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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1211-1213 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Goldrings of Sussex, England, are a noted family of horticulturists and landscape gardeners. The floral business established generations ago is still conducted in the family name in both West Dean and Midhurst. In Albany, New York, the name is intimately connected with the same business. Frederick Goldring, of Slingerlands, is one of the most expert growers of flowers and plants in Albany county.

(I) William Goldring, born in the parish of West Dean, Sussex, England, was a florist and gardener, succeeding several generations of his name in that business. He was succeeded by his son William.

(II) William (2), son of William (1) Goldring, continued the business of florist in West Dean and added to the family fame by his skillful growing. He lived to be eighty years of age. He had two sons, William and Thomas, both of whom followed the same business. Thomas, born 1835, died in 1908, removed to Midhurst in Sussex, a few miles from West Dean, where he established floral gardens, and the business is still conducted by his sons.

(III) William (3), son of William (2) Goldring, was born in West Dean, Sussex, England, 1833, died at Midhurst, same county, 1894. He continued the West Dean gardens and business for several years, then removed to Midhurst, where he established the same business, continuing active until his death there. Like his ancestors, he possessed an expert knowledge of plants and flowers, and was withal a successful man of business. He was reared in the family religious faith — the Church of England. He married Mary Wiltshire, born 1829-30, daughter of a hardy race of fishermen and seafaring men, who for many generations inhabited the coast of England. She had several brothers, all "toilers of the sea," two being sailors and one an officer. Children of William and Mary (Wiltshire) Goldring:

  1. Jane, married William Denyer, of England.
  2. George, died 1910; settled on the Isle of Wight, where he was a florist; he married Harriet ————, who survives him in the old home on the isle.
  3. William, of London; a noted landscape gardener in government employ; he is sent to all parts of the British Empire as expert on public gardens and parks; he was for many years associate editor of the London Gardener, and is a high authority in his profession; he married Emma Wilde, and had two daughters and one son, deceased.
  4. Charles, a superintending florist of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England; married and has two sons and a daughter.
  5. Elizabeth,unmarried, resides in Midhurst, England.
  6. Mary, married and resides in England.
  7. Frederick, mentioned below.
  8. Anna, married and resides in England.
  9. Edith, resided and died in England; unmarried.
  10. Samuel, of Albany, New York, superintending florist with W. C. King, of that city; married Henrietta C. Potkora; children: Edith F. and Jessie L.
  11. Alfred, since 1901 a florist of Cobleskill, New York; married Maude S. Brady; child: Alfreda.
  12. Kate, married, and resides in Midhurst, England; child, Victor.

(IV) Frederick, seventh child and fourth son of William (3) and Mary (Wiltshire) Goldring, was born at West Dean, Sussex, England, December 9, 1857. He early began working with his father among plants and flowers. He later entered the great school at Kew as an apprentice, and was graduated from that famous institution maintained by the English government for the instruction, development and training of expert gardeners, florists and foresters, who are sent to all parts of the Empire to beautify the landscape, select and plant proper trees and train others for similar work. After his graduation he was engaged by Erastus Corning, of Albany, who was visiting the famed "Kew 'Gardens," to come to Albany for a few months to superintend the already famous conservatories and gardens of the Corning estate at Kenwood, New York. Mr. Corning was so delighted with the results of his few month's service that he kept him for eleven years, only releasing him that he might engage in private business. In company with others, Mr. Goldring rented the large greenhouses and conservatories of the Colonel Hendricks estate, and for fifteen years conducted a floral business as a company. He then bought his partners' interests and became sole proprietor and owner. His grounds now cover six and one-quarter acres, with seventy thousand square feet under glass, having all the modern appointments. His grounds and houses contain many beautiful and rare plants, besides the well-known ones of commerce. His business is largely wholesale, flowers being shipped all over New York and adjoining states. Mr. Goldring, with his technical education, inherited love of the business and many years of practical experience, is eminently qualified for his position as head of such an establishment. He conducts his business not from a commercial standpoint alone, but from a scientific one as well. Much time is given to purely botanical research and experiment, the commercial side of a problem not being considered. Needless to say, he is well known as a florist and botanist, and well liked for his genial personality. Aside from his technical and scientific side, he is a capable man of business and conducts a prosperous enterprise. He is an active Democrat in political principle. Mr. Goldring served as president of the Florist Club, representing most of the state, for three years, recently resigning. He is a member of Fort Council, No. 697, Royal Arcanum, Albany, and delegate to state convention. He is past grand of the order of Odd Fellows, Friendly Union Lodge, No. 381, and represented them as delegate to state convention. He is a member of the National Florist Association, that meets annually.

Mr. Goldring married, in Albany, New York, October 15, 1881, Mary Grey, a connection of Lord Grey, of Canada, and a descendant of the French Huguenot family of Le Grey. She was born April 20, 1860, graduated from State Normal, class of 1879. She is a daughter of William and Mary (Turner) Grey. William Grey was born in Scotland, very near the English border. Mary (Turner) Grey was born in Yorkshire, England, where she was married. They came to the United States together, went west and settled in Iowa, afterward locating in Albany, where William Grey was employed on the Corning estate at Kenwood for thirty-nine years as superintendent and manager. He was prominent among the Scots of Albany, was first chief of the Caledonian Club, a member of all other Scotch societies in the city, and otherwise influential. He was a Democrat in politics. After the death of his first wife, Mary Turner, he married her niece, Maria Turner Nixon, born in England, who survived him and married (second) John White, of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. William Grey died November, 1897. Robert Grey, a brother of Mrs. Mary (Grey) Goldring, is at the head of Harvard University experimental station in Cuba. Another brother is George Grey, of Albany county, New York. A sister Grace is the widow of Aaron Gleason, and has a daughter Maria. Children of Frederick and Mary (Grey) Goldring:

  1. Esther, born March 13, 1884; graduate of the Normal high school of Albany, class of 1902; she is her father's valued assistant, being head bookkeeper and office manager; she possesses fine business qualities and is thoroughly capable and womanly.
  2. Marjorie, born in Kenwood, January 11, 1886; she is well educated, ill health, however, preventing her graduation; resides with parents.
  3. Winifred, born February 1, 1888; educated at Normal high school, Albany, and then entered Wellesley College, where she was graduated B. A., class of 1909; she took a post-graduate course, graduating M.A., and is now assistant instructor in geology.
  4. Grace, born January 25, 1891; a graduate of Normal High school, Albany; now a teacher in the New Scotland town schools.
  5. Catherine, born March 27, 1894; a student at Albany Normal high school.
  6. Joyce, born December 13, 1899.
  7. Janet, born September 29, 1902.
  8. Frederick (2), born February 14, 1908.

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