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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 569-571 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

William Cadby was of Birmingham, England, where he was connected with the great manufacturing interests of that city. He died about 1865. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Wrighton, and granddaughter of William and Elizabeth Mary Wrighton. William Wrighton died November 20, 1792. His wife, Elizabeth Mary, October 11, 1789. Thomas Wrighton, born 1760, died December 17, 1808. His wife, Mary Elizabeth, born 1760, died November 30, 1818. John Wrighton, eldest son of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Wrighton, died February 28, 1869, in his eighty-first year. "A truly honest man." He was a brother of Elizabeth (Wrighton) Cadby. This family, so far as known, lived and died in England.

(II) John H. W., son of William and Elizabeth (Wrighton) Cadby, was born in Birmingham, England. He was an educated man, and a lover of old and rare books in which he has dealt all his life. He came to the United States in 1871 with seven children, his son John W. and two daughters having preceded him. He settled in Troy, New York, where he was a member of Cluett Son's & Company [Sons?], dealers in pianos and musical instruments. He is now (1910) a resident of Utica, New York, practically retired, but keeping up his lifelong passion for dealing in old books. He married, in England, Emily Anne Cluett, a sister of George B. Cluett, the Troy, New York, manufacturer. She died in England before the family emigration. Children:

  1. John Wrighton, see forward;
  2. Mary Cluett, born January 4, 1854;
  3. Emily, November 30, 1855;
  4. Elizabeth, August 22, 1857;
  5. Annie, August 23, 1859;
  6. Percival, June 11, 1861;
  7. Florence, January 22, 1863;
  8. Clara, September 6, 1864;
  9. George, June 22, 1866;
  10. Lillian, September 23, 1868.

(III) John Wrighton, eldest son of John H. W. and Emily Anne (Cluett) Cadby, was born in Birmingham, England, August 25, 1852. He came to the United States at the age of seventeen years, in 1869, with two of his sisters. He located in Troy, where his maternal uncle, George B. Cluett, was engaged in the manufacture of shirts and collars. He received a positon with him and remained ten years, becoming superintendent of the shirt department. In 1880 he removed to Albany, where he associated with Samuel L. Munson in the same capacity, superintendent of shirt department. He remained with Mr. Munson several years. In 1895 he associated with his son, Harold W. Cadby, and established the firm of Cadby & Son, paper box manufacturers of Albany, New York. The firm make paper boxes of all sorts, sizes and descriptions, and conduct an extensive and prosperous business. The love of old books is a ruling passion with Mr. Cadby; it is in the blood, inherited from his father. While with Mr. Munson he began collecting and dealing, finally establishing a store for their sale. He continued this until the present and has a regular systematized business, buying and selling old and rare books. He issues a catalogue each month and has a rare and valuable collection. He is thoroughly informed and conceded an authority in his special line. His collection of American old books, autograph letters, documents and antiquities comprises some items of rare and unusual interest. He married Alida M. Winne. Children:

  1. Frank H., married Gertrude Jackman;
  2. Harold W., see forward;
  3. Paul C., married Florence Montgomery;
  4. William W., unmarried.

Alida M. Winne, daughter of William Cary Winne, is a direct descendant of Pieter Winne, "born in the city of Ghent in Planelers," and Tannatje Adams, his wife, "born in the city of Leewaerden in Vrieslandt," of the town of Bethlehem, Albany county, New York, who made a joint will July 6, 1684.

(IV) Harold Winne, son of John W. and Alida M. (Winne) Cadby, was born in Troy, New York, July 14, 1877. He was educated in the common and high schools of Troy and Albany. He has the same inherited love of old, rare books and antiquities that distinguishes the family, and for a time traveled, examining collections and making purchases. About 1895 he engaged in the manufacture of paper boxes, with his father, forming the firm of Cadby & Son; he is the manager of the factory and business. The company is successful and find a ready demand for their products in Albany and surrounding territories. He is a member of the Fort Orange and County [Country?] clubs of Albany, and for five years served in Troop B and the Signal Corps of the New York Guard. He married, April 18, 1900, Mabel A., daughter of Dayton and Catharine Ann (Forbes) Ball (see Ball IX).

(The Ball Line)

The Balls of Connecticut were early Puritans and came from England at an early date. Allen or Alling Ball was a captain of militia or train band, and was the progenitor of a very large family now settled all over the United States. He was a resident of New Haven; married Dorothy —————.

(II) Alling, son of Allen or Alling Ball, married in New Haven, Connecticut, Sarah Thompson.

(III) Edward, son of Ailing and Sarah (Thompson) Ball, moved in 1666 to Newark, New Jersey, from Branford, Connecticut. He was one of the early settlers and founders of Newark, where by election and appointment he held various offices. He was court messenger in 1675-77; town attorney, 1679-81-86; overseer of the poor, 1692; constable, 1683-89; surveyor of the highway, 1674-78; high sheriff of Essex county, New Jersey, 1693.

(IV) Thomas, son of Edward Ball, way born in Newark, New Jersey, 1687, died October 18, 1744; married Sarah Davis and had twelve children.

(V) Ezekiel, fifth child of Thomas and Sarah (Davis) Ball, was born June 5, 1722, died December 26, 1804. He was an architect of note, and selected his home at Middleville (Hilton), New Jersey, now a suburb of Newark, importing bricks from England for the purpose. His home was known as "Tuscan Hall." He was master of St. John's Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, of Newark, one of the oldest masons in the country. He was also an inventor of a machine for levelling and cutting roads, New Jersey even at that early day giving attention to the good roads for which she now stands pre-eminent. He married May Jones, of Southampton, Long Island, born November 19, 1725, died March 21, 1816; eleven children, all born at Tuscan Hall, Hilton, New Jersey. Four sons served in the revolution.

(VI) William, son of Ezekiel and Mary (Jones) Ball, was born March 27, 1765, died July 29, 1864. Married, January 3, 1787, Phebe Hatfield, of Elizabethtown, New Jersey, born November 18, 1765, died April 25, 1862; they were the parents of eight children. The Hatfields were soldiers in the revolution and members of the First Presbyterian church of Elizabeth, whose pastor, Rev. Caldwell, was known as the "Fighting Parson" (whose wife was murdered by the British with her child in her arms).

(VII) Jonathan I. Dayton, eldest son of William and Phebe (Hatfield) Ball, was born at Hilton, New Jersey, December 21, 1787, died at Dayton, Ohio, March 26, 1862. He was a private in the war of 1812 (see Penna. Archives, 2nd series, p. 175). He married at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1816, Mary Phillips, born April 13, 1782, died July 18, 1871; ten children.

(VIII) Dayton, son of Jonathan I. Dayton and Mary (Phillips) Ball, was born at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, August 8, 1832, died July 25, 1897. He came to Albany, New York, in 1861, to engage in the manufacture of lasts, which business he continued until his death. He was a very prominent Mason, life member of the Fort Orange club. He married, March 24, 1862, Catharine Ann Forbes, born May 16, 1836, died February 25, 1900. Children:

  1. Katie Amanda, born September 2, 1865, died May 29, 1890.
  2. Mabel Augusta, see forward.
  3. Henry Dayton, born November 2, 1877.

(IX) Mabel Augusta, daughter of Dayton and Catharine Ann (Forbes) Ball, was born August 4, 1876. She married, April 18, 1900, Harold Winne Cadby, of Albany. (q. v.)

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