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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1339-1340 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Barker family of Northville, Fulton county, New York, came to Fulton from Saratoga county, where they settled about the year 1844. Previously the Barker family were seated in Dutchess county, New York; descendants of the English family of Barker.

(I) Jesse Barker, born April 21, 1761, died March 19, 1864. He was the founder of the family in Saratoga county, was a farmer and a man of some importance in his town. He was a soldier of the revolution and orderly sergeant under General Lafayette. He married Prudence Payne, born May 3, 1755, died 1848. She was a granddaughter of Robert Treat Payne, of New England, and of early colonial descent. Children:

  1. James, born February 23, 1786; married Margaret Downing; children: Philena and Anson.
  2. Jesse (2), born November 23, 1788, married Experience Ingram; children: Prudence, Amanda, Laura, Maria, Abigail, Charles, John.
  3. Anna, born March 24, 1791; married Frederick Van Steenburg; children: Lydia, Harriet, Jesse, Clorinda and Lorinda, twins; Matthew, Maria and Prudence.
  4. Ichabod, born April 30, 1793, married Susan Olmstead; children: Newman, Newton, Chloe, Elihu, Philo.
  5. Lydia, born July 12, 1795; married Simon Scott; children: John, Catherine, Marion, Olive, William, Isaac.
  6. John, of whom further.

(II) John, youngest son of Jesse and Prudence (Payne) Barker, was born in Edinburg, Saratoga county, New York, June 24, 1800, died there June 22, 1864. He attended the district schools and remained at home with his parents until of legal age. He learned the carpenter trade after leaving home and followed it in various sections of Hamilton county. He married and moved to Hope, where he remained until 1831, when he located on a farm next to the old homestead; also at the same time operated a store in his dwelling which he continued from 1831 until 1847. He then moved to Beecher Hollow, where he devoted all his time to general merchandising; in 1852 he rented his property and moved to Northville, Fulton county, where he purchased a saw and grist mill, and also a farm, which he operated until 1854, when his health failed and he returned to Beecher Hollow and died there in 1864. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and helped to erect the first church of that denomination in Edinburgh. He married Alice Cornell, born August 18, 1802, died July 31, 1881. Children:

  1. William F., of whom further.
  2. Edwin Lee, born April 24, 1825, died September 10, 1898; married Sarah Brewer; their child Charlotte, married Lincoln E. Geer, children, Edwin, Etta, Alice, Joseph, Bessie, Marion, Charlotte and Lucy.
  3. Charles H., born December 6, 1828; married Margaret Bass, child, Elsie.
  4. Rhoda Angeline, born July 13, 1831; married, February 28, 1854, Fay Duncan, born November 19, 1829; children:
    1. Jennie, born January 14, 1858, married, September 5, 1888, George W. May, born June 30, 1857; children:
      1. Ida, born January 14, 1890;
      2. Amos, November 26, 1892;
      3. Vincent, March 10, 1895;
      4. Elsie, April 4, 1898;
    2. Ida, born September 16, 1859, married, March 28, 1883, Andrew Perkins, born July 3, 1853; children:
      1. Anna, born February 22, 1884;
      2. Alice, February 17, 1886, married, 1909, Charles Bentley;
      3. John Fay, born May 13, 1888, died in childhood;
      4. Jennie May, born July 1, 1890, died in childhood;
      5. Lois, born August 5, 1893;
      6. Charlotte, August 29, 1896;
      7. Charles, March 18, 1899;
    3. Angeline, born December 29, 1864, married, September 5, 1900, Dr. E. B. Boyce, now deceased; child,
      1. Burton, born August 1, 1901;
    4. Charles H., born September 2, 1867, married, December 21, 1891, Leonora Thayer, born June 6, 1868; children:
      1. Esther, born April 6, 1894;
      2. Anita, August 15, 1902;
      3. Charlotte, September 21, 1905;
      4. Glen Enric, May 30, 1910.
  5. John Smith, of whom further.
  6. Henry Sherman, born March 27, 1838, died January 21, 1886; married Julia E. Carpenter.
  7. Amos Elliot, born May 13, 1845; married Mary Brown; children: (living) Evaline, and Nellie, deceased.

(III) William F., eldest son of John and Alice (Cornell) Barker, was born August 6, 1823, died May 14, 1895. He was a successful merchant. He married, October 23, 1844, Nancy Buswell. Children: Alice, married James Van Arnam; children:

  1. Alice B., resides in Newark, New Jersey, and
  2. Edward, deceased;
  3. Frank L., of whom further.

(IV) Frank L., only son of William and Nancy (Buswell) Barker, was born October 3, 1853. He was educated in the public schools and Fort Edward Collegiate Institute. He grew up in Northville, and began his business life as clerk in his father's store, later succeeding him as owner and proprietor. The business is that of a general country store, and under Mr. Barker's able management has proved a profitable investment. He is a trustee of the Northville village corporation, a steward of the Methodist Episcopal church, and a Republican in politics. He married Emma Hare, born August 25, 1857. Children:

  1. Ella, born August 19, 1876; married, February 17, 1909, John P. Magee.
  2. Edna, born October 15, 1878.
  3. Merriam; born February 7, 1880; married, February 14, 1901, Charles G. Van Brocklin; children:
    1. Lionel, born January 19, 1902,
    2. Margaret, December 25, 1903,
    3. Douglas, July 9, 1908.
  4. Emily, born May 21, 1882.
  5. Louise, born July 15, 1886. Emma Hare was the daughter of Edward and Eliza M. (Johnson) Hare. Children:
    1. Ella, married John T. Moore;
    2. Emma, married Frank L. Barker;
    3. Jennie, married John T. Moore (second wife), children:
      1. Frank Barker,
      2. Elizabeth M.,
      3. Elnathan,
      4. Minnie E.,
      5. Marguerite,
      6. Lorena,
      7. John A.,
      8. Raymond,
      9. Emily Lucy and
      10. Granville Edward.

(III) John Smith, fifth child of John and Alice (Cornell) Barker, was born November 1, 1834. He remained at home and attended school until he was thirteen years of age, when he started life on his own account and responsibility. In 1847 he began business life in Northville as clerk in a general store. He improved his opportunities and acquired a thorough knowledge of the business, and twenty-one years later, having accumulated sufficient capital, started a grocery store in Northville, which he operated for seven years. In 1878 he disposed of his mercantile interests and entered the employ of the Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville railroad, continuing until 1878 when he was appointed United States railroad postal clerk, serving until 1891. Since the latter year he has been largely occupied in surveying and civil engineering, having acquired a complete knowledge of these professions. Since 1900 he has been secretary, treasurer and general superintendent of the Northville Cemetery Association. In 1897 he was clerk of the board of village trustees, and in 1904 was appointed clerk of the board of education. He was elected justice of the peace and served about one year. He is a member and trustee of the Northville Baptist Church, and in politics is a Republican. He married, November 15, 1855, Adeline, born October 1, 1834, daughter of James and Susan (Lockwood) Ostrander. James Ostrander is a descendant of Peter Ostrander, a French Huguenot, who fled to Holland and thence to America with wife and three children, settling at Esopus, New York. Philip Ostrander, a descendant of the emigrant, settled in Schenectady county, and from him the Fulton county family descend.

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