieutenant Sampson Sammons, a patriot and soldier of the revolution who suffered capture and imprisonment, loss of family, and prosperity to the cause, and rendered valuable service to his country, as did his sons and grandsons. Colonel Simeon Sammons, the distinguished civil war officer, was also a descendant of Lieutenant Sampson Sammons. Benjamin was a son of Thomas and Catherine (Sammons) Sammons, lifelong residents of Montgomery county. Children of George Warren and Lillie (Sammons) Heath:

  1. Edna L., born July 22, 1885.
  2. George William, died in infancy.
  3. George Warren (2), August 11, 1890.
  4. Charlotte, October 28, 1895.
  5. Helen M., July 14, 1901.

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