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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1713-1715 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The name of Eldredge, or, as it was originally written, Eldred, is of Saxon origin. The name dates to the very earliest Saxon days in England. John Eldred, of Great Saxham, in Suffolk, England, was born in 1552 and died in 1632. He was one of the founders of Virginia, and from 1609 to 1624 was a member of his Majesty's Council for the Virginia Company of London. The brass tablet to "John Eldred, the Navigator," at Great Saxham, England, has the arms of the East India Merchants, the Levant or Turkey Merchants, and the Russia Merchants Companies. He left four sons and two daughters. The Pilgrims who came to America in the "Mayflower" in 1620 obtained a patent from the London Company, and through contrary winds were landed at Cane Cod instead of in Virginia, as they intended. As John Eldred was for fifteen years a director of the Virginia Company of London, it is likely that the Eldreds who appeared in New England between the years 1635 and 1645 were in some way connected with him. The name was early spelled Eldred, Eldredg and Eldridge, and later Eldredge, some branches using Eldridge.

(I) The family appeared in the Mohawk Valley about the years 1780-1790, the first settler being Barnabas Eldredge, who settled in Schoharie county. He reached his destination with a cash capital of ten dollars, engaged in farming and other business enterprises, and at his death possessed an estate of one thousand acres in Schoharie county, besides property in Ohio. He was the leading financier of his town and had the privilege granted him of issuing his own script or money. He married Doshia Wadsworth, and had Nancey, Robert, David, Adna, Franklin, Seth, Charles, Leray, Sally and Clinton. Doshia died May 30, 1831. Barnabas then married Sarah Peck, who died April 25, 1873.

(II) Clinton, son of Barnabas Eldredge, was born in Schoharie county, New York, in 1812, died 1897. He was a prosperous farmer of the county, his farm lying in the town of Sharon. He married Catherine, born August, 1812, died May, 1900, daughter of Andrew Moyer. Children, all born in Schoharie county:

  1. Seward, married Eliza Best; children:
    1. Orin, married Estella Ward, and had Seward and Joseph.
    2. Lena, married Duane Snyder, resides at Sharon Springs, and has a large family.
  2. Wadsworth, married Catherine Eckler; children: Myron, Beardsley, Ella and Bertha.
  3. Sarah, married Thomas S. Powell; children: J. Sands, Thomas, Anna and Bessie.
  4. James P., married Louise Alger, and had a large family.
  5. Odillon B., married Mary Ough; children: Ford, Harry and Ethal.
  6. Henry, died in infancy.
  7. Harry Moyer, of further mention.
  8. Andrew, died at the age of thirty-six years.
  9. Grace G., married Henry Skinner, and has Bertha.

(III) Henry Moyer, son of Clinton and Catherine (Moyer) Eldredge, was born in Leesville, Schoharie county, New York, March 27, 1851. He was educated in the public schools and under private instruction. He decided upon a profession, and choosing law, entered the law office of Alonzo B. Coons, at Sharon Springs, April, 1876, where he made thorough preparation. He taught in the public schools of Montgomery county during his years of legal preparation, and in 1877 was elected justice of the peace of the town of Sharon. He was admitted to the bar September 5, 1879. He practiced for one year in Sharon Springs, then in March, 1880, removed to Fort Plain, Montgomery county, New York, where he has passed thirty busy, eventful years in the practice of his profession, in official life and as general man of business. For several years he was corporation attorney for the villages of Williston and Fort Plain, and successfully defended every case brought against them both in the lower court and on appeal to the appellate division. Two of these suits against the village of Fort Plain were for large amounts. They were decided in favor of the village, but appeals were taken. Mr. Eldredge argued the cases before the appellate division of the Supreme Court, which sustained the decision of the lower court. Numberless instances could be cited of important cases in which he has figured as the successful chief or assistant counsel. He is a capable, skillful lawyer, a trusted and efficient public official, and in business most energetic and successful. His generosity is proverbial and unostentatious. For eight years he was clerk of the board of supervisors of Montgomery county, for sixteen years justice of the peace; director of the Farmers and Mechanics Bank; director of the Empire State Metal Wheel Company; treasurer of the school board, and interested in other activities of his village and county. In 1906 he was the candidate of his party for county judge, but failed of an election. He is a Methodist in religious faith. He is a member of Fort Plain Lodge, No. 433, Free and Accepted Masons, and of the Knights of Pythias. In politics he is a Democrat. He married, September 29, 1880, Ida C. Dunkle, daughter of Aaron and Irena (Hess) Dunkle, whose children are:

  1. Mary, married George W. Spraker.
  2. Adam, married Elizabeth Eldredge.
  3. Saline, married George H. Eldredge.
  4. Ida C., married Henry M. Eldredge.
  5. Margaret, married Edward Copley.
  6. Lewis A., married Florence Giesler.

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