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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1046-1048 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Devines of Dutchess county, New York, from whom the family herein recorded descend, settled originally in New Jersey. Abram Devine, of New Jersey, with others of his family were early settlers of the town of Pleasant Valley in that county. He had at least two sons, Jonathan and Seth; daughters, Ann, Mary and Elizabeth.

(II) Seth, son of Abram Devine, was born in Dutchess county, New York, in the town of Pleasant Valley, February 28, 1819. He was a farmer, and removed to Kingsbury, Washington county, New York, where he purchased a farm on which he lived and died, also purchased another farm nearby. The farms are now the property of his son, George S. Devine. He was always interested in politics and public affairs, followed closely the trend of events, and while he never sought or held public office, he never failed to register his opinions and preferences at the polls until illness and old age prevented. He died June 9, 1908.

Seth Devine married (first) November 8, 1848, Margaret B. Griffin, born October 27, 1824, died January 24, 1878, daughter of Bartholomew Griffin. Married (second) Mrs. Louisa Harris, in 1880. Children:

  1. William G., born August 8, 1849; married (first), February 10, 1875, Alice Freeman; (second), Ella Baker; children by first wife, Alice L. and Mary Ethelyn.
  2. Hannah, born March 12, 1851; married Charles A. Langdon; children: Herbert, Elizabeth, Charles.
  3. George S., see forward.
  4. Maria G., born September 4, 1860.
  5. Elizabeth M., born June 29, 1862; married George M. Mead; son Arthur D.
  6. Charles, born March 22, 1866; married Emily Stover; son Stover.

(III) George S., son of Seth and Margaret B. (Griffin) Devine, was born in the town of Kingsbury, Washington county, New York, February 2, 1853. He was reared on the home farm, and was educated in the schools of Sandy Hill and at Fort Edward Collegiate Institute. He remained with his father as his assistant for a few years, then began farming on his own account, soon, however, relinquishing that business and entering mercantile life. For several years he operated a grocery store in Sandy Hill, then engaged in the market and livery business, finally concentrating all his energies into the latter, which he still continues in Hudson Falls. He served three terms as deputy sheriff of Washington county, then was out of office during the year 1909. In 1910 he was again appointed, and is still serving as deputy. He has been tax collector and served in various other public capacities. He was elected first president of Hudson Falls after the name was changed from Sandy Hill. He is a member of Free and Accepted Masons, and a Republican in political preference. He married, January 22, 1879, Althea A., daughter of William and Althea A. (Bishop) Brayton (see Brayton VII). They have no children.

(The Brayton Line)

The earliest known paternal ancestor of Mrs. Althea A. (Brayton) Devine is Francis Brayton, born 1612, died 1692. He was of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 1643, when "he was received as an inhabitant, gave his engagement unto the government and propounded for a lot of land." He was made a freeman in 1655. In 1662-63 he was a commissioner; in 1667 enlisted in a troop of horse; in 1669-70-71-79-84 he was deputy to the general court. September 1, 1688, he was summoned to appear for selling drink to Indians on the first day of the week and confessed in court the fact and referred himself to the justice of the court, and was fined ten shillings. His wife Mary died about 1692. Children:

  1. Francis, see forward;
  2. Mary, married Joseph Davol;
  3. Stephen, died 1692; married, 1679, Ann Tallman;
  4. Martha, married John Pearce;
  5. Elizabeth, died 1718; married Jared Bourne;
  6. Sarah, married Thomas Gatchell.

(II) Francis (2), eldest son of Francis (1) and Mary Brayton, died January 30, 1718. He was also an inhabitant of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He was a farmer and a prominent land owner not only in Portsmouth, but in the neighboring town of Tiverton. His will was proved February 10, 1718. He married, March 18, 1671, Mary Fish, who died April 4, 1747, daughter of Thomas and Mary Fish, who were of Portsmouth as early as 1643. Thomas Fish was a member of the town council of Portsmouth in 1674. Children:

  1. Mary, born January 1, 1676, died 1742, unmarried;
  2. Thomas, see forward;
  3. Francis, born March 17, 1684, died April 22, 1740; married Sarah Sherman, and had a son;
  4. David, born October 23, 1686, unmarried;
  5. Mehitable, born January 12, 1693, died in 1742; married William Earle, and had three children;
  6. Benjamin, born September 8, 1695, died April 2, 1749; married Mary Butts and had five children.

(III) Thomas, eldest son of Francis (2) and Mary (Fish) Brayton, was born June 14, 1681. His will was proved in 1728. He was a resident of Portsmouth and East Greenwich, Rhode Island. He was a wealthy man, as by his will he disposed of farms, houses, slaves, vessel and personal property. He married, August 23, 1704, Mary Freeborn, born August 24, 1679, died 1761, daughter of Gideon and Mary (Lawton) Freeborn. Gideon Freeborn died in 1729; he was a son of William Freeborn, born 1594, died April 28, 1670, and Mary, born 1715, daughter of Matthew and Eleanor Boomer, of Newport, Rhode Island. Children:

  1. Mary, born July 1, 1708, married James Gifford;
  2. Hannah, born March 28, 1711, married Henry Straight (2);
  3. Thomas, born July 21, 1713, married Mary Phillips;
  4. Francis, died in infancy;
  5. Gideon, see forward;
  6. Francis, born March 30, 1721; died May, 1784.

(IV) Gideon, son of Thomas and Mary (Freeborn) Brayton, was born January 27, 1718. He married Rebecca Nichols, and had children:

  1. Thomas, see forward;
  2. Gideon, born March 17, 1744;
  3. Joseph, July 15, 1747;
  4. John, December 14, 1752;
  5. William, November 19, 1756;
  6. Matthew, July 24, 1759;
  7. Rebecca, June 5, 1761, married Matthew Randall.

(V) Thomas (2), son of Gideon and Rebecca (Nichols) Brayton, was born March 11, 1742. He settled in Dutchess county, New York, and married, April 9, 1762, Eunice Straight; children:

  1. David, born 1762, married Sarah Jenkins;
  2. Thomas, 1764, married Phebe Godfrey;
  3. Henry, 1766, married Mehitable Wallace;
  4. Elizabeth, 1768, married Silas Cotton;
  5. John, see forward;
  6. Sweet, 1773, married James Black;
  7. Eunice, 1775, married Supply Butterfield;
  8. Mary, 1777, married Russell Cole;
  9. Sarah, 1779, married Samuel Cook;
  10. Hannah, born 1781, married Charles F. Corbin;
  11. Silvia, 1785, married Alpheus Underhill;
  12. William, 1788, married Arvilla Corbin;
  13. Pierce, 1795.

(VI) John, son of Thomas (2) and Emma (Straight) Brayton, was born May 21, 1770. He removed to Warren county, New York, settling in the town of Queensbury, where he followed the pursuits of a farmer. He married, in Dutchess county, Mary Harris, born April 9, 1772. Children:

  1. Samuel, born December 27, 1791;
  2. Henry, October 2, 1793;
  3. Lois, June 27, 1795, married Palmer Jenkins;
  4. Moses, November 4, 1797;
  5. Phebe, October 15, 1799, married Levi Andrews;
  6. Sylvia, September 23, 1801, married Benjamin Carpenter;
  7. William (see forward);
  8. Asa, July 9, 1805, married Polly Phillips;
  9. Orlin, January 27, 1808, married Sylvia Sheldon;
  10. Mary, May 11, 1810;
  11. Charity, June 3, 1812;
  12. Diantha, May 11, 1818.

(VII) William, son of John and Mary (Harris) Brayton, was born in the town of Queensbury, Warren county, New York, July 10, 1803. He was educated in the town schools, and was reared on the farm which he left to assume control of his own estate in Kingsbury, Washington county, New York. Here he remained several years, finally disposing of his property in Queensbury, and removed to Kingsbury, and later removed to Fort Edward, New York, where he purchased a farm. Here he died February 11, 1889. He married, March 22, 1837, Althea A., born June 14, 1814, daughter of Jesse and Mary (Griffin) Bishop. Children:

  1. Bishop, born July 11, 1838, died July 1, 1892;
  2. Harrison, May 2, 1840, married Janet Barclay; two children: William Lester and Edward Corey;
  3. Linus, August 11, 1841, married Emma Moore; children: William, Robert, Edward, Frank;
  4. Adelaide, May 23, 1845, married Gerard Rumsey; children: William, Harry, Adelaide (2);
  5. Cordelia, October 31, 1846, married Arthur Rumsey; children: Arthur, Bertha, Gilbert,
  6. John W., September 29, 1848;
  7. Althea A., August 1, 1854, married George S. Devine.

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