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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1145-1148 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The pioneer family of Argersinger in the Mohawk Valley settled in the town of Oppenheim, Fulton county, where, and at Johnstown, descendants are numerous.

(I) John Argersinger was born in Holland, where he married. He emigrated to the United States, and settled on a farm in Oppenheim, New York, where he died. He had four sons.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) Argersinger, lived in Oppenheim. He married (first) ———— Hollenbeck, who bore him two sons and one daughter, Peggy. He married (second) Mary Carncross; children:

  1. Daniel, married; children: Lewis, William, Melinda.
  2. John, whose sketch follows.
  3. Philip, see forward.
  4. Jacob M., married ———— Dorn; children: Albert, Eli, Jerry, Stewart, Elizabeth and Abbie.
  5. Michael J., whose sketch follows.
  6. Catharine, married Nicholas Vanlone; children: John, Peter, Jacob, Adam, Catharine, Lucy Jane, Daniel.

By his first wife there were Baltus and two daughters, names unknown.

(III) Philip, son of John (2) and Mary (Carncross) Argersinger, was born in Oppenheim, Fulton county, New York, February 14, 1800, died March 4, 1880. He was a farmer. He married, January 26, 1826, Eleanor Pierson; children, all born in Fulton county, New York.

  1. Amanda, born November 24, 1826; married, February 3, 1846, Philip Argersinger (a kinsman), born November 12, 1819, died October 6, 1859; children:
    1. Sidney, see personal sketch forward;
    2. Alice, married Albert Lyke; children:
      1. Sidney, married Lila Hogel, and had Elizabeth and Kenneth Hogel;
      2. William A., married Grace McConkey and had Robert and Florence Lyke;
    3. William, married Mary Ercanback, and had Mary Lyke;
    4. Mary Catherine, married C. H. Russell, and had Leora Harmie Russell, who married J. Williamson;
    5. Elizabeth, married Fred Baker, and had
      1. Harry Baker, who married Olivia Dawes, and had Elizabeth;
      2. Alice Baker, married John Vosburgh, and had Edwin and Frederick Vosburgh;
      3. George Baker, married Alice Merrill; Nellie.
  2. William, born May 24, 1828, died October 18, 1876. He married, January, 1860, Nancy Lyman, and had Lyman and Rosamond.
  3. Catherine, born June 4, 1830, died July 26, 1861; married John McKinney.
  4. Elizabeth, born September 4, 1832, married, January 7, 1855, Baltus Heagle, born 1824, died 1876, and had two children:
    1. William, born February 24, 1859, died October 25, 1899, married, October, 1889, Nellie Briggs;
    2. James, born February 28, 1861, unmarried.
  5. James Pierson, born September 22, 1834, whose sketch follows.
  6. Mary Jane, born November 24, 1836; married, September 26, 1856, A. J. Thompson; children: George, Eleanor and Catherine.
  7. Charles Henry, born January 5, 1838, died March 26, 1894; married Elizabeth C. Campbell.
  8. Eleanor Margaret, born November 21, 1840; married, February 7, 1866, Jacob P. Miller; children:
    1. Charles, married Sadie Humphrey.
    2. Eleanor, married Fred Carroll.
  9. Philetus Pierson, see forward.
  10. Hiram, see forward.
  11. Caroline, born April 4, 1845, unmarried.

(IV) Philetus Pierson, ninth child of Philip and Eleanor (Pierson) Argersinger, was born in Fulton county, New York, April 10, 1842. He was always known by his initials P. P., and rarely called by his given name. He was educated in the public schools, and grew up on the farm. He began his business career in 1862 as clerk in a grocery store. In the fall of 1862 he enlisted in the Twenty-fourth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, at Albany, serving three months and receiving an honorable discharge. After returning home he became interested in glove making, and in a small way began their manufacture, using a building on his father's farm for that purpose. Succeeding in his small endeavor, he removed to Johnstown, New York, where he hired two small buildings and extended his operations. He was successful there and continued in active business until his death. His specialty was a high-grade glove, which was well and favorably known on the market. He was a well-known citizen of Johnstown, a member and trustee of the Presbyterian church, prominent in the Masonic order, belonging to St. Patrick's Lodge, Chapter, and Holy Cross Commandery, Knights Templar. He voted with the Republican party, but never took an active part in politics. He married, March 31, 1875, Catherine Wells, a daughter of John Wells (see Wells VIII). Children:

  1. Margaret, born July, 1876; married Martin Kennedy (see Kennedy II), and has a daughter, Eleanor Kennedy.
  2. Eleanor, June 9, 1878; married Edward C. Shotwell; children: Catherine and Edward C. (2) Shotwell.
  3. Grace A., November 3, 1880; married A. J. Baker; children:
    1. Marion, born April 23, 1905;
    2. Catherine, January 11, 1908;
    3. Margaret, August 23, 1909.
  4. John Wells, born August 15, 1882.

(IV) Lieutenant Hiram, tenth child of Philip and Eleanor (Pierson) Argersinger, was born on the homestead in Johnstown, October 6, 1843. He was educated in the public schools, and worked on the farm until he was nineteen years of age. The civil war, then raging, demanded men, and in response to President Lincoln's call he enlisted in the One Hundred and Fifty-third Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, Colonel McMartin. He enlisted July 26, 1862, as a private in Company D, for a term of three years. For the first nine months the regiment was on guard duty at Alexandria, then six months at Washington, D. C., then was assigned to the Department of the Gulf, and stationed at New Orleans. He was with the Nineteenth Army Corps, and took part in the Red river expedition, and was at Shreveport, Louisiana. He was promoted for "bravery and efficiency" to be second lieutenant, and was in charge of a pioneer corps of fifty men, and saw some sharp skirmishing and fighting at Shreveport. He was in Mississippi, and with the Army of the James and with Sheridan in the Shenandoah. He was wounded at Winchester, and honorably discharged in the fall of 1864 with the rank of first lieutenant. After recovering from his wounds received at the historic battle of Winchester, he was employed for a time in a grocery, and later returned to the farm. He became associated with A. J. Thompson, his brother-in-law, in the manufacture of gloves, continuing some years, when he retired from the firm, and in 1872 established a retail grocery business, which he conducted for seven years. In 1880 he became traveling salesman for the glove house of P. P. Argersinger and Company, remaining in that capacity until 1900, when he retired from active business life. He is a member of McMartin Post, Grand Army of the Republic; St. Patrick's Lodge, No. 4, Free and Accepted Masons; Johnstown Chapter, No. 78, Royal Arch Masons; Holy Cross Commandery, No. 51, Knights Templar; Cyprus Temple (Shrine) of Albany. He is a Republican in politics, and attends the Presbyterian church. His clubs are the Colonial and Lotus, of Johnstown. He married, January 2, 1878, Clara, daughter of Isaac Eberly, of Columbus, Ohio. They have no children.

(III) John (3) Argersinger, son of John (2) and Mary (Carncross) Argersinger, was born March 25, 1793. He enlisted in the American army for the war of 1812, and was engaged at the battle of Sackett Harbor as an orderly sergeant. After the war he returned to his home in Johnstown, Fulton county, New York, where he was engaged for a time in the lumber business. He later became extensively engaged in lumbering and had saw mills at Newkirk's Mills. He was said to be the best judge of timber and the most expert in handling it of any man in the county. He used in his mills the first Mouley saw ever made or run in a mill. He invented many machines, tools and devices for the better handling of logs and lumber, some of them in use to-day. He was a good businessman and succeeded in his undertakings. He was a member of the Methodist church, and a Republican in politics, a great friend and admirer of Hon. Thurlow Weed. He married Sally Van Allstyne. Children: Lucinda, Sarah Ann, Lewis and Frances, twins; Catherine, John Putman, Nancy Eliza and Chauncey Elisha, twins.

(IV) Chauncey Elisha, youngest son of John (3) and Sally (Van Allstyne) Argersinger, was born in Johnstown, New York, December 15, 1835. He was educated in the public school and at Kingsboro Academy, where he was graduated in class of 1854. He began his long and successful business career as clerk in a general store at Newkirk's Mills. He then returned to Johnstown, where he clerked until 1860. In that year, in partnership with William Argersinger, he began business for himself under the firm name of William & Chauncey E. Argersinger, retail grocers. In 1865 he sold his interest and removed to Albany, New York, where for eight years he was a partner of Brumaghin & Argersinger, wholesale grocers. The firm did a very large and profitable business. At the end of eight years he disposed of his interest to his partner, and in 1872 removed with his family to Johnstown. The following few years were spent in travel in the western states and territories and in old Mexico, both for pleasure and business. He was correspondent for the New York newspapers, and his articles on the Indians and prevailing conditions in the West at that time attracted a great deal of attention and comment. He assisted in the survey and location of a stage road from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Walla Walla, Washington, over the mountains a distance of one thousand miles. He hunted the big game in the Rockies and added greatly to his store of knowledge. In 1880 he returned to the east and again located in Albany, New York, and until 1895 was a partner of F. C. Huyck, in the manufacture of paper makers' felts and jackets. They started in a small factory, and in 1894 were employing four hundred hands, so greatly had their business increased and prospered. In that year their factory was destroyed by fire. Mr. Argersinger settled the business and retired. In 1905 he was elected president of the National Exchange Bank of Albany, having previously served as director and vice-president. He was the second largest stockholder in that institution, with which he was so closely identified. He is also a director of the Home Savings Bank and of the Albany Trust Company, and president of Graceland Cemetery Association. In 1899 he was appointed postmaster at Albany by President McKinley; reappointed in 1903 by President Roosevelt and again in 1907. He remained in office until 1908, when he resigned. In Albany he was a member of the Albany, Fort Orange, Republican and Unconditional clubs, and in Johnstown he belonged to the Colonial and Lotus clubs. He is a member of St. Patrick Lodge, No. 4, Free and Accepted Masons, Johnstown, and is a trustee of the United Presbyterian church.

He married, November 13, 1863, Flora F., daughter of James and Mary (McIntyre) Fraser. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Fraser: Margaret, Donald, Flora F., married Chauncey E. Argersinger. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Argersinger:

  1. J. Fraser, born August 3, 1864, died November 24, 1870.
  2. Flora F., born July 27, 1867, died May 7, 1874.
  3. Mary F., born March 10, 1874; married, March 10, 1897, Albert M. Banker; children:
    1. Flora Fraser, born July 8, 1901, died July 29, 1901;
    2. Ann Miller, born June 17, 1904.

Mrs. Flora F. (Fraser) Argersinger was born on the old Fraser homestead, east of Johnstown. Although most of her life was spent in Johnstown and vicinity, she lived for a number of years in Albany, during the period her husband served in the capacity of postmaster. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Johnstown. She was devoted to her home and family, possessed an attractive personality, and was always ready and willing to assist those in trouble. She died at her home, 10 East Montgomery street, Johnstown, November 12, 1910, and her demise caused regret to her many friends in Johnstown and Albany. Rev. J. A. Williamson and Rev. Charles McKenzie officiated at the funeral services, and interment was made in Johnstown cemetery.

(III) Michael J. Argersinger, son of John (2) (q. v.) and Mary (Carncross) Argersinger, married Catherine Veghte. Children:

  1. Nicholas, died at the age of three.
  2. Nicholas, married Mary E. Swobe; both deceased; they had one son who died at the age of two years.
  3. Elizabeth, married Samuel Stanton; children:
    1. John;
    2. Catharine, married William Raymond;
    3. Archibald, married Marion Chapin;
    4. Edwin;
    5. Elmer, married Anna Sutton;
    6. Anna, married Gordon Smith;
    7. Grace, married Frank Cool;
    8. Isabelle, married Stuart Ireland;
    9. William;
    10. Florence.
  4. Jane Ann, married Mark M. Hall; children:
    1. Nellie, married Arthur Walker;
    2. Fannie, married John C. Johns;
    3. Veghte;
    4. Ella and
    5. Flora.

    The latter three are deceased.

  5. John, married Sylvia Jeffers; child, Robert.
  6. Ellen M.
  7. Barbara.
  8. Mariette, married Myron Robinson; children: Minnie, George, Susan, Fred, Blanche, Lizzie and Burt.
  9. Leonard, see forward.
  10. Lewis, married Mina Weller.
  11. David Hayes, married Adelia Jeffers; child, Roy.
  12. Carrie B.

(IV) Leonard, son of Michael J. and Catherine (Veghte) Argersinger, was born in Johnstown, New York, March 25, 1848. He attended the district school until thirteen years of age, after which he worked in a tannery, commencing at the bottom of the ladder and working his way up through the different departments, acquiring a thorough knowledge of the process of tanning and finishing leather. In 1873 he engaged in business with his brother Lewis, doing job work for many of the concerns located in Johnstown and vicinity, and in 1878, in company with Mark M. Hall, under the firm name of Argersinger & Hall, engaged in leather dressing, continuing the same until January, 1883, and then dissolving by mutual consent, each continuing in the business. Mr. Argersinger continued alone until October, 1884, when he admitted Warren Miller and Charles M. Putman to the firm, under the name of Miller, Argersinger & Company, and this relationship continued until February 1, 1909, when Mr. Argersinger purchased Mr. Miller's share of the business and admitted his three sons, the firm name being Argersinger, Putnam & Company. They make a specialty of Indian and oiled tanned buckskin, and their goods are known throughout the United States and Canada. Mr. Argersinger is a member of the United Presbyterian church, having been an elder for the past twenty years, and has served as trustee for a similar period. He is independent in politics, casting his vote for the man who in his opinion is best qualified for office. Mr. Argersinger married, October 7, 1873, Mary E., daughter of John N. and Lucy (Hyde) Hall. Children:

  1. William H., born January 27, 1876, died December 21, 1881.
  2. Edwin, born May 14, 1879, died October 8, 1889.
  3. Frank J., born July 29, 1880, married Winnifred Thompson.
  4. Earl M., born July 19, 1882, married Jennie Davidson; child, Helene.
  5. Clarence H., born July 23, 1886, married Marguerite Easton; children: Easton and Glenn H. Argersinger.

John N. Hall and his first wife, Lucy (Hyde) Hall, parents of Mrs. Argersinger, had also the following named children:

  1. Olin T., married Sarah Lewis; children: Fred, George, James and John.
  2. Edwin.
  3. Lucius S., married Clara Ross; children: Mary E. and Vesper.

Mr. Hall married (second) Lodema Spaulding; children:

  1. Anna, married Dennis La Flam.
  2. Margaret, married Robert Davidson; children: Jennie, Helene and Harold.
  3. Elmer, married Olarie Kellog; child, Chester.
  4. Cora, married Ashley Reed.
  5. Charles, married Nettie Whiting.

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