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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1342-1343 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Caspar Janse Halenbeek (as the name was then spelled), is the first of this name on record in Albany county, New York, and is believed to have been the emigrant from Holland. He was in Beverwyck in 1654; made his will September 9, 1685, which devised two lots in Albany. He died August, 1703, leaving two sons, Isaac C. and Jan.

(II) Isaac Casparse, son of Caspar Janse Halenbeek, had a parcel of land in Albany below Hudson street. He died January, 1709. He married Dorothea Bosch and had seven children baptized in the Dutch church. She died and was buried in the Lutheran graveyard, February 7, 1744. Children and dates of baptism:

  1. Jacob, October 9, 1684; married Maria, daughter of Nanning Harmense Visscher;
  2. Maritje, April 24, 1686; married Wooter Vrooman, of Schenectady;
  3. Hendrik, (see forward);
  4. Lysbeth, June 23, 1695;
  5. Rachel, February 6, 1698;
  6. Gerrit, May 12, 1700;
  7. Anna, March 24, 1706.

In his will, proved March 28, 1728, Isaac C. mentions all these children.

(III) Hendrik, son of Isaac Casparse and Dorothea (Bosch) Halenbeek, was baptized in the Dutch church at Albany, New York, March 16, 1692. He was a resident of Albany, and by his will, proved August 18, 1766, set apart the ancient landmark at the corner of South Pearl and Hamilton streets, Albany, known as the Halenbeek Burial Ground, and formally dedicated it to the purpose of a burial place for himself and family. This was removed in 1860 and no interments were made there after 1850. A provision of his will was that no child or descendant should be buried there who did not contribute to its maintenance during his or her lifetime.

Hendrik Halenbeek was married to Susanna Bratt in 1718. Children and dates of baptism:

  1. Isaac, April 12, 1719;
  2. Elizabeth, February 5, 1721, died young;
  3. Dorothea, July 14, 1723;
  4. Elizabeth, October 3, 1725;
  5. Daniel, December 10, 1727;
  6. Susanna, April 18, 1730;
  7. Gerrit, October 24, 1732;
  8. Hendrik, July 29, 1734;
  9. James, October 24, 1736;
  10. Anthony, December 20, 1738;
  11. William, June 28, 1741;
  12. Bernardus, April 15, 1744;
  13. Jacob, (see forward).

In his will dated November 19, 1764, Hendrik mentions as then living wife Susanna, and children, Isaac, Dorothea, Elizabeth, Daniel, Gerrit, Jacob, Anthony and Bernardus.

(IV) Jacob, youngest son of Hendrik and Susanna (Bratt) Halenbeek, was born in Albany, about 1746. He was a resident of that city at the time of the birth of his son, Caspar Jacob, about 1775. He married and had issue.

(V) Caspar Jacob, son of Jacob Hallenbeck, was born in Albany county, New York, about 1775, and died there at the age of thirty-five years. He was a farmer of Albany county, where he married Maria Bratt, born in Jerusalem, Albany county, New York, daughter of an early Dutch family of that name. She was a bride at sixteen, a widow at the age of thirty years, and the mother of seven sons, namely:

  1. George, now of Albany county, New York; a widower with children: Benjamin, Carrie and Bertha;
  2. Nicholas, died unmarried at age of twenty-eight years;
  3. Peter, removed to Michigan, where he died;
  4. William J., a farmer of Glenville, New York;
  5. Livingston, died in infancy;
  6. Gerrit, a farmer of Glenville; died leaving three children;
  7. Jacob J., (see forward).

(VI) Jacob J., youngest son of Caspar J. and Maria (Bratt) Hallenbeck, was born in the town of New Scotland, Schenectady [actually Albany] county, New York, December 19, 1815, died in West Glenville, same [Schenectady] county, August 6, 1858. He was a farmer. He married Margaret Van Deusen, born in the town of Berne, Albany county, New York, died in West Glenville at the age of seventy-eight years. Children:

  1. Jacob H., (see forward).
  2. Restina, born January 10, 1844, married Thomas Relyen, of Scotia; children:
    1. Charles, married and lived in New Rochelle, New York;
    2. Maggie, a widow living in New York city;
    3. Myron, of Scotia, married Grace Sitterly.
  3. M. Louisa, born April 2, 1846; married Isaac Lovett and died leaving a son Edwin.
  4. Marabella, born November 1, 1847; married Curtis Weaver, of Glenville, a farmer and merchant; children: Frank and Gussie.

(VII) Jacob H., son of Jacob J. and Margaret (Van Deusen) Hallenbeck, was born in Albany county, New York, April 11, 1842. He was two years of age when his parents removed to Schenectady county, where he died in the town of Scotia, March 15, 1908. He grew up on the farm, and was educated in the public schools. He had no liking for the life of a farmer, and soon left the paternal acres for the more congenial life of a dealer in all kinds of merchandise. He had a genius for barter and sale, and was constantly engaged at his business. He was a Republican in politics, and for twenty years was county poor master. He was a member of the Reformed church, and stood well in his community. He married in Guilderland, Albany county, New York, in 1866, Margaret J. Sager, born in the town of Knox, Albany county, New York, August 16, 1844. She was educated in the New Scotland public schools where she lived until her marriage. The past thirty-five years she has spent in Scotia. She is a daughter of Adam and Hannah (Van Alstyne) Sager. Adam Sager was a farmer of Albany county, and settled later in Glenville, Schenectady county, where he died at the age of sixty-nine years. His wife Hannah died September 10, 1898, aged eighty-four years. They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal church. Adam was a son of Conrad and Margaret (Bratt) Sager. Conrad was a farmer of Albany, his native county, where he died in 1845. His wife Margaret died aged eighty-three. They were lifelong residents of Albany county, and members of the Reformed church. Adam and Hannah (Van Alstyne) Sager had children:

  1. Margaret J., married Jacob H. Hallenbeck.
  2. William H., born 1846; was a soldier in the civil war, and is supposed to have been killed in battle and buried among the unidentified dead, as nothing was ever heard from him.
  3. Matthew L., 1848; now a resident of Cohoes, New York; married Lottie ————, a native of the town of Berne, Albany county.
  4. Abraham C., 1850; settled in Michigan.
  5. Mary C., 1851; married James B. Houck; children:
    1. Florence, married John Rowe;
    2. Jennie, unmarried.
  6. Rosa M., married Percy Houck; children: Hattie, Frank and J. Douglass.

Children of Jacob H. and Margaret J. (Sager) Hallenbeck:

  1. Lillian Viola, born May 3, 1867; married E. Gillet, of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad freight department in Schenectady. They have one child,
    1. Raymond C., born May 1, 1887.
  2. Rosa May, February 24, 1869; married Daniel C. Campbell, of Schenectady, a clerk in the General Electric Company; children: Lillian and Daniel.
  3. Jasper J., December 28, 1872; educated in the public school; is deputy postmaster of Scotia; married Esther Gould; daughter,
    1. Margaret G., born March 14, 1908.
  4. Walter Henry, August 2, 1877; clerk in the H. S. Barney Company department store in Schenectady.

Mrs. Hallenbeck and family are members of the Reformed church. The sons are Republicans.

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