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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1368-1370 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

William Judson came to America from Yorkshire, England, in 1634, with his family. He brought with him three sons, Joseph, Jeremiah and Joshua. He lived four years at Concord, Massachusetts, and removed thence to Stratford, Connecticut, at its first settlement in 1639, where he resided upon the south side of a hill called the "Meeting House Hill." He did not reside there long, but went to New Haven where he died in 1660.

(II) Lieutenant Joseph, eldest son of William Judson, was fifteen years old when his parents came to New England. He removed with them to Concord, Massachusetts, and from there to Stratford, Connecticut, where he married, in 1644, (being then twenty-five years old) Sarah, daughter of John Porter, of Windsor (she being eighteen years old). He was a leading man of the colony and filled many public offices. He died October, 1690, and is buried in Stratford. His widow died March 16, 1696. Children:

  1. Sarah, born March 2, 1645, married, in 1664, Edward Howell, of Southampton, Long Island;
  2. John, of whom further;
  3. James, married Rebecca Well, of Stratford;
  4. Grace, married Samuel Prudden, of Milford;
  5. Joseph, born March 10, 1654, died 1678;
  6. Hannah, born December 13, 1657, married Samuel Wadsworth, of Farmington;
  7. Esther, married Benjamin Curtis;
  8. Joshua, born October 27, 1664;
  9. Ruth, married Samuel Wells, of Hartford;
  10. Phoebe, died in childhood;
  11. Abigail, married Joseph Curtis, of Stratford.

(III) John, son of Lieutenant Joseph and Sarah (Porter) Judson, was born December 2, 1647, died January 12, 1709. He was one of the original signers of the "Fundamental Articles" for the settlement of Woodbury, Connecticut, in 1672, and settled there with the first company. He married (first) Elizabeth Chapman, of Stamford, died March 12, 1673-74. He married (second) Hannah ————, died July 23, 1698. He married (third) Mrs. Mary Orton, July 5, 1699. Children:

  1. John (Sergeant), married Sarah Beers;
  2. Joshua, born July 23, 1677;
  3. Joseph (Lieutenant), married Mary Walker;
  4. Chapman, baptized December, 1681, died aged nineteen years;
  5. Jonathan, baptized December, 1682, died young;
  6. Jonathan, baptized December, 1684, married Mary Mitchell;
  7. Martha, married Hon. William Preston;
  8. Eliphalet, baptized February, 1689;
  9. Ephraim, September, 1694;
  10. Isaac, of whom further;
  11. Daniel, born February 6, 1702;
  12. Mary, born April 11, 1703, married ———— Curtiss.

(IV) Isaac, son of John and Mary (Orton) Judson, was born June 3, 1700, died May 14, 1789. He married (first) November 29, 1727, Elizabeth Hawley, who died July 12, 1731, aged twenty-five years. He married (second) Widow Rebecca Hollister, November 22, 1731. Children:

  1. James (Captain), baptized October 20, 1728;
  2. Hannah, married Reuben Sherman;
  3. Isaac, married Mary Stoddard;
  4. Elizabeth, married Captain Samuel Canfield, of New Milford;
  5. Benjamin, born February 17, 1735, had three wives;
  6. Timothy, of whom further;
  7. Rebecca, married Hezekiah Thompson;
  8. Olive, married Benjamin Bortwick.

(V) Timothy, son of Isaac and Rebecca (Hollister) Judson, was born April 22, 1737. He removed to Greenville, Greene county, New York. He served in the revolutionary war in resisting British raids on Danbury and New Haven. Captain Timothy Judson is on the payroll for service from April 25 to 28, 1877. He is also recorded as being in Colonel Increase Mosely's regiment, July 5, 1779, called out on the "New Haven Alarm." He married Sarah Hooker, born May 30, 1740, died July 26, 1815. Children:

  1. Noahdiah, married Clarinda ————, and had Timothy, Charles, Sarah, Marryatt, married Thomas Beebe;
  2. William, of whom further.

(VI) William, son of Timothy and Sarah (Hooker) Judson, died September 10, 1821, aged eighty-three years. He married ———— Beebe; children: Edward B., Russell, William, Sally, Esther and Mary Ann.

(VII) Mary Ann, daughter of William and ———— (Beebe) Judson, married David Hawley, who lived in Albany and is buried in Rural cemetery. She was his first wife. He was a descendant of the old Connecticut family of Hawley of Simsbury.

(VIII) Mary Judson, daughter of David and Mary Ann (Judson) Hawley, married Jonathan Gosman Wynkoop.

(IX) Emma Judson, daughter of Jonathan Gosman and Mary Judson (Hawley) Wynkoop, married Dr. Crawford Ellsworth Fritts, son of William and Lucretia (Plass) Fritts, of Greenport, Columbia county, New York.

(The Fritts Line)

William Fritts died in Greenport, Columbia county, New York. He was a farmer of the town of Greenport, a strong Republican and a member of the Dutch Reformed church of which he was an elder. He was very faithful and strict in his religious belief, a man of excellent character. He married Lucretia Plass, of Greenport, daughter of an early Columbia county family. It is difficult to determine who first settled within the limits of the town of Greenport. The site of the first house is not known, nor the name of the first family, both having been lost. There are four old buildings left that show great age, the Van Hoosen house built in 1729; the Van Dusen, built in 1725-30; the Bunt and the old Plass homesteads. In the roll of a military company organized and under review at Oak Hill in 1716 is the name of John Emenils Plass, showing the family to have been in Columbia county at that early date.

(II) Dr. Crawford Ellsworth, son of William and Lucretia (Plass) Fritts, was born May 14, 1850, in Greenport, Columbia county, New York, died April 6, 1904, at Hudson, New York. He received his preparatory education in Hudson, graduating from the Academy, entered College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, graduating with the degree of M.D. He made a specialty of surgery, also of the eye and ear. He practised successfully in Hudson, New York. For twenty years he served as surgeon for the New York National Guard with a rank of lieutenant. He was an ardent Republican, and a member of the Masonic order. He was also a member of a Military Association, and of the State and New York City Medical associations. He was one of the organizers of the Hudson Hospital and on its staff all his life. He married, June 14, 1882, at Syracuse, New York, Emma Judson Wynkoop, daughter of Jonathan Gosman Wynkoop, born May 13, 1824, at Ghent, Columbia county, New York, died October 19, 1905, at Syracuse, New York, a proprietor of a book store at Syracuse, later was a lumber merchant, treasurer and secretary of the Salt Spring Salt Company of Syracuse. He retired from active business some years before his death. He was a Republican in politics, and a devoted attendant of the Dutch Reformed church. He married, May 8, 1856, Mary Judson Hawley, born September, 1831, at Coxsackie, New York, died October 16, 1896, at Syracuse. Dr. and Emma J. (Wynkoop) Fritts had an only son,

  1. Harold Ellsworth, born January 11, 1885. He was educated in Hudson school, Hotchkiss school of Connecticut, Colgate University, which he attended for three years, Union College, Albany Law School, graduating in 1905, LL.B. He entered the office of Brownell & Tilden, attorneys, of Hudson. He is a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon college fraternity.

Mrs. Fritts survives her husband, a resident of Hudson. She is a woman of culture, interested in woman's work in church, societies and clubs. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Hendrick Hudson Chapter, of which she is corresponding secretary. She descends from the early families of the Hudson Valley through paternal and maternal lines.

(I) Cornelius C. Wynkoop, her great-great-grandfather, baptized in 1732, was an attorney of New York City. He served in the revolution as captain of the First Company, Third Regiment, Ulster county, New York Militia. He married Maria Catherine Rheule.

(II) John C., son of Captain Cornelius C. Wynkoop, lived at Kingston, New York, a lawyer of prominence; some years previous to his death he became totally blind. He married Lydia, daughter of Judge Peter Silvester, of Kinderhook.

(III) Rev. Peter S. Wynkoop, son of John C. and Lydia (Silvester) Wynkoop, born 1797, died November 1, 1848. He lived at Kingston, New York, where he is buried in the Dutch cemetery adjoining the church. He was a minister of the Dutch church, licensed in 1813 at the age of seventeen years. He was stationed over churches in Columbia, Greene and Dutchess counties. He married Margaret Gosman, born New York City, November 27, 1792, died February, 1833, daughter of Robert Gosman, born 1759, died January 10, 1844 and his wife, Joanna, died February 24, 1838. The Gosmans came to America from Scotland. There is no record found of Robert Gosman's revolutionary service. Rev. Peter and Margaret Wynkoop were the parents of twelve children.

(IV) Jonathan Gosman, son of Rev. Peter S. Wynkoop, married Mary Judson Hawley and they were the parents of Emma Judson (Wynkoop) Fritts; William A., and Edward J., M.D.; both of Syracuse, New York.

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