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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1349-1350 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This is an ancient Scottish family and derives its surname from the following circumstance. An ancient King of Scotland, having his horse killed under him, was immediately remounted by Fairbairn, his armor-bearer. For this timely assistance the King amply rewarded him with lands on the borders, and to perpetuate the memory of so important a service, as well as the manner in which it was performed (for Fairbairn took the King by the thigh and set him in the saddle), his royal master gave him the appellation of Armstrong, and assigned him "an armed hand and arm in the left hand, a leg and foot in armor couped at the thigh, all proper." The Armstrongs were early settlers in Connecticut and New Hampshire, the latter branch settling in Londonderry, New Hampshire, coming from Londonderry, Ireland. Stephen Armstrong settled in Windham, Connecticut, 1710, while an earlier settler was Gregory Armstrong, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, died 1650. The family herein recorded descend from Benjamin Armstrong, of Norwich, Connecticut, who died January 10, 1719. He married Rachel ————, and had sons, Benjamin (2), John, Joseph and Stephen.

(II) John, son of Benjamin and Rachel Armstrong, was born December 5, 1678, at Norwich, Connecticut, died March 21, 1749. He married, January 18, 1710, Anne Worth. He had seven sons and six daughters: John, Preserved, Hopestill, James, Thomas, Jeremiah, Ezra, Olive, Anne, Lois, Keturah, Eunice and Freelove.

(III) Hopestill, son of John and Anne (Worth) Armstrong, was born in Norwich, October 15, 1713. He married, December 22, 1737, Rebecca Durkee, and had six sons and two daughters: Tibbeus, Solomon, Hopestill, Peletiah, James, Zephaniah, Rebecca and Elizabeth. With the sons of Hopestill the family history begins in Vermont.

(IV) Zephaniah, son of Hopestill and Rebecca (Durkee) Armstrong, married Catharine Powers, born November 1, 1778. Children:

  1. Reuben, see forward.
  2. Henry, born January 24, 1808, died February 2, 1802 [sic].
  3. Lyman, born April 13, 1803, died June 3, 1873.
  4. Hiram, born February 21, 1805, died November 19, 1808.
  5. Amanda M., born February 17, 1808, died April 24, 1855.
  6. William H., born March 27, 1810, died May 11, 1875; married Mercy Keach.
  7. Sally M., born January 2, 1813, died July 14, 1886.

(V) Reuben, son of Zephaniah and Catharine (Powers) Armstrong, was born in Bennington, Vermont, December 2, 1798. He married (first) August 6, 1820, Celinda Brown, born 1800, died September 3, 1844. He married (second) Hepsibe Purdy. Children:

  1. Henry L., born June 13, 1821, died April 14, 1889; married Catharine Prentiss; children:
    1. Alfred L., born November 10, 1849, died May 17, 1889;
    2. Hubert P., married Susan Sherman; children:
      1. Edith, born November 25, 1875;
      2. Roy, born July 1, 1877, married Lulu Cottle;
      3. Lena, born August 27, 1879.
  2. Addison H., born May 12, 1823, died November 30, 1891; married Adelia Brown; children:
    1. Lewis;
    2. child unnamed;
    3. Frances;
    4. Lyman;
    5. Florence, married William Gilbert, children: Winifred, Rufus and Dorthea Gilbert;
    6. Eugene;
    7. May;
    8. Albert.
  3. Harriet A., born July 5, 1825, died January 22, 1882; married William Chase; children:
    1. Frank H., married Carrie Catlin; children: George, Nina, Harry, Mabel and Harriet Chase;
    2. Kate C., died in childhood.
  4. Catharine M., born December 3, 1827, died August 16, 1835.
  5. Albert B., born June 14, 1830, see forward.
  6. Alfred, born July 23, 1833; married Achse Wylie; child,
    1. Dora May, married a Mr. Bennett.
  7. Enos B., born April 25, 1836; married Pamelia Rudd; children:
    1. Fred,
    2. Zoe, married Fred Russell; children: Fred, Gertrude and Fremont Russell;
    3. Bertha C., married Elmer Babcock; children: Pearl, Clarence and Hazel Babcock.
  8. Martin V. B., born January 11, 1840; married Adelaide Paddock; children:
    1. Alice, married Frank Paddock, daughter, Roy;
    2. Lynn P., married Margaret Gowdy; child, Ray Livingston;
    3. Cora, married Douglas McIntosh; children: Janet and Doris;
    4. Lee, married Lillie Warren; children: Halley and Catharine;
    5. Raymond, died in early manhood.
  9. Sarah I., born June 28, 1843; married Daniel Hallenbeck; children:
    1. Violet M., married Moses H. Armstrong; children: Fremont, Dora, Charles, Sarah and Julia Armstrong;
    2. Maude M.

(VI) Albert B., son of Reuben and Celinda (Brown) Armstrong, was born June 14, 1830, in Bennington, Vermont, died November 19, 1882 at Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer county, New York. He was a carpenter by trade and carried on business in Hoosick the greater part of his life. He married Lucinda Ann Reynolds, born in Petersburg, New York, who survives him. Children:

  1. Barber C., see forward.
  2. Alice L.
  3. Celinda B.
  4. Belle.
  5. Curt R., married Etta Lottridge; child, Hazel Lottridge Armstrong.

(VII) Barber Charles, son of Albert B. and Lucinda Ann (Reynolds) Armstrong, was born in Hoosick, Rensselaer county, New York, March 30, 1852, died in the same town January 20, 1895.

Barber C. Armstrong was educated in the public schools, and learned the trade of plumber, commencing his apprenticeship when quite young. He followed the plumbing business in Hoosick Falls for twelve years. He then became proprietor of the American House (now Hoosick Inn), Hoosick, which he conducted for several years. He was a good horseman, and at one time engaged with Percy and Ely in stock breeding. He was a Democrat in politics, and prominent in village and town affairs. He served as collector of taxes, town clerk and trustee. He married (first) Lottie, daughter of George Whitney, of Hoosick. He married (second) September 25, 1888, in Wilmington, Vermont, Florence Emmeline, daughter of John W., granddaughter of David, great-granddaughter of Joseph Rudd, the patriot soldier who fought at the battle of Bennington. John W. Rudd was born at Bennington, Vermont, July 22, 1820, died at Hoosick, New York. He was in business at Wilmington several years, but his death occurred in Hoosick at the home of his daughter. He married (first) Charlotte Andrews, born in Shaftsbury, Vermont, February 8, 1819, died at Hoosick, August 11, 1889. Children living: George, Martha and Florence E. (Rudd) Armstrong. He married (second) Sarah Burtis, who survives him, a resident of Hoosick, New York. Barber C. Armstrong had by his first marriage two sons, Charles and George Albert, of whom further.

(VIII) Lieutenant George Albert, only child of Barber Charles and Lottie (Whitney) Armstrong, was born in Hoosick Falls, June 17, 1885. He was educated in the public schools, and is now foreman of the outside department in the Walter A. Wood Mowing & Reaping Machine Company, of Hoosick Falls. He enlisted in the New York National Guard in April, 1908, as private of Company M, Second Regiment, and was promoted corporal the following May. In August, 1910, was elected first lieutenant. He is a member of the Masonic order, and it is of interest to know that his father and grandfather were both members of that order, also member of the Hoosick Club.

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