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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1060-1061 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Daniel Fisher, born in Loch Earn Head, Perthshire, Scotland, came to America about the year 1775. His first settlement was in Dutchess county, New York. He remained loyal to the king during the revolution, suffered imprisonment and confiscation of his property. After the war was over he gathered together such property as was left him, loaded an ox team and travelling northward found a resting place in the town of Berne, Albany county, New York. Here he became the owner or lessee of a tract of land which he cultivated until his death, in 1786, caused by a falling tree. He was then forty-five years of age. He married Jeannette Graeme, of Scotland, born in Callander, Perthshire. Children: Duncan, John, Daniel (2), Christiana, Jane, Catherine, Margaret and an infant.

(II) Duncan, eldest son of Daniel and Jeannette (Graeme) Fisher, was born in Dutchess county, New York, February 19, 1779, died in the town of Berne, Albany county, April 27, 1826. He was a farmer. He married Isabella Harrower, born in Schoharie county, New York, of Scotch parents. Children:

  1. Daniel Graeme (Captain), see forward;
  2. David, born August 12, 1811, died May 23, 1888, unmarried;
  3. Christina, born February 22, 1815, died March 10, 1844, married Allen Van Wie;
  4. Duncan (2), born December 5, 1817, died December 9, 1880, unmarried;
  5. Catherine, born August 12, 1820, died 1906;
  6. Caroline, born October 5, 1823, died August 15, 1825.

(III) Captain Daniel Graeme, eldest son of Duncan and Isabella (Harrower) Fisher, was born in the town of Berne, Albany county, New York, December 6, 1808, died in Bethlehem, same county, February 2, 1861. He was captain of militia and a prominent man of the town. He was a successful, prosperous farmer, a member of the Methodist church and a Whig politically. He married, April 2, 1834, Mary Magdalen Hungerford, daughter of English and French parents. She was born August 5, 1810, died February 16, 1890. Children:

  1. David Allen, born December 1, 1834, see forward.
  2. Elsie A., born June 24, 1836, died March 4, 1863; married (first) John J. Maher, a farmer of the town of Bethlehem, Albany county, no issue; married (second) ———— Miller, issue, a son James.
  3. Isabella Caroline, born March 11, 1838, died January 10, 1870, in New Scotland; married Abraham M. Sager, who died November 12, 1860, leaving a son, Dudley Graeme Sager, a young man.
  4. Helen E., born August 8, 1840, died September 24, 1865; married Henry L. Mead, February 2, 1861, in Bethelehem, Albany county, New York; a son, Jeremiah M., married Sarah M. Whitbeck, both deceased, leaving Nellie and Martin Whitbeck.
  5. Christina, born March 22, 1846, died February 9, 1869; married January 24, 1867, John C. Long and had a son Willis. Mr. Long married (second) Parmelia Green and has seven children.

(IV) David Allen, eldest son and child of Captain Daniel Graeme and Mary Magdalen (Hungerford) Fisher, was born in the town of Berne, Albany county, New York, December 1, 1834, died in the town of New Scotland, same county, July 2, 1908. He grew to manhood on the home farm in Berne. In 1857 the family removed to the town of Bethlehem where Captain Daniel G. Fisher died. By inheritance and purchase David Allen Fisher became owner of the Bethlehem farm, which he cultivated until 1872. In that year he purchased a farm in New Scotland, removed there in 1873 and continued a resident of New Scotland until 1880. In the latter year he returned to Bethlehem and settled on a farm left him in that town by an uncle. Here he engaged in general and dairy farming until 1908, when he retired to a comfortable home in the village of Voorheesville, New York. He survived his retirement but two months, dying July 2, 1908. Through inheritance and purchase he had become a large land owner of Albany county, where he had been a prominent figure in business, church and political life for a great many years. He was an elder of the Reformed church for many years, but the last twenty-five years was connected with the Presbyterian church of New Scotland, Albany county, and was an elder of this church for over twelve years. He married, in New Scotland, March 23, 1861, Mary Magdalene Long, born in that town, October 17, 1841, daughter of Richard and Ann Eliza (Mann) Long. Richard Long was born in Albany county in 1819, died 1896. He was a farmer, member of the Reformed church and a Democrat. He married Ann Eliza Mann, born in New Scotland in 1830, died 1903. Children:

  1. Mary Magdalene, educated at Albany Female Academy, married David Allen Fisher;
  2. John C., a farmer of New Scotland;
  3. Frederick A., married Dora Feeley, who survives him, a resident of Albany.

Children of David Allen and Mary M. Fisher:

  1. Minnie, born December 14, 1861, died October, 1862.
  2. Anna B., born May 26, 1863, unmarried.
  3. Daniel Graeme (2), born May 19, 1865, died December 3, 1866.
  4. David A. (2), born August 1, 1866, died March 26, 1868.
  5. Burton, see forward.
  6. Eleanor, born December 27, 1868, unmarried.
  7. George D., born February 21, 1870, died October 7, 1870.
  8. Frederick D., March 3, 1871; now a resident of Redding, California; married, 1902, Florence Lulu Farnam, of Oneida, New York.
  9. Sarah E. C., June 21, 1872, died August 16, 1876.
  10. David D., October 30, 1873, now a farmer of the town of Bethlehem; married, November 15, 1905, Myra J. Long.
  11. Maria D., January 20, 1875; married Rev. William H. Adams, a resident of Worthington, Ohio.
  12. Richard L., August 18, 1878: married, November 12, 1903, Julia Aldridge, and resides at Beacon Falls, Connecticut; children: Aldridge and Richard B.

(V) Burton, son of David Allen and Mary M. (Long) Fisher, was born November 14, 1867. He was educated in the public schools, Union College, and read law with Marcus Hun, of Albany. He further prepared for the profession of law under A. R. Conover, a lawyer of Amsterdam. He passed the necessary qualifying examinations, was admitted to the bar, and in 1897 was admitted to partnership with his former preceptor. The firm of Conover & Fisher is a leading one of the city of Amsterdam, New York, where they are engaged in general legal practice. Mr. Conover is private counsel and adviser on all matters requiring legal procedure to Stephen Sanford, the great carpet manufacturer of Amsterdam. Mr. Fisher is an active Republican and renders his friends good and efficient service in their campaigns, but never seeks office for himself. He is a member of the Montgomery county and New York State Bar associations, and is interested in various local, social and political organizations. He married, in Amsterdam, June 14, 1899, Delia Kline Wheeler, born in that city, March 31, 1872, daughter of Addison and Mildred (Warren) Wheeler, and granddaughter of Rev. Hiram Wheeler. Addison Wheeler died in Amsterdam in 1884. His widow, Mildred (Warren) Wheeler, resides in that city with her daughter. Burton and Delia K. Fisher have a son, David Allen (2), born February 11, 1905.

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