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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1630-1633 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

John Beach is first on record in New Haven Colony in 1643, when he is fined "2 shillings for twice late coming" and another 2 shillings for "defect gun." Richard Beach appears earlier, in 1643. John Beach became a householder in 1647. The last entry concerning him on the New Haven Colony is: "John Beach came to Stratford and bought his first land, May 21, 1660 of Ensign Bryan of Milford, one house lot, two acres; he had then a wife and two children." In January, 1671, he was made an auctioneer by the following vote: "John Beach was chosen crier for the town and to be allowed four pence for everything he cries, that is to say for all sorts of cattle and all other things of smaller value, two years." He was a large land owner in Wallingford, Connecticut, also. He married, in 1650, Mary ————; children:

  1. Elizabeth, born March 8, 1652, married Elisaph Preston, son of William Preston, one of the first settlers of New Haven.
  2. John, born April, 1654, married Hannah Staple.
  3. Mary, born 1656.
  4. Thomas, born May, 1659, married (first) Ruth Peck; (second) Phebe Wilcoxson.
  5. Nathaniel, of further mention.
  6. Hannah, born December, 1665, married (first) Zechariah Fairchild; (second) John Burit.
  7. Sarah, born November, 1667.
  8. Isaac, born June 29, 1669, married Hannah Birdsey, born February, 1671.
  9. Joseph, born February 5, 1671, married Abia Booth.
  10. Benjamin, born March, 1674, married Mary Hitchcock.

(II) Nathaniel, third son of John Beach, the emigrant ancestor, was born in Stratford, Connecticut, March, 1662, died 1747. He married, 1686, Sarah, died 1734, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Groves) Porter. Children:

  1. Ephraim, born May 25, 1687, married, 1712, Sarah Patterson.
  2. Elizabeth, born November 11, 1689.
  3. David, born May 15, 1692, married, 1717, Hannah, daughter of Matthew Sherman, and granddaughter of Samuel Sherman.
  4. Josiah, born August 18, 1694, married (first) Patience Nichols in 1721; married (second) Abigail Wheeler in 1750.
  5. Nathaniel, of further mention.
  6. Sarah, born November 12, 1699, married, 1726, Rev. John Beach (her cousin).
  7. Daniel, born January 15, 1700, married, 1724, Hester, daughter of Benjamin Curtiss.
  8. Anna, born March, 1704, married, 1728, Elnathan Beers.
  9. Israel, born May, 1705, married, 1731, Hannah Burrit.
  10. James, born August 13, 1709, married Sarah Curtis, born September 2, 1710.

(III) Nathaniel (2), son of Nathaniel (1) and Sarah (Porter) Beach, was born in Stratford, Connecticut, December 28, 1696; died 1734. He married, November 3, 1720, Sarah, daughter of Solomon Burton, who survived him and married (second) William Odell. Children: Elizabeth, Charity, Thomas, Joseph and Nathan.

(IV) Joseph, son of Nathaniel (2) and Sarah (Burton) Beach, was born in Stratford, Connecticut, about 1735. He removed to Waterbury, Connecticut. He married Experience Beecher. Children:

  1. Mary, married David Frost;
  2. Joseph;
  3. Amos, died young;
  4. Amos (2);
  5. Asa, of further mention.

(V) Asa, son, of Joseph and Experience (Beecher) Beach, was born in 1759. He removed to Saratoga county, New York, where he settled in the town of Milton. He was a farmer, and with his wife is buried in the town which was his home for many years. He married Hannah Stiles, born 1758. Children: four sons and daughters, among whom were: Daniel, of further mention; Jonathan F.; Joseph; Isaac.

(VI) Daniel, son of Asa and Hannah (Stiles) Beach, was born in the town of Milton, Saratoga county, New York, March 25, 1793, died March 28, 1890, nearly reaching the century mark. He was a farmer of the town of Charleston. He married, August 19, 1818, Elizabeth Ross, born October 4, 1791, died August 13, 1860, at Charlton. Children:

  1. Harriet Ross, born June 30, 1823, died May 7, 1865; married Wakeman Buell.
  2. Olivia, born May 24, 1825, died 1868; married, October 3, 1845, William Wayne.
  3. Ann Eliza, born September 1, 1828, died February 23, 1830.
  4. George Ross, of whom further.
  5. John C., born July 13, 1833.

(VII) George Ross, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Ross) Beach, was born July 19, 1831, at Charlton, Saratoga county, New York. He was educated in the public schools, and until 1871 worked the "Old Beach Farm" with his father. In 1871 he located in Ballston Spa, where he established a real estate and insurance business. He married, December 21, 1854, Henrietta Belding, born July 22, 1836, daughter of Melancthon and Hester M. (Conde) Belding, of Charlton (see Belding VIII). Child, Frederick Henry, of whom forward.

(VIII) Frederick Henry, only son of George Ross and Henrietta (Belding) Beach, was born in the town of Charlton, Saratoga county, New York, August 5, 1858. He was educated in the public schools of Charlton and Ballston Spa, where his parents removed when he was a lad of thirteen years. He became engaged with his father in the real estate and insurance business immediately after leaving school, and has continued the association until the present time (1910). In 1908 he was appointed receiver for the Eastern New York Electric Railway Company, which he is still managing. He is a director of the First National Bank of Ballston Spa, and interested in other business enterprises of the village. He is a member and vestryman of Christ Episcopal Church, and prominent in the Masonic order, affiliated with Franklin Lodge, No. 90, Free and Accepted Masons; Warren Chapter, No. 23, Royal Arch Masons, both of Ballston Spa; Washington Commandery, of Saratoga Springs; Oriental Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, of Troy, and Albany Consistory, thirty-second degree, Scottish Rite. He is also a member of the Knights of Pythias. He married, January 5, 1881, Esther Bennett Doolittle (see Doolittle VII). Children:

  1. Margaret Lee, born October 29, 1881.
  2. Priscilla Lee, December 2, 1883, died July 3, 1892.
  3. Frederick Henry (2), October 24, 1884.
  4. Esther Belding, March 24, 1895.
  5. George Ross, March 30, 1897.
  6. Geraldine Bennett, June 19, 1902.

(The Belding Line)

Richard Belding from Staffordshire, England, was among the early settlers of Wethersfield, Connecticut, which was founded by colonists from Watertown, Dorchester and Newtown, Massachusetts, in 1634. The date of his settlement is not known. His name first appears on the town record, February 7, 1641. In [James Hammond] Trumbull's "Memorial History of Hartford County [Connecticut 1633-1884]" is a map on which the location of his house is shown. Little is known of his family further than the fact that he had a wife and two sons, William and Samuel.

(II) William, son of Richard Belding, was born in Staffordshire, England, about 1623. He married, in 1644, in Wethersfield, Connecticut, ———— Thomasine, and in 1646 removed to Norwalk, Connecticut. Children:

  1. John, born January 9, 1645.
  2. Daniel, see forward.
  3. Samuel, July 20, 1647.
  4. Susannah, November 5, 1651.
  5. Marie, February 2, 1652.
  6. Nathaniel, November 13, 1654.

(III) Daniel, son of William Belding, was born November 20, 1646 (another record says 1648). He was of Hartford, Connecticut, in 1671, and of Deerfield in 1686. A great part of his family was killed or captured by Indians, September 16, 1696. He was a leading man in the town where he died, August 14, 1731. He married (first) November 10, 1670, Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Foot, of Wethersfield. She was killed September 17, 1696. He married (second) February 17, 1699, Hepzibah Buel, widow of Lieutenant Thomas Wells. She was captured by Indians, February 29, 1704, and killed on the route to Canada by her captors, aged fifty-four years. He married (third) Sarah, daughter of John Hawkes, widow of Philip Malloon; she died September 17, 1751, aged ninety-four years. Children:

  1. William, born December 26, 1671, married Margaret, daughter of William Arms.
  2. Richard, March 29, 1672.
  3. Elizabeth, October 8. 1673, married Ehenezer Brooks.
  4. Nathaniel, January 26, 1675, captured September 15, 1696, died August 21, 1714.
  5. Mary, November 17, 1677, married, 1698, James Trowbridge.
  6. Daniel, September 1, 1680, killed September 16, 1696.
  7. Sarah, March 15, 1682, married March 27, 1702, Benjamin Bent, captured 1702.
  8. Hester, September 29, 1683, captured September 16, 1696, not afterward heard from.
  9. Abigail, March 10, 1686, died June 25, 1686.
  10. Samuel, of further mention.
  11. John, June 24, 1689, died next day.
  12. Abigail (2), August 18, 1690, wounded September 16, 1696, died before 1732.
  13. John (2), February 28, 1693, killed September 16, 1696.
  14. Thankful, December 31, 1695, killed September 16, 1696.

(IV) Samuel, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Foot) Belding, was born April 10, 1687. His mother was killed in the Indian attack on Deerfield in 1696. Samuel, then a lad of nine years, was wounded at the same time, but escaped capture. He died December 14, 1750. He married (first) February 26, 1724, Anna Townes, died December 13, 1724; married (second) September 26, 1726, Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Ingram, of Hadfield. Children:

  1. Samuel, of further mention.
  2. Elizabeth, born November 1, 1731, married, January 24, 1751, Seth Hawks.
  3. John, August 15, 1734.
  4. Daniel, June 17, 1737, died August 27, 1743.
  5. Lydia, married Joseph Mitchell.

(V) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) and Elizabeth (Ingram) Belding, was born April 1, 1729. He resided in Deerfield, previous to his locating in Ashfield or Huntstown, as it was then called. He was a rope manufacturer and a farmer, prominent in town affairs and first town clerk. He married, June 28, 1753, Mary, daughter of Joseph Mitchell, of Deerfield. Children:

  1. Daniel, born June 17, 1754, settled in Shelburn, Massachusetts.
  2. John, December 17, 1756, married Priscilla Waite.
  3. Mary, March 3, 1758.
  4. Mercy, November 29, 1759, married, September 6, 1781, Azariah Cooley.
  5. Esther, April 18, 1761.
  6. Samuel, died young.
  7. Asenath, February 20, 1764.
  8. Louisa, June 6, 1765.
  9. Samuel, of further mention.
  10. Elizabeth, January 7, 1770.
  11. Aaron, July 21, 1774.

(VI) Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2) and Mary (Mitchell) Belding, was born November 10, 1767. In 1790 he joined Chauncey Belding in the town of Charlton, Saratoga county, New York, both becoming prominent men of the town. In 1794 they engaged in mercantile life in company, succeeding Davis & Bostwick. Chauncey Belding was a member of the state assembly, 1807-08, and Samuel in 1823. Samuel Belding held the office of town clerk from 1802 continuously until 1838, except the years 1813 to 1818, when he was supervisor. He was then succeeded by Hiram Belding. Samuel married and had issue.

(VII) Samuel (4), son of Samuel (3) Belding, was born in Charlton, Saratoga county, New York, died 1865. He married and had issue.

(VIII) Melancthon, son of Samuel (4) Belding, was born September 5, 1813, in Charlton, Saratoga county, New York, died October 15, 1883. He married, January 14, 1835, Hester M. Conde, born May 14, 1813, died February 28, 1889. Children:

  1. Henrietta, married George R. Beach.
  2. Alice L., married David Foote Wicks, of Charlton, New York.
  3. Eva, married John M. Wells, of Johnstown, New York.

(The Doolittle Line)

Abraham Doolittle, the Puritan, was the progenitor of all the Doolittles in America who claim early Connecticut ancestry. He spelled his name Dowlittell. He was born in England in 1619-20. He married (first) in England, Joane Allen (spelled Alling on the colonial records) and at about the age of twenty-one came with his bride to America. He was in Boston, 1640, and of New Haven, Connecticut, 1642. He built a house, had land granted him, took the oath of fidelity in 1644, was chosen deputy seven terms, and served many terms as selectman, was treasurer of the town of Wallingford, whither he removed in 1670. He held about every office in the town and was sergeant of the military company. His gravestone yet stands in Wallingford, marked

"A. D. 70"

Joane, his first wife, died after twenty years of married life, and he married (second) Abigail Moss, born April 10, 1642. Children by first wife: Sarah, Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Abigail. Children by second wife: Samuel, Joseph, Abigail (2), Ebenezer, Mary, Daniel, Theophilus.

(II) Theophilus, youngest child of Abraham and Abigail (Moss) Doolittle, was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, July 28, 1678, died March 26, 1740. He was a farmer. He married (first) Thankful Hall, born December 29, 1679, died June 2, 1715, daughter of David and Sarah (Rockwell) Hall, of Wallingford. He married (second) Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah Howe. Children, all by first wife except the last child: Thankful, Sarah, Henry, David, Theophilus (2), Solomon, Benjamin.

(III) Theophilus (2), son of Theophilus (1) and Thankful (Hall) Doolittle, was born at Wallingford, Connecticut, June 20, 1709. His will was probated November 10, 1783. In 1756 he was appointed ensign of the First Company in Wallingford, by the assembly. He married (first) October 10, 1733, Susannah, daughter of Deacon Samuel and Susannah (Hall) Moss. He married (second) November 15, 1738, Sarah Dorchester. Children: Susannah, Solomon, Theophilus (3), twin of Solomon, Theophilus (4), Sarah, Solomon (2), Isaiah, Eliasaph, Stephen, Isaac.

(IV) Eliasaph, son of Ensign Theophilus (2) and Sarah (Dorchester) Doolittle, was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, June 1, 1750, died April 28, 1817. He married (first) Ruth Hall, January 1, 1772, and settled in Wallingford. He married (second) Mabel Potter, April 8, 1776. Children: Lucy, Charles, Miles, Ruth, Isaiah, Eliasaph, Porter, Sally, Ann Giles, Betsey.

(V) Miles, son of Eliasaph and Ruth (Hall) Doolittle, was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, March 5, 1775. He removed to New Lebanon, Columbia county, New York, where he died. He was a prosperous farmer. He married, November 6, 1803, Esther Bennett, of New Lebanon; ten children.

(VI) James Frederick, son of Miles and Esther (Bennett) Doolittle, was born at New Lebanon, Columbia county, New York, March 26, 1825, died at Ballston Spa, New York, December 19, 1902. He married (first) Margaret Stuart Lee, of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, died in Ballston Spa, New York, in 1865. Children:

  1. Esther Bennett, of further mention.
  2. Priscilla Reed, born September 6, 1862.
  3. James Lee, September 18, 1865.

He married (second) Fannie Buckley, of Ballston Spa. Children:

  1. William Frederick, M. D., of Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. Harry J., lawyer, of Cleveland, Ohio.

(VII) Esther Bennett, daughter of James Frederick and Margaret Stuart (Lee) Doolittle, was born December 3, 1859. She married Frederick Henry Beach, of Ballston Spa, New York (see Beach VIII).

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