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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. I, pp. 306-311 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Dowling family of Albany, New York, represented by Dr. Joseph I. Dowling, is of English origin and through maternal lines connected with the very earliest New England families, including Francis Cooke and Mary (Chilton) Winslow, both passengers on the "Mayflower" 1620. The main genealogical lines are the Seaverns, Bartholomew, Marshall, Simonds and Sheppard families, while a collateral branch includes most of the illustrious names of New England history.

(I) Isaac Dowling, born about 1780 at Pevenzy, Essex county, England.

(II) Rev. John Dowling, son of Isaac Dowling, was born at Pevenzy, Essex county, England, May 12, 1807. He came to the United States in 1832 and soon afterwards was ordained a minister of the Baptist church. In 1839 he removed to Newport, Rhode Island, and was pastor of the Pine Street Baptist Church, Providence, Rhode Island. In 1844 he accepted a call to New York City, which was the principal scene of his labors, excepting a few years spent as pastor of the Sansom Street Baptist Church of Philadelphia. In 1856 he returned to New York, where he was in charge of the Berean Church. He was an eloquent and great preacher, as well as a most prolific, convincing writer; his Defense of the Protestant Scriptures and his History of Romanism being monuments to his industry, research and deep learning. His parents were members of the Established Church of England and he was reared in that faith, but at the age of sixteen years he was converted, baptized by Rev. Joseph Ivimey, and united with the Eagle Street Baptist Church, London, England, from whence he came to the United States. He married, March 4, 1833, Maria Sampson Perkins, born August 30, 1809, died August 30, 1897 (see Chilton X).

(III) Joseph Ivimey, son of Rev. John and Maria Sampson (Perkins) Dowling, was born at Providence, Rhode Island, February 11, 1843, died January 19, 1884. He married Mary Jane Sheppard, born April 6, 1845, daughter of George Sheppard, born at Frome, Somersetshire, England, 1802, died December 1, 1857; came to the United States and settled at Newburg, New York, where he was known as George B. Sheppard, having assumed the middle name out of regard for an intimate friend. He married Ann Eliza King, born June 4, 1804, died April 13, 1862.

(IV) Dr. Joseph Ivimey Dowling, son of Joseph Ivimey and Mary Jane (Sheppard) Dowling, was born in Newark (Woodside), New Jersey, December 22, 1872. He was educated in private and public schools in Brooklyn, New York; public schools in Philadelphia; graduated Philadelphia high school, 1892; entered Philadelphia Medico-Chirurgical College, where he completed the first year course, taking the freshman faculty prize. In 1893 he entered the New York Homeopathic Medical College; received his degree M.D. in 1895; has since been in the continuous practice of his profession, specializing in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. He has a very large practice in Albany and is a most skillful and successful practitioner. In 1895-96 he was resident surgeon of Flower Hospital, New York City; 1896-98 physician of Five Points House of Industry; 1898-99 surgeon New York Ophthalmic Hospital; was medical school inspector, New York City. After his removal to Albany he was attending oculist, aurist, laryngolist and rhinologist to Albany Homeopathic Hospital; president of Albany County Homeopathic Medical Society, 1902-08; secretary of American Homeopathic Ophthalmological, Otological and Laryngological Society; American Institute of Homeopathy; member Albany Chamber of Commerce, and Society of Mayflower Descendants. His clubs are the Fort Orange, University and Country, all of Albany. Dr. Dowling is the author of many papers relative to general and special practice, and has attained eminence in his profession. In the summer of 1906 he spent four months in European travel, taking needed recreation. He married, November 6, 1901, Elizabeth Marshall Seaverns, born July 27, 1878 (see Seaverns XII). Two children:

  1. Frank Seaverns, born at 223 State street, Albany, New York October 9, 1902, and
  2. Elizabeth Thayer, born September 26, 1909.

(The Seaverns Line)

John Seaverns, of Shrawley, England, born 1509, came of an ancient English family.

(II) Thomas, son of John Seaverns, was born at Powick, county of Worcester, England, 1530; married Elizabeth Nash, of Martley, Worcestershire, England.

(III) John (2), son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Nash) Seaverns, was born at Powick, England, 1588; married Mary, daughter of Richard Langley, of Abbey Shrewsbury.

(IV) John (3), son of John (2) and Mary (Langley) Seaverns; was born in England, 1609, and is the founder of the family in America. He came to Boston from Ipswich, England, in the ship "Elizabeth," April 30, 1634, with his wife Abigail and her father, Richard Kimball. In 1636 he was a resident of Ipswich; in 1637 he was made a freeman; joined the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston in 1638; removed to Salisbury in 1640; was prudential man in 1642; issued an order in 1643 directing that arms and ammunition should be carried to church. His will, dated April 7, 1682, was proved May 9, 1682. Abigail, his wife, born 1616, died June 19, 1658.

(V) Joseph, son of John (3) and Abigail (Kimball) Seaverns, was born at Salisbury, Massachusetts, 1650. He removed to Charlestown, Massachusetts, but after his death his widow, Elizabeth, settled at Watertown. They were married in 1675.

(VI) Samuel, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Seaverns, was born 1676, died November 10, 1714. In 1686 he was baptized at the First Parish Church of Watertown, the name being written Severns. His daughter Elizabeth's name is entered on the register of the same church as Severins, but he wrote and spelled it Seaverns. December 20, 1699, he married Rebecca Stratton, born May 6, 1672.

(VII) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) and Rebecca (Stratton) Seaverns, was born at Watertown, Massachusetts, July 11, 1706, died December 27, 1788. Will dated December 13 of same year. He married, October 6, 1731, Sarah Jennison, born November 13, 1711.

(VIII) Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2) and Sarah (Jennison) Seaverns, was born at Roxbury, Massachusetts, September 13, 1736, died November 27, 1796. He married, April 11, 1765, Lucy Smith, born March 5, 1747.

(IX) Joel, son of Samuel (3) and Lucy (Smith) Seaverns, was born May 22, 1767, died February 12, 1827. He married, January 20, 1811, Olive Draper Gay, born September 15, 1786, died August 31, 1833.

(X) Francis, son of Joel and Olive Draper (Gay) Seaverns, was born March 25, 1814, died July 13, 1880. He married, January 1, 1845, Nancy Bartholomew, born October 12, 1817, died January 6, 1901.

(XI) Francis (2), son of Francis (1) and Nancy (Bartholomew) Seaverns, was born February 1, 1847. He married, November 20, 1873, Caroline Augusta Marshall, born October 31, 1845 (see Marshall IX).

(XII) Elizabeth Marshall, daughter of Francis (2) and Caroline Augusta (Marshall) Seaverns, born July 27, 1878, married, November 6, 1901, Dr. Joseph Ivimey Dowling (see Dowling IV).

(The Marshall Line)

Captain Thomas Marshall, born 1613, came from England in the ship "James" in 1635 and settled at Reading, Massachusetts, where he was made a freeman in 1641. He removed to Lynn, Massachusetts, where he was "made free" in 1653. He was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, 1640. He was representative to the general court, 1659-60-63-64-67-68. He was always called "Captain."

(II) John, son of Captain Thomas Marshall, born 1632, died November 5, 1702. He settled at Billerica, Massachusetts, where his house was on the East Road, near Marshall Lane, which was named after him. He married, November 27, 1665, Mary Burrage, born May 9, 1641, died October 30, 1680.

(III) John (2), son of John (1) and Mary (Burrage) Marshall, born August 1, 1671, at Billerica, died January 25, 1713-14. He married, December 8, 1695, Eunice Rogers, born 1676.

(IV) John (3) (Sergeant), son of John (2) and Eunice (Rogers) Marshall, was born at Billerica, January 19, 1698-99; moved to Tewksbury, where he died October 6, 1672. He was sergeant of the train band or militia. He was married, August 10, 1722, to Abigail Parker.

(V) Daniel, son of Sergeant John (3) and Abigail (Parker) Marshall, was born at Billerica, Massachusetts, August 29, 1726; removed to Hudson, New Hampshire (a part of the town of Nottingham). He married and had issue.

(VI) Elijah, son of Daniel Marshall, was born 1750 or 1759 at Hudson or Nottingham, New Hampshire. He married Mary ————.

(VII) Thomas, son of Elijah and Mary Marshall, was born at Nottingham, New Hampshire, or Newburyport, Massachusetts, December 12, 1781, died February 15, 1808. He married, September 4, 1808, Huldah Chase Ayer, born February 6, 1778, died May 21, 1863.

(VIII) Caleb Strong, son of Thomas and Huldah Chase (Ayer) Marshall, was born at Newburyport, Massachusetts, August 26, 1812, died January 19, 1874. He married, January 1, 1835, Ann Goold Simonds, born June 25, 1813, died March 26, 1877.

(IX) Caroline Augusta, daughter of Caleb Strong,and Ann Goold (Simonds) Marshall, born October 31, 1845, married, November 20, 1873, Francis Seaverns (see Seaverns XI).

(The Chilton Line)

James Chilton, of England, born 1580, came to America with his wife and daughter in the "Mayflower," 1620; signer of the "Compact"; died in Cape Cod Harbor before the landing; his wife dying a month later.

(II) Mary, daughter of James Chilton, died May 11, 1679. Tradition says that when the "Pilgrims" landed Mary Chilton was the first to step on the shore. She married, 1627, John, brother of Governor Winslow, born April 26, 1597, died 1674. Her will is on file in the probate court of Boston.

(III) Susannah, daughter of John and Mary (Chilton) Winslow, born 1628-29, died 1676-83. Her father, John Winslow, son of Edward and Magdalen Winslow, was born at Droitwich, Worcestershire, England; came to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the ship "Fortune," 1623; removed to Boston 1657; freeman 1672; brother of Edward Winslow, governor of the Plymouth Colony (see Winslow genealogy in this work). Susannah married, 1649, Robert Latham, died 1688.

(IV) Sarah, daughter of Robert and Susannah (Winslow) Latham, married John (3) Howard, born April 20, 1647.

(V) Martha, daughter of John (3) and Sarah (Latham) Howard, died July 14, 1735. She married, February 1, 1688-89, David Perkins, born 1652, died October 1, 1736. John (3) Howard was a son of John (2) Howard and a grandson of Lieutenant John (1) Howard, born 1625, died 1700.

(VI) Nathan, son of David and Martha (Howard) Perkins, married, November 9, 1709, Martha, daughter of Soloman Leonard, granddaughter of Solomon Leonard and great-granddaughter of Samuel Leonard.

(VII) James, son of Nathan and Martha (Leonard) Perkins, was born March 5, 1720. He married, 1742, Berthia Dunhan.

(VIII) Deacon James (2), son of James (1) and Berthia (Dunhan) Perkins, was born April 1, 1746, died August 28, 1827. He married, February 14, 1771, Mary Hopper, born 1744, daughter of James and Mary Johnson Hopper. James was the son of John and grandson of William Hopper, born 1617, died December 5, 1678, and Elizabeth Marshall, his wife, a daughter of Captain Thomas and Rebecca Marshall.

(IX) Rufus, son of Deacon James (2) and Mary (Hopper) Perkins, was born September 3, 1774. He married, 1797, Rebecca Johnson, born 1778.

(X) Maria Sampson, daughter of Rufus and Rebecca (Johnson) Perkins, was born August 30, 1809, died August 30, 1897. He married, March 4, 1833, Rev. John Dowling (see Dowling II).

(The Cooke Line)

Francis Cooke, born 1582, came from England to America with his son John in the "Mayflower," 1620, having been transferred to her from the "Speedwell," in which he originally set sail. His wife, Esther or Hester, is believed to have been born in Canterbury, England, and from there went to Holland. She came to America in the ship "Ann" in 1623 with three children. They were married June 30, 1603. He died April 7, 1663, she surviving him until June 18, 1666.

(II) Jane, daughter of Francis and Esther or Hester Cooke, married, 1628, Experience Mitchell, born 1606, died September 4, 1689; came from England in the "Ann," 1623; settled in Duxbury, 1631, afterwards removing to Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

(III) Elizabeth, daughter of Experience and Jane (Cooke) Mitchell, married, December 6, 1645, John (2) Washburn, born in England in 1621, came to America with his mother in the ship "Elizabeth and Ann" in 1635, son of John (1) Washburn, born about 1583, came from Evesham, England; to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1632; settled at Duxbury and afterwards removed to Bridgewater, and whose wife Margaret came later, coming from London in 1635 with their son John.

(IV) John (3), son of John (2) and Elizabeth Mitchell Washburn, was born at Duxbury, Massachusetts, 1646; served in King Philip's War; married, April 16, 1679, Rebecca Lapham, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Tilden) Lapham; married March 13, 1637.

(V) Rebecca, daughter of John (3) and Rebecca (Lapham) Washburn, married, 1719, Captain David Johnson, son of Captain Isaac Johnson, born 1668, died 1735, married Abigail Leavitt.

Captain Isaac Johnson came over from England with his father, Captain John Johnson, in 1630, settling at Roxbury; was made a freeman 1635; member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1645; commissioned a captain 1653; captain of Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 1657; was killed December 19, 1675, while leading his company in a charge against the Indians at the Narragansett fort fight. The only entrance to the Indian stronghold was by means of a felled tree, bridging the swamp, over which but one man could pass at a time. Captain Johnson was shot dead on the bridge, while leading his men. His father, Captain John Johnson, came from England with Governor Winthrop, bringing his wife and son Isaac. He was one of the founders of the first church at Roxbury, 1632; deputy 1634-48; member of Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 1638; held the title of "Surveyor General of all ye armies." When Ann Hutchinson was taken into custody, the general court ordered that the arms of her Roxbury adherents be delivered to "goodman" Johnson.

(VI) Major Isaac Johnson, son of Captain David and Rebecca (Washburn) Johnson, was born 1721; removed to Hingham and from there to Bridgewater. He was major of Massachusetts troops, deputy and magistrate. He married, 1744, Mary Willis, born 1725, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Kinsley) Willis, granddaughter of Benjamin and Susanna (Whitman) Willis, and great-granddaughter of Deacon John Willis, born about 1634, an original proprietor and one of the first settlers of Bridgewater, Massachusetts; held many town offices; deputy or representative from that town for twenty-five years; married Elizabeth Hodgkins.

(VII) Thomas, son of Major Isaac and Mary (Willis) Johnson, was born in Bridgewater, 1747. He married, 1771, Molly Lathrop, born 1775, a descendant of Mark Lathrop, who settled at Bridgewater as early as 1656. He is supposed to have descended from Rev. John Lathrop. His son, Samuel, born at Bridgewater, died 1724; married, 1682, Sarah Downer. Their son Samuel (2), born 1685, died 1746; married, 1710, Abial Lazell, born 1686. Their son, Major Daniel Lathrop, born 1721, married, 1744, Rhoda Willis. Their daughter Molly married Thomas Johnson.

(VIII) Rebecca, daughter of Thomas and Molly (Lathrop) Johnson, born 1778, married, 1797, Rufus Perkins, born 1774.

(IX) Maria Sampson, daughter of Rufus and Rebecca (Johnson) Perkins, married, March 4, 1833, Rev. John Dowling.

(The Bartholomew Line)

Nancy Bartholomew, wife of Francis Seaverns (see Seaverns X), is a descendant of William (2) Bartholomew, born 1602, died January 18, 1680, son of William (1) (1567), son of John (1528), son of John (1506). William (2) was born at Burford, Oxfordshire, England. On account of religious persecution he removed to London, where his house became headquarters for all dissenters. He came to Boston, Massachusetts, September 18, 1634, in the ship "Griffith" with Ann Hutchinson and others. He removed to Ipswich, where he was a special grand juror, 1637, on the jury who tried Ann Hutchinson for heresy. He was representative in 1633-36-37-38-41-47-50; town clerk 1639; county treasurer 1654-66; established the first public school in Ipswich 1650. The house he built in 1637 was standing until a few years ago. He married Anna Lord, who died January 29, 1682.

(V) Lieutenant William (3), son of William (2) and Anna (Lord) Bartholomew, was born at Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1640; was at Hatfield, September 19, 1677, and during the Indian raid his daughter, four years of age, was carried off to Canada and was only regained by the payment of a ransom of two hundred pounds, May 23, 1678. He removed to Woodstock, Connecticut, 1687; was ensign 1689; lieutenant 1691; deputy 1692. He married, December 17, 1663, Mary Johnson, born April 24, 1642, daughter of Captain Isaac Johnson, born 1615, and granddaughter of Captain John Johnson, born 1593, died September 29, 1659.

(VI) Joseph, son of Lieutenant William (3) and Mary (Johnson) Bartholomew, was born 1682, died 1697. [?] He married, November 12, 1713, Elizabeth, died October 15, 1724, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Cutter) Sanger and granddaughter of Richard and Mary (Reynolds) Sanger.

(VII) Corporal Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) and Elizabeth (Sanger) Bartholomew, was born at Woodstock, Connecticut, February 10, 1715; fought at Louisburg, Canada, in Captain Cheney's company, Colonel Choat's eighth regiment. He married Mary ————, born 1716.

(VIII) Samuel, son of Corporal Joseph (2) and Mary Bartholomew, was born at Woodstock, Connecticut, 1749, died 1831. He served in the revolution; at the siege of Boston; enlisted in 1775 in Captain Noble's company; Colonel Eaton's regiment; December of the same year re-enlisted in Colonel Reed's regiment; served in New York City; May 8, 1777, to May 26, 1777, in Captain Abraham Foot's company; Colonel Andrew Ward's regiment; August 4, 1778, to September 12, 1778, in Captain Matthew Brown's company, Colonel Samuel Chapman's regiment; was engaged under Brigadier-General John Tyler in the attempt to dislodge the British at Newport and was present at the battle of Rhode Island, August 29, 1778. From January 18, 1781, to December 31, 1781, in Captain Nehemiah Rice's company, in Fifth Regiment Connecticut Line, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Sherman; wintered at Connecticut village and engaged in the Yorktown campaign during the following months. He married Susannah Laughlin, born 1762.

(IX) Jedediah, son of Samuel and Susannah (Laughlin) Bartholomew, was born at Hartford, Connecticut, April 9, 1786, died December 25, 1829. He married, January 16, 1809, Sally, born December 24, 1786, died December 26, 1849, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Goslee) Shirtleff, who were married April 14, 1785.

(X) Nancy, daughter of Jedediah and Sally (Shirtleff) Bartholomew, was born October 12, 1817, died January 6, 1901. She married, January 1, 1845, Francis Seaverns (see Seaverns X).

(The Goold Line)

Ann Goold (Simonds) Marshall, wife of Caleb Strong Marshall (see Marshall), was a descendant of Robert Goold, born 1640, came from Devonshire, England, in 1664, settled at Hull, Massachusetts. His cousin, Mrs. John Stone, died that same year, childless, bequeathing him all her property. He married, 1666, Elizabeth, born November 18, 1638, daughter of Benjamin, born 1616, and granddaughter of Edward Bosworth, born about 1594, came to America from England in 1634, in the ship "Elizabeth and Dorcas," with son Benjamin, who settled in Hingham, Massachusetts, removing to Hull in 1660. Edward Bosworth died shortly after his arrival and was buried at Boston.

(II) John, son of Robert and Elizabeth (Bosworth) Goold, was born 1672, died November 16, 1762. He married, January 17, 1698, Lydia Jacobs, born April 18, 1681, died January 8, 1742.

(III) Jacob, son of John and Lydia (Jacobs) Goold, died November 16, 1762; was of Weymouth, Massachusetts, and one of the committee appointed to draft resolutions on "No More Tea." He married, October 4, 1744, Deborah Gardner (Sampson), born 1722, died December, 1795.

(IV) Captain Jacob (2), son of Jacob (1) and Deborah Gardner (Sampson) Goold, was born 1755, died March 7, 1816. He was of Weymouth, Massachusetts, and captain of Lexington Alarm Roll of that town, Colonel Benjamin Lincoln's regiment, march from Weymouth and Braintree, April 19, 1775; served eight days; June 23, 1775, signed receipt as captain for twenty canteens for his company's commissary; August 1, 1775, captain in Colonel William Heath's regiment (36 Regiment Foot) stationed at fort No. 2, Cambridge; commissioned April 27, 1775; enlisted May 20, 1779; discharged September 23, 1780; appears on pay roll employed in quartermaster-general's office, Boston, serving sixteen months. He married, April 13, 1775, Lydia Thayer, born March 29, 1752 (see Thayer VI).

(V) Joanna Thayer, daughter of Captain Jacob (2) and Lydia (Thayer) Goold, was born June 28, 1782. She married, December 10, 1800, Shepherd Simonds, born November 18, 1781, died March 22, 1857 (see Simonds VI).

(The Simonds Line)

William Simonds, born about 1612, married, January 18, 1644, Judith Phippen, died January 3, 1690.

(II) Benjamin, son of William and Judith (Phippen) Simonds, born March 18, 1654, died September 21, 1726. He married, 1678, Rebecca Tidd, died April, 1713.

(III) John, son of Benjamin and Rebecca (Tidd) Simonds, born March 22, 1685, died June 5, 1721. He married Sarah Johnson, died June 5, 1727.

(IV) Joshua, son of John and Sarah (Johnson) Simonds, born November 8, 1718. He married, February 1, 1742, Jerusha Waters.

(V) Josiah, son of Joshua and Jerusha (Waters) Simonds, born April 23, 1749. He married Mary Gibson.

(VI) Shepherd, son of Josiah and Mary (Gibson) Simonds, born November 18, 1781, died March 22, 1857. He married, December 10, 1800, Joanna Thayer Goold (see Goold V).

(VII) Ann Goold, daughter of Shepherd and Joanna Thayer (Goold) Simonds, born June 25, 1813, died March 26, 1877. He married, January 1, 1835, Caleb Strong Marshall (see Marshall VIII).

(VIII) Caroline Augusta, daughter of Caleb Strong and Ann Goold Marshall, married Francis Seaverns (see Seaverns XI).

(The Thayer Line)

Lydia (Thayer) Goold, wife of Captain Jacob Goold, descends through both maternal and paternal lines from Thomas Thayer, born 1596, died June 2, 1665; came to America from England with his wife, Margery Wheeler, born 1598, died February 11, 1672; married April 13, 1618, and son Thomas and wife, Anna, settled at Braintree, Massachusetts, where he was made a freeman in 1647. In St. Mary's Church at Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England, the place of his birth, there is a tablet erected to John Thayer. The Thayers were land owners from the time of Edward II. Lydia Thayer also descended from Richard Thayer, born 1601, came to America from Thornbury, England, eleven miles north of Bristol. After the death of his wife Dorothy Mortimore (born 1604, died January 17, 1640; married April 5, 1624), he emigrated with his children to America, settling at Boston; made a freeman in 1640. In 1641 he bought a tract of land from Josias Wampatect Sachem, who lived at Squantum and claimed land as far as Marshfield. Josias being under age, the town objected to the transfer. In 1662 Richard Thayer petitioned the king in favor of his claim, under his deed; removed to Braintree, Massachusetts, where he died.

(II) Richard (2), son of Richard (1) and Dorothy (Mortimore) Thayer, born February 10, 1624, died August 27, 1695. He married, December 24, 1651, Dorothy Pray, born 1624, died December 11, 1705. He came from England with his father and in 1679 returned there on business. The inscription on his gravestone in Hancock cemetery, Quincy, Massachusetts, reads: "Here Lyes ye body of Richard Thayer senior, aged 71 years dec'd August 27, 1695."

(III) Richard (3), son of Richard (2) and Dorothy (Pray) Thayer, born August 31, 1655, at Braintree, Massachusetts, died December 4, 1705. He married, July 16, 1679, Rebecca Micall (Mycall), born January 22, 1659, died January 28, 1732. He served in King Philip's war under Captain Johnson, May 10, 1675.

(IV) Lieutenant Richard (4), son of Richard (3) and Rebecca (Micall) Thayer, was born January 26, 1685. He married, February 6, 1711, Mary White, born September 12, 1690, died 1736. He was in the military service of Massachusetts colony, ranking as lieutenant.

(V) Obadiah, son of Lieutenant Richard (4) and Mary (White) Thayer, was born March 29, 1724, at Braintree, Massachusetts. Served in the revolution under Captain Jacob Goold in 1775. He married his cousin, Joanna Thayer, born May 10, 1728, daughter of Captain Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer, son of Thomas, son of Thomas and Margery Wheeler; thus uniting the lines of Thomas, 1596, and Richard (1) Thayer, 1601.

(VI) Lydia, daughter of Obadiah and Joanna (Thayer) Thayer, was born March 29, 1752. She married, April 13, 1775, Captain Jacob Goold (see Goold IV).

(VII) Joanna Thayer, daughter of Captain Jacob and Lydia (Thayer) Goold, married Shepherd Simonds (see Simonds VI).

(VIII) Ann Goold, daughter of Shepherd and Joanna Thayer (Goold) Simonds, married Caleb Strong Marshall.

(IX) Caroline Augusta, daughter of Caleb Strong and Ann (Goold) Marshall, married Francis Seaverns.

(X) Elizabeth Marshall, daughter of Francis and Caroline Augusta (Marshall) Seaverns, married Dr. Joseph Ivimey Dowling. Children:

  1. Francis Seaverns, born October 9, 1902, at Albany, New York;
  2. Elizabeth Thayer, born September 26, 1909.

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