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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 949-952 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Evans family of Johnstown, New York, descend from Robert Evans, born in Ross, Herefordshire, England. He came to the United States in 1815 and located in Boston, Massachusetts. He married, in England, Susanna Harper, and brought with him to Boston a family of eight children. He was for several years a business man of that city and became well known. He was a member of the Masonic order, and at the dedication of Bunker Hill Monument participated in the Masonic portion of the ceremonies. He was unfortunate in his business affairs, and closing up his Boston operations removed to Lynn, Massachusetts, where he became interested in glue manufacture, a business he had learned in England.

(II) Robert (2), son of Robert and Susanna (Harper) Evans, was born in England, August, 1799, died June 15, 1864, aged sixty-five years. He came to Gloversville, New York, in the early forties, and in company with John McNab, engaged in glue manufacturing. He was one of the liberal contributors to the fund for the seminary in Gloversville. Politically he was a Republican. He married Mary Lois Phillips, of Rockwood, New York; born 1821. Children:

  1. Sarah Jane, born in Gloversville, March 18, 1845; married George Fraser, and has a daughter Catherine, who married Mr. Meyer, and has one child, Portia Meyer.
  2. Robert J., see forward.
  3. Richard, see forward.

(III) Robert J., son of Robert (2) and Mary Lois (Phillips) Evans, was born July 21, 1846, died October 14, 1898. He came to Johnstown from Gloversville, in 1866, and engaged in the manufacture of gloves in an old barn on William street. On January 1, he formed a partnership with his brother Richard under the name of R. J. & R. They manufactured high grade goods which found a ready sale. Robert J. Evans continued to be actively engaged in the business until January 1, 1898, when he retired, leaving the business to his brother and his two sons. He was one of the founders of the First National Bank, was a director in the People's Bank from its organization until 1897, and was the largest stockholder in the Johnstown Electric Light Company. He was a member and vestryman of St. John's Episcopal Church, and a member of the Lotus Club. Mr. Evans was a man of honor and integrity, respected and esteemed for his many excellent qualities, and was devoted to his home and family, preferring to spend his leisure time with them to holding membership in clubs or societies. Mr. Evans married January 10, 1877, Mary B. Younglove, born November 23, 1855, daughter of James and Mary Ann (Davies) Younglove, the line of descent being Isaiah, David, Isaiah, Joseph, Rev. John, Samuel, Samuel Younglove (a sketch of the Younglove family appears elsewhere in this work). Children:

  1. Robert Y., born November 3, 1877; married, December 9, 1900; Minnie Louise Sommers; children:
    1. Mary Louise, born August 23, 1901;
    2. Robert Y. Jr., December 23, 1902;
    3. Rosalind, October 11, 1904;
    4. Sommers, September 28, 1907;
    5. George Herbert, February 17, 1909.
  2. Arthur, born February 1, 1880, died April 11, 1886.
  3. George Herbert, born August 18, 1882, died August 10, 1903.
  4. Lillian, born August 20, 1885.
  5. Edwin, born August 2, 1887, died August 28, 1889.

(III) Richard, son of Robert (2) and Mary Lois (Phillips) Evans, was born in Gloversville, Fulton county, New York, November 11, 1852, died December 20, 1908. He was educated in the public schools, Gloversville Seminary, Johnstown Academy, and under private tutors, all of which was preparatory to his admission to Cornell University, being a member of the first freshman class ever admitted to that now famous institution (1868). After leaving the university he associated with his brother, Robert J. Evans, and began the manufacture of gloves. In 1814, the firm of R. J. & R. Evans was formed, and continued in successful operation until January, 1898, when Robert J. Evans retired from the firm. His place was taken by two sons of Richard Evans, whom he admitted and with himself constituted the new company, Richard Evans & Sons. Mr. Evans, Sr., continued in active business until his death. The sons have succeeded him and continue the business. He was interested in other affairs of Johnstown. He was one of the promoters and treasurer of the Johnstown Electric Light and Power Company; trustee of the Presbyterian church; member of school board for many years, and a director of the People's Bank. He was a liberal supporter of the Young Men's Christian Association. He was an able business man, and a polished gentleman, having many warm friends. He married, October 15, 1874, Caroline, daughter of James I. and Mary Ann (Pierson) McMartin, of Johnstown, granddaughter of Daniel, and great-granddaughter of Peter McMartin, born in Scotland. The latter came to America prior to the revolution, and settled in the Mohawk Valley, then in Montgomery county, now in Fulton county. According to the census of 1790 he was living in the town of Caughnawaga, head of a family, with four sons and one daughter, the sons being Duncan, Malcolm, Daniel and Peter, and the daughter Christiana. Daniel and Peter served in the war of 1812 as volunteers, Captain William Newton's company, Colonel McIntyre's regiment. Peter McMartin was born in Perthshire, Scotland, settled in Perth, Tryon county, New York; was a Presbyterian in religion; had a half-brother, Duncan, who married Margaret McArthur and settled near Mayfield, and a half-sister, Jean, who married Robert Robertson. Daniel McMartin, son of Peter McMartin, was born in the United States; married Anne McIntyre; he was a farmer near Kingsboro, New York, where his son, James I. McMartin, was born April 20, 1816, died January 2, 1888. About 1843 he began with his father the manufacture of gloves and mittens at Johnstown, which he continued during the remainder of his life. In 1881 he admitted his sons Daniel, Eli P. and Archibald, forming the firm of J. I. McMartin & Sons. The following year, his youngest son, James, was admitted. Since the death of the founder his surviving sons continue the business under the name of J. I. McMartin's Sons. He married, April 3, 1851, Mary Ann Pierson, who died March 29, 1873. Children: Caroline, Anna, Daniel, Eli Pierson, died May 17, 1891, Archibald, James and Mary Amanda. Caroline McMartin married Richard Evans (see Evans III). Children:

  1. Richard Malcom, see forward.
  2. James McMartin, born July 21, 1877; graduated from Cornell, class of 1897, youngest member of his class at graduation, selected as pipe custodian; in 1898 was admitted a partner in the firm of Richard Evans & Sons; member of Free and Accepted Masons, St. Patrick's Lodge, No. 4, Johnstown Chapter No. 78, Royal Arch Masons, and Colonial Club; married Nellie P. Ireland, February 18, 1902, and has
    1. John Ireland, born October 8, 1904.
  3. Archibald, born July 27, 1882, died January 31, 1883.
  4. Charles Phillips, born September 2, 1891, died November 17, 1896.
  5. Caroline Lois, borne October 26, 1894.

(IV) Richard Malcom, eldest son of Richard and Caroline (McMartin) Evans, was born November 11, 1875. He prepared for college at Johnstown Academy and then entered Cornell University, graduating in class of 1897. He then entered the firm of which his father was a member, and January 1, 1898, was admitted to membership, as was also his brother, James McMartin, still holding the old name which had become known in connection with the glove industry all over the country. The brothers are conducting the business at the present time, meeting with well-merited success, and in addition to this Richard M. Evans is serving in the capacity of director in the People's Bank. He is a member and trustee of the Presbyterian church of Johnstown, and is a Republican in politics. He holds membership in St. Patrick's Lodge, No. 4, Free and Accepted Masons; Johnstown Chapter, No. 78, Royal Arch Masons, and the Colonial Club. He married, April 5, 1905, Mildred Elisabeth Burt, of Terra Haute, Indiana, born June 16, 1881, the only child of Lucius and Mary (Dowling) Burt. Children:

  1. Elisabeth, born July 23, 1906.
  2. Richard, born March 31, 1909.

(The Pierson Line)

Mary Ann (Pierson) McMartin, mother of Mrs. Caroline (McMartin) Evans, was a lineal descendant in the eighth generation of Henry Pierson, who is first recorded at Southampton, Long Island, 1640. He came from Yorkshire, England, in 1638, stopping in Lynn, Massachusetts. He was one of the first settlers of that town and a leading citizen. In the same colony, and as its pastor, was Rev. Abraham Pierson, a brother, who labored in Southampton till 1647, then went to Branford, Connecticut, and in 1666 was instrumental in laying the foundations of the present city of Newark, New Jersey. Cotton Mather in Magnalia says, "Rev. Abraham Pierson was a Yorkshire man, a graduate of Cambridge University, ordained and preached for some years in England. He was the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Newark, New Jersey, and his son, Rev. Abraham (2), was the first president of Yale College." Henry Pierson remained at Southampton. From 1669 to 1680 he was clerk of Suffolk county. He married Mary Cooper, of Lynn, Massachusetts, daughter of John Cooper. She survived him, and married (second) Rev. Seth Fletcher, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, who preached for some time at Southampton. Henry Pierson died, 1680. Children:

  1. Joseph, see forward.
  2. Henry, born 1652.
  3. Benjamin, removed to Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  4. Theodore, born 1659.
  5. Sarah, born January 20, 1660.

(II) Lieutenant Joseph, eldest son of Henry and Mary (Cooper) Pierson, born at Southampton, died October 13, 1692. He was lieutenant of the militia and active in town affairs. He married (first) November 17, 1675, Amy Barnes, who died October 3, 1692. He married (second) Joanna, widow of Thomas Cooper. Children, all by first wife:

  1. Amy, born October 28, 1676;
  2. Henry, April 17, 1678, see forward;
  3. Mary, June 12, 1680;
  4. Joseph, August 6, 1682;
  5. Ephrahim, January 20, 1687;
  6. Samuel, February 24, 1690.

(III) Henry (2), son of Lieutenant Joseph and Amy (Barnes) Pierson, was born in Southampton, Long Island, April 17, 1678. He married, June 11, 1702, Abigail Ludlam; children:

  1. Henry, born February 1, 1704;
  2. William, April 1, 1706;
  3. Azel, September 13, 1708;
  4. John, December 10, 1710;
  5. Eli, December 30, 1712;
  6. Abigail, February 28, 1714;
  7. Amy, October 11, 1716;
  8. Samuel, see forward.

(IV) Samuel, youngest child of Henry (2) and Abigail (Ludlam) Pierson, was born in Southampton, Long Island, March 15, 1721. He married and had Timothy and Samuel.

(V) Timothy, eldest son of Samuel Pierson, was born in Southampton, Long Island. He married and had James, Charles, Eli, Timothy and William.

(VI) Eli, son of Timothy Pierson, was born at Southampton, Long Island. He married Mary Veghte, and had ten children. He removed to Johnstown, Fulton county.

(VII) Eli (2), son of Eli (1) and Mary (Veghte) Pierson, was born in Johnstown, New York, February 20, 1799, died there February 21, 1880. He married Amanda Mason in the spring of 1822, born in Dorset, Vermont, October 20, 1802, died in Johnstown, New York, June 8, 1883. She was the daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Cornell) Mason, and granddaughter of Samson Mason, the revolutionary soldier of Adams, Massachusetts (see Mason VII). Children of Eli (2) and Amanda (Mason) Pierson, all born at Johnstown, New York:

  1. Mary Ann, born February 17, 1823, died March 29, 1873;
  2. Abram Veghte, January 28, 1826, died August 27, 1831;
  3. Alice Pamelia, March 22, 1828, died December 11, 1885;
  4. Margaret Caroline, October 16, 1830, died December 26, 1861;
  5. William Henry, January 9, 1833, died December 30, 1899;
  6. Abram Veghte, June 19, 1835, died January 26, 1892;
  7. Emily Amanda, November 12, 1838;
  8. John Mason, June 2, 1840, died July 31, 1885;
  9. Charles, December 10, 1842, died November 14, 1908;
  10. Marcus Fayette, May 6, 1845, died May 4, 1896.

(VIII) Mary Ann, eldest child of Eli (2), and Amanda (Mason) Pierson, married James I. McMartin, of Johnstown.

(IX) Caroline, daughter of James I. and Mary Ann (Pierson) McMartin, was born in Johnstown, New York. She married Richard Evans, whom she survives, a resident of Johnstown. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and Aldine and Presbyterian church.

(The Mason Line)

Sampson Mason, the founder of the branch of the Mason family, came from England and settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts, where he resided in 1649. Backus, the historian of the Baptist church, says that he served under Cromwell in England, and Bayliss adds that he was a "dragoon." In 1657 he settled in Rehoboth, and was one of the proprietors of the town. He was a man of wealth and importance. He was a member of the Baptist church in later life. He married, about 1651, Mary Butterworth, who bore him thirteen children.

  1. Noah, born in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
  2. Sampson (2), served in King Philip's war.
  3. John, married Content Wales.
  4. Samuel, married Elizabeth Miller.
  5. Sarah (no record of marriage).
  6. Mary, married Rev. Ephrahim Wheaton.
  7. James, probably died young.
  8. Joseph, deputy to general court; selectman, town clerk, and in 1709 was ordained pastor of the second church of Swansea.
  9. Bethiah, married John Wood.
  10. Isaac, see forward.
  11. Peletiah, married Hepsbeth Brooks.
  12. Benjamin, a farmer, the only son of Sampson who did not learn a trade, all the others being shoemakers and tanners, which was also their father's trade.
  13. Thankful, married Thomas Bowen, and had thirteen children.

(II) Isaac, tenth child and sixth son of Sampson and Mary (Butterworth) Mason, was born in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, July 15, 1667. He was a shoemaker by trade about 1706, when he removed to Swansea, where he was deacon of the second church, until his death, January 25, 1742. He married Hannah ————, who survived him. Children:

  1. Hannah, died in infancy;
  2. Mary, died in infancy;
  3. Isaac, married Mary Fisk;
  4. Sampson, (see forward);
  5. Hezekiah, married Rebecca Martin;
  6. Nathan, married Lillis Hale;
  7. Oliver, married Martha Cole;
  8. Hannah (2), married Samuel Lewis;
  9. Benjamin, died young;
  10. Mary, married Nathan Bowen.

The first six children were born in Rehoboth, the others in Swansea, Massachusetts.

(III) Sampson, fourth child of Isaac and Hannah Mason, was born February 24, 1700, died 1731. He married, September 26, 1723, Experience, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Brooks) Lewis. She survived him, and married (second) Ebenezer Martin. Children:

  1. Nathaniel, see forward.
  2. Nathan, elder of the church; married Elizabeth Wood; died in Fort Ann, New York.
  3. Benjamin, married (first) Elizabeth Lewis; (second) Mrs. Anne (Wilbur) Wheeler.

These children were all born in Swansea.

(IV) Nathaniel, son of Sampson and Experience (Lewis) Mason, was born October 9, 1724, died about 1812. He married (first) March 29, 1747, Deborah Boomer, born about 1723, died May 4, 1763. He married (second) September 22, 1763, Lydia Martin, born in Swansea, Massachusetts, March 11, 1727. She survived him, and removed to Greenfield, New York, where she died May 9, 1820, at the home of her daughter Lydia. Children of first marriage, all born in Swansea:

  1. Matthew;
  2. Sampson, see forward;
  3. Deborah, died in infancy;
  4. Nathaniel, born January 19, 1756;
  5. Isaiah, September 1, 1758;
  6. Eleanor, married Joseph Tower;
  7. Deborah, born May 4, 1763.

Children of second marriage:

  1. Jonathan, born November 19, 1766;
  2. Lydia, September 17, 1769;
  3. Benjamin, died in childhood.

(V) Sampson, son of Nathaniel and his first wife Deborah (Boomer) Mason, was born at Swansea, Massachusetts, April 8, 1750, died after 1791, at Adams, Massachusetts. He served in the revolutionary war under two enlistments in Captain Enos Parker's company, Colonel Benjamin Symonds regiment, Berkshire county militia. His first enlistment was on July 9, 1777, discharged July 31, 1777. The regiment was sent to reinforce the continental army at Ticonderoga. His service was twenty-three days. His second enlistment was with the same company from August 14, 1777, to August 19, 1777, service six days. The regiment was sent to reinforce the army at Bennington. (See Revolutionary War Archives at Boston, office of secretary of state). He married Lucy Sherman.

(VI) Isaac, son of Sampson and Lucy (Sherman) Mason, was born in Berkshire county, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Cornell; children: Amanda and Marcus.

(VII) Amanda, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Cornell) Mason, was born in Dorset, Vermont, died in Johnstown, New York. She married Eli Pierson (see Pierson VII).

(VIII) Mary Ann, daughter of Eli and Amanda (Mason) Pierson, married James I. McMartin.

(IX) Caroline, daughter of James I. and Mary Ann (Pierson) McMartin, married Richard Evans (see Evans III).

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