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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. I, pp. 480-484 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Dornins of New York City, there seated since 1790, descend from Alexander Dornin, of "Lecharrowhoyle," in the parish of Raphoe, barony of Tirawley, county of Mayo, Ireland. This estate was confiscated by Oliver Cromwell.

(I) The American ancestor was Thomas Dornin, son of Patrick, son of Brian, fifth in descent from Alexander. He came to America when a boy and settled in New York City, where he studied law and practiced his profession. He served during the war of 1812 in Captain Homer Whittemore's company, Second (Van Hook's) Regiment New York Militia, service September 2 to October 26, 1814. He died December, 1815. He married Phoebe Marchant, born October 14, 1775, died April 10, 1847, daughter of Gamaliel and Lydia (Ripley) Marchant (see Marchant VI).

(II) William Henry, son of Thomas and Phoebe (Marchant) Dornin, was born in New York City, July 31, 1811, died there October 16, 1877. He married, November 23, 1834, Phoebe G. Coffin (see Coffin VII), born July 10, 1819, died October 13, 1899, daughter of George Bunker and Abigail (Allen) Coffin, a descendant of Tristram Coffin, of Nantucket.

(III) William Coffin, son of William Henry and Phoebe G. (Coffin) Dornin, was born in New York City, February 20, 1840. He was educated in the city schools; began his business career there and still continues, engaged as a stock broker. He married, June 20, 1866, Mary Jane Evans, born September 19, 1845, died September 30, 1898, daughter of Robert William Evans, born October 23, 1817, died May 31, 1868; married, September 15, 1840, Harriet Elizabeth Westcott, born July 17, 1824, daughter of Solomon Westcott, born September 20, 1789, died January 5, 1874; married, October 6, 1810, Sarah Badger, born June 10, 1792, died October 25, 1875, daughter of Samuel Badger, who married, February 13, 1787, Elizabeth Gardner (see Gardner IX). Robert W. Evans is a son of William Evans, who came to Columbia county, New York, from Lancashire, England, and his wife, Mary (Blaco) Evans, born May 31, 1800, died September 9, 1849. Robert W. Evans settled in Hudson, New York, where the family now resides. His wife, Harriet Elizabeth (Westcott) Evans, daughter of Solomon Westcott, son of Abraham Westcott, born January 31, 1760, married Lydia Wardell, born July 1, 1765, and descendant of Richard Westcott, one of the original proprietors of Bedford, Westchester county, New York, and said to be of the family of Stukely Westcott, the associate of Roger Williams in the foundation of the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Children of Robert William and Harriet E. (Westcott) Evans:

  1. Cornelius Henry.
  2. Mary Jane, married William Coffin Dornin.
  3. Harriet, married Arthur Curtiss Stott (see Stott).

Children of William Coffin and Mary Jane (Evans) Dornin:

  1. Mary.
  2. Arthur Evans, born April 3, 1870, died April, 1904; married Caroline Louise, daughter of John Neilson Bull; child, Arthur Evans, born May, 1904.
  3. William Coffin (2), of further mention.
  4. Florence, deceased.

(IV) William Coffin (2), son of William Coffin (1) and Mary Jane (Evans) Dornin, was born in New York City, August 4, 1873. He prepared for college in city schools; entered Columbia University, whence he was graduated A. B., class of 1894, now engaged in the real estate business in New York City.

(The Coffin Line)

Phoebe G. (Coffin) Dornin descends from the well-known Coffin family of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

(I) Stephen Coffin, born May 10, 1652, married, 1668, Mary Bunker, born.1652, died 1724.

(II) Stephen (2), son of Stephen (1) and Mary (Bunker) Coffin, was born February 20, 1676, died 1725; married, September 21, 1693, Experience Look, born November 22, 1672, died April 17, 1759, daughter of Thomas Look, born June, 1646, and his wife, Elizabeth (Bunker) Look, born 1646.

(III) Zephaniah, son of Stephen (2) and Experience (Look) Coffin, was born August 28, 1699, died September 10, 1774; married, July, 1725, Miriam Macy, born February 16, 1708, died August 2, 1736, daughter of John (2) Macy, born 1675, died November 28, 1751; married, April 25, 1707, Judith Worth, born December 22, 1689, died November 8, 1767, daughter of John Worth, who married, September 22, 1684, Miriam Gardner, daughter of Richard and granddaughter of Thomas Gardner. John (2) Macy was the son of John (1) Macy, born July 14, 1655, died October 14, 1691; married Deborah Gardner, born February 12, 1658, daughter of Richard and granddaughter of Thomas Gardner.

(IV) Stephen (3), son of Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy) Coffin, married Mary Bunker, born 1736 (see Bunker III), of Nantucket.

(V) Noah, son of Stephen (3) and Mary (Bunker) Coffin, removed from Nantucket, Massachusetts, to Cooperstown, New York. He married Lydia Bunker (see Bunker V).

(VI) George Bunker, son of Noah and Lydia (Bunker) Coffin, was born November 4, 1781, died February 9, 1855; married, May 11, 1803, Abigail Allen, born March 19, 1784, died May 31, 1852, daughter of Ebenezer Allen, born March 16, 1749, died October 8, 1790, married Mary Wing, born March 12, 1749, died October 16, 1789. He settled in Hudson, New York.

(VII) Phoebe G., daughter of George Bunker and Abigail (Allen) Coffin, married William Henry Dornin (see Dornin II).

(The Bunker Line)

Lydia (Bunker) Coffin, wife of Noah Coffin, was a daughter of Jonathan Bunker and fourth in descent from George Bunker, who died May 26, 1658, and Jane (Godfrey) Bunker, died October 31, 1662.

(II) William, son of George and Jane (Godfrey) Bunker, was born 1648, died June 6, 1712; married, April 11, 1665, Mary Macy, born December 4, 1648, died 1729, daughter of Thomas Macy, chief magistrate of Nantucket, born 1608, died April 19, 1682; married, September 6, 1639, Sarah Hopcot, born 1612, died 1706.

(III) Peleg, son of William and Mary (Macy) Bunker, married Susanna, died June 11, 1740, daughter of Stephen and Mary (Bunker) Coffin (see Coffin IV). Mary was the daughter of George and Jane (Godfrey) Bunker.

(IV) Jonathan, son of Peleg and Susanna (Coffin) Bunker, died May 10, 1778; married, September 9, 1742, Judith Macy, born October 14, 1721, died December 20, 1799, daughter of Richard Macy, born September 22, 1689, died December 25, 1779; married, September 8, 1711, Deborah Pinkham, born December 28, 1694, died December 13, 1767, daughter of Richard and Mary (Coffin) Pinkham, granddaughter of James Coffin, born August 12, 1640, died July 28, 1720; married, December 3, 1663, Mary Severance, born August 5, 1645. Richard Macy was the son of John Macy, born July 14, 1655, died October 14, 1691; married Deborah Gardner, born February 2, 1658, died 1712, daughter of Richard Gardner, a chief magistrate of Nantucket, and Sarah (Shattuck) Gardner. John Macy was the son of Thomas Macy, born 1608, died April 19, 1682; married, September 6, 1639, Sarah Hopcot, born 1612, died 1706.

Mary Severance, wife of James Coffin, was a daughter of John Severance, a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, who died April 9, 1682. He married Abigail Kimball, died June 17, 1658, daughter of Richard Kimball, died June 22, 1675, and Ursula, daughter of Henry and Martha Scott.

(V) Lydia, daughter of Jonathan and Judith (Macy) Bunker, married Noah Coffin (see Coffin V). They were the grandparents of Phoebe G. Coffin, wife of William Henry Dornin.

[See other Bunker line]

(The Marchant Line)

Phoebe (Marchant) Dornin, wife of Thomas Dornin, was daughter of Gamaliel Marchant, who was a descendant of John and Sarah Marchant, the former of whom died 1717, and the latter March 10, 1638 (Boston Records, New England Historical and Genealogical Register, July, 1849, p. 247).

(II) John (2), son of John (1) and Sarah Marchant, was appointed lieutenant under Captain Myles Standish; married Mary Marchant; was buried June 19, 1672.

(III) Abishai, son of John and Mary Marchant, married and had issue.

(IV) John (3), son of Abishai Marchant, died February 9, 1767; married Hepsilah Huxford.

(V) John (4), son of John (3) and Hepsibah (Huxford) Marchant, married Miriam Cleveland; died December 20, 1790. He served in the revolutionary war, a private in Captain Benjamin Smith's company, service from January 18 to September 1, 1776 (see "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution") [Perhaps Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War]. Miriam Cleveland was a descendant of Moses (1) Cleveland (a soldier of King Philip's war), and Ann (Winn) Cleveland. Their son, Moses (2), born September 1, 1651, died October 30, 1717; married, August 4, 1676, Ruth, born 1654, daughter of Nicholas Norton, born 1610, died June 8, 1690 (circa), and his wife Elizabeth (circa), 1690. Ebenezer, son of Moses (2) Cleveland, was born 1681, died January 1, 1747; married Mary Vincent, born 1691, died 1761, daughter of Thomas, born September 15, 1650, and Sarah (Post) Vincent, granddaughter of William, born 1627, and Susannah (Browning) Vincent, born 1630.

(VI) Gamaliel, son of John (4) and Miriam (Cleveland) Marchant, married, May 19, 1763, Lydia Ripley. He served in the revolutionary war as corporal in Captain Benjamin Smith's company, service from January 19 to May 31, 1776, at Martha's Vineyard, in defense of the sea coast (see "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution"). Lydia Ripley, born May 6, 1743, died December 27, 1825, was a daughter of Peter and Damaris (Chase) Ripley, the latter of whom was baptized September 24, 1738, died December 6, 1761, daughter of Joseph Chase, died May 1, 1749, "aged 60 years, 2 months, 20 days"; married Lydia ————, died July 17, 1749, aged "52 years, 2 months, 11 days."

(VII) Phoebe, daughter of Gamaliel and Lydia (Ripley) Marchant, married Thomas Dornin (see Dornin I).

(The Gardner Line)

Elizabeth Gardner, great-grandmother of Mary Jane (Evans) Dornin, wife of William Coffin Dornin, was a descendant of John (1) Gardner.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Gardner, was born December 20, 1653; married Susannah, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Houchin, Honchin, or Howchin, daughter of Jeremy and Esther Houchin. Jeremy Houchin was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, son of William Houchin.

(III) Jeremiah, son of John (2) and Susannah (Houchin) Gardner, died May 5, 1768; married, August 8, 1711, Sarah, born January 9, 1695, died December 1, 1738, daughter of James (2) Coffin, died October 2, 1741; married, March 19, 1692, Ruth Gardner, born January 26, 1678, died October 4, 1748, daughter of Captain John Gardner, born 1624, died May, 1706; married, February 20, 1654, Priscilla, daughter of Joseph Grafton. Captain John was a son of Thomas Gardner, died October 29, 1674, and Margaret (Frier) Gardner.

(IV) George, son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Coffin) Gardner, married Elizabeth, daughter of James Chase, born January 15, 1685, and Rachel Brown, daughter of John (2) Brown and Rachel Gardner; granddaughter of John (1) Brown and Hannah Hobart, and great-granddaughter of Elder John Brown. Hannah Hobart was the daughter of Rev. Peter Hobart, baptized October 13, 1604, died March 8, 1646; married Rebecca Ibrook, born September 1621, died September 9, 1693 (second wife), daughter of Richard Ibrook. Rev. Peter Hobart was the son of Edmund Hobart, died March 8, 1646; married, September 12, 1600, Margaret Dewey.

(V) Elisha, son of George and Elizabeth (Chase) Gardner, married Ruth Meder.

(VI) Elizabeth, daughter of Elisha and Ruth (Meder) Gardner, married, February 13, 1787, Samuel Badger.

(VII) Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) Badger, born June 10, 1792, died October 25, 1875; married, October 6, 1810, Solomon Westcott, born September 20, 1789, died January 5, 1874, son of Abraham and Lydia (Warden) Westcott.

(VIII) Harriet Elizabeth, daughter of Solomon and Sarah (Badger) Westcott, married Robert William, son of William Evans.

(IX) Mary Jane, daughter of Robert William and Harriet Elizabeth (Westcott) Evans, married William Coffin Dornin (see Dornin III).

(The Chase Line)

The Chase family, with whom the Gardners and Coffins intermarried, begins with Thomas Chase.

(II) Richard, son of Thomas Chase, was baptized November 30, 1540; married, April 16, 1564, Joan Bishop.

(III) Aquila, son of Richard and Joan (Bishop) Chase, was born August 14, 1580; married Sarah ————.

(IV) Thomas (2), son of Aquila and Sarah Chase, was born 1618, died 1652; married, 1642, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Philbrick.

(V) Isaac, son of Thomas (2) and Elizabeth (Philbrick) Chase, born April 1, 1650, died May 19, 1727; married, October 5, 1675, Mary Tilton.

(VI) James, son of Isaac and Mary (Tilton) Chase, was born January 15, 1685; married Rachel Brown (see Gardner IV).

(VII) Elizabeth, daughter of James and Rachel (Brown) Chase, married George Gardner (Gardner IV) and from them descent continues to William Coffin (2) Dornin, through his mother, Mary Jane (Evans) Dornin (see Gardner, Bunker and Coffin lines).

(Another Bunker Line)

Mary (Bunker) Coffin, wife of Stephen Coffin, descended from William Bunker and Mary Macy (see Bunker II), through their son, Jabez, born November 7, 1678, died May 6, 1750; married, November 19, 1706, Hannah Gardner, born May 6, 1686, died March 25, 1773, daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail Coffin. Samuel, son of Jabez and Hannah Bunker, was born September 5, 1711, died September 3, 1786; married, November 17, 1731, Priscilla Coleman, born September 26, 1713, died July 11, 1797, daughter of John (2) and granddaughter of John (1) Coleman, born 1644, died 1715; married Joanna Folger, died May 18, 1719. John (2) Coleman was born August 2, 1667, died January 19, 1762; married Priscilla Starbuck, born October 25, 1676, died March 14, 1762, daughter of Nathaniel Starbuck, born 1635, died February 2, 1719; married, 1662, Mary Coffin, born February 20, 1645, died November 13, 1717. Mary, daughter of Samuel and Priscilla (Coleman) Bunker, married Stephen Coffin (see Coffin IV); from Stephen and Mary (Bunker) Coffin, the line continues to William Coffin (2) Dornin, through his grandmother Phoebe G. Coffin, daughter of George Bunker Coffin, son of Noah, son of Stephen Coffin.

Descriptions of coats-of-arms of the families herein recorded:

Dornin: Gu. a lion passant guardant or. In base a human heart arg., charged with a saltire, couped, of the field. Crest: A dexter cubit arm, erect, holding a flaming sword, all proper. Motto: Fortiter et fideliter.

Coffin: Az. semée of cross crosslets or, four bezants of the first. Crest: A martlet arg. Motto: Extant recte factis proemia.

Marchant: Az. a chevron or, between three owls arg., legged of the 2nd. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet, an owl's leg erect or. Motto: Patria cara carior libertas.

Coleman: Az. on a pale rayonne or, a lion rampant gu. Crest: A demi lion rampant gu.

Kimball: Arg. a lion rampant gu. Upon a chief sa. 3 crescents or. Crest: A lion rampant holding in his dexter paw a dagger proper.

Cleveland: Per chevron sa. and erm, a chevron engrailed, countercharged. Crest: A demi old man proper, habited az., having on a cap gu. turned up with a hair front, holding in the dexter hand a spear-headed arg. on the top of which is fixed a line proper passing behind him and wound up in the sinister hand. Motto: Pro Deo et patria.

Ripley: Per chevron az. and or, 3 lions rampant countercharged. Crest: A demi lion vert, collared arg., holding between the paws an escutcheon per chevron or and arg.

Westcott (Lyttleton): Arg. a chevron between three escallops sa. Crest: A stag's head caboshed sa., attired or, between the attires a bugle horn of the second, hanging from a band gu.

Wing: Per pale arg. and vert a maunch countercharged. Crest: A maunch per pale arg. and vert between two wings or.

Severance (Severne): Arg. on a chevron sa. nine bezants. Crest: A cinquefoil or. Motto: Virtus praestantior auro.

Hobart: Sa. an estoile of eight points or between two flaunches erm. Crest: A bull passant per pale sa. and gu. bezantee. In the nostrils an annulet or.

Winn: Vert three eagles displayed in fesse or. Crest: A boar's head gu., couped or.

Chase: Gu. four cross crosslets two and two or. On a canton az. a lion passant of the same. Crest: A demi lion rampant or, holding in his dexter paw a cross of the shield. Motto: Ne cede malis.

Dewey: Sa. on a fesse arg. between three dragons' heads erased or, langued gu. as many cinquefoils of the field. Motto: Corona veniet delectis. Crest: A dragon's head between two wings expanded sa. on each a cinquefoil or.

Tilton: Az. a fleur-de-lis arg. Crest: An ostrich holding in the beak a horseshoe, all proper. Motto: Deo non fortuna.

Starbuck: Sa. a fesse gu. charged with five mullets between three human hands two and one. Crest: A demi lion rampant holding in his dexter paw a thistle and in his sinister paw a fleur-de-lis.

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