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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 881-882 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

There were two early settlers of this name, Andries Janse Barheit, "yeoman of ye Great Flat near Coxhacky," and Jeronimus Janse Barheit, perhaps of the same place. The latter married for his second wife Rebecca Evertse, April 9, 1684, in Albany, where there were baptized the following children: Margariet, October 4, 1685, and Wouther, August 4, 1691. He made his will August 22, 1713, in which he spoke of his wife Rebecca, son Wouter, and one daughter. Andries Janse Barheit had a lot of land next to Pieter Bronck's farm. He was dwelling at Kinderhook, in 1675. His wife was Georgtje Teunis, daughter of Teunise de Meltselaer. Children:

  1. Johannes, baptized February 8, 1685;
  2. Geertrung, October 15, 1689;
  3. Barent, October 15, 1693.

(II) Johannes, son of Andries Janse Barhydt (Barheit), married (first) Catharine, daughter of John Gilbert, of Albany, July 16, 1701. Children, baptized in Albany:

  1. Johannes, May 16, 1703, settled in Schenectady;
  2. Cornelia;
  3. Hieronimus, settled in Schenectady;
  4. Barentke;
  5. Willem.

He married (second) Catalyna Dingman. Children, baptized in Albany: Alida and Adam.

(III) Johannes (2), "born in Albany and dwelling in Schenectady," son of Johannes (1) and Catharine (Gilbert) Barhydt, married Cornelia, daughter of Arent Pootman, August 1, 1734. Children:

  1. Johannes (3);
  2. Cornelis;
  3. Catharina, married Charles Denniston;
  4. Teunis, see forward;
  5. Eva, married John Coman;
  6. Jacomynyjie [Jacomyntjie?], married Woutter I. Vrooman;
  7. Anna, married Willem Hall;
  8. Jacobus and
  9. Louis.

(IV) Teunis, son of Johannes (2) and Cornelia (Pootman) Barhydt, was born October 3, 1742. He was a carpenter. He married (first) Jacomyntje, daughter of Johannes Van Vorst, October 14, 1765; married (second) Cornelia Bovie, May 7, 1775; married (third) Catharina Vrooman, of Normansville, January 14, 1786. Children:

  1. Cornelia, married Thomas Mosher;
  2. Hannah, married Symon Van Sice;
  3. Johannes;
  4. Elizabeth;
  5. Matthias;
  6. Cornelis;
  7. Nicholas, see forward;
  8. Teunis;
  9. Maria,
  10. Louis and
  11. Rachel.

(V) Nicholas, son of Teunis and Cornelia (Bovie) Barhydt, was born in Schenectady, where he died in 1868. He was the proprietor for many years of the "Hotel Vendome" which he built. After the hotel was destroyed by fire he rebuilt it and continued to operate it in connection with another hotel he owned, near the canal. The "Vendome" property is still owned by the family. Nicholas Barhydt was a prominent figure in the political world. He was a friend of President Lincoln and was entertained by him at the White House. He held the offices of supervisor; was treasurer of Schenectady county, and represented Schenectady in the state legislature. He was prosperous, well known and popular. He married, in Schenectady, Catherine Clow (Klaw), of Dutch descent, and related to the famous Anneke Jans. She was well known and popular in her social circle. Children:

  1. John C., born 1833, died 1872; was major of the Eighty-third Regiment, recruited for home protection in 1863, composed entirely of companies in the city and county of Schenectady. He married Rose Kelly, and has living issue:
    1. Anna, married J. J. Shay, manager of Gleason Book Company;
    2. Nicholas, a miner of Goldfield, Nevada;
    3. Catherine, married Albaert Van Vranken;
    4. Thomas, clerk in the General Electric Works.
  2. Charles, see forward.

(VI) Charles, youngest son of Nicholas and Catherine (Clow) Barhydt, was born in the Vendome Hotel, Schenectady, New York, September 22, 1848, died March 15, 1907. He was educated in the public schools, learned the painter's trade and became a successful contractor and dealer in painter's supplies of every kind. He was a Republican in politics and represented his district on the Schenectady city supervisors' board three terms. He was a well-known popular and highly-regarded citizen. He was a member of the First Reformed Church. He was an active Mason, member of St. George's Lodge, St. George's Chapter, St. George's Commandery of Schenectady, Oriental Consistory of Troy. He was for years a member of volunteer fire department.

He was married to Jane Pellet, born in Schenectady, New York, September 22, 1849, educated in her native city, and since her husband's death has managed her estate and conducted her business affairs with rare good judgment. She is a member of the First Reformed Church and spends her winters in Florida. She is the only child of William and Gertrude (Van Slyck) Pellet, who were married in Schenectady. William Pellet died in 1884, aged sixty years. He was a member of the Reformed church, and a Democrat. Gertrude Van Slyck, his wife, was a daughter of Nicholas and Jenny (Jane) (Smith) Van Slyck, both of whom died in Schenectady in old age. Children of Charles and Jane (Pellet) Barhydt:

  1. William P., born in Schenectady, February 1, 1868; married, November 7, 1909, Anna Nixey, of Philadelphia, where they reside; he was member of Volunteer fire department.
  2. Charles H., born October 6, 1870; resides at home and is his mother's business representative; he is a Mason, having taken all degrees up to and including the Shrine; unmarried.
  3. Frank, born October 13, 1877; resides in Troy, where he is the representative of the Dennison Novelty Company; a Mason, having taken all degrees up to and including the Shrine; also a member of B. P. O. E.; married in Albany, August 9, 1909, Helen Bonestean.
  4. George, born September 1, 1881; resides in Syracuse, New York.
  5. Gertrude, born June 2, 1883; married Garfield Ryder, of Poughkeepsie, where they reside, with their only daughter, Louise, born September 22, 1906.

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