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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1799-1800 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The name of Ford is one of the oldest found in New England records, John of Plymouth being named as one of the "First Comers" who landed from the "Fortune" in 1621. The first of record in New York state is Simon Ford, of Saratoga county, who settled at an early date, procured land, which he cleared and cultivated. He married and had issue.

(II) James, son of Simon Ford, was a farmer of Saratoga county, New York. He married and had issue.

(III) John, son of James Ford, was a farmer of the town of Edinburg, Saratoga county, New York. He married Vilda, daughter of Syrill (or Cyrill) and Anna (Younglove) Wheeler.

(IV) John Wheeler, son of John and Vilda (Wheeler) Ford, was born in the town of Edinburg, Saratoga county, New York, May 15, 1848. He was educated in the public schools and under private tutors. He took a course in civil engineering at Bachelorville Academy, completing his professional studies under private instruction. He became a well-known civil engineer and has many important works to his credit. For eleven years he was engineer for the city of Cohoes, and was closely identified with the vast engineering work done in that city in connection with the hydraulic power canals of the Cohoes Company. In 1882 Mr. Ford removed to Waterford, New York, where he engaged in the manufacture of knit goods, continuing until the present. He has been very successful in business and is one of the leading manufacturers of his section. He is a man of strong character and holds high position among men of mark. He is a Republican in politics, and an attendant of the Presbyterian church of Waterford. He married, September 24, 1873, Minnie Smith, daughter of Liddell and Margaret (Cook) Peverly, both of whom were born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Children of John W. and Minnie S. (Peverly) Ford:

  1. Helen, married James D. Shroeder;
  2. Peverly W., married Elvira Haight.

(The Younglove Line)

(I) Anna (Younglove) Wheeler, mother of Vilda (Wheeler) Ford, is a descendant of Samuel Younglove, aged thirty years, who, with his wife Margaret, aged twenty-eight years, and son Samuel, aged one year, sailed from London, England, in August, 1635, in the "Hopewell," came to America and settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts, where he died, 1668. Children:

  1. Samuel, died young.
  2. Samuel, a wheelwright; admitted freeman 1671; married, August, 1660, Sarah Kensman and had issue.
  3. Joseph.
  4. Rev. John, of further mention.

(II) Rev. John Younglove, son of Samuel and Margaret Younglove, died in 1690. He became a minister of the Presbyterian church and a schoolmaster. He lived a life of great usefulness. He married Sarah ———— and had children:

  1. John (2), from whom the branch herein recorded descends.
  2. Samuel, ancestor of T. S. Pope, of Great Barrington, Massachusetts.
  3. James.
  4. Joseph, ancestor of James S. Younglove, of Johnstown, New York.
  5. Sarah.
  6. Mary Hannah.
  7. Lydia.

(III) John (2), son of Rev. John and Sarah Younglove, married and had issue.

(IV) John (3), son of John (2) Younglove, married Jemima ————. Children: John, Samuel, Sarah and Jemima.

(V) John (4), son of John (3) and Jemima Younglove, married, September 30, 1749, Abigail Bloss. Children: Patience, Abigail, John, Jemima and Elizabeth.

(VI) John (5), son of John (4) and Abigail (Bloss) Younglove, was born December 11, 1756; died January 13, 1840. He married Thankful Copeland, born April 17, 1760, died September 26, 1839. Children:

  1. John, born April 18, 1780; married, October 9, 1804, Betsey Tyler.
  2. Thankful, born November 13, 1781; married, February 24, 1805, Weeks Copeland.
  3. Abner, born July 8, 1784; married, January 26, 1805, Polley Rogers.
  4. Anna, twin of Abner, see forward.
  5. William, born June 5, 1786; died March 26, 1790.
  6. Sally Smith, born September 18, 1788; married, November 18, 1806, Solomon Clark Pratt.
  7. David Copeland, born February 26, 1791; married (first) February 17, 1814, Elizabeth Stimson, of Edinburg, New York. Married (second) April, 1852, a widow, Mrs. Anna Smith. Children by first marriage:
    1. Truman G. Younglove, born October 31, 1815, died September 7, 1882; married (first) January 7, 1841, Elizabeth McMartin; (second) November 6, 1850, Jane McMartin.
    2. Moses S. Younglove, born August 7, 1818, died March 20, 1882; married, December 25, 1853, Mary Humphreys.
    3. John Orlando Younglove, born July 25, 1825; married, March, 1852, Evelyn Padden.
    4. Samuel Abner Younglove, born August 8, 1827, died in Bradford, Pennsylvania, November, 1894; married, May, 1852, Rhoda Main.
    5. David Earl Younglove, born October 27, 1831, died in Syracuse, New York, February 12, 1896; married Clara ————.
    6. Mary Jane Younglove, born January 12, 1834, died in childhood.
  8. Zopher, born April 26, 1793, died September 12, 1795.
  9. Betsey, born September 15, 1795; married, July 28, 1811, Henry Briggs.
  10. Nabby, born July Io, 1797, married, March 24, 1816, William Hicks.
  11. Lucy, born November 27, 1799, married, 1851, Peter Benson.
  12. Daniel, born January 13, 1802, married, December 3, 1829, Aluora Smith.
  13. Vilda, born January 16, 1804, died July 29, 1804.

(VII) Anna, daughter of John (5) and Thankful (Copeland) Younglove, born July 8, 1784; married, June 27, 1811, Syrill Wheeler.

(VIII) Vilda, daughter of Syrill and Anna (Younglove) Wheeler, married John Ford.

(IX) John Wheeler, son of John and Vilda (Wheeler) Ford, married Minnie Smith Peverly.

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