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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1000-1002 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Lewis Collins, of England, came to America in 1644 and settled in Boston. He brought with him four sons, Nathan, a graduate of Cambridge University, England, John, see forward, Gilbert and Dexter.

(II) Deacon John, son of Lewis Collins, was born in England, died March 29, 1670. He came to America with his wife and infant son in 1644, settling at Boston. He was a shoemaker, and a deacon of the church. He married Susanna ————. Children:

  1. John, see forward.
  2. Susanna, baptized April 15, 1646, being then three years and twelve days old; she married, March 25, 1662, Thomas Walker.
  3. Thomas, baptized April 5, 1646, at the age of seven months; he became a merchant of Boston.
  4. Elizabeth, born April 8, 1648.

(III) John (2), eldest son of Deacon John (1) and Susanna Collins, was born about 1640. He moved to Middletown, Connecticut, in 1663, thence to Saybrook, thence to Branford, Connecticut, in 1668. He was one of the founders of the first church there. Before 1671 he removed to Guilford, Connecticut, where he died December 10, 1704. He was a tanner and shoemaker. He was a man of education, and taught school for a time. He married (first) Mary Trowbridge, who died in 1668. He married (second) Mary Stevens, widow of Henry Kingsworth, June 2, 1670. He married (third) Dorcas, widow of John Taintor, and daughter of Samuel Swain. Children, all by first wife, except the last, who was a child by second wife:

  1. John, see forward.
  2. Twins, who died in infancy.
  3. Robert, of Middletown, born in 1667, died in 1745; married (first) Lois Burnet; (second) Eunice Foster.
  4. Mary, married Nathaniel Chapman.

(IV) John (3), son of John (2) and Mary (Trowbridge) Collins, was born in 1665, died at Guilford, January 24, 1751. He was a teacher in the Guilford schools, 1682-1700. In 1709-11 he represented Guilford in the general court at Hartford. He married, July 23, 1691, Ann, daughter of John and Mary Chittenden Leete, and granddaughter of William Leete, governor of Connecticut. She was born at Guilford, November 2, 1679, died November 2, 1724. Children:

  1. David, see forward.
  2. Susanna, died in infancy.
  3. Samuel, born November 2, 1704, died December 6, 1784; married, October 20, 1731, Margery Leete, his second cousin, who died August 12, 1796.
  4. Mercy, January 19, 1707; married Samuel Hopson, of Wallingford.
  5. Oliver, October 18, 1710, died February 20, 1788; married three times; married (first) Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, granddaughter of Samuel and great-granddaughter of John Hall, born 1584.
  6. Avis, April 1, 1714; married Peter Buell, of Litchfield.
  7. Eunice, April 1, 1714.

(V) Daniel, son of John (3) and Ann (Leete) Collins, was born June 13, 1701. He lived at North Guilford, Connecticut. He married Lois Cornwall, of Long Island. Children:

  1. Anna, born February 23, 1726; married Timothy Fowler.
  2. William, March 10, 1728.
  3. Loraine, January 1, 1731; married Governor Oliver Wolcott, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
  4. Freelove, November 20, 1732; married Stephen Baldwin.
  5. Avis, July 21, 1734.
  6. Rev. Daniel, see forward.
  7. Zerviah, February 28, 1740.
  8. Demetrius, December 6, 1741.
  9. General Augustus, August 7, 1743; served nearly forty years in the Connecticut legislature, 1784-1813; married Mary Chittenden, born January 9, 1748.
  10. Ruth, July 4, 1745; married Colonel Moses Lyman.

(VI) Rev. Daniel (2), son of Daniel (1) and Lois (Cornwall) Collins, married Sarah Lyman.

(VII) Joel, son of Rev. Daniel (2) and Sarah (Lyman) Collins, married Bethia Hall, and had issue.

(VIII) Joel (2), son of Joel (1) and Bethia (Hall) Collins, was born in Guilford, Connecticut, December 6, 1778, died at Verona, New York, October 16, 1857. He settled in Oneida county, New York, where he was a farmer. He married, March 10, 1802, Deborah Bishop, born in Guilford, Connecticut, April 29, 1779, died in Verona, New York, April 5, 1857. Children, first four born in Guilford:

  1. Jason, May 20, 1803, died in Westmoreland, New York, November 16, 1836.
  2. David R., see forward.
  3. Lauranda, January 15, 1807.
  4. Joel H., March 20, 1809, died in Camden, New York, 1888.
  5. Jennett, October 25, 1812, at Paris Hill, New York, died at Verona, New York, February 18, 1857.
  6. Deborah, May 13, 1815, at Paris Hill, New York, died at Marshalltown, Iowa, May 19, 1884.
  7. Martha, September 14, 1817, at Verona, died at Westmoreland, New York, August 13, 1888.

(IX) David R., son of Joel (2) and Deborah (Bishop) Collins, was born in Guilford, Connecticut, March 14, 1805, died in Camden, New York, 1838. He probably went to Verona, New York. He married and had issue: Mary J., Mariah and David S. Collins.

(X) David S., son of David R. Collins, was born in 1833, died in 1865. Being left an orphan at an early age, he was brought up by relatives in Canajoharie, New York. He enlisted in One Hundred and Fifteenth New York Regiment, was discharged for disability, but re-enlisted in 1863 in One Hundred and Fifty-third New York Volunteer Infantry, returning home in 1865. He was a member of Free and Accepted Masons, and active in political affairs. He married, in 1858, at St. Johnsville, New York, where he engaged in mercantile life, Amelia, daughter of William and Eve (Hess) Burtis. Children:

  1. Albert D., born 1862; traveling salesman; married and had children:
    1. Verne, a traveling salesman;
    2. Mabel and
    3. Edith.
  2. William Burtis, see forward.

(XI) William Burtis, son of David S. and Amelia (Burtis) Collins, was born January 21, 1860, in St. Johnsville, Montgomery county, New York. He attended the public schools, and graduated from that school that has probably produced more famous public men than any other — the country printing office. He learned the art of type setting, and acquired a thorough practical knowledge of the printing business while employed in some of the best newspaper offices in central New York. He was also for several years a compositor on the Albany Evening Journal. In 1888 he acquired an interest in the Daily Leader, of Gloversville, then a small but deserving aspirant for public favor. He saw possibilities in the little sheet, and soon became sole owner, buying out his associate, Fay Shaul. The progressive spirit and untiring energy of Mr. Collins can be seen in the progress made by the Daily Leader since he became editor and proprietor. It has been enlarged, and in every way improved, until it is an important factor in the public and home life of Fulton county, and claims recognition for efficient party service. The Leader absorbed The Intelligencer, another Gloversville paper, and is to-day the leading paper of the county in fact as well as name. In 1903 Mr. Collins formed a corporation, The Collins and Combes Publishing Company, of which he was president. The corporation also owned the Daily Republican, published in Johnstown, New York. In 1908 the corporation was dissolved, Mr. Combes purchasing the Republican. A new corporation, the William B. Collins Company, was formed, Mr. Collins being president, which took over the Gloversville Leader. Under Mr. Collins' direction the Leader has been enlarged and improved, with offices in the Leader Building, owned by him. Both papers have well-equipped plants and are prosperous publications. Mr. Collins is a member of the New York State Press Association, and his standing among his brethren of the press may be judged from his election to president of the association in 1906. This is a coveted honor in newspaperdom, and has been filled by some of the best known editors in the state. He was also president of the New York State Republican Editorial Association in 1894, and is now vice-president of the Associated Dailies of New York. Through his patriotic Hess ancestry, he has gained membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, and is prominent and popular in the Masonic order. He belongs to Gloversville Lodge, No. 429, Free and Accepted Masons, Johnstown Chapter, No. 78, Royal Arch Masons, Holy Cross Commandery, No. 51, Knights Templar, and Cyprus Temple (Albany), Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. He is also a member of the Elks, Sons of Veterans, Eccentric Club, and is president of the Automobile Club.

He married, January 25, 1882, Carrie A., daughter of James H. and Catherine (Crosby) Neahr, who had other children, namely Isaac and Estelle, deceased; Julia (deceased), married T. J. Hazlett; children: Levi J., George H. and Carrie. William B. and Carrie A. (Neahr) Collins have a daughter, Julia N., born August 25, 1888, a graduate of Wellesley College, class of 1910.

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