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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 563-566 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The history of the English-speaking family of the Carrs and Kerrs is as old as the Norman Conquest of England. One of the followers of William the Conqueror, taken from a roll in "Battle Abbey," bears the name of "Karre." The early posterity of this Norman soldier settled in the north of England, and succeeding generations spread on both sides of the borderland of England and Scotland and afterward into northern Ireland. The name has passed through many changes and variations and is found in the old documents spelled Carre, Carr, Car, Karre, Karr, Kar, Kerre, Kerr, Ker. There is almost as much variation in the colors and mottoes of the coats-of-arms of the various branches of the family. The ancient and original arms — three mullets or etoibles on a chevron; crest: a hart's head, has been generally adhered to, but a wide play given to coloring and motto. The earliest definite Carr records pertaining to the ancestry of the American family go back to four brothers — Benjamin, William, George and James Carr, who were born in London. The eldest son Benjamin is the American progenitor. William Carr married Susan Rothchild and came to America in 1621 on the ship "Fortune," Captain Roger Williams, and was a founder of the town of Bristol, Rhode Island. George Carr married Lucinda Davenport, and came to America in 1620, on the "Mayflower," as ship carpenter. He was granted an island in the Merrimac river that was in possession of the family a great many years. James Carr ran away from home, went to sea, afterward became a sea captain. He was drowned while on a voyage from the West Indies to Boston. It is not known that he had a family.

(I) Benjamin Carr was born in London, England, August 18, 1592. He married Martha Hardington in London, September 2, 1613. They both died in London. Children:

  1. Robert, see forward.
  2. Caleb, born December 9, 1616.
  3. Richard, January 5, 1621.
  4. Andrew, December 5, 1622.

(II) Robert, eldest son of Benjamin and Martha (Hardington) Carr, was born in London, England, October 14, 1614, came to America with his brother Caleb (afterward governor of the colony) on the ship "Elizabeth Ann," Captain Roger Cooper, sailing from London, May 9, 1635. These two brothers were both minors and were sent to America after the death of their parents, to live with their uncle, William Carr, who had previously settled in Bristol, Rhode Island. A few years later the two brothers settled in Newport. Robert Carr was admitted an inhabitant in Portsmouth, February 21, 1639, and a freeman in Newport, March 16, 1641. He was one of the original purchasers of Conanicut Island, in Narragansett Bay, containing six thousand acres. He owned considerable property in Newport. He died in 1681, and his will was probated October 4, 1681. The name of his wife is not known nor when she died. Children:

  1. Caleb, see forward.
  2. Elizabeth, married (first) James Brown, (second) Samuel Gardiner.
  3. Mary, married John Hicks.
  4. Robert (2), married Elizabeth Lawton.
  5. Esek, married Susanna ————.
  6. Margaret, married Richard Hartshorne, an eminent Quaker; settled in Middletown, New Jersey.

(III) Caleb, eldest child of Robert Carr, the American ancestor, was born in Newport, Rhode Island, and lived in Jamestown, Rhode Island, on land willed him by his father. He died in 1690. His will, made in Jamestown was dated "Jan 27 1st of William K. of Gt.B." His wife was executrix of the estate. He married Phillis Greene, born October 7, 1658, daughter of Deputy Governor John Greene, of Warwick, Rhode Island. Children:

  1. Robert (2), died young.
  2. Caleb (2), see forward.
  3. William, married Abigail Baker.
  4. Robert, married Hannah Hale.
  5. Job, married Mehitable Sherman.
  6. Mary.
  7. Phillis, married Edward Boss.

Mrs. Phillis (Greene) Carr survived her husband and married (second) Charles Dickinson.

(IV) Caleb (2), second child of Caleb (1) and Phillis (Greene) Carr, was born in Jamestown, Rhode Island, March 26, 1679. He settled in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, in 1731, and bought two hundred and eighty-two and one-half acres of land bounded on one side by what was afterwards known as "Carr's Pond." He deeded one hundred acres of land to each of his sons Joseph and William, later deeded land to son Charles and by will gave his property to his five sons. He married (first) April 30, 1701, Joanna Slocum, born in Jamestown, January 2, 1680, died December 30, 1708. He married (second) Mary ————, in 1712. Children by first wife:

  1. Caleb (3), see forward.
  2. Joseph, married Percilla ————.
  3. Patience, married Joseph Slocum.
  4. Mary.
  5. William, married Elizabeth Cary.

Children by second wife:

  1. Benajah, married Louisa ————.
  2. Captain Charles, married Hannah Hopkins, of East Greenwich, Rhode Island. He was a deacon of the Baptist church for thirty years, a member of the assembly, also a sheriff of Kent county at the time thirteen pirates were hung at the yard arms of the ships lying in the bay at East Greenwich.

(V) Caleb (3), son of Caleb (2) and Joanna (Slocum) Carr, was born in Jamestown, Rhode Island, November 6, 1702, died in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 1769. He lived on the farm devised him by his father and added to his possessions. He married Sarah ————, born November 8, 1711, died November, 1798. Children:

  1. Patience, born August 7, 1729.
  2. Mary, married Thomas Rogers.
  3. Rebecca, married Job Harrington.
  4. Susanna, married Nicholas Whitford.
  5. Robert, married Rebecca Brayton.
  6. Merebah, married Job Greene.
  7. Comfort, married Benjamin Greene.
  8. Caleb (4), married Abigail Very and settled in Stephentown, New York.
  9. Eleazer, see forward.
  10. Joshua, married Sarah Stafford.
  11. Richmond, married Mary Richmond.
  12. Edward; had five wives, but his children, eleven in number, were all by his first wife, Eleanor Spencer. He was one of the founders of the Baptist church at Stephentown, New York. He died at the age of ninety-two years; for a number of years before his death he was both blind and deaf.
  13. Thurston, married Audrey Spencer. With this generation the family appear in New York records.

(VI) Eleazer, ninth child of Caleb (3) and Sarah Carr, was born in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, April 22, 1746. He settled in Rensselaer county, New York, where he died July 19, 1816. He married Eleanor Stafford, who died October 26, 1813. Children, all born in Rensselaer county, New York:

  1. Stafford, married Catherine Stafford and moved to Saratoga county, New York; issue, ten children.
  2. Stutely, settled in Salisbury, New York; he was a minister and held a captain's commission in the New York state militia, signed by Governor Clinton, dated March 5, 1802. He married Sybil Dyer, who bore him sixteen children. He died in Spring, Crawford county, Pennsylvania.
  3. Catherine.
  4. Eleazer (2), see forward.
  5. Eleanor, married Silas Thompson.
  6. Olive, married Wanton Sweet.

(VII) Eleazer (2), fourth child of Eleazer (1) and Eleanor (Stafford) Carr, was born in Rensselaer county, New York, in 1777, died August 26, 1833. He settled in Salisbury, Herkimer county, New York, where he died. He married Hannah Hakes, born 1779, died November 30, 1857. Children:

  1. Ormenda, married, in Salisbury, Harry Burrell and had issue.
  2. Vienna, married, in Salisbury, Thomas A. Rice and had issue.
  3. Malvin, born 1806, died 1829.
  4. Eleazer (3), see forward.

(VIII) Eleazer (3), youngest child of Eleazer (2) and Hannah (Hakes) Carr, was born in Salisbury, New York, December 9, 1811, died September 18, 1869. He was a farmer of Herkimer county. He married, in Salisbury, January 5, 1832, Hannah Raynor. Children, all born in Salisbury, Herkimer county, New York:

  1. Lyman Hakes, May 9, 1834, died June 18, 1868; married, December 8, 1859, Susan L. Starkey and had issue: Mary Ellen, Eleazer Starkey, and Lyman Hakes (2), settled in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  2. Eliza, May 2, 1836; married Hinton S. Loyd; children: Effie DeKlyn and Frederick Osborn Loyd.
  3. Malvin L., February 9, 1838, married Mary J. Rice and had Ida May, died in childhood; Herman Rice, and Charles J. Carr.
  4. Ormenda, February 3, 1840; married Richard E. Whitney; children: Grant Carr and Lillie Whitney.
  5. Lewis Eleazer, see forward.

(IX) Lewis Eleazer, youngest child of Eleazer (3) and Hannah (Raynor) Carr, was born in Salisbury, Herkimer county, New York, March 10, 1842. He was educated in the town public schools, at Falley Seminary, Fulton, New York, and Fairfield Academy, Herkimer county, from which he was graduated in 1861. He spent two years in farming, but deciding upon the profession of law, he entered Albany Law School, graduating in 1864. He spent one year in the law office of Sherman S. Rogers in Buffalo, New York, where he made the acquaintance and had for a room-mate Grover Cleveland, later twice elected president of the United States. He began the practice of his profession in Port Jervis, New York, in July 1865, remaining there in successful practice until 1893. He became prominent in both the law and politics. For five years, 1869-74, he was in partnership with O. P. Howell, later surrogate of Orange county. In 1871 Mr. Carr was elected district attorney of Orange county, held office for the ensuing three years. During his twenty-eight years of residence in Port Jervis, he served sixteen years of them as a member of the board of education. In 1893 he removed to Albany, New York, having been appointed chief attorney for the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company, especially retained for the legal business of the railroad department of that company. While in Port Jervis from 1872 he was attorney for New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad, having charge of their business in the three adjoining counties of Orange, Sullivan and Delaware. He was successful in his legal practice and stood high among his brethren of the profession. While he confined himself almost exclusively to legal business, he had other outside interests. He was interested in Port Jervis National Bank, which he served as a director for eight years. Since locating in Albany he has confined himself to his railroad practice. He is a member of the State and County Bar associations; the Lawyers' Club, of New York City; the Triton of Canada; the Fort Orange club of Albany. He was prominent in the Masonic fraternity in Port Jervis, where he was high priest of Neversink Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, and for seven years eminent commander of Delaware Commandery, Knights Templar. He married, in 1865, Ruth, daughter of Matthias Duke, an officer in the British army, stationed at Kingston, Canada. Her maternal grandfather, John Gallagher, was an officer in the English army, was with Lord Wellington at Waterloo, where the star of the great Napoleon forever set; was with the British forces in the United States during the war of 1812, and was the officer in command at Eastport, Maine, surrendering it to the American forces. Children:

  1. Raymond W., born June 13, 1869.
  2. Lewis Eleazer, June 27, 1871.
  3. William Duke, October 26, 1874.

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