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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1576-1577 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Of the parentage, birthplace, and early history of Chad Brown nothing definite seems to be now known. Accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth, and son John, then eight years old, and perhaps his younger sons, he emigrated from England in the ship "Martin," which arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, July, 1638. He did not long remain in Massachusetts, but soon removed to Providence, Rhode Island, where he at once became a leader in the colony and one of its most valued citizens. In the north burial ground stands a stone marked

In memory of
Elder of the Baptist church in
this town.
He was one of the original proprietors of
the Providence Purchase,
Having been exiled from Massachusetts
for conscience sake.
He had five sons,
who have left a numerous posterity.
He died about A.D. 1665.
This monument
was erected by the town of

Descendants of Chad Brown have been conspicuous in early and subsequent Rhode Island history. They have served the colony and state in every public capacity including the high office of governor. Brown University owes not only its name, but its early life to the family generosity. John and Moses Brown had much to do in founding the free school system in Providence. They were successful business men in each generation and equally prominent in the church and the professions. Far beyond the confines of Rhode Island they have scattered and made honored names. The Browns of Coxsackie descend through Daniel Brown.

(II) Daniel, fifth and youngest son of Chad and Elizabeth Brown, may have been born after the family arrived in America. He ways a resident of Providence, but died while temporarily at Newport, September 29, 1710. He married, December 25, 1669, Alice, born 1652, died after 1718, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (White )Hearnden. Daniel Brown was a farmer living "on the neck." Children:

  1. Judah, of further mention.
  2. Jabez, of Providence, married Ann ————.
  3. Sarah, born October 10, 1677, died after 1744; married, April 4, 1700, Thomas Angell, ancestor of James B. Angell, graduate of Brown University, now editor of Providence Daily Journal; president of the University of Vermont; president of the University of Michigan; United States minister to China; was appointed by President Cleveland a member of the commission to consider questions connected with the United States right of fishing in waters adjacent to Canada and Newfoundland.
  4. Jeremiah, a brickmaker and innkeeper of Smithfield, Rhode Island; married, December 8, 1715, Sarah Tucker.
  5. Hallelujah, died 1771; married, August 31, 1702, James Olney, and had eight children, one of whom; Mary, married Arthur Fenner. She was a wonderful woman. Her husband was sickly for many years and unable to do business. She acquired and continued the business and kept the family of twelve children in affluence. Her eleventh child, Arthur Fenner, was the popular governor of Rhode Island, 1790-1805. His son, James Fenner, was elected governor 1807-11, re-elected in 1824, serving until 1831, elected again 1842, serving until 1844. He was United States senator from 1805 to 1807, resigning to become governor.
  6. Hosanna, married Mary Hawkins.
  7. Jonathan.
  8. Daniel (2), a cooper of Providence; married Mary Sprague.

(III) Judah, eldest son of Daniel and Alice (Hearnden) Brown, died January 18, 1734. He lived in Providence and Scituate, Rhode Island. He married Hannah ————, who died after 1745. Children: Joseph, Deborah, Abigail, David, Hannah, Elisha, Phoebe.

(IV) Joseph, eldest son of Judah and Hannah Brown, was born in Rhode Island. He settled in the town of Malta, Saratoga county, New York, where he died aged about eighty years. He married a Miss Chase and had issue.

(V) Josiah, son of Joseph and ———— (Chase) Brown, was born in Malta, New York, 1800, died June 22, 1888. He married (first) Betsey Ashley; (second) Ruth Pettit.

(VI) Hiram, son of Josiah and Betsey (Ashley) Brown, was born in Malta, Saratoga county, New York, September 20, 1830, died at Coxsackie, Greene county, New York, June 13, 1900.

Hiram Brown was educated in the public schools where he acquired a good knowledge of the English branches. He taught school for two years, and then removed to New York, where he was clerk in a grocery store. In 1856 he made permanent location in Coxsackie, first engaging in coal trade, later in a general lumber business. He was an energetic, prosperous man of business and stood well in his community. He was a strong supporter of the cause of Prohibition, and to its upbuilding devoted much time and money. For forty years he was a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal church, serving on the official board and as superintendent of the Sunday school. He was not a mere money maker, but devoted himself in a large degree to the service of his brethren. His life teemed with kindly deeds and he left a well-cherished memory.

He was married December 25, 1854, to Phoebe, born January 16, 1836, daughter of Richard F. and Elizabeth (Gritman) Buckbee, of Dutchess county, New York, (see Buckbee IV). She survives her husband and lives a quiet life in her Coxsackie home. She has no children.

(The Buckbee Line)

This family settled first in Westchester and Dutchess counties, New York. Their origin is difficult to determine as the name is evidently a corrupted form of another surname. The Bockee family of Dutchess county have as branches claiming common origin, Buckey, Bocke, Bowker, Bockes and Barikes. The surname Buckbee may come from a descendant of Matthias Buquet. The first of mention in Dutchess county annals is Israel Buckbee, of Stanford, born about 1740, died 1820. Ten of the name Buckbee served in the revolution from New York state, but the family identification is impossible. Israel had sons.

(II) John, son of Israel Buckbee, of Stanford, Dutchess county, New York, died 1821. He married Nancy Cole. His descendants settled in the town of Chatham, Columbia county, New York.

(II) Richard, son of Israel Buckbee, was born in Stanford, Dutchess county, New York, about 1780. He continued his residence in Stanford, until 1837, when he removed to Washington county, New York, settling near Sandy Hill. He later removed to Saratoga county, New York, where he died in 1848. He married Phoebe Boyce.

(III) Richard Ferguson, son of Richard and Phoebe (Boyce) Buckbee, was born in Dutchess county, New York, 1808, died in Coxsackie, Greene county, New York, 1874. He was educated in the public schools. After the removal to Saratoga and Washington counties, where he followed the occupation of a farmer, he finally located in Coxsackie where he engaged in the lumber business, continuing until his death in 1874. He married Elizabeth Gritman, and had two children:

  1. Elzada, married Gilbert Fitchett, and had one daughter, Julia F., wife of Dr. A. Beach and has one son,
    1. Richard B., married Claribel Newberry.
  2. Phoebe, see forward.

(IV) Phoebe, daughter of Richard F. and Elizabeth (Gritman) Buckbee, was born January 16, 1836, married, December 25, 1854, Hiram Brown, born 1830, died 1900 (see Brown VI).

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