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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1682-1683 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The founder of this branch of the Daley family, which has been seated in the town of Chatham, Columbia county, New York, for nearly a century and a half, was Obadiah Daley, born in the north of Ireland, between the years 1750 and 1760. He was a Protestant in religious faith and a communicant of the Presbyterian church. He married, in Chatham, New York, a widow, Mrs. Betsey Chadwick. They were the parents of a large family, all members of the Presbyterian church. They settled in the town of Chatham, New York, in the part known as Old Chatham, where they are both buried.

(II) Joseph, son of Obadiah and Betsey (Chadwick) Daley, was born in Old Chatham, Columbia county, New York, in 1785. He became a farmer of the town, and was noted for his methodical, thorough habits. A stone wall, built by him to enclose his farm, well illustrates his character. Though built a century ago, it still stands in good condition, serving the purpose for which it was intended. Some years after the death of his first wife he removed to the state of Ohio, where he died, aged eighty years. He was Whig in politics, affiliating late in life with the Republican party. He continued in the family faith, a consistent member of the Presbyterian church of Chatham.

He married (first) Hannah Sonn, who died in Chatham, New York, prior to his removal to Ohio. He married (second) a wife who died without issue. Children: Daniel, of further mention; Lewis, Hiram, Henry, William, Hezekiah, John, Dyer, Lester, Saphronia.

(III) Daniel, son of Joseph and Hannah (Sonn) Daley, was born in Chatham, New York, in 1814, died there in 1890. He was a life-long resident of Chatham. Early in life, he was a blacksmith, and later a farmer of the town, successful and highly respected. He was an active Republican, and an exemplary member of the East Chatham Baptist church. He married, in Chatham, Mary A. Champlin, who, like her husband, was a devoted Baptist, and a truly good Christian woman. She was born in Westerly, Rhode Island, a descendant of the early pioneer of that name. Her parents were William and Polly (Kenyon) Champlin, who came from Westerly to Chatham, where all their children were born except the eldest, Mary A. Children of Daniel and Mary A. Daley:

  1. Mary, died unmarried.
  2. Sarah J., married James Albertson, whom she survives, a resident of Millbrook, New York, having issue.
  3. Lucy, died young.
  4. William, an attorney at law, now deceased; he married Kitty Bailey, who survives him with issue.
  5. George K., of further mention.
  6. James B., who is yet living, a widower with issue.
  7. Henry, of Coxsackie, New York, married Harriet Osborne, and has issue.
  8. Charles, resident of Chatham, married Maria Palmer, who died leaving issue.
  9. Joseph, died young.

(IV) George K., son of Daniel and Mary A. (Champlin) Daley, was born on the old homestead in Chatham, New York, February 28, 1842. He was educated in the public schools, and choosing the profession of law prepared in the office of Judge Straight, of Nassau, and Judge Cadman, of Chatham. In 1863 he was admitted to the bar of Columbia county, and established his law office in Chatham, where he has since been continuously in the practice of his profession. He is a lawyer of high standing and has a state-wide reputation. He has built up a large and lucrative practice and has been particularly successful in his numerous damage suits against corporations. For forty-one years he has been a prominent factor in the upbuilding and development of Chatham, giving freely of his time and ripe experience to assist in creating a modern, prosperous village. He has served in many of the town offices, and since 1898 has been justice of the peace. He was for many years an active Republican, but later affiliated with the Democratic party. In church fellowship he unites with the Reformed congregation. He married, November 4, 1879, in Chatham, Mrs. Emma C. (Lasher) Decker, born in Stanford, Dutchess county, New York, in December, 1847 (see Lasher VI).

She was well educated in the public schools, and after her marriage to Mr. Daley began the study of law under his direction. She pursued a thorough, systematic course of study, and although not a member of the bar is well versed in legal lore, and is a wise and safe counsellor. Her ability is so well known that she was selected to prepare a digest of decisions of the United States supreme court and some fifty volumes were prepared under her able management, and bear her name. Her mental equipment is of the highest order, and in her husband's legal practice she is an active partner, stopping only at actual courtroom presentation of the trial causes. She stands second to none in the county in her knowledge of the law and its skillful applications. She is a daughter of Edward Lasher, of whom further below.

(The Lasher Line)

The Lashers of Columbia county descend from Sebastian Loescher, who came to West Camp (Saugerties, Ulster county, New York) in 1710, with his wife Elizabeth and children. He is supposed to have been a German and a Palatine, although there is no positive proof that he was either. Many of the family believe he was a descendant of Solomon La Chaire, of New York city, a lawyer, practicing there from 1645 to 1662. Others claim that he was an elder brother of John Lasher, who came with him to this country, remaining in New York city, working at the cordwainer's trade. The actual fact known is that he was at West Camp in 1710, and that his name appears (under the date of August 26, 1724) on a list of those willing to stay at Livingston Manor, East Camp (Germantown, Columbia county, New York). He had children:

  1. Sebastian, born 1696;
  2. George, born 1703;
  3. Conrad, of further mention;
  4. Maria, baptized June 1, 1710;
  5. Elizabeth, baptized June 1, 1710.

(II) Conrad, son of Sebastian and Elizabeth Loescher (Lasher), was born in 1708. He married Angeline Sestis, and had children baptized at Athens, Germantown and Rhinebeck, New York. Children:

  1. Gerrit, a soldier of the revolution;
  2. John, of further mention;
  3. Anna Maria;
  4. George;
  5. Sebastian;
  6. Conrad (2).

(III) John, second son of Conrad and Angeline (Sestis) Lasher, was baptized November 27, 1733, will proved November 16, 1796. He married, April 6, 1756, Christina Holtzappel. Children:

  1. Philip, married Elizabeth Schumacher.
  2. William, a soldier of the revolution, married Susanna Klein.
  3. Markus, baptized January 4, 1764.
  4. Peter B., of further mention.
  5. Gertrude, married Peter B. Lasher.
  6. John (2), baptized December 4, 1772.
  7. Christina, January 2, 1774.
  8. Conrad C., April 11, 1775.
  9. George, born in Germantown in 1768; settled in the town of Root, Montgomery county, New York; married, November 22, 1795, Catharina Ecker; both are buried on the old farm where they settled.

(IV) Peter B., son of John and Christina (Holtzappel) Lasher, was baptized July 12, 1765, died June 8, 1841. He lived at Gallatinville, New York; married Elizabeth Erkenbright, who died May 25, 1843. Children:

  1. Anna, married Jeremiah G. Ham.
  2. Philip P., baptized November 13, 1803; married, August 30, 1826, Sally Snyder.
  3. Jacob, baptized February 9, 1806; married, June 23, 1831, Maria Van Tassel.
  4. Margaret, baptized July 12, 1812.
  5. Peter P., of Clermont, New York; married Elizabeth ————.
  6. Samuel, of further mention.
  7. John, married, May 30, 1833, Christina Patrick.

(V) Samuel, son of Peter B. and Elizabeth (Erkenbright) Lasher, married Hannah Tinklepaugh, who died at the advanced age of ninety-four years. She was a member of the Dutch Reformed church, as was her husband. They lived at Manorton, Columbia county, New York. Children:

  1. Edward, of further mention.
  2. Sabrina, baptized June 12, 1825, married Caleb Walcott, and resided at Gallatinville.
  3. John, baptized December 5, 1827; married and has children.
  4. Almira, baptized November 8, 1829.

(VI) Edward, son of Samuel and Hannah (Tinklepaugh) Lasher, was baptized August 25, 1821, died at Valatie, New York, in 1888. He was a farmer and hotel keeper, and lived at Gallatinville, Columbia county, New York. He married Catharine C. Card, born in Columbia county, 1822, died 1900, daughter of Eaton and Charlotte (Wintherell) Card. She was a member of the Lutheran church. Children:

  1. Remus E., a real estate dealer of Valatie, New York, and owner of the local telephone line; married Vinnie Y. Randerson; children: Harry B., Edward C., James E., Matthew C., Frances V., Emma C.
  2. Sarah, died at the age of sixteen years.
  3. Emma C., married (first) Sidney Decker, born 1842, died 1870, leaving a son
    1. Homer L., born September 23, 1867, in the town of Livingston, Columbia county, New York; educated in the public schools of Chatham; first engaged in the jewelry business, later in Chatham as a liveryman and still continues; he married Charlotte Barringer;
    Emma C. married (second) George K. Daley; no issue (see Daley IV).

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