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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1005-1007 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

(III) Jillis Adam, son of Douw Jellis (Jillis) (q. v.) and Rebecca Fonda, was born in Albany about 1670. He removed from Albany to Schenectady about 1700. He was a gunsmith and followed his trade in that village. He married, December 11, 1695, Rachel, daughter of Peter Winnie of Albany. He died September 8, 1737, and is the direct ancestor of the numerous and historical family of Fonda in the counties of Schenectady, Montgomery and Fulton. Children:

  1. Douw, died young.
  2. Tannekan, married Johannes Clute.
  3. Douw, see forward.
  4. Rebecca.
  5. Lena, married Pieter Brouwer.
  6. Eva, married Joseph Yates.
  7. Pieter, married Alida Nak.
  8. Sarah, married Jacobus Van Vorst.
  9. Abraham, married (first) Maria Nebie [Mebie?]; (second) Susannah, daughter of Alexander Glen; (third) Rachel Vrooman.
  10. Rachel.
  11. Jacob.

(IV) Douw, son of Jillis Adam and Rachel (Winnie) Fonda, was born August 22, 1700 (see tombstone in Caughnawaga Cemetery). He removed from Schenectady and settled at Caughnawaga (now Fonda), New York, about the year 1751. He was an aged widower May 22, 1780, and resided at that date in a large stone dwelling. The cellar of this stone mansion is still to be seen in the enclosure made by the race-track of the Montgomery County Agriculture Association's grounds at Fonda, New York. His three sons, John, Jillis and Adam, lived in the neighborhood. He was slain by Sir John Johnson's Indians, May 22, 1780, and his house plundered and burned. John and Adam were made prisoners and carried to Canada. Douw Fonda had been a warm personal friend of Sir William Johnson, and had always been on good terms with the Indians, but his life was taken as heartlessly as though he were a young and active enemy. At the time of his murder, he was seventy-nine years of age. For account of Douw Fonda's massacre see Stone's "Life of Brandt," and Simms' "Border Wars." He married, October 29, 1725, Maritje Vrooman, daughter of Adam Vrooman. She died in 1756 (see tombstone bearing epitaph written in Dutch, located in the Caughnawaga Cemetery, Fonda). Children:

  1. Jillis, born March 24, 1727.
  2. Adam, died young.
  3. Adam (2), died young.
  4. Margrietje, married Barent M. Wemple.
  5. Adam (3), born December 26, 1736, died November 8, 1808.
  6. Pieter, born January, 1739.
  7. Johannes, born March 8, 1741, died February 19, 1815.

The records would seem to prove that Douw Fonda married a second wife, August 19, 1757, Deborah, daughter of Johannes Deeder [Veeder?], and widow of Reijer Wimple, both dwelling at that time at Maquassland.

(V) Adam, son of Douw and Maritije (Vrooman) Fonda, was born December 26, 1736, died November 8, 1808. He was a faithful officer of Sir William Johnson during the French and Indian war. At the outbreak of the revolution, he received many flattering offers to join the British forces, but stoutly rejected them that he might remain true to the cause of the colonists. He enlisted in the Third Tryon County Regiment, of which he soon became captain. He fought in the battle of Oriskany, and for his bravery was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. When Sir John Johnson and his murderous band raided the Mohawk valley in 1690, Caughnawaga suffered severely, it being the home of many noted patriot families — the Fondas, Visschers, Sammons and others. After having destroyed the home of Colonel Frederick Visscher, killed his two brothers and scalped the colonel, who was left for dead, they next attacked the home of Adam Fonda, which they burned, and carried him away a prisoner. His aged father they had brutally butchered, notwithstanding he was an old man, and was on terms of the greatest friendliness with the Indians. John Fonda, brother of Adam, was also carried away a prisoner. After the war, Lieutenant-Colonel Adam Fonda returned to the old farm and built a farmhouse, yet standing in a modernized form. After the war was over, he was made one of the Tryon county judges, and later served in the New York legislature as assemblyman, being prominent in political circles the remainder of his life. He was also a member of the committee of safety. (Frothingham's History of Montgomery County, Quarto 2.) He married Nieltje Breese. Children:

  1. Douw Adam, died 1855;
  2. Henry, see forward.

(VI) Henry, youngest son of Adam and Nieltje (Breese) Fonda, was born August 20, 1766; died in 1827. During the war of 1812-14, he was appointed general under Generals Brown and Dearborn, and fought with the regiment in the battle of Sacketts Harbor. He served in the New York state legislature during the terms of 1807-16-19. He married, February 14, 1790, Hester Mabie, also a descendant of an old Dutch family. Children:

  1. Nellie, born October 31, 1791; married Samson Sammons.
  2. Alida, born February 22, 1783; married Volkert Veeder.
  3. Maria, born March 2, 1795; married Henry Smith.
  4. John, born August 6, 1797; married Catherine Dockstader.
  5. Adam, born November 7, 1799; married Catherine Ann Dockstader.
  6. Peter, born February 17, 1802; married Gertrude Fonda.
  7. Lavina, born February 12, 1804; married Alvin Harris.
  8. Douw Henry and
  9. Henry Douw, twins, born July 21, 1809; Douw Henry married Ann Veeder and Henry Douw married Evelyn Dockstader.

(VII) Douw Henry, twin brother of Henry Douw Fonda, the youngest children of General Henry and Hester (Mabie) Fonda, was born in the village of Fonda, July 21, 1809; died November 11, 1895. He received by inheritance a portion of the original land grant belonging to his grandfather, Douw Fonda, "the Patriot," to which he added by purchase, making a well-improved farm of one hundred and thirty-three acres. He was a quiet, benevolent, highly-respected man, more deeply interested in his occupation and family than in public affairs. He was an adherent of the Dutch Reformed church. He married, October 20, 1832, Ann Veeder, daughter of Albert Veeder, granddaughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Abram Veeder, and great-granddaughter of Johannes Veeder. She was born January 16, 1810, died October 5, 1890. Children:

  1. Henry Douw, born January 1, 1834, died February, 1887; married Jennie H. Fairbanks.
  2. Sarah, born January 10, 1836, died January 18, 1836.
  3. Annette, born May 13, 1838, died January 6, 1899.
  4. Sarah Eleanor, born June 27, 1840; married Marvin Snell.
  5. Alida Margaret, born February 24, 1842, died January 18, 1910.
  6. Albert, born October 2, 1844, see forward.
  7. Ettie D., born November 3, 1847; married John W. Nellis.
  8. Abram Veeder, born May 24, 1851; married Laura Mitchell.
  9. Selena, born February 9, 1854, died February 19, 1860.

(VIII) Albert, second son of Douw Henry and Ann (Veeder) Fonda, was born October 2, 1844. He was educated in the public schools of his time, laying a foundation upon which was to be built a man of strong character and keen foresight, one who has staunchly upheld the principles of honesty, justice, charity and truth. Believing in the doctrines of the Dutch Reformed church, he has taught his children to be loyal to the same doctrines. His love of nature led him to choose farming as his occupation, and he consequently succeeded to the ownership of the homestead, "Fonhurst." After many vissicitudes of fortune, he has at last made this farm one of the best in the community. Though deeply interested in politics, he has consistently refused the highest honors his town would bestow upon him, choosing the quiet life of his home and occupation in preference to the cares and exactions of public office. He married, October 12, 1882, Eliza J. Dockstader, born January 8, 1852, daughter of Jacob J. and Cornelia (Williams) Dockstader, the former born July 7, 1809, died December 10, 1885, and the latter born April 5, 1817, died March 5, 1896. Jacob J., was the son of John and Phoebe (Dillenbeck) Dockstader, and grandson of Jacob, son of Markus and ———— (Shultz) Dockstader, the former of whom served in the revolutionary war in Colonel Visscher's regiment, and the latter of whom was an associate exempt. Children:

  1. Cornelia Dockstader, born July 16, 1884.
  2. Selena Veeder, January 25, 1886.
  3. Marvin Snell, July 9, 1888.
  4. Albert Douw, March 8, 1893.

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