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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1336-1337 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This family is of German descent, the founder being Conrad Cramer, who settled upon a farm in Saratoga county, about three miles southwest of Schuylerville, prior to the revolution. He remained in comparative security until after the surrender of Burgoyne in 1777. After that event the Tories and Indians made raids through his neighborhood, which caused both loss of life and property. In May, 1779, such a raid was made near where Conrad resided with his wife and four small children. Hastily packing a wagon with such comforts as one team could carry, the family fled southward. They could not find accommodations in the tavern when darkness overtook them and were obliged to spend the night in their wagon. During the night (May 14, 1779), John Cramer, later congressman and a wealthy, influential citizen of Waterford, New York, was born. He died June 1, 1870, aged ninety-one years and sixteen days. Conrad, another son of Conrad, passed the night in the wagon. The family continued their flight southward to a point below Mechanicville, where they secured a small house and lived until it was safe to return to their northern home.

(II) Conrad (2), son of Conrad (1) Cramer, died about 1857. He became a farmer of the town of Northumberland, Saratoga county, New York, where he was supervisor in 1838. He married Laura Porter, who died before 1857. Children:

  1. George, died in Weedsport, New York, 1908;
  2. James L., of further mention;
  3. John L., twin of James L.;
  4. Laura Porter, died in Waterford, New York, 1907; married I. C. Ormsby.

(III) James L., son of Conrad (2) and Laura (Porter) Cramer, was born on his home farm in Northumberland, Saratoga county, New York, 1820, died May 1, 1881. His early education was obtained in the public schools of the town, where he remained until leaving the farm; he entered Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he received a technical education. In 1853 he entered government employ, locating in Washington, D. C., where, for eight years, he was connected with the land office. In 1861 he was appointed paymaster in the army, serving throughout the civil war. In 1865 he returned to Saratoga Springs, where he was engaged in the development and management of the Star and High Rock Mineral Springs at Saratoga, two well-known valuable spring properties. He finally sold his spring properties, and retired to a pleasant home at Saratoga Springs, where he died. He was an active Democrat in politics, and devoted to literary writing. He married Lois W. Cheney, of Orange, Massachusetts, daughter of Stephen and Matilda (Kendall) Cheney. Stephen Cheney died March 2, 1873, his wife in 1876; he was a descendant of William Cheney, an early resident of Roxbury, Massachusetts, now part of the city of Boston. He was of English birth, and settled in Boston prior to 1640. He was constable 1654-55, selectman and a man of prominence. William, son of William Cheney, the emigrant, was born in Roxbury, settled in Melford and Dorchester, Massachusetts. William, his only son that reached maturity, was born August 3, 1666, died July 1, 1753, In 1750 a number of the Milford church were disciplined for "casting vile reflections" at Mr. Cheney, and the pastor took occasion to record his opinion of Mr. Cheney as an "honourable and aged" man. He married Margaret ————, and had issue, including

  1. William (4), born February 7, 1704; was clerk of Milford precinct from its organization until 1747; he died July 18, 1756; married, at Dorchester, May 20, 1726, Joanna Thayer, of Braintree. Their youngest son,
    1. Levi, born November 23, 1750, died April 11, 1846; married (first) Mary Hill; (second) Sarah Ballow.
      1. Stephen, son of Levi and Mary (Hill) Cheney, was born January 30, 1795, married, October 23, 1816, Matilda Kendall. Their only child,
        1. Lois W., born October 28, 1818, married James L. Cramer. She was of high intellectual and artistic ability.

(IV) Louis H., son of James L. and Lois W. (Cheney) Cramer, was born in Schuylerville, Saratoga county, New York, August 3, 1846. In 1853 he removed with his parents to Washington, D. C., where he received his early and preparatory education. He entered the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, 1863, and in 1865 accepted a position on the preliminary survey of the New York and Canadian branch of the Delaware and Hudson railway. From 1870 until 1895 he was engaged in the practice of his profession at Saratoga Springs, and for nearly twenty-five years was city engineer of Saratoga Springs; later became business manager of the publishing house of Frank Leslie, in New York City, where he spent twelve years. In 1895 he retired from his profession to become secretary of the G. F. Harvery Company, of Saratoga Springs, New York, manufacturing chemists, doing business over the entire United States and Canada. In 1903 he was elected as president and treasurer of the company, and is at this time still filling the dual position. He was, for several years, Director of the First National Bank of Saratoga, and declined the presidency of that institution, as well as that of the Adirondack Truck Company, of same place. From 1878 until 1882 he was receiver of taxes for the town and village of Saratoga Springs, having also served as a member of the board of health and as president. He is a Democrat in politics, and was the candidate of his party for assemblyman and sheriff at different times. Has been for years prominent in financial matters as an investor for trust funds and as executor and trustee for several large estates, and at this date is still so engaged in addition to his active duties. Has also traveled extensively in Europe a portion of several years. He married, November, 1867, Georgianna Cramer, of Waterford, New York, daughter of John Cramer (2), and also a descendant of Conrad Cramer, the founder.

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