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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1438-1440 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The founder of the Fryer family in Albany county, and of present day fortunes, was John Fryer, born October 4, 1759. Tradition has different stories to tell of him. One is that he was a fisherman and rendered some one high in authority a specially valuable service. For this he received a grant of several hundred acres of choice land lying at the gateway to the Helderburgs, near the "Indian Ladder." Why the grant was allowed is tradition, but the grant of land is a fact. The tract allowed John Fryer is the only land that was not leased to the early settlers by the Patroon, and later acquired by "soil title." The Fryer properties have never been held under lease, but title has always been held and passed from father to son down to the present. John Fryer built a log cabin on his property, and with the aid of his sons, who came with him, cleared away the timber, broke the fields, and brought a good part of it and cultivation. The land in turn passed to his descendants, and the "Fryer farms" are noted all through the Helderburg section. He was strict in his observance of his church duties and reared his sons to habits of industry and thrift. They have always been a hard-working race, and have been richly repaid, as the well-kept fields and bountiful orchards testify. John Fryer married, May 25, 1783, Maria Volweider, born February 16, 1764. Children:

  1. Maria, born April 14, 1786;
  2. John, January 7, 1788, settled on a farm in Ohio;
  3. Hannah, October 3, 1790, married James Mesick;
  4. Elizabeth, September 12, 1793, married Frank Crounse;
  5. Jacob, born July 18, 1797;
  6. Abram, see forward;
  7. Alexander, born June 23, 1802, married Fanny Dollar;
  8. Barbara (twin of Alexander), married Peter Van Schaick, and lived in Berne, Albany county;
  9. Richard, born April 6, 1805, married Huldah Beebe;
  10. William, August 1, 1808, became a merchat of Amsterdam, New York.

(II) Abram, son of John and Maria (Volweider) Fryer, was born October 23, 1799, and lived to a very old age. He inherited the farms granted to his father under the Helderburgs, which he still further improved and brought under successful cultivation. The properties now came to be known as "Fryer Farms," a name they still retain, and were among the most productive of that section. Abram Fryer voted with the Whig party during his earlier years, and in his later life with the Republican. He married Nancy Crounse, born in the town of Bethlehem, Albany county, died in Bethlehem, at the age of ninety-five years. She was an active member of the Lutheran church, as was her husband. Children:

  1. Conrad, a farmer of New Scotland;
  2. John F., see forward;
  3. James, a farmer of Guilderland;
  4. Richard, a farmer of Schenectady county;
  5. Harrison;
  6. Margaret, married and had issue;
  7. Ellen, married Andrew McCard and left issue.

(III) John F., son of Abram and Nancy (Crounse) Fryer, was born in Guilderland, Albany county, New York, June 23, 1827, died in the same town in June, 1880. He inherited a large portion of the Fryer properties, to which he added and still further improved. He was a man of few words, but of great energy and untiring industry. He spared neither himself nor those around him. Idleness was to him a sin, and no one on the Fryer farms sinned in that particular. He demanded no more of others, however, than he himself performed. He accumulated a substantial competence, which was willed to his children. He was a member of the Lutheran church, and displayed the same activity in religious affairs as in temporal. He was a trustee of the church, and worked hard for its upbuilding. He was a Republican in politics. He married, in Guilderland, November 3, 1847, Eliza, born in that town, March 10, 1824, died February 14, 1907, daughter of Peter Crounse, born in Guilderland, where he died at the age of ninety-six years. He married Margaret Smith, born in Dutchess county, died in Guilderland, in her eighty-fifth year. They reared a large family, one of whom, William P. Crounse, a farmer of Guilderland, is one of two survivors (1910). Peter Crounse and his wife were active members of the Lutheran church, helpful and earnest in their religion. Children of John F. and Eliza (Crounse) Fryer:

  1. Abram, see forward;
  2. Peter, October 9, 1852, died aged sixteen years;
  3. Emma, born May 1, 1855, married Seward Waggoner, now a retired farmer and justice of the peace of Guilderland Center;
  4. Margaret, November 22, 1859, died in 1888, married Abram Tygert;
  5. Alburtus, see forward;
  6. John H., born July 15, 1867, since 1888 has been mechanical engineer in the employ of the General Electric Works, Schenectady, New York; married Clara Norman; child, Leroy.

(IV) Abram (2), eldest son of John F. and Eliza (Crounse) Fryer, was born on the Fryer homestead in the Helderburgs, in the region known as the "Indian Ladder," August 8, 1848. He inherited three hundred acres of the farm, to which he has added property in various locations. He has been an industrious farmer all his days, and the success he has achieved has been fairly won. He followed the footsteps of his father, and has always displayed the same energy that characterized him. The Fryer boys are noted throughout the entire section not only for their industrious habits, but for their fair dealing and honorable lives. Mr. Fryer attends the Lutheran church, and is a Republican in politics. He married, in Guilderland, February 10, 1887, Mary, born in that town, daughter of Jonas and Evaline (Vroman) Smith. Jonas Smith was a native of Guilderland, a farmer and a carpenter, member of Reformed church and a Republican. They had six sons and six daughters, all married and living, except one. Children of Abram and Mary (Smith) Fryer:

  1. Frank, died in infancy;
  2. Ethel, born March 6, 1893, educated in the public schools, a graduate of the State Normal School at Albany, class of 1912;
  3. Annie E., October 4, 1900, student of music.

(IV) Alburtus, third son of John F. and Eliza (Crounse) Fryer, was born on the Helderburg farm of his father, October 26, 1861. He inherited one hundred and ten acres of the homestead farm, which he yet occupies. He has never departed from the habits of industry so sternly impressed upon him in his early days, but has been a worker all his life. The home which he occupies is built near the spot where the original log cabin stood, built by his ancestor who first occupied the land. This house he built after acquiring the property. He attends the Lutheran church, is a Republican in politics, member of Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Lodge No. 668, of Voorheesville. He married, in Guilderland, February 15, 1882, Agnes A., born in the town of Guilderland, January 25, 1863, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Hallenbeck) Spoor, and granddaughter of Jacob and Hannah (Smith) Spoor. John Spoor was born in Guilderland, May 9, 1827, died May 15, 1905. He was a prominent farmer and dealer in real estate in the town of Niskayuna, Schenectady county, New York. He married Elizabeth Hallenbeck, born November 30, 1830, who survives him, now aged eighty years, a resident of Schenectady, active both mentally and physically. She is a daughter of Teunis and Margaret (Crounse) Hallenbeck. Her family were members of the Lutheran church, and the men voters of the Republican party. Children of John and Elizabeth (Hallenbeck) Spoor:

  1. Jacob, born August 12, 1849; now living retired at Lisha's Kill, Albany county; he married Alida Van Vranken; children: Peter, Lloyd and Arreta.
  2. Isaac, November 20, 1851; a real estate dealer of Schenectady, New York; married Jane Hallenbeck; children: Lulu and Anna.
  3. Agnes, September 10, 1857, died April 21, 1861.
  4. John, October 23, 1860, died 1861.
  5. Agnes A., January 25, 1863; married Alburtus Fryer.
  6. Annie, June 17, 1868; married Ira Hurst, a retired farmer; children: Mildred and John J.
  7. Margaretta, September 13, 1877; married Abram J. Pangborn, who is connected with the General Electric Works at Schenectady, New York.

Children of Alburtus and Agnes A. (Spoor) Fryer:

  1. Grace M., born March 9, 1884; received her early education in the public schools, and graduated with honor from the State Normal School at Albany; married Cyrus Hilton, of Schenectady, connected with the Locomotive Works of that city.
  2. Grant, April 26, 1886; a machinist at the General Electric Works, Schenectady, where he holds a good position.

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