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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1485-1486 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Crocker family first appear in New England at Scituate and Barnstable, Massachusetts, where William and John Crocker, brothers, resided. They are said to have come to America in 1634. William united with the church in Scituate, December 25, 1636. He was of Barnstable in 1639. He was deputy and a man of importance. He married Alice ————; children,

  1. John, born May 11, 1637, at Scituate;
  2. Elizabeth, baptized December 22, 1639, at Barnstable, died at the age of eighteen;
  3. Samuel, born July 3, 1642;
  4. Job, March 9, 1645;
  5. Joseph, September 19, 1649;
  6. Eleazar, July 21, 1650;
  7. Joseph, 1654.

(II) Eleazar, son of William and Alice Crocker, was born at Barnstable, Massachusetts. He married, April 7, 1681, Ruth, daughter of John Chapman, who died April 8, 1698. Children:

  1. Benoni, born May 13, 1682, died at the age of nineteen;
  2. Bethel, September 23, 1683;
  3. Nathan, April 27, 1685;
  4. Daniel, March 23, 1687;
  5. Sarah, March 23, 1688;
  6. Theophilus, March 11, 1691;
  7. Eleazar, August 3, 1693;
  8. Ruth, twin of Eleazar;
  9. Abel, June 15, 1695;
  10. Rebecca, December 10, 1697.

Some of this generation settled in Tolland county, Connecticut.

(IV) Eleazar, grandson of Eleazar and Ruth (Chapman) Crocker, was born April 10, 1754, died in Washington county, New York, September 10, 1820. He left Connecticut in 1787 and settled on a large tract of wild land, covered with forest, lying in the town of White Creek, Washington county, New York. This was cleared, improved and cultivated during his lifetime. He was one of the organizers of the Presbyterian church in the town and a Whig in politics. He married Susanna Hinkley, also of Connecticut, born November 30, 1755, died June 28, 1836. Children:

  1. Eleazar, (also spelled Eleasor);
  2. Benjamin, of whom further;
  3. Colonel Francis;
  4. Rowena, married William Aikin;
  5. Elizabeth.

(V) Benjamin, son of Eleazar and Susanna (Hinkley) Crocker, was born in Willington, Tolland county, Connecticut, July 4, 1788, died March 10, 1874. He was an infant in arms when his parents migrated to New York state, where he was educated and grew to manhood. His father gave him a farm containing between two and three hundred acres which he cultivated, being principally a wheat grower. He was prosperous and influential in his town. For many years he was justice of the peace; was supervisor and member of the state legislature. He was an elder of of the Presbyterian church and actively interested in its advancement. He married, June 13, 1811, Cyllinda Norton, died March 9, 1882, aged eighty-nine years, daughter of William Norton, of White Creek, an officer of the revolutionary war. She traced her descent to Thomas of Waters, born 1582, died 1648. The line traces through

  1. George (II), died 1659;
  2. George (III), born 1641;
  3. George (IV);
  4. George (V), born March 6, 1697;
  5. George (VI), born September 12, 1724, served in the revolution, wounded at the battle of Trenton, New Jersey, 1776, died February 15, 1777.

William (VII), born April 13, 1754, also a soldier of the revolution, married Lurana Kimberly, widow of a Mr. Morehouse. Their daughter, Cyllinda, of the eighth generation, married Benjamin Crocker. Children:

  1. Nathaniel Scudder Prime, born May 19, 1814, died October 30, 1889; he married (first) January 4, 1837, Sarah Jane Day; (second) October 3, 1843, Helen Jeanette Wilder; (third) Elizabeth Norman.
  2. Mary Wood, of whom further.
  3. Benjamin P., born July 22, 1817, died January 22, 1896; a merchant of Cambridge, Washington county, New York, postmaster for sixteen years, an organizer and director of the village bank and prominent in the church. He married, June 18, 1868, Sarah Josephine Weston, of Cohoes, New York, born in New Hampshire.
  4. Rufus King, born August 16, 1819, died November 2, 1891; a lawyer and editor and member of the New York legislature. He married (first) Sarah J. Meyers, October 18, 1848, he married (second), October 22, 1874, Abbie Sherman Taylor.
  5. Celinda Ann, born April 27, 1822, died March 2, 1894.
  6. Harriet Maria, born October 31, 1824; married, September 6, 1865, Frederick Julian.
  7. James Norton, born May 13, 1827, married, June 17, 1852, Mary Ann Dillon.
  8. William Harvey, born April 1, 1830, died October 24, 1831.

(VI) Mary Wood, daughter of Benjamin and Cyllinda (Norton) Crocker, was born in the town of White Creek, Washington county, New York, November 24, 1815, died June 24, 1896. She married, October 18, 1837, Nelson Reid Simpson, born September 17, 1806, son of David and Rachel (Reid) Simpson. David Simpson was born October 26, 1762, Rachel born December 3, 1773. Nelson Reid Simpson was a farmer of Washington county, an elder of the Presbyterian church and a man of high character. Children:

  1. Hetty Cornelia, of whom further;
  2. Mary Francis, married Alexander Marshall Sherman;
  3. Annie Harriet, deceased.

(VII) Hetty Cornelia, daughter of Nelson Reid and Mary Wood (Crocker) Simpson, married William Stanley Gilbert, born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, January 21, 1841, died August 18, 1885 in Cohoes, New York. He was a graduate of Beloit College, Wisconsin. He served in the civil war in Company D, Forty-ninth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He was one of the "forlorn hope" that made the charge on the Confederate works at Port Hudson that resulted only in the loss of many brave men. He ranked as sergeant and came through without serious injury. After the war he was in business for several years at Cohoes, New York, a member of the manufacturing firm of J. H. Parsons & Company. He was a Republican in politics and served as alderman for several terms. He was a member and most generous supporter of the Dutch Reformed church. He stood high in his community as an able business man and exemplary citizen. His widow resides in Cambridge, New York.

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