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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 696-698 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Jan Thomase Witbeck (name spelled Witbeck and Whitbeck), was born in Witbeck, Holstein, and was known as Van Withbreck (from Witbeck). In 1652, when Beverwyck was laid out, and until 1678 he was the most considerable dealer in house lots in the village. In 1664, in company with Volkert Janse Douw, he bought the whole of "Apje's Island" or "Schotack," and the mainland opposite on the east side of the Hudson. This large holding they purchased from the natives. He married Geertruy Andriese Dochter, born in New Amsterdam. Children: Andries, Johannes, Lucas, Hendrik, Jonathan, Thomas, see forward; Catharina, married (first) Jacob Sanderse Glen, and (second) Jonas Volkertse Douw.

(II) Thomas Janse, son of Jan Thomase and Geertruy Andriese (Dochter) Witbeck, was born in Rensselaerwyck, and was buried at Pap's Knee, May 6, 1731. He married, September 15, 1702, Jannetje Van Deusen. Children, baptized:

  1. Geertruy, January 1, 1704, died young.
  2. Melchert Abraham, September 22, 1705; married, October 17, 1741, Marytje Van Deusen.
  3. Johannes, July 9, 1708; married, May 9, 1740, Eva Waldron.
  4. Jacobus, April 30, 1710; married, December 25, 1742, Catalytje Van Deusen.
  5. Geertruy (2), March 6, 1717.
  6. Lucas, see forward.

(III) Lucas, youngest son and child of Thomas Janse and Jannetje (Van Deusen) Witbeck, was baptized February 26, 1724. He purchased a farm in Albany county, upon which he lived. This farm is yet owned by descendants of the family. He married Geertruy, daughter of Johannes Lansing, granddaughter of Philip Schuyler Lansing, son of Johannes and Geertruy Schuyler (daughter of Colonel Pieter P. Schuyler, first mayor of Albany) Lansing, son of Johannes G. and Geertje Van Schaick (daughter of Goosen Geritse Van Schaick) Lansing, son of Gerrit Frederickse Lansing, the progenitor of the Lansing family of the upper Hudson Valley, (see Lansing family). Children of Lucas Witbeck:

  1. Elizabeth, baptized November 16, 1746, died young.
  2. Elizabeth (2), baptized January 24, 1748; married David De Freest.
  3. Thomas, baptized March 18, 1750.
  4. Gerrit, twin of Thomas, married, May 29, 1774, Jannetje Perry.
  5. Abraham, baptized February 11, 1753.
  6. Samuel, married Rebecca Buys.
  7. Johannes, (John) see forward.

(IV) John, son of Lucas and Geertruy (Lansing) Witbeck, was baptized February 1, 1760. In 1788 he was appointed lieutenant of militia. He married Lena Van Den Bergh, born August 28, 1760, Children:

  1. Gertrude, born February 13, 1789, died November 15, 1809;
  2. Annetje, married John S. Wigram;
  3. Lucas I., see forward;
  4. Joanna, died November 9, 1857, unmarried.

(V) Lucas I., son of John and Lena (Van Den Bergh) Witbeck, was born October 4, 1784, died February 1, 1855. He was a farmer and owned the old Witbeck homestead. He married, January 30, 1812, Harriet, born January 7, 1793, died August 1, 1858, daughter of Isaac I. Fonda, a descendant of Jillis Douwese Fonda, the progenitor of the Fonda family of Beverwyck and Albany county. Children:

  1. Gertrude, born October 31, 1812; married John Van Den Bergh; five children.
  2. John L., see forward.
  3. Isaac, born May 11, 1821; married, but left no issue.
  4. Abraham, born August 6, 1824; married Maria Van Vranken.
  5. Jesse, born May 1, 1827, died in California, unmarried.
  6. Ann H., born August 21, 1830, died in Albany county, New York, unmarried.
  7. Joanna, born September 27, 1833; married Abraham E. Lansing; no living issue.

(VI) Colonel John L., eldest son of Lucas I. and Harriet (Fonda) Witbeck, was born December 8, 1815, on the homestead in Albany county which lies in the town of Watervliet. Luykes (Lucas) Witbeck received a deed for this farm from Stephen Van Rensselaer, February 27, 1769, and it descended to Colonel Witbeck from his father, Lucas I. He lived upon the farm all his life and in turn bequeathed it to his children. It is now located in what has become the town of Colonie, Albany county. Colonel Witbeck was appointed ensign of the One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Regiment, New York National Guard, April 29, 1836, and colonel, September 16, 1839. He took a deep interest in the "citizen soldiery" and served therein for many years. He was a Republican in politics and a member of the Dutch Reformed church. Colonel Witbeck married (first) February 8, 1841, Sarah N., born September 14, 1820, died October 1, 1844, daughter of Peter J. Leversee. Children:

  1. Peter L., born November 29, 1841, deceased; married Elizabeth Stone, who survives him, a resident of Cohoes, New York; children:
    1. Sarah E., deceased;
    2. Edmund, born July 17, 1884;
    3. John I., deceased.
  2. Lucas, born August 12, 1845, died in infancy.
  3. Sarah, born June 7, 1848, died August 21, 1868; married Jesse Mumford, and left a son, John W. Mumford.

Colonel Witbeck married (second) January 22, 1851, Catherine M., born May 22, 1822, died in Schenectady, September 9, 1895, daughter of Jacob and Maria (Clute) Miller, of Crescent, Saratoga county, New York. Maria Clute was a daughter of Jairus and Sarah Clute, of Crescent, and a descendant of the early Clute family of Albany county. Children of second marriage:

  1. Harriet, married David Daggett, attorney at law, born 1839, died 1901, son of Judge Stephen A. Daggett, none of whose issue is living. Mrs. Harriet Daggett survives her husband, a resident of Schenectady, which has been her home since her marriage. She has no children.
  2. Lucas J., born November 2, 1854, lives on the old homestead in Colonie that has been in the family since 1768, without a transfer out of the family name. He married Mary Wigand; children:
    1. Edith, born July 9, 1893;
    2. Earle E., August 10, 1896.
  3. M. Jeannette, born November 5, 1857; married William N. McChesney, of Schenectady; child: Josephine, born October 14, 1890; married Frank B. Hoag, bank examiner, the youngest man in the state employed in that capacity.
  4. Margaret H., resides with her sister, Mrs. Harriet Daggett, in Schenectady.

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