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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1603-1605 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Dorrs are an ancient English family. Joseph Dorr, ancestor, came to America from England in 1670, took the oath of fealty at Pemaquid, purchased land in Boston in 1674, afterward removed to Roxbury, where he died.

The family in Albany herein traced descent from Edmund, son of Joseph Dorr, born in England, died in 1734, at the age of eighty-six years. He came to America in 1674, landed in Boston, later settling in Roxbury, Massachusetts, near Boston, where he became selectman and influential in town affairs. He married (first), 1679, Elizabeth Howley, of Roxbury, born 1656, died 1719, in Roxbury. He married (second) Elizabeth D. Clapp, born 1669, died 1773. Children, all by first wife:

  1. Edward, born 1680, died in infancy.
  2. Ann, died in infancy.
  3. Edward, died in infancy.
  4. Edward, died in infancy.
  5. ————, unmarried.
  6. Edmund, born 1686, died in infancy.
  7. Ebenezer, June 7, 1688, died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, February 25, 1761; married and left numerous descendants.
  8. Rev. Joseph, 1690, died March 9, 1760; a graduate of Harvard College, was ordained to the ministry and settled over the church at Minden, Worcester county, Massachusetts, for forty years. His son, Joseph (2) Dorr, attained local eminence and left a notable posterity. He had several daughters all of whom married clergymen.
  9. Edmund, of whom further.
  10. Harbottle, born May 11, 1696; married and settled in Boston; children:
    1. Susannah, born January 24, 1725, died unmarried;
    2. Harbottle (2), born January 24, 1729, died unmarried.
  11. Elizabeth, married ———— Scutt.
  12. Clarence, born July 17, 1700; married, July 8, 1725, a daughter of Edmund Weld, and had six children.

(II) Edmund (2), ninth child of Edmund (1) and Elizabeth (Hawley) Dorr, was born in Roxbury, October 19, 1692. He settled in Lyme, Connecticut, where he died November 21, 1776. He married, in Lyme, September 24, 1719, Mary, born April 24, 1794 [probably 1694], daughter of Matthew and Phoebe (Hyde) Griswold, of Lyme, both prominent families of early Connecticut. Children:

  1. George, born August 4, 1720; was a lawyer and magistrate of Lyme for thirty-three years, and attorney for the king for thirty-three years; died 1786.
  2. Rev. Edward, born November 2, 1722, a graduate of Yale College; married Helena, daughter of Governor Talcott, of Connecticut; he settled in Hartford, where he was pastor of the First Church; died there October 20, 1772, without issue. The Rev. Dorr is buried in the old Centre Church cemetery. The stone covering the Rev. Dorr's grave is a table monument, on which is cut the following inscription:

    "Here lies interred the body of The Reverend Edward Dorr, the late Learned and Pious Pastor of the first church of Christ in Hartford, who departed this life Oct. 20th Anno Domini 1772 in the 50th year of his age and 25 of his ministry

    And Jesus said I am the Resurrection and the Life."

  3. Matthew, of whom further.
  4. Elizabeth, born 1725; married (second) Dr. Elisha Tracy, of Norwich, Connecticut.
  5. Mary, born 1727, died July 6, 1742.
  6. Eve, born 1733; married George Griffin, of East Haddam, Connecticut.
  7. Deborah, born 1739, died 1768, unmarried.

(III) Matthew, third son of Edmund (2) and Mary (Griswold) Dorr, was born in Lyme, Connecticut, 1724, died at Athens, Ohio, 1801. He married (first) November 4, 1747, Elizabeth Palmer. She died about 1775. He married (second) Lydia Wood, died at Athens, Ohio, 1815. By first wife he had seven sons and three daughters; by second wife three sons and two daughters.

(IV) Elisha, son of Matthew and Elizabeth (Palmer) Dorr, was born in Lyme, Connecticut, March 27, 1764, died in Albany, New York, April 30, 1843. He came to Albany when a young man and became a furrier and dealt in furs and skins, many of which he bought of John Jacob Astor, a business he was engaged in until his retirement through advancing years. He was surrogate of Albany county, 1808-10, and an incorporator and director of the Mechanics' and Farmers' Bank. He was a member, deacon and elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Albany and a potent force for good in the city. He married, in Albany, Elizabeth Brouer, born 1776, died September 19, 1837. She was also a worker in the First Presbyterian Church. Children:

  1. Palmer, born November 4, 1797, died July 30, 1840; unmarried; a graduate of Middlebury College, Connecticut [i.e., Vermont]; a physician of Albany.
  2. Cornelius, born July 30, 1799, died September 17, 1820; unmarried; he was admitted to the bar, but died before establishing a practice.
  3. Harriet, born December 25, 1802, died March 31, 1819.
  4. Alfred, born March 27, 1806, died April 17, 1849; graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point; married Mary C. Milderberger, died December 18, 1836, in her thirty-fourth year; children:
    1. Harriet, died in childhood;
    2. Elizabeth, married James Dempsey, of Albany, and left two sons, William James and Elisha Dorr Dempsey, both of Newark, New Jersey;
    3. Ellen R., born July 20, 1834, married William Livingston Ostrander, of Hudson, no issue.
  5. Edmund, of whom further.
  6. Elisha (2), born July 9, 1810, died October 2, 1882.

(V) Edmund (3), son of Elisha and Elizabeth (Brouer) Dorr, was born in Albany, New York, August 11, 1808, died October 10, 1881. He was educated in Albany and for many years was a commission merchant of that city. He, together with Arthur Root, of Albany, were promoters of the board of trade of Albany. He was an energetic, prosperous and public-spirited man, highly regarded in his city. He was a Presbyterian, and a Republican but never active in political affairs. He was married in New Brunswick, New Jersey, April 26, 1836, by Rev. Dr. Howe, to Maria M. Englehart, born in New York, November 11, 1815, died near Albany, New York, June 7, 1888, a woman of strong mentality and high character, a member of the Presbyterian church and interested in many good causes. She was a daughter of George and Margaret (Hartell) Englehart, of New York City, the former of whom was a wholesale leather merchant of New York City, with Jacob H. Lorillard, who was his cousin. She was a granddaughter of George Englehart, who was twice married, one of his wives being Mary Lorillard of the well-known Lorillard family of New York and New Jersey. Children of Edmund and Maria M. Dorr:

  1. Margaret Elizabeth, born March 19, 1838, on Ferry street, Albany, New York, then a noted residential street. She was educated in Albany private schools and Female Academy, and with her sister resides at Glenmont, near Albany, unmarried.
  2. Emma Lorillard, born April 3, 1840, at the northeast corner of Swan and Lydius streets, now Madison avenue, Albany, the old home there being yet a landmark. She was educated in private schools and Female Academy, and now has her home in the most beautiful surroundings overlooking the Hudson Valley.

The sisters are members of the Presbyterian church, and are women of culture and refinement.

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