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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 620-621 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Carmichael family of Amsterdam descends through a long line of hardy ancestors with a pure strain of Scotch blood running through several generations of both paternal and maternal forbears. The immigrant ancestor of record in the New World was Daniel Carmichael, born in Perthshire, Scotland, with an ancestry resident and native to that land for many generations. His parents, whose names are not of record, came at the same time, but the date or place of arrival cannot be given. The family finally settled in Albany, and later in Galway, Saratoga county, New York. Daniel Carmichael was a baker, and while living in Albany was engaged in that business for several years. He had large government contracts for supplying the commissary department located at Albany and did a large and profitable business that netted him a fortune. He moved to Galway after partly retiring from active life, but contributed his influence and wealth to improving conditions in that community. In later years he became a resident of Amsterdam, where he purchased suburban property that is now valuable holding, being within the city limits. Daniel Carmichael married (first) in Albany, New York, Janet McLaughlin, born of Scotch parents. She died in middle life, leaving two children: Peter and Jane. He married (second) in Albany, Allison Knox, born of Scotch parents, and a connection of the noted Scotch minister, John Knox. Mrs. Carmichael (second) died in Amsterdam, aged eighty-seven, and Daniel, aged eighty-two. Children of second marriage were:

  1. John, see forward.
  2. James.
  3. Daniel.

(II) John, eldest son of Daniel and Allison (Knox) Carmichael, was born at Albany, September 2, 1821, died at Amsterdam, New York, August 21, 1904. He was educated in Albany at the "Academy," later in Galway schools, after which he entered Union College at Schenectady, New York. For some years he was an instructor in the schools of his district, but in 1860 engaged in farming at Galway, with his father. Later than 1860 he removed where he had a farm. He bought out the business there of William Laimbeer, a malster, which he operated profitably in connection with his farm. He became the owner of city property and a man of substance. His life was an active and upright one that attracted favorable comment. When Amsterdam was incorporated a city he was elected mayor and gave a wise administration, and on the completion of his term he declined further public office and thereafter devoted himself to his private business affairs. He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian church, and greatly respected for his manly, upright, Christian character. He was twice married. His first wife was Laura Whiteside, whom he married in Galway, her native town. She died while still a young woman, in Amsterdam, leaving two sons, John Whiteside, who died unmarried, and Daniel Montgomery, who resides at Spokane, Washington, and has a daughter, Minnie Louise Carmichael. John Carmichael married (second) in Amsterdam, June 6, 1875, Henrietta P. Stewart, born in Guy Park, Amsterdam, New York, April 20, 1848, daughter of James and granddaughter of Thomas Stewart, of Perthshire, Scotland (see forward). She was educated in the public schools, and reared to those habits and qualities peculiar to the Scotch character which make them, the world over, men and women of the best type. Children of John and Henrietta P. (Stewart) Carmichael are:

  1. Jessie Allison, born May 1, 1876, died December 23, 1877.
  2. Elizabeth Annie, February 21, 1879, educated at Andover and Norwalk academies, graduating from the latter institution, class of 1901.
  3. Helen Stewart, May 20, 1884, received her education at Andover, Massachusetts.

Both daughters reside at the family home in Amsterdam, where they are a welcome addition to the social life of the city.

(The Stewart Line)

Thomas Stewart, grandfather of Mrs. John Carmichael (Henrietta P. Stewart), was born in Perthshire, Scotland. He married Margaret McKinley, and when their fourth child, James, was two years old, they came to the United States, settling at Perth, Fulton county, New York. Thomas was a farmer, and on his new farm developed the true Scotch stamina and succeeded in acquiring a comfortable and substantial home. Late in life they removed to Amsterdam, ending their days, which finally exceeded the Scriptural allotment, with their children previously settled in that city. Seven children were born to Thomas and Margaret Stewart, four in Scotland, three in New York:

  1. John, removed to Centreville, Michigan, where he was engaged in farming; he was twice married and died at the western home.
  2. Margaret, married William Major, of Perth, New York; later they removed to Centreville, Michigan; they were the parents of Margaret, Stewart, James.
  3. Elizabeth, married David Rogers, of Amsterdam; both deceased; had no issue.
  4. James, see forward.
  5. Mary, married Barney Cleveland.
  6. Ann, became the wife of Timothy Greene, of Gloversville; she died, leaving four children: Ann E., Annie, James, Stewart.
  7. Janet, married Dr. Woodworth, one of the older physicians of Amsterdam; she died, leaving two children: Annie and Mary E.

(II) James Stewart was born in Perthshire, Scotland. He was two years of age when his parents brought him to the United States. He grew up on the Fulton county farm, but later removed to Amsterdam, where he engaged in contracting for the state of New York; bridges and on public works: built the locks along the Erie canal; also carried on farming and purchased the old Sir William Johnson farm, later known as Guy Park. James Stewart married (first) Mary Eliza Stewart, who died without issue. In May, 1842, he married (second) Jane Melissa, daughter of Dr. Abraham and Deborah (Betts) Pulling. Dr. Pulling was born in Connecticut; he came to Amsterdam when it was a small village; he was one of that noble army of pioneer country physicians whose sacrifices are constant and great, and make them beloved members of any community. Dr. Pulling died in Amsterdam, aged seventy-six, universally respected and mourned. Deborah, his wife, born in Connecticut, lived to be eighty-two; Mrs. Pulling was one of the pioneer Presbyterians in Amsterdam and largely instrumental in founding and supporting the first church of that faith, although Dr. Pulling had been reared an Episcopalian and always remained faithful to the interests of that faith. Children of Dr. Pulling:

  1. Henry Perry,
  2. Clara Maria,
  3. Caroline Pamelia,
  4. Jane Melissa (Mrs. James Stewart),
  5. Abraham Casandra,
  6. Sarah Ann,
  7. Jane Arnold, died in infancy;
  8. James, died in infancy.

Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart had children:

  1. Caroline Maria, married Robert Hall Ferguson; died leaving one child, Francis H. Ferguson.
  2. Mary E., married Albert C. Phillips; now deceased, leaving two children: Annie E. and William Phillips.
  3. Henrietta P., wife of John Carmichael (see Carmichael II).
  4. Annie M., married John D. Schuyler.
  5. James T., married Ada Griffin.
  6. Genevieve E., married Philip Boshart; three children living: James S., John G. and Thomas W. Boshart.
  7. Walter, died in infancy.

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